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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HBO 9-26-09 Klitschko vs. Arreola

A Real "Nightmare" For Arreola As Klitschko Retains His WBC Title

Round 1: Arreola presses the action and tries to get inside Klitschko's reach. Klitschko lands effective punches off his left jab.

Round 2: Klitschko controlled his range well. Arreola tries to attack the body. Klitschko hits Arreola with a left hook off the jab. Klitschko effectively fires and lands a straight right to Arreola's head. Klitschko starts nailing Arreola with rights to the body.

Round 3: Klitschko mixes up his punches after utilizing his long, accurate jab. Both fighters exchange hard rights to the head. Klitschko lands a right to Arreola's body.

Round 4: Arreola starts to close the distance as he lands more punches this round. Klitschko is being forced to exert more energy, while unleashing many punches. Arreola is making Klitschko fight his hardest, so far in the bout.

Round 5: Klitschko nails Arreola with a solid right off the jab. Klitschko is getting his punches off first. Arreola hits Klitschko with a right to the body, while they are in a clinch.

Round 6: Klitschko is conditioned well and is not slowing down. His movement is frustrating Arreola. Klitschko lands a hard right to the body and then hits Arreola with a left hook off the jab. Arreola grazed Klitschko with an overhand right. Klitschko counters with an overhand right and follows it with a right to the body. Klitschko is not landing as many body shots compared to head shots, but he is landing a high percentage of the body shots he is throwing.

Round 7: Klitschko hits Arreola again with a solid right to the body. The pressure from Arreola is slowing down.

Round 8: Arreola attacks Klitschko's body with a series of rights. Arreola closes the gap again, but not for long. Arreola is showing an enormous amount of toughness, but is taking many clean shots.

Round 9: Klitschko lands a straight right followed by a left hook. Klitschko fires and lands a short, right uppercut inside.

Round 10: Klitschko hits Arreola in the body with a hard right. Klitschko is starting to easily tee off on Arreola's head with right hand punches. At the conclusion of the round, Arreola's corner stops the fight.

Overall Summary: Vitali Klitschko (38-2, 37 KO's) reigns supreme again. This time he dominated previously unbeaten Cristobal Arreola (27-1, 24 KO's) before a crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. Klitschko effectively utilized his long left jab and let the majority of his punches come off of it. He caught Arreola with straight rights to the body and head, while occasionally landing some solid left hooks. Klitschko used the jab so efficiently that Arreola rarely closed the distance or landed consecutive punches.

Arreola never established a high work rate of volume punches. He also needed to jab more to stop Klitschko from landing so many accurate punches. Klitschko may have or have not tired out if Arreola would have let his hands go more. It would have enabled Arreola to close the gap easier to land his punches. However, Klitschko's jab had a lot to do with Arreola's ineffectiveness to get close and land clean, hard shots. Get your MMA protective equipment for less.

During the 2nd round, HBO commentator Jim Lampley describe Vitali Klitschko's style as "it ain't pretty, just effective." I would like to add to that comment....."really effective." Klitschko's sufficient boxing skills along with his size (6' 7 1/2" with an 80" reach) seems insurmountable. Both he and his younger brother Wladimir are controlling the heavyweight division. They are not just beating opponents, but dominating them. After a 4 year layoff due to various injuries, Vitali Klitschko has won 3 bouts in a row, but has won 6 bouts in a row since losing to Lennox Lewis in 2003. Vitali is 11-2 in his last 13 fights since 2000. His only other loss came against Chris Byrd when he could not continue after suffering an injury to his shoulder. Vitali's fight with Lewis was stopped when he suffered a severe cut over his left eye, resulting from a Lewis punch. Vitali's brother Wladimir has won 11 in a row since 2004. Is there any heavyweight out there who can dethrone Vitali or his younger brother Wladimir?

Chris Arreola showed a tremendous amount of heart, courage and toughness, while suffering his first professional defeat. Arreola showed the ability to take a solid punch and applied relentless pressure. Perhaps, if he was more fluid with his punches to coincide with his aggressive pressure, the outcome may have been different. Arreola will be back, but do not expect a rematch with Vitali Klitschko anytime soon.

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Kenneth Ragpala said...

Nice take on the Klitshcko-Arreola fight. Klitshcko did what he does best and that is use his height and reach advantage to their fullest potential.

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