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Saturday, October 31, 2009

10-31-09 SHOWTIME "Halloween Thrilla"

Perez Upsets Agbeko, Wins 12 Rd. Unanimous Decision
Demarco TKO's Alfaro In 10 Rounds

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Adamek TKO's Golota in 5 rounds

In a successful heavyweight debut, Tomasz Adamek (39-1, 27 KO's) moved up from cruiserweight and destroyed Andrew Golota (41-8, 33 KO's) in 5 rounds in Poland tonight. Adamek beat Golota to the punch from the opening bell. Golota suffered a cut over his right eye and was dropped in the first round by a crisp combination. After that, Golota pressed forward and appeared to be looking for that big, one punch knockout. Adamek stood his ground and went punch for punch with the former heavyweight contender. Golota was sluggish and had no defense for the blistering punches Adamek was throwing and landing. Adamek had a significant advantage with his hand and foot speed. In the beginning of the fifth round, Adamek dropped Golota with a big left hook. Golota rose to his feet, but Adamek charged forward and blitzed him with a series of punches, prompting the referee to stop the bout.

What does this victory mean for Tomasz Adamek? Well, Golota is a washed up heavyweight, who was once a formidable heavyweight contender. But, Adamek still defeated a real heavyweight. He must get some credit for that. What's next for Adamek? Adamek could possibly face one of the Klitschko brothers, which would be a mega-fight especially in Europe with all of Poland behind Adamek and the Ukraine and Germany supporting Wladimir and/or Vitali Klitschko. Adamek looked impressive tonight in his first bout as a heavyweight. However, the question remains: Can Adamek defeat a heavyweight that is in his prime? Hang a punching bag without drilling with a heavy bag stand.

SHOBOX 10-23-09 Hernandez vs. Frias

Hernandez Outpoints Frias

Round 1:
Both fighters are feeling each other out. Hernandez appears to be the aggressor. Hernandez was busier than Frias and landed more punches. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 2: Hernandez is out throwing and out landing Frias. He is landing most of his punches on the body of Frias. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 3: Frias lands a right hook. Hernandez is busy, but does not possess much power behind his punches. He is really going to work on Frias' body. Frias needs to throw more punches. Hernandez throws some of his punches from too far away. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 4: Hernandez lands a solid right. Hernandez hits Frias in the body with a straight right.
(Scored for Hernandez)

Round 5: Hernandez placed a sharp left hook to Frias' body. Hernandez lands some straight rights. Frias tries to counter, but misses. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 6: Frias hits Hernandez with a straight left. Hernandez is really doing a good job of working the body. Hernandez lands a straight right. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 7: Hernandez has a slight edge in hand speed and is able to beat Frias to the punch. Hernandez keeps going right at him. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 8:
Hernandez continues to land his body punches. Frias tries to hold him off with his counter punching. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 9: Hernandez is still landing his left hook to the body. Hernandez lands a solid right and unloads a barrage of body punches with Frias' back to the ropes. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 10:
Frias landed a solid right hook followed by a straight left. A straight left momentarily stuns Hernandez. Frias follows it with a crisp right hook to Hernandez's head. Hernandez's mouthpiece fell out. Frias hits Hernandez with a clean straight left. (Scored for Frias)

Overall Summary:
In the welterweight main event, Freddy Hernandez (26-1, 18 KO's) won a 10 round unanimous decision over Damian Frias (16-2, 7 KO's). All three judges scored the bout 98-92 or 8 rounds to 2. I scored the bout 99-91 or 9 rounds to 1 for Hernandez.

The 30 year old Hernandez dominated the entire fight using his aggression and body punching with the exception of the last round. He beat Frias to the punch all fight, but did not have the power to finish him. Hernandez went to the body often, usually scoring with his crisp left hook. He repeatedly imposed his will on Frias forcing him to fight backing up. Frias, who is a southpaw, came on late and landed some solid, clean shots in the 10th round. Hernandez appeared momentarily hurt after taking a straight left on the chin. However, Hernandez did the smart thing by tying up Frias when he was on the attack to weather the storm and take the decision victory.

Coming into the fight, not only did Hernandez have an edge with his professional experience, but he also possessed an edge with his amateur background as well. Hernandez fought 54 amateur bouts to Frias' 3. Hang a punching bag without drilling with a heavy bag stand.

