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Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Brick City" Brawl: Adamek Defeats Estrada

(Photo by Ed Mulholland - Main Events)

In front of a noisy crowd just over 10,100 people, Tomasz Adamek defeated Jason Estrada in close, tough battle at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  All three official ringside judges scored the fight for Adamek. Steven Weisfeld scored the bout 115-113, while Joseph Pasquale scored it 116-112. On the other hand, judge Lawrence Layton scored the fight 118-110, which was truly an undeserved score. 

At the post fight press conference, Estrada voiced his frustration with the judges' scoring. "I can't go into people's hometown's anymore. Why do you have to knock him out? It's called boxing," Estrada said. Estrada also stated, "Everything he did, I let him do it."

Estrada fought very well in the first three rounds. He landed his right hand shots, and jabbed Adamek effectively. Adamek had trouble getting his punches off first, and suffered swelling under his right eye in round three. Estrada caught Adamek with numerous counter rights and left hooks. Estrada was clearly controlling the action.

However, Adamek stepped up the pace in the fourth round, landing a series of well-timed combinations. Estrada took the punches well, but his punch output dropped slightly. Adamek got hit with another counter left hook, although he landed the cleaner shots in the round. Adamek was not worried about taking shots from Estrada. "He doesn't have one knockout punch, so I was not too afraid about getting hit," Adamek stated.

In round five, Adamek landed a sharp left hook to Estrada's body. Adamek was throwing a lot of punches, but Estrada was slipping them and countering with left hooks. Toward the end of the round, Adamek landed consecutive overhand rights. After the fight, Adamek stated, "It was tough to hit Estrada in the head cleanly."

In the sixth and seventh rounds, Adamek connected with hard body shots.

As the fight moved into the later rounds, Estrada sustained an abrasion on his left cheek after being peppered with flush punches in round eight. Adamek continued to beat Estrada to the punch in round ten, connecting with a monstrous right hand.

Both men struck each other with solid body shots in the eleventh round. Adamek missed with a right, but landed a left hook to Estrada's head. 

In the twelfth round, Estrada backed Adamek into the corner when he nailed him with a left hook to the head. Adamek countered by unleashing a flurry of punches. Again, Estrada connected with a counter left hook. After that, Adamek used lateral movement until the final bell sounded. 

Many ringside observers thought the fight was extremely close. Adamek felt he won by a wide margin. "I thought I won this fight by maybe four or five points," Adamek said.

With the victory, Adamek improves to 40-1, 27 KO's, while Estrada falls to 16-3, 4 KO's.

Quillin Wins Again, Gets Past A Cautious Zuniga

In the co-main event, super middleweight Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin (21-0, 15 KO's) won a one-sided, ten round unanimous decision over Fernando Zuniga (28-10, 20 KO's) to remain unbeaten. Official scores were 98-92 and 100-90 twice. 

Quillin opened the first round landing a sharp, lead right hand. It was obvious Zuniga could not match his hand speed, and was hesitant to fire punches all fight. In the middle rounds, he tied up Quillin frequently. Quillin responded by ripping damaging shots in close range. In round six, Quillin nailed Zuniga with a brutal left hook to the body, and followed it with a blistering left hook to the head. At times, Zuniga caught Quillin with an occasional right hand. Although, Zuniga seemed content on fighting to survive rather than fighting to win. In the ninth round, Quillin connected with a solid right behind his jab. Later in the round, Quillin sent Zuniga back into the corner when he landed a lunging, right uppercut.

Quillin was forced to take the initiative more than in his previous fights because Zuniga failed to engage with him. As a result, Quillin had a difficult time finding his rhythm. Nevertheless, it was clear victory for Quillin, who had not fought since defeating Sam Hill (TKO 10) on September 17, 2008. 

Douglin Dominates Hunter

It was supposed to be a junior middleweight bout, but when Denis Douglin's opponent pulled out, he found himself fighting in a super middleweight clash against Eddie Hunter. The weight was not a factor, as Douglin dished out a volume of rock-solid punches throughout the entire fight to capture a six round unanimous decision. Official scores were 59-55 and 60-54 twice. 

Douglin started the first round by landing a straight, counter left. Hunter caught Douglin with some counter rights, but Douglin was unrelenting in his work rate. Douglin struck Hunter with a straight left and followed it with a solid right to the body.

In round two, Douglin sent Hunter into the corner when he connected with a flush left hand. Hunter started to fatigue because he could not keep up with Douglin's persistent pressure. Douglin hurt Hunter in round three when he landed a vicious right hook to the body. 

In the fourth round, Douglin stunned Hunter when he connected with a straight left. He landed precise counter punches, and was timing Hunter efficiently. Hunter's punches had lost their steam by the sixth round, and Douglin was still attacking at a fast pace. While Hunter was against the ropes, Douglin struck him in the body with a hard right hook. 

Douglin showed a sound, natural balance and great awareness in the ring. He walked through Hunter's shots, and landed crisp combinations the entire fight. If Douglin can absorb punches at super middleweight, imagine how impressive he will look when he squares off against opponents his own size again at 154 lbs.?

Denis Douglin improved to 7-0, 3 KO's., while Eddie Hunter falls to 3-2-1, 1 KO.

Majewski Overwhelms Pietrantonio

In a middleweight bout, Przemyslaw Majewski (12-0, 7 KO's) captured a six round unanimous decision over Anthony Pietrantonio (6-4, 5 KO's). All three official judges scored the bout 60-54.

Majewski displayed a stiff, left jab the entire bout. Pietrantonio had trouble matching the 30-year-old's power. As each round passed, Pietrantonio was absorbing lots of punishing blows. Pietrantonio slipped many shots, but lacked the power to be competitive in this fight. Rather than putting his punches together behind his jab, Majewski would jab and look to counter the slower Pietrantonio. Pietrantonio landed some clean punches, although Majewski was never hurt. On the other hand, Majewski hurt Pietrantonio several times with left hooks and right hands to the head. Majewski also slowed Pietrantonio to a great extent by inflicting a ferocious body attack.

Farrell Wins Action-Packed Battle

Jersey City's Patrick Farrell (5-0, 3 KO's) won his fifth consecutive bout Saturday night, defeating Jon Schneider (7-5-1, 5 KO's) by a four round unanimous decision. Official scores in the cruiserweight bout were 40-33 and 40-34 twice.

Farrell dropped Schneider with a flush right in the first round. After the knockdown, both men continued to slug it out, but Farrell was able to land the cleaner punches. Farrell timed Schneider with numerous right hands, and kept striking him with precise, counter left hooks. 

Farrell dropped Schneider again with a right hand in the third round. Schneider returned to his feet, and landed a hard, straight left to Farrell's head. From there, they exchanged blow-for-blow at a fast pace. In the fourth round, Farrell was in the corner as Schneider charged him. Then, Farrell hammered Schneider with more punishing shots to the face. Just as the bell rang to end the fight, Farrell landed another right hand to Schneider's head.

Ismayl Sillakh Crushes Larry Pryor

Ismayl Sillakh (10-0, 9 KO's) scored an exciting fourth round technical knockout over Larry Pryor (6-6, 4 KO's) in a light heavyweight bout. 

From the opening bell, Sillakh imposed his will on the lesser skilled, but courageous Pryor. Sillakh worked his jab, and fired blistering combinations that rarely missed. In round two, Pryor connected with a flush, counter left hook. However, Sillakh was still dictating the pace. After striking Pryor with a left hook, Sillakh sent him down with an overhand right to the head. Then, Sillakh swarmed Pryor with a combination. After that, Sillakh floored him again with a sharp right hand. Finally, Sillakh landed a devastating right hand - left hook combination that forced Pryor to take a knee. Referee Steve Smoger stopped the action at :47 seconds of round four.

Ali Thrashes Thompson

In a welterweight bout, highly talented Sadam Ali (5-0, 2 KO's) defeated a durable Jason Thompson (5-5-1, 4 KO's) by a four round unanimous decision. All three official judges scored the fight 40-36. 

Ali displayed tremendous coordination and ring generalship. Thompson pressed the action, but Ali fired numerous combinations behind his jab. Thompson could not sustain a consistent attack because of Ali's superior hand and foot speed. On occasion, Thompson caught Ali flush, but Ali showed a solid chin and dazzled the crowd with his blazing hand speed. Ali placed his punches perfectly. Thompson displayed incredible resilience, but ultimately did not have the skills to compete with the 21-year-old from Brooklyn, New York.


Donaire vs. Guerrero said...

Congratulation to Adamek for winning against Estrada. So really dramatic boxing fight you have been and in the end you got it.

Vazquez vs. Sonsona said...

Wow. It's really awesome punches. Congratulations Adamek! Keep it up