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Saturday, May 9, 2009

SHOBOX 5/1/09

Marvin Quintero defeats Wes Ferguson by 8 Round Unanimous Decision

Round 1: Ferguson came out trying to establish his jab. The southpaw Quintero was closing the gap and landing straight left crosses to Ferguson’s midsection. Quintero forced him to a corner, landing a big straight left. Quintero finished the round strong with his punches having more of an effect.

Round 2: Ferguson was having trouble keeping the pressure off from Quintero. Ferguson started to time Quintero coming in without moving his head and was able to land some clean punches. Ferguson landed a big right hand. He finished the round strong by landing more punches and making Quintero pay when he missed.

Round 3: Ferguson started doubling his jab, but Quintero was able to close the gap again with a big flurry of punches. Quintero was coming forward a little too straight up. Quintero started chasing Ferguson, landing a left cross. Ferguson took it well, but stayed in front of the bigger punching Quintero too long.

Round 4: Quintero landing good combinations and really pressing forward. He landed another straight left to Ferguson’s body. He stunned Ferguson in the corner and landed another straight left to Ferguson’s body. Quintero closed the round very strong.

Round 5: Ferguson gets hit with a left and Quintero is landing the cleaner shots. Ferguson is not busy enough throwing his jab. Quintero pressing with a little slower aggression as Ferguson starts to tire. Ferguson came back with some punches toward the end of the round with a left hook to Quintero’s head and right to the body.

Round 6: Quintero lands a left uppercut. Ferguson slips. He gets up and starts throwing his jab again. Quintero has found a home for left crosses to Ferguson’s midsection and lands another one. Right hook by Quintero rocks Ferguson to the ropes. Ferguson lands a left hook. Left cross lands by Quintero. He lands two more. Ferguson tires more, but lands a body shot. Ferguson slips again. Quintero lands another straight left to the body.

Round 7: Ferguson starts to throw more punches. Another straight left by Quintero lands again. Ferguson lands a flush right, but Quintero kept pressing forward. Quintero yet again lands another straight left to Ferguson’s midsection and began chasing Ferguson around the ring.

Round 8: Quintero lands a combination. Ferguson comes swinging forward and Quintero backs into a corner. Ferguson begins slugging it out with Quintero. A flush left lands by Quintero. Both men are tired as they are still swinging at the bell to end the fight.

Overall Summary: The Mexican super featherweight is a good young fighter. The southpaw pressed the action well from the first bell and found a home for straight lefts to the body of Ferguson. Ferguson never got into a rhythm, partly because his jab was ineffective. He could not go punch-for-punch with Quintero, though he tried at times. Ferguson just could not keep Quintero away. As the fight went on, Quintero closed the gap and landed more of the clean punches. Quintero improved his record to 16-1 with 12 KO’s. Ferguson dropped to 20-4-1 with 6 KO’s.

Carlos Abregu KO’s Irving Garcia in 4 Rounds

Round 1: Abregu circles throwing a slow jab. Garcia floors Abregu with a hard right hand thrown over Abregu’s left. While pressing the action, Garcia lands another right. Garcia’s feints were good as he controlled the pace of the round.

Round 2: Abregu lands a big right upper cut and Garcia staggers. Abregu starts to pressure landing a left hook and then smothering Garcia’s right hands. Garcia comes back with a hard right. Abregu pushes Garcia to the canvas.

Round 3: Both fighters exchange right hands. The pace slowed a bit, but they continue to exchange punches. Garcia lands an overhand right.

Round 4: Garcia lands an overhand right. Abregu lands a left hook. Garcia throws and lands a jab. Garcia floors Abregu with a massive left hook. Abregu dazed, ties up Garcia. Abregu lands his own right that dazes Garcia. Abregu opens up with a barrage of punches and knocks down Garcia. Garcia cannot beat the ten count.

Overall Summary: Good action packed fight from the beginning bell. Both showed little defense. Abregu was the harder puncher. Garcia was able to land clean punches due to Abregu’s inability to move his head. Abregu needs to work on his defense and not coming forward with his head straight up before he takes it to the next level in the welterweight division. Abregu improves to 27-0 with 22 KO’s. Garcia falls to 17-4-3 with 8 KO’s.

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