SHOBOX 10-23-09 Fonseca vs. Seeger

Fonseca TKO's Seeger in 9 rounds

Round 1:
Seeger takes the role of the aggressor. Seeger lands a counter left hook. (Scored for Seeger)

Round 2:
With Seeger in the corner, Fonseca nails him with body shots and a left uppercut. Fonseca lands a straight left. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 3:
A straight left from Fonseca pushes Seeger back. Fonseca lands a right uppercut. Seeger lands consecutive jabs. Seeger hits Fonseca with a straight right. Fonseca fires and lands a straight left. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 4:
Fonseca nails Seeger with a straight left. Fonseca is continually timing Seeger coming in. Seeger lands a straight right to the body and head of Fonseca. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 5:
Fonseca is controlling the pace of the fight. When Seeger does something good, Fonseca counters him. In close quarters, Fonseca lands a straight left. Seeger counters with a straight right. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 6: Seeger lands 3 straight rights in a row. Fonseca comes back with a straight left. Seeger lands a left hook. Seeger out worked Fonseca this round. (Scored for Seeger)

Round 7:
Seeger is imposing his will. He tagged Fonseca with some solid straight rights and left hooks. (Scored for Seeger)

Round 8:
Fonseca nails Seeger with a straight left. Seeger lands a solid straight right. Fonseca counters with a straight left. Seeger is taking the fight to Fonseca. (Scored for Seeger) See the speed bag platforms at

Round 9:
Fonseca nails Seeger with a series of straight lefts. Another straight left from Fonseca sends Seeger down and into the ropes. The referee stops the bout.

Overall Summary:
In a super bantamweight bout, Victor Fonseca (17-0 9 KO's) remained unbeaten after stopping a tough Al Seeger (28-5, 22 KO's) in 9 rounds. In the first round, Seeger was the aggressor and put a lot of pressure on Fonseca. Then, the southpaw Fonseca started to dominate in the middle rounds. Seeger started to have trouble in getting his punches off first. This occurred for 2 reasons: First, Seeger brought his hands back low after unleashing a punch and it led to him getting hit often. Secondly, Fonseca was doing a nice job of keeping his lead foot (right foot) outside of Seeger's lead foot (left foot). As a result, Seeger was kept off balanced as Fonseca was able to constantly get into a better position to land his punches especially his straight left.

Seeger got a burst of energy in round six and started to get to Fonseca. Fonseca's punch output dropped and he started to look a little lackluster. Seeger closed the gap by keeping the pressure on and landed some solid straight rights. While Seeger started to take a few rounds, Fonseca was still landing some flush straight lefts to Seeger's face. In the 9th round, Fonseca found a home again for his straight left. A hard, straight left sent Seeger down and into the ropes. The referee immediately stopped the bout because Seeger was taking a lot of clean punches.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

SHOWTIME 10-17-09 Froch vs. Dirrell


(Andre Dirrell pictured left, Carl Froch pictured right)

Round 1: Dirrell is controlling range with his jab. He switched to a southpaw stance and Froch landed a few punches. (Scored for Dirrell)

Round 2: Both fighters are feeling each other out. Not much action, but Dirrell is busier with the jab. (Scored for Dirrell)

Round 3: Dirrell's southpaw stance and hand speed are keeping Froch away. Froch starts to close the gap and lands a straight right counter punch. (Scored for Froch)

Round 4: Dirrell lands a left hook -straight right combination to Froch's head. Dirrell lands a straight left in the southpaw stance. Froch is aggressive toward the end of the round. (Scored for Dirrell)

Round 5: Dirrell lands a right. Then, he lands a straight left to Froch's midsection. (Scored for Dirrell)

Round 6: Froch lands a right off a clinch. Dirrell lands a quick counter left. A lot of hitting on the break and holding going on. (Scored for Froch)

Round 7: Dirrell lands a straight left. Froch and Dirrell exchange hard left hooks. (Scored for Dirrell)

Round 8: Dirrell lands an overhand right, but Froch counters with a stinging left hook that dazed Dirrell. (Scored for Froch)

Round 9: Froch is closing gap. He lands a right with Dirrell on the ropes. (Scored for Froch)

Round 10: Dirrell lands a straight left. Froch jabs and then lands a right. Dirrell receives a one point deduction from the referee for excessive holding. Froch rushed in and Dirrell caught him with a sharp left hook. Froch was on wobbly legs as the round ended. (Scored for Dirrell, but is Even because of the point deduction)

Round 11: Froch hit Dirrell with punches in the corner. Froch got nailed with a left hook from Dirrell. Then, Froch lands a left hook. Dirrell has swelling on his forehead above his left eye. (Scored for Dirrell)

Round 12:
Mostly, Dirrell boxes and stays away, but when they engage he still beats Froch to the punch. Froch wasn't close to landing a punch this round. (Scored for Dirrell)

Overall Summary:
Carl Froch won a 12 round split decision over Andre Dirrell. Official scores were 115-112 (twice) for Froch and 114-113 for Dirrell. I scored the bout 115-112, 7 rounds to 4 with one even for Andre Dirrell. I had Dirrell winning round 10, but I scored it even after he was deducted one point for excessive holding.

Andre Dirrell had a superior edge in hand speed. He used the entire ring to his advantage and controlled the range very effectively. Froch did not land many punches, but half the ones he did land were effective. Dirrell was beating Froch to the punch for the majority of the bout. However, Dirrell did hold excessively after landing his punches. Throughout the fight, Froch hit Dirrell behind the head, but Dirrell was also putting his head down during the clinches.

Dirrell fought too conservatively for fighting in Froch's hometown of Nottingham, England. It should not happen, but it often does where a fighter gets the benefit of a "hometown decision." Tonight, Andre Dirrell was a victim of a bad decision from the judges. While it is an unfortunate decision loss, Dirrell could have engaged more to help his cause. Dirrell had a dominating edge in hand speed and could have taken the initiative more often because he was already beating Froch to the punch almost the entire fight. In a way, Dirrell boxed like he was in the amateurs, trying to score from a distance and tie up. The hardest, crisp punches that Dirrell landed occurred when Froch forced him to let his hands go. Get boxing gloves by Everlast and Ringside.

For Froch, he could not catch the speedy 2004 Middleweight Olympic Bronze medalist. Froch tried to trap Dirrell against the ropes and for the most part, he was unsuccessful doing it. Well, Froch may have been lucky to get this victory and 2 points tonight, but he has a lot to make up for in the foot speed department going forward in Showtime's "Super Six" Tournament.

Next up for Carl Froch will be Denmark's Mikkel Kessler. As for Dirrell, he will be facing the very tough Arthur Abraham, who defeated Jermain Taylor in Germany earlier in the night.

Carl Froch improves his record to 26-0, 20 KO's, while Andre Dirrell falls to 18-1, 13 KO's.

SHOWTIME 10-17-09 Abraham vs.Taylor

(Arthur Abraham pictured left, Jermain Taylor pictured right)

Round 1: Both fighters are throwing a lot of jabs. Abraham and Taylor exchange overhand rights. Abraham lands a couple of body shots. (Scored for Taylor)

Round 2:
Taylor throws a right uppercut that landed, but it was a low blow. Taylor hits Abraham with a left hook to the head. Abraham lands a left hook and follows it with an overhand right. (Scored for Taylor)

Round 3:
Taylor nailed Abraham with an overhand right. Abraham landed body shots in combination. Taylor jabs and followed it with an overhand right. Abraham counters with an overhand right. Taylor was controlling the round with his jab, but Abraham is landing the cleaner shots. (Scored for Taylor)

Round 4:
The referee warns Taylor about a low blow. Taylor lands consecutive overhand rights. Abraham lands a right to the body and then throws a flurry. (Scored for Taylor)

Round 5:
Abraham is coming on strong and is landing clean shots. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 6:
Abraham is jabbing. Taylor fires and lands a combination. Abraham lands a right to the body. Taylor starts to jab again. Taylor is deducted one point by the referee for his 3rd low blow. Abraham landed a straight right. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 7:
Taylor tries to back up Abraham with the jab. Abraham is pressing and lands shots to the body and head. Abraham lands a left hook to the body and followed it with a left hook to the head. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 8: Taylor jabs. Abraham hit Taylor with an overhand right. Abraham pushes Taylor back with a right. Abraham lands a solid body shot. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 9: Taylor gets stunned by an overhand right. Taylor counters with a right to the body. Taylor lands a left to the body. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 10: Taylor hits Abraham with an overhand right. Abraham nails Taylor with a left hook to the head. Abraham pushed Taylor back with a right. Abraham hammers Taylor with a right-left hook combination. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 11: Taylor hits Abraham with a right to the body. Abraham lands body shots. Taylor counters with an overhand right. Abraham attacks Taylor's body in the corner. Taylor counters with a left hook to the body. Abraham counters and continues to press forward. (Scored for Abraham)

