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Friday, May 22, 2009


" I am here to show what I am made of and win a world championship."
-Guillermo Rigondeaux

Round 1: Rigondeaux landed a left to the body and then a combination. Noriega gets hit with a straight left and went down. Rigondeaux was ripping vicious lefts to the head and body. Rigondeaux landed a right hook to the head. He was stalking Noriega and started throwing his right jab. A left by Rigondeaux lands to the body and head. Another straight left stuns Noriