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Saturday, August 29, 2009

8/27/09 VERSUS - Lopez vs. Wampash 126 lbs.

Ricky Lopez Wins 4 Round Unanimous Decision Over John Wampash

Round 1: Wampash lands a series of left hooks and is fighting very aggressively.

Round 2: Lopez drops Wampash with a left jab - overhand right combination to the head. Wampash gets up and gets tagged with a left hook. Wampash's left glove touches the canvas for the second knockdown. Wampash lands a left hook to the head and is throwing wild punches.

Round 3: Wampash is unloading a series of punches. Both fighters land overhand rights. Lopez knocks Wampash's mouthpiece out with a jab. Lopez lands clean left hooks to the head and a solid left hook to the body. Protect yourself with sparring equipment.

Round 4: Lopez floors Wampash with a jab-right hand combination. Lopez hits Wampash with an overhand right. Wampash lands a right uppercut inside.

Overall Summary: Ricky Lopez had a slow first round, but picked up the pace in round 2. He dropped Wampash three times, twice in the second round. Lopez boxed his taller opponent well and landed many overhand rights throughout the fight. Lopez showed patience, poise and landed his punches with great accuracy. Ricky Lopez improves his record to 6-0, 2 KO's. John Wampash falls to 1-2-1, 1 KO.

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