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Saturday, July 18, 2009

7/17/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights


Overall Summary: Lightweight Miguel Vazquez (25-3, 12 KO's) recovered from a 1st round knockdown to upset previously unbeaten Breisdis Prescott (21-1, 18 KO's) by a 10 round split decision. One judge scored the fight 97-92 in favor of Prescott, but it was hard to believe. Vazquez got better as the fight went into the later rounds and should have received a unanimous decision victory. Get your boxing equipment for less.

Prescott started throwing punches from a good range in the first round. He was able to drop Vazquez with a quick left jab to the head. In round 2, Vazquez landed a sneaky right hand that momentarily stunned Prescott. The fight changed after this occurred.

Breisdis Prescott pressed the action and still was in good range, but he was not using his jab enough. This enabled Vazquez to use his jab more to dictate the action. Vazquez was using feints, angles and subtle movements to keep Prescott off his game. Prescott was getting more frustrated as each round passed and was also getting tagged with many punches. Prescott looked too much for the knockout and could not land that one big punch.

In round 5, Vazquez continued to circle and throw his jab. Prescott was looking to hit Vazquez with a big punch, but Vazquez connected with an overhand right. In round 6, Prescott got tagged with a big left hook to the head. Again, Vazquez was in front of Prescott and then got out of range.

Vazquez connected with a clean right to Prescott's jaw and Prescott countered with a left hook to the head in round 7. Vazquez landed a solid left hook to the head in the 8th round and Prescott's left eye and cheek became very swollen.

In round 9, Prescott was throwing a barrage of punches, but they were not on target. In the 10th and final round, Prescott landed a right to the body, but Vazquez countered with a left hook to the head. Vazquez's jab continued to slow Prescott.

The Breidis Prescott that destroyed Amir Khan in one round, did not appear to be the same fighter tonight. It seemed that if Prescott used his jab more and did not get anxious, he possesed the physical attributes and skills to defeat Miguel Vazquez. However, Vazquez fought an intelligent fight. As the fight wore on, Prescott continued to give up his height and reach advantage out of frustration. As a result, Vazquez dictated the pace of the fight and ultimately won.

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Judge Duane Ford = 95-94(Vazquez)
Judge Jerry Roth = 96-93(Vazquez)
Judge Dave Morreti = 97-92(Prescott)
what the heck was Judge Moretti thinking... Prescott got skooled by a boxer from the Antonio Margarito stable..Prescott was thinking he would just show up and ko Vazquez..Miguel Angel "Titre" Vazquez has never been stopped..Prescott got frustrated when he realized he was losing rounds while couldnt land bombs and was being outskilled..