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Sunday, September 20, 2009

HE'S BACK............HBO PPV 9-19-09

Mayweather Reclaims Pound For Pound Crown

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (40-0, 25 KO's) returned to the ring after a 21 month layoff and thoroughly dominated Juan Manuel Marquez to earn a one-sided, 12 round unanimous decision victory. The fight was never close. Mayweather possessed the superior edge in hand speed, which everyone figured to be the case. However, many people may not have figured how sharp Mayweather would look after being away from the ring. This was indeed one of Mayweather's most impressive performances of his career. Mayweather never showed signs of ring rust as he landed pinpoint, accurate punches and hardly got hit by Marquez. Marquez simply could not hit the extremely elusive Mayweather. HBO's punch stats indicated that Marquez only landed an average of six punches a round.

The time away from the ring showed to definitely help Floyd stay fresh and brought to mind another dominate athlete, who walked away from a sport only to eventually return and dominate the competition again. His name was Michael Jordan. Could Floyd eventually add to his legacy as Jordan did? If Saturday night was an any indication, he already started. Get your boxing protective equipment for less.

Marquez (50-5-1, 37 KO's) tried very hard in this bout. Floyd was simply just too quick for Marquez to land his combinations. Marquez never got close to him long enough to do damage. The few times Marquez did get close to land an effective shot, Mayweather took it well and did not stand there to be hit again. Floyd is a defensive master. He used his patented shoulder roll to block Marquez's shots repeatedly and made him miss often.

Marquez appeared to have a look of great frustration, especially after Floyd dropped him with quick left hook in round two. At times, Floyd mocked Marquez by smiling at him when Marquez could not land the punches he was throwing. Marquez fought valiantly and did everything he could, but there was no question that Mayweather was the elite fighter and may be the best fighter in the sport today.

After the bout, when Mayweather was being interviewed by HBO's Max Kellerman, Shane Mosley entered the ring to challenge Floyd. Floyd felt it was rude that Shane was interrupting his interview. At the post fight press conference, Mosley showed up again. After the performance Mayweather put on last night, Mosley may want to be careful what he wishes for because he just may get it. Floyd made a remark to Shane that he should be in training camp right now (instead of being on top of him after his victory). Whether people like or dislike Floyd or want to admit it or not, it has become apparent when discussing Manny Pacquiao, Miguel Cotto, Shane Mosley or anyone else who fights between 140 - 147 pounds, that all roads lead to a fight with Mayweather.

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