Round 12: Taylor hits Abraham with a right to the body. Abraham counters and hits Taylor with a vicious right to the body. Abraham lands a left hook to the head. Abraham hits Taylor with a straight right. Taylor lands an overhand right. With under 10 seconds to go in the bout, Taylor gets knocked out. Abraham landed a left hook to the head. Then, Abraham threw a left hook that missed, but landed a straight right to Taylor's nose that dropped him and ended the fight. (Would have scored it at completion for Abraham)

Overall Summary: Arthur Abraham proved to be the stronger and more durable super middleweight tonight. Stay pretty with boxing headgear. From the 3rd round on, Abraham really was effective coming forward and Taylor had to continue aggressively throwing his jab to be competitive in the bout. Abraham landed a hard overhand right that momentarily stunned Taylor. However, Taylor was jabbing very well, but he never landed many punches or combinations off of it. Abraham showed much patience and resilience. He kept pressing forward at Taylor and eventually started landing the cleaner, more effective shots.

Abraham did a good job landing body punches and then getting out of harm's way quickly. He picked his spots efficiently against Taylor, nailing him when he stopped utilizing the jab. He is so strong that Taylor never really backed him up despite throwing many jabs. Taylor, needing a knockout to win, never fought at a faster pace in rounds 10-12. With under 10 seconds to go in the bout, Taylor got knocked out. Abraham landed a left hook to the head. Then, Abraham threw a left hook that missed, but landed a straight right to Taylor's nose that dropped him and ended the fight.

Taylor experienced deja vu all over again after suffering a knockout against Carl Froch in his last bout in the final seconds of the 12th round. Taylor fought a competitive fight. He was not dominated, but I had him down on the scorecards 7 rounds to 4 rounds entering the 12th round. Abraham earned 2 points for the win and an additional point for scoring a TKO/KO. Taylor receives no points for the defeat.

Arthur Abraham improves to (31-0, 25 KO's) and his next fight in the "Super Six" Tournament will be against Andre Dirrell. Jermain Taylor falls to (28-4-1, 17 KO's). His next fight will be against Andre Ward.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

10-10-09 Latin Fury 12 PPV Lopez vs. Mtagwa

Lopez Gets By Mtagwa, Wins 12 Round Majority Decision
To Retain His WBO Junior Featherweight Title

Round 1: Lopez is using the entire ring - Mtagwa is pressing forward. Lopez is using his edge in hand speed to land quick, clean punches. He is continually beating Mtagwa to the punch.

Round 2: Mtagwa is making Lopez fight more this round. Mtagwa is landing more punches, but taking some clean shots too. Mtagwa lands a left hook at the bell. Lopez is controlling the range, but Mtagwa is getting closer.

Round 3: Lopez lands some straight lefts and right hooks. Mtagwa keeps coming forward. Mtagwa hits Lopez with some overhand rights. Lopez starts to suffer swelling under his left eye.

Round 4: Toe-to-toe action, Lopez hits Mtagwa with clean shots. Lopez is really trying to stay at a distance. Mtagwa is still the aggressor and landed a hard overhand right.

Round 5: Lopez is landing straight lefts and right hooks. Lopez scores a knockdown on a bad call by referee Eddie Cotton. The right hook by Lopez went around the head of Mtagwa, but Mtagwa went down because he was off balanced.

Round 6: Mtagwa connects with a vicious right. Lopez hits Mtagwa with a solid straight left. Mtagwa gets nailed with a hard right hook from Lopez, but continues to press forward.

Round 7: Mtagwa throws wild shots, lands an overhand right. Mtagwa rocks Lopez with a solid overhand right. Lopez fires back, lands a counter right hook. Mtagwa lands another right.

Round 8: Lopez wobbles Mtagwa with a straight left. Mtagwa lands a straight right and Lopez counters with a straight left. As the bell rings, Mtagwa clocks Lopez with another overhand right.

Round 9: Mtagwa hurt Lopez with a hard right. Lopez countered with a straight left. Mtagwa gets tagged with a straight left. Lopez gets nailed again with an overhand right from Mtagwa at the bell.

Round 10: Lopez lands a big right hook. Mtagwa hits Lopez again with an overhand right.

Round 11: A left hook, right hand combination hurt Lopez. Mtagwa is coming on strong, but Lopez fights back. Lopez fires and lands a straight left. Mtagwa holds on after getting hit with a straight left - right hook combination. Mtagwa comes back with a left hook - right hand combination. Lopez is almost out on his feet, but survives the round.

Round 12: A series of right hands and left hooks stun Lopez. Lopez finishes the fight on his feet, but looked dazed throughout the entire round. Scores were 114-114, 114-113 & 115-111 in favor of Lopez.

Overall Summary: Fight of the Year candidate? Very likely.

