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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Andre Dirrell vs. Carl Froch

Carl Froch

Andre Dirrell

Keys to the fight: (Dirrell) Dirrell needs to show a lot of movement. Froch will pressure him, but Dirrell has fast hands. He needs to stick and move. Dirrell should also use the jab and not stand in front of Froch too long.

Keys to the fight: (Froch) Pressure him. Dirrell has hand speed, but Froch needs to work his way inside and fire his powerful right hand. Dirrell's chin is untested. Froch can take a good punch and has fought better fighters up to this point. Froch should attack Dirrell's body to slow down his movement.

Andre Dirrell is a better boxer than Carl Froch, but is he a better fighter? Dirrell shows very good movement and could easily out box the slower Froch, right? Dirrell even switches from a conventional to a southpaw stance effectively during fights. At first glance, it appears Dirrell's hand and foot speed should define the outcome of this fight. Perhaps, an easy victory for Dirrell? After all, Froch is slower and has an awkward style. Not so fast. Remember Froch knocking out Jermain Taylor? Taylor has fought better fighters than Dirrell. Taylor possessed a solid jab, showed good movement and had definitive power in his right hand. Well, Froch eventually wore him down with relentless pressure. He landed the harder and cleaner punches in the later rounds and showed a stronger will to win than Taylor. Get boxing gloves by Everlast and Ringside.

Can Carl Froch defeat the untested, but talented Andre Dirrell? Carl Froch is an experienced veteran and has fought very solid opposition in three of his last four fights. He defeated Robin Reid, an undefeated Jean Pascal and Jermain Taylor. Who has Dirrell fought? Dirrell's most notable victories have come against Mike Paschall and Anthony Hanshaw. These were good fighters that Dirrell defeated, but they do not possess the quality of the opponents Froch has faced. Dirrell's chin has surly not yet been tested, but the young fighter does show much promise. Right now, I have to select Carl Froch to win by a knockout in the 10th round in a fight that will get closer as the bout moves into the later rounds.

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