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Saturday, July 25, 2009

7/24/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights

UPSET: Jose Beranza Wins 6 Round Unanimous Decision Over Juan Velasquez (122lbs.)

Round 1: Velasquez uses his jab. Velasquez hits Beranza with a left uppercut and Beranza lands an overhand right.

Round 2: Velasquez lands a hard overhand right. Beranza lands a right and left hook to the body.

Round 3: Beranza lands a right to Velasquez's body. Velasquez was off balanced, but his gloves and knee touched the canvas resulting in a knockdown. The action continued and Beranza landed a hard left uppercut that dropped Velasquez again.

Round 4: Beranza is pressing the action and lands a left to the body and a solid overhand right. Velasquez fired and missed a left hook to the head. Beranza viciously attacking the body. Beranza lands a right uppercut. Velasquez counters with a left hook to the head. Beranza flurries again.

Round 5: Velasquez hits Beranza with an overhand right. Beranza continues to put pressure and attacks Velasquez's body and throws punches inside. Velasquez is throwing his jab as he tries to keep Beranza away. Beranza lands a flush straight right to Velasquez's head. Velasquez's mouthpiece came out and the referee calls a halt to the action with 10 seconds left in the round.

Round 6: Beranza lands a solid right to the body. Velasquez lands a straight right.

Overall Summary: Carlos Velasquez's twin brother did not fare as well as he did tonight in earlier action. From the 3rd round on, Jose Beranza (32-15-2, 25 KO's) wore out Juan Velasquez (9-1, 5 KO's) with his ferocious body attack. Velasquez did not use his range and could not keep Beranza at bay with his jab. Beranza was able to land hard shots on the inside and took Velasquez shots well. Also, Beranza's jab enabled him to get in close range and fire straight rights that connected to Velasquez's face. Juan Velasquez seemed surprised by the toughness his Mexican opponent showed. He may have underestimated the 13 year veteran. Beranza showed more will and courage to win this fight. Get a ninja costume for Halloween.

In the 5th round, Beranza knocked out Velasquez's mouthpiece when he landed a flush right. ESPN commentators Teddy Atlas and Joe Tessitore were critical of the referee's decision to halt the action, while Beranza was still on the attack with 10 seconds to go in the round. When Velasquez's mouthpiece came out, he briefly looked at Beranza and then quickly looked at the referee. When Velasquez looked at the referee, Beranza stopped coming forward and then the referee stepped in. It all happened so quickly and looked as if the referee stopped the action with Beranza ready to throw more punches, but Beranza did momentarily pause. Even with Beranza's short pause, the referee should have let the action continue.

The lesson to take away from this fight is to never underestimate any opponent!

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Unknown said...

That was a good fight beranza takes it to the Puerto ricans >just watch his fights and if it goes to the card they always rob him.He is gonna be a champ one day