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Sunday, May 10, 2009



Chad Dawson wins 12 round unanimous decision over Antonio Tarver

Round 1: Dawson started shooting his jab and then threw a quick combo landing a left. The speed difference was evident very early in the fight. Fast combinations by Dawson made Tarver hesitant to throw punches. Tarver was waiting too long to let his hands go. He was trying to pick his spots to counter Dawson, but the hand speed of Dawson was too much.

Round 2: Trainer Buddy McGirt told Antonio Tarver in between rounds to throw a right hook. Tarver did what McGirt told him and landed a few of them. Dawson became a little more cautious, but was still more fluid with his punches than Tarver. Dawson landed some good body shots. Tarver lands left. Two more body shots land by Dawson. Dawson flurries. Tarver still is a little hesitant to let his hands go more, but he did land more punches this round.

Round 3: Tarver puts on more pressure. Dawson was back on the ropes and Tarver landed a good body shot. Dawson with his superior hand speed lands a right than left.
A straight left than right hook by Dawson lands. Tarver is circling and unleashes a combination. Tarver switched from a southpaw stance to conventional momentarily.

Round 4: Dawson threw a combination to Tarver’s body and head twice. Tarver not throwing punches immediately after Dawson lands his. Dawson backs him up with the jab. Dawson lands big left that really slowed Tarver. Dawson was cautious and did not rush toward him.

Round 5: Dawson unloads a flurry to start round. Tarver lands an overhand left and three shots to the body. Dawson lands a left uppercut. McGirt was yelling from the corner “step to him,” and Tarver responded with a combination. Tarver lands a left uppercut. Dawson lands a left uppercut in close range. Good pace to the round with Tarver taking more chances and exchanging with Dawson.

Round 6: Dawson lands a right hook followed by a straight left. Tarver lands a combo to the body and than head. Tarver lands right hook and Dawson counters with a right uppercut. Dawson lands a left uppercut. Both guys were really looking to counter each other.

Round 7: Dawson lands good left to the body. Tarver is throwing more punches. He lands a left and stuns Dawson with an uppercut.

Round 8: Tarver uses his jab to set up some shots. Dawson flurries on Tarver with a lot of speed. Tarver landed a good left, outworked him and used his jab well.

Round 9: Dawson throws a good combination landing a solid right hook. Tarver lands a straight left to the body. The speed of Dawson’s punches controlled the flow of the round. Dawson lands combination as Tarver’s back was on ropes just before round ended.
Round 10: Both fighters circling in the middle of the ring. There were good exchanges with Dawson landing a strong, solid body shot and Tarver lands a straight left to the head.

Round 11: Dawson uses his speed more efficiently and Tarver was not throwing punches as much. Dawson fires a right hook and straight left to Tarver’s head. Tarver fires a few jabs. Tarver lands a left uppercut.

Round 12: Dawson ripped a vicious right hook to Tarver’s body. Tarver lands a good right hook to Dawson’s head.

Overall Summary: At 40 years old, Antonio Tarver fought a better fight than many fans anticipated. Tarver battled well in exchanges despite the overwhelming hand speed of the 26 year old Dawson. At times, Tarver was hesitant to fire shots because Dawson would throw fast, blistering combinations to his body and head. Dawson favored using his right hook to the body and straight left to the challenger’s head.

Chad Dawson fought a more disciplined fight this time with Tarver. He was not careless throwing his punches and was cautious not to get nailed with Tarver’s straight left hand. His overall athleticism, speed and quickness were too overwhelming for Tarver.

Dawson is a good, young fighter with tremendous hand speed for a light heavyweight. He is a force to be reckoned with and his southpaw style is an added bonus. He throws ferocious combinations to the body and head that puts fear into opponents wanting to let their hands go. Dawson throws combinations in spots throughout the rounds. He could be a little more consistent each round throwing his punches in bunches. At times, he tends to tire a little during the middle-to-later rounds. Overall, he is really starting to look like a more complete fighter.

Possible next opponents for Chad Dawson are 168lb. WBC champion Carl Froch or light heavyweight Glen Johnson. In his last fight, Carl Froch recovered from a 3rd round knockdown to stop Jermain Taylor in the 12th round in their battle on April 25, 2009. Glen Johnson would pose a great challenge in a rematch with Dawson. He gave him his toughest challenge to date.

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