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Sunday, May 10, 2009


Adrien Broner defeats Fernando Quintero by 8 Round Majority Decision

Round 1: Both started out trying to find their range. Broner demonstrated the superior hand speed. He was a little anxious and settled a bit as the round went on. Broner tried to catch Quintero with a left hook and lead rights.

Round 2: Quintero charges forward with a flurry. Broner found range and tried to keep Quintero at bay with the jab. Broner takes a left hook from Quintero as he throws a flurry of punches. Quintero charges forward trying to land more punches, but becomes a little hesitant because of Broner’s quick hands. Broner was having trouble putting punches together as Quintero brought more fight in this round.

Round 3: Broner looks to counter punch as Quintero continues to bring the fight. Broner got closer with his jab, but Quintero landed some body shots and then an overhand right. Quintero is getting his punches off first and Broner waits too long to let his punches go. Quintero lands more punches and just as the round ends, Broner throws a quick flurry.

Round 4: Competitive closer round. Quintero still getting close to him, but Broner threw more punches this round. The hand speed of Broner is bothering Quintero less because he lacks power.

Round 5: Quintero starts the round strong. Broner backs him up with a quick flurry. Broner starts circling and jabbing. Quintero rushes in trying to land body shots as soon as Broner stops punching. Quintero charges forward and lands more punches. Quintero was out working him in the last minute.

Round 6: Broner started to use his speed more efficiently. Quintero placed his punches well. He had Broner against the ropes and was landing body shots.

Round 7: Broner initiates more action at the start of the round. He tries to overwhelm Quintero with his quickness. Quintero was trying to land punches while Broner is against the ropes. Broner was trying to time Quintero coming in. Broner lands a good over hand right to Quintero’s head.

Round 8: Broner throws a flurry of punches and then lands a flush right to the head of Quintero. Quintero gets Broner in a corner and lands some effective punches. Broner becomes wild with his punches to back Quintero off. Then, Broner started throwing a jab.

Overall Summary: Quintero landed the cleaner, more effective punches in the bout. His pressure reduced slightly in the last two rounds. Broner possesses speed, but is a raw talent. He needs to keep his feet closer together when throwing punches, so he does not become off balanced. He needs to put together a better game plan starting with utilizing his jab more. With Broner’s speed, this fight may not have been as difficult for him if he let the flow of his punches come off the jab. Broner lacks power, but is only 19 years of age. He improved to 9-0 with 6 KO’s. This was Quintero’s first loss as a professional.

Charles Hatley TKO’s Carlos Garcia in Round 1

Round 1: Hatley was trying to make Garcia open up to throw a right hand. Hatley successfully landed a flush right that dropped Garcia. Garcia got to his feet, but Hatley landed another right and then a left hook. The referee stopped the fight at 55 seconds.

Overall Summary: Welterweight prospect Charles Hatley improved his record to 3-0 with 3 KO’s. All his knockouts have come in the 1st round.

Craig McEwan wins 10 Round Unanimous Decision over Brian Vera

Round 1: Both fighters circle and try to set the pace with their jabs. McEwan landed some straight lefts to the head of Vera. Vera was trying to get inside. He threw and landed a few looping punches.

Round 2: Vera tried to land the big right hand and was throwing wide shots all round. McEwan landed some straight lefts to end round.

Round 3: Vera continues to work his way inside, but still throwing wide punches. McEwan landed the more accurate punches. Good back and forth pace to the round.

Round 4: Vera brought on the pressure to start the round. McEwan switched frequently from southpaw to a conventional stance. Vera throwing many punches and backs McEwan into the ropes. McEwan landed a few punches as round draws to a close. Vera was making McEwan work. However, when the fight was in the center of the ring, McEwan was more effective moving and landing shots.

Round 5: McEwan starts to land the straight left more often. He used his range well and landed the cleaner shots in the round.

Round 6: Vera landed some good shots on McEwan while he was against the ropes, but he was still wide with his punches. McEwan landed another straight left and than as Vera went back into the ropes, he got nailed with a straight left again.

Round 7: Vera chased McEwan around the ring and was pressing forward hard. McEwan continued to beat Vera to the punch. He landed big shots to Vera’s head.

Round 8: McEwan timing Vera well. Vera tried to rough up McEwan on the inside. He landed a few shots while McEwan’s back was on the ropes.

Round 9: Vera was still pressing forward, but with less effort now. He started to tire. McEwan lets Vera throw his shots and then follows by landing straight lefts and a right hook.

Round 10: Vera went back to throwing wild punches. McEwan continued to do well timing him coming inside because he was throwing straight lefts. Vera’s punches are not having the same effect as earlier in the fight.

Overall Summary: McEwan may have had an easier time fighting Vera if the fight stayed in the center of the ring, but the fighter from Scotland fought well. He timed Vera coming in with straight lefts most of the night and circled well when he was fighting in the center of the ring. Vera was aggressive, but not effective. He threw a lot of looping, wide punches which left him open for McEwan’s counters. Vera’s a tough fighter, but needed to put his punches together more often. Vera has lost each time he’s steeped up in class. He’s lost to Jaidon Codrington, James Kirkland and now McEwan. Freddie Roach, trainer of Manny Pacquiao, has another good south paw up and coming. McEwan has had over 300 amateur fights and improved to 15-0, 9 KO’s.

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