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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adamek Turns Out To Be Arreola's Nightmare; Angulo TKO's Julio

Tomasz "Goral" Adamek (41-1, 27 KO's) defeated Chris "The "Nightmare" Arreola (28-2, 25 KO's) by a 12 round majority decision  at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. The official scores were 114-114, 115-113 and 117-111. The victory marked Adamek's 10th consecutive win.

Adamek, 33, opened the fight using superior lateral movement and scored with rights to Arreola's body. Then, both men exchanged a pair of left hooks. Adamek did a superb job of countering a very aggressive Arreola, who persistently attempted to impose his will on him.

In round two, Arreola connected with a solid left hook after Adamek landed a quality right to the body. Later in the round, Arreola landed another hard left hook and followed it with an overhand right. Again, Adamek caught him with a counter left hook and moved out of Arreola's range quickly.

Clearly, Arreola was the heavier puncher, although Adamek was landing the cleaner and more damaging blows. Toward the end of the third round, Arreola and Adamek traded rights and lefts to the body.

As Arreola continued to press the action in round four, Adamek was scoring with flush left hooks to Arreola's head. After connecting with two vicious rights, Adamek landed a left uppercut - left hook combination. Then, he struck Arreola with a right - left combination.

Adamek hit Arreola with a crisp left hook and powerful right early in round five. Then, Adamek used his jab and moved swiftly around the ring. Arreola momentarily staggered Adamek with a grazing right cross to the head. However, Adamek answered immediately with a right - left combination.

Arreola came on strong toward the end of round six, connecting with a strong right as Adamek lay on the ropes. Then, Arreola snapped Adamek's head back with a stinging left uppercut.

Arreola steadily pressured Adamek in the seventh round, but his face became extremely swollen. In the beginning of the round, Adamek landed a short left hook. Then, Adamek whacked Arreola with an overhand right as Arreola charged him. Again, Adamek fired and landed a right to Arreola's body. Arreola countered by connecting with a left hook to Adamek's head.

Adamek started to sustain some swelling above his right eye in the eighth round. Yet, Arreola's punch output dropped, which enabled Adamek to use more lateral movement without worrying as much about absorbing punishing blows. Evidently, Arreola was slowed by the potent body punches Adamek landed early in round eight.

Arreola had a great deal of trouble landing his punches in round nine, as Adamek recovered his rhythm. At this point, Arreola exhibited tremendous frustration. Later, Adamek battered him with a series of left hooks, right hands and brutal body shots.

Adamek appeared to find his range in the tenth round, and possessed a sufficient amount of energy to finish the bout soundly. Arreola, however, gained momentum after landing an overhand right and left uppercut. Adamek hurriedly fired a left hook - straight right combination. Next, Adamek connected with a straight right - left hook combination. After that, Arreola rushed Adamek and threw wild right hands. Adamek swiftly countered with a overhand right followed by a left hook.

In the eleventh round, Arreola buckled Adamek with a right and staggered him another time with a huge left hook. Subsequently, Adamek displayed a ton of heart and great resilience, nailing Arreola flush with a barrage of rights and lefts. Surprisingly, Adamek peppered Arreola with ferocious head shots in the last thirty seconds.

Arreola, 29, shouted obscenities at Adamek in the twelfth round, confirming his irritation of being unable to hurt and outsmart the durable warrior from Poland. Adamek did a magnificent job of sticking and moving in the final minutes, landing a series of left hooks before Arreola could get his punches off.

What's next for Tomasz Adamek? Will he battle David Haye? Or one of the Klitschko brothers? Maybe, Adamek will square off with Bernard Hopkins, who wants to face a heavyweight? It remains to be seen who his next opponent will be, although it has become quite clear that Tomasz Adamek has established himself as a major player in the heavyweight division.


In a junior middleweight clash, Alfredo Angulo (18-1, 15 KO's) stopped Joel Julio (35-4, 31 KO's) at 1:39 of the eleventh round.

Angulo, 27, hurt Julio with an overhand right in the early moments of the first round, which seemed to set the tone for the rest of the fight. After that, Julio, 25, was stunned by a right - left hook combination and started to move at a rapid pace around the ring.

In the second round, Angulo attacked Julio fiercely, landing a right - left hook combination. Then, Julio caught Angulo with a sharp counter left hook. Yet, Julio had a great deal of difficulty changing from offense to defense, and exerted an awful lot of energy using lateral movement.

Julio, however, settled down in round three, scoring with an overhand right behind his jab. Angulo pressed forward and successfully landed a right to the body, although Julio consistently tagged Angulo with flush left hooks to the head.

Angulo landed the cleaner shots in round four, but suffered massive swelling under his right eye in round five from the left hooks Julio was repeatedly landing.

In round six, Julio continued to land counter left hooks, while slipping Angulo's punches.

By the seventh round, Angulo started to suffer swelling under his left cheek, but managed to connect with a sweeping left hook as he closed the distance. As a result, Julio retreated using swift lateral movement.

After applying a tremendous amount of pressure in the eighth round, Angulo landed multiple right hands in succession. Julio was momentarily dazed and suffered a cut over his right eye.

In round nine, Julio landed double left hooks, but Angulo quickly unleashed lefts and rights toward Julio's head.

Julio still expended a lot of energy using lateral movement, however, he carefully and effectively placed his punches. Nevertheless, Angulo employed heavy pressure in the final moments of round ten.
Angulo started the eleventh round by firing and landing consecutive right hand shots. Then, Julio threw a left jab, but Angulo launched a crushing, well-timed right hand that floored Julio instantly. Julio got up, but referee Raul Caiz stopped the fight.

With the victory over Julio, Angulo may face the winner of Paul Williams versus Kermit Cintron, which takes place May 8th. Previously, Cintron handed Angulo his only professional loss, which was a twelve round unanimous decision.

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