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Sunday, July 26, 2009

7/25/09 "Latin Fury 10"

Giovanni Segura TKO 6 Over Juanito Rubillar (108 lbs.)
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Round 1:
Rubillar lands a right hook and two straight lefts to Segura's head. Segura gets a little swelling under his right eye.

Round 2: Segura hurts Rubillar with a right hook. Rubillar lands a left to the body. Segura stuns Rubillar with a straight left. A right hook rocks Rubillar's head back.

Round 3: Segura lands a right hook and the body followed by a left to the body. Another right hook to the body almost dropped Rubillar. Segura stuns Rubillar with a right uppercut - straight left combination. Segura lands hard body shots and Rubillar comes back with his own body shots.

Round 4: Segura landing cleaner, more effective punches.

Round 5: Hard uppercuts and hooks are really taking a toll on Rubillar.

Round 6: Shots are breaking Rubillar down, Segura lands a right hook to the body. Rubillar fights back valiantly, but his corner throws in the towel!

Overall Summary: Giovanni Segura's cleaner punching was the difference in this fight. Juanito Rubillar, who is a southpaw, landed some good punches early, but Segura came back and wore him out with his punch output. Segura, who is also a southpaw, landed many right hooks to the body and straight lefts to the head. Giovanni Segura hits very hard for the 108 lb. Junior Flyweight class.

The 27 year old Giovanni Segura improves his record to 21-1-1, 17 KO's. Juanito Rubillar drops to 46-13-7, 22 KO's.

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