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Saturday, August 29, 2009

8/27/09 VERSUS - Mares vs. Fulgencio 119 lbs.

Abner Mares Destroys Carlos Fulgencio in 6 Rounds

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Round 1: Mares utilizes his jab, throws punches off of it. An overhand right pushes Fulgencio back into the ropes. Mares lands a straight right to the body. Mares is landing quick, sharp combinations.

Round 2: Mares hits Fulgencio with a clean, effective overhand right. Both fighters exchange punches.

Round 3: Mares' combinations landing fast and hard. Fulgencio lands an overhand right, but gets hit with one too. Mares is outworking Fulgencio inside, landing hard body shots.

Round 4: Mares continues to land hard body shots. Mares hits Fulgencio with a left hook to the head followed by a right to the body. An overhand right connects and stuns Fulgencio.

Round 5: Mares is dominating by landing quick combinations and applying pressure. Mares is initiating and winning the exchanges. Get your boxing protective equipment for less.

Round 6: Fulgencio moves back after getting hammered with a left hook-overhand right combination. Mares' hand speed is overwhelming Fulgencio. Mares connects with a left hook to the body with Fulgencio against the ropes. Mares is punishing him with overhand rights and body shots. Mares drops Fulgencio with a powerful left hook to the body for the 10 count.

Overall Summary: Abner Mares is an outstanding 23 year old bantamweight contender. He is now 19-0, 12 KO's as a professional and looks ready to challenge for a major title, possibly against Hozumi Hasegawa in the future. Hasegawa is regarded by many boxing insiders as the best bantamweight in the world. Mares also had a stellar amateur career with a record of 112-8, 84 KO's.

Mares overwhelmed Fulgencio from the opening bell, landing blistering combinations from all angles. Mares had a superior edge in hand speed and continually beat Fulgencio to the punch. Fulgencio had a lot of trouble getting his punches off. Mares would move inside, throw a 4 punch combination and move out of Fulgencio's range. Mares possesses extraordinary ring instincts. He appears to sense when punches are coming, knows what his opponents will do and has the confidence and ability needed to be one of boxing's brightest up and coming stars.

Mares is trained by Ignacio Beristain and promoted by Golden Boy Promotions.
Carlos Fulgencio's record falls to 11-4-1, 7 KO's.

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