Fight fans learned a lot about both Rogers Mtagwa (26-13-2, 18 KO's) and Juan Manuel Lopez (27-0, 24 KO's) on Saturday night. Although Mtagwa is not the hardest puncher Lopez has faced, he may have proved to be his toughest opponent. Lopez proved that he can take a solid punch. He also showed a tremendous amount of heart and toughness by finishing the fight on his feet when he looked completely out of it in the 12th round. Lopez won many of the early rounds, which helped him get the decision over Mtagwa.

Mtagwa is a much better fighter than his record indicates and has a very solid chin. He absorbed many clean punches from Lopez early in the fight. In the later rounds, Mtagwa walked through the clean punches Lopez was landing and found a home for his overhand right to connect repeatedly. Lopez tried to go back to using the ring to box Mtagwa, but Mtagwa kept the pressure on and never took a backward step. If Mtagwa had a better defense and didn't take so many punches from Lopez, he could have won on points. Perhaps, if Mtagwa had more power in his punches, he could have scored an upset knockout.

What we learned about Juan Manuel Lopez? Well, he can take a punch and survive when the going gets tough. Lopez found himself in the toughest fight of his professional career. He can use this experience to better himself in his next outing. He landed solid combinations, but looked hesitant to stand in the trenches and go punch for punch with Mtagwa. Lopez did not put on the performance fans are accustomed to seeing as a result of the pressure Mtagwa was applying.

Lopez is a very good up and coming fighter, but is not as great yet as people say. For Mtagwa, as previously stated above, showed to be a much better fighter than his record indicates. He would be a handful for many fighters out there, who would be willing to challenge him. Mtagwa is originally from Tanzania, but trains and lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He fought like a true Philly fighter against Lopez. It would be great to see a rematch, but do not expect it to happen. Mtagwa showed too much that Lopez's people probably would not give him another opportunity. Look for Lopez to move on to fight bigger names. Hopefully, a fight with Cuban sensation Yuriorkis Gamboa can be made in the near future. Get your MMA protective equipment for less.

In heavyweight action, Odlanier Solis stopped Monte Barrett in 2 rounds. Barrett (34-8, 20 KO's), who took the fight on 4 days notice, was dropped with a hard, counter left hook in the 2nd round. Barrett rose to his feet, but was swarmed with punches from Solis. Solis floored Barrett again with an overhand right that landed behind the ear prompting the referee to stop the bout. Solis improved his professional record to (15-0, 11 KO's).

Solis does not appear quite ready to challenge either of the Klitschko brothers. He weighed a very heavy 271 pounds for this bout. Get a heavy bag by Ringside or Everlast.

However, Solis possesses a tremendous amateur background. He has fought 231 amateur fights. His resume includes:

  • 1998 Gold medalist at the Junior World Amateur Boxing Championships
  • 1999 Pan American Games Champion
  • 2001 Gold medalist at heavyweight at the World Amateur Boxing Championships
  • 2003 Gold medalist at heavyweight at the World Amateur Boxing Championships
  • 2003 Pan American Games Champion
  • 2004 Gold medalist at heavyweight at the Olympics in Athens.
  • 2005 Gold medalist at Super heavyweight at the World Amateur Boxing Championships
  • Six time Cuban National Champion (1999-2004)
  • Won 2 of 3 fights against the legendary Felix Savon
In a junior middleweight bout, Pawel Wolak applied relentless pressure to force Carlos Nascimento to quit on his stool after five completed rounds. Wolak pressed the action from the opening bell and landed hard shots to Nascimento's body and head. Nascimento was trying to fight Wolak off, but Wolak's effective aggression wore him out quickly. Nascimento just could not stand there and exchange punch for punch with Wolak. Pawel Wolak's record improves to (25-1, 17 KO's) while Carlos Nascimento drops to (24-2, 20 KO's). Wolak's lone defeat came against Ishe Smith in 2008 by a 10 round unanimous decision.

Also, Yuriorkis Gamboa (16-0, 14 KO's) defeated Whyber Garcia (22-7, 15 KO's) by a 4th round TKO to remain undefeated and retain his WBA featherweight title. Garcia could not get his punches off quick enough to be competitive with the former Cuban amateur star. Gamboa's hand speed was too overwhelming for Garcia to overcome. In the 1st round, Gamboa landed a quick right that sent Garcia stumbling back. Then, Gamboa swarmed Garcia with blistering punches. Later in the 4th round, Gamboa caught Garcia with a counter right that dropped him. Garcia got back up, but was met with a barrage of punches and had no defense for Gamboa hitting him. The referee quickly stopped the bout.

Expect some more fights for Yuriorkis Gamboa before he faces a big name opponent. Hopefully, a bout in the short term future could be made with Puerto Rican Junior Featherweight Champion Juan Manuel Lopez.

Gamboa's resume includes 250 amateur bouts, a Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympics as a flyweight and a Bronze Medal at the 2005 World Championships as a featherweight.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

10-10-09 LATIN FURY 12 PPV


Juan Manuel Lopez Wins 12 Round Majority Decision Over Rogers Mtagwa
Yuriorkis Gamboa TKO's Whyber Garcia In 4 Rounds
Odlanier Solis TKO's Monte Barrett In 2 Rounds
Pawel Wolak Scores A TKO After 5 Completed Rounds Against Carlos Nasciemento

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

10-2-09 SHOBOX Green Outpoints Simms

Allan Green Defeats Tarvis Simms By 10 Round Unanimous Decision (168 LBS.)

Allan Green (29-1, 20 KO's) looked sharp in his 10 round unanimous decision victory over previously undefeated Tarvis Simms (25-1-1, 11 KO's). Scores were 99-91, 98-92 and 97-93. Green didn't dominate Simms, but won convincingly and made a case for himself that he should have been in Showtime's "Super Six" Super Middleweight Tournament.

Green started to get into a rhythm quickly in the first round. He started to push Simms back with the jab. Green showed the superior edge in hand speed and worked his punches off the jab effectively. Simms fought a smart a fight. He used a lot feints and did not stand directly in front of Green. In the third round, Green started to land more combinations while Simms landed some left hooks to the head. In the fourth round, Green started to land a volume of punches to the head and body of Simms. Green hit Simms with sharp, accurate punches, but Simms closed the round by landing two big left hooks. Green was countering Simms quickly in the fifth and landed a strong overhand right. Protect yourself with sparring equipment.

Simms decided to switch to a southpaw stance in round six. That decision slowed the pace from Green. Green was forced to think more before letting his hands go. The different look enabled Simms to land some straight lefts. Green started to close the gap in the seventh round and landed a straight right off his jab. Both fighters attacked the body when they were in close range.

In the eighth round, Green stunned Simms with a right and then landed a flurry to the body and head. Simms caught Green with a right jab, straight left and right hook combination that backed him into the ropes. Then, Green landed a sharp right uppercut that backed up Simms.

One of Green's best rounds may have been the ninth. Green pressed forward at a furious pace and landed a crisp right and followed it with a combination. A left to the body momentarily stunned Simms. Simms switching back to a conventional stance proved not to be a smart thing as Green started teeing off with punches. Simms switched back to a southpaw stance in the tenth and landed a straight left, but Green had already did enough and held on to take the decision.

In welterweight action, Antwone Smith (17-1-1, 9 KO's) won by a TKO when Henry Crawford (22-1-1, 9 KO's) could not answer the bell for round ten. Crawford started the fight strong using his jab and edge in hand speed to beat Smith to the punch. In round two, Crawford landed some blistering combinations, but Smith caught Crawford with a flush left hook. From that point, Smith took control of the fight. Smith landed a solid left hook in the third round. Crawford lowered his hands and Smith went on to hammer him with hard punches.

The fourth round contained solid toe-to-toe action with Smith getting the better of the exchanges. Smith landed a sharp right uppercut and followed up with a left hook to the head and body of Crawford. Then, Smith landed an overhand right. In the fifth round, Smith was showing good stamina and Crawford appeared fatigued.

In the sixth round, Smith was working the body and then landed a hard left hook to the head that dazed Crawford. An overhand right from Smith forced Crawford to bend down, touching the canvas with both gloves resulting in a knock down. From there, Smith jumped on him, landing left hooks to the head as Crawford continued to drop his hands. An overhand right-left hook combination rocked Crawford. The referee had grounds to stop the fight, but he let the action continue. Somehow, Crawford finished the round. Crawford got hammered with an overhand right in round seven, but stayed on his feet. However, Smith would finish Crawford with an overhand right that sent him into the ropes and almost through them in the ninth round. After the round, Crawford could barely lift his head in the corner and his team stopped the bout.

Also, in a super middleweight bout, Marcus Johnson improved his record to (18-0, 14 KO's) with an 8th round unanimous decision victory over Victor Villereal (8-4-2, 4 KO's). All three judges scored the fight 80-71. Train full speed with a body protector for boxing or MMA.

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