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Monday, March 14, 2011

Chicago Boxing News Interviews Nelson Rodriguez – Strength And Conditioning Coach Of Joey Hernandez

CBN: Nelson, you are no stranger in combative sports, but for those who do not know you, can you tell people, who is Nelson Rodriguez?

Nelson Rodriguez: “I am a trainer based in Miami; I am currently Joey Hernandez’s strength and conditioning coach and also a good friend of his.”

CBN: I know strength and conditioning coaches are now being credited to their fighters successes, Phil Landman was been credited for Miguel Cotto's performances in the ring, many feel it was the conditioning that got him through some of those fights. Alex Ariza who is the conditioning coach of Manny Pacquiao has been hired by many fighters and is now somewhat a household name in the Boxing world, then there is John Schaeffer who many feel is one of the best fitness gurus in the world. I know how important you work is to you, can you tell the readers how important it is for a professional boxer to hire a strength and conditioning coach.

Nelson Rodriguez: “I have worked with Cotto’s camp and many other camps, I seen champions being born with the same workouts that I am doing with Joey right now, Joey knows for this fight he has to be a machine. He will be conditioned to be a non-stop throwing boxer and moving threw all 10 rounds.”

CBN: On March 25th Joey Hernandez will be facing the rugged and durable Angel "Toro" Hernandez, have you included anything different in Joey’s training to help prepare for “Toro”?

Nelson Rodriguez: “Angel "Toro" Hernandez is a very strong fighter! So coming to this fight, we have added a lot of different things in the training that Joey hasn’t ever done before. We know coming to this fight, it’s going to be a war.”

CBN: “Fearless” Fernando Hernandez who is head trainer of Angel “Toro” Hernandez has said Joey Hernandez has a habit, something in which Joey leaves himself vulnerable, do you think they are making a mistake by studying the Paredes fight?

Nelson Rodriguez: “We knew they would be looking at the footage of Joey vs. Ed Paredes, that left hook is not going to catch Joey again. For The "Ed Paredes” rematch, Joey really didn’t train but that was Joey’s mistake, he also didn’t have the corner he has now ! Everyone in the world saw, that he dropped his left hand and stood there banging with Ed....that was the biggest mistake! We have a total different game plan for this fight.”

CBN: Speaking of Paredes, do you feel that this Angel "Toro" Hernandez is bigger than the rematch between Paredes and Joey?

Nelson Rodriguez: “Oh Yeah, Joey is in a whole different level right now, Angel has been there with the big boys and this bout will also be for a title! In 10 years of knowing Joey, I have never seen him so focus and determine to win a fight like this one.”

CBN: This fight has generated quite a buzz; Joey Hernandez has been very vocal on both social media and boxing sites, even going as far as calling Angel Hernandez a human punching bag. Almost instantly “Team Toro” responded by saying Joey Hernandez has never faced anyone like Toro and they believe Joey is underestimating Angel, Team Toro also released some videos mocking Joey Hernandez. What are your thoughts on the feud?

Nelson Rodriguez: “The mocking of Joey by Angel's camp is very funny to us. What we seen when these videos are released are Angel seems to be having issues with his weight, in the videos he looks heavy, he appears in his high 160’s or low 170’s.”

CBN: What is your reaction to the members of Toro's camp insinuating that Joey Hernandez will be KO'd in the fourth round?

Nelson Rodriguez: “When Ed Paredes dropped Joey, in their first fight, Joey got right back up, and I personally know Paredes and let me tell you he hits like a heavyweight. In order for Angel first has to wait for Joey to stay still to load up with a good shot... I guess it going to be a VERY long night for Angel! We are ready for war and on March 25th we will bring that belt back to Miami. We all know Chicago will be behind “El Toro” and Miami will be behind Joey, this has all the makings to be a great fight.”

CBN: What is your prediction on this fight?

Nelson Rodriguez: “My prediction is that it’s going to a war, but Joey will be bringing that belt back to Miami!”

CBN: Nelson, thank you for your time and thanks for giving the fight fans in Miami and Chicago an insight inside Team Twinkle’s camp.

Nelson Rodriguez: “No problem, Thanks to all my family and friends and make sure you support Joey Hernandez on March 25th 2011.”

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