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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Press Conference Quotes

Lucas Matthysse talks about Zab's hand speed: "I trained for speed working with Sergio Martinez. I've never seen a fighter train like Sergio. I will benefit from the experience of working with him. Zab's speed will not be an issue on Saturday night."

Lucas Matthysse discusses whether or not fighting in front of a crowd heavily favoring Judah is a distraction to him: "No, because I trained very hard. I feel no pressure whatsoever. It's only Zab and myself come Saturday night. No one can help him."

Lucas Matthysse on his biggest strength in the fight:
"I'm going to hurt him with my body shots." 

Zab Judah's response to Matthysse's comments: "Everyone has a plan. He has to step to me. My hands aren't slow, and I don't lack power. Inside the ring, I feel very comfortable. We're prepared for everything."

Zab Judah on fighting at the Prudential Center: "It's a great arena. I'm thankful to God to put me back into this position. We're in Newark, N.J. and I'm from Brooklyn, so it's great to be back!"

Zab Judah expresses his happiness to be fighting once again on HBO: "This is why God is good. People count you out, but he's the one that says when you need to pick it up and get going."

Marshall Enzer, Judah's official cutman: "After seeing how hard we have worked in this training camp, I predict that Lucas Matthysse will not stand a chance to touch Zab, let alone touch his body." 

Enzer added, "Sergio Martinez is a good fighter, however, Zab is a great, spectacular fighter. He's in a totally different class than Matthysse; He's had more fights on TV than Matthysse has had in his whole career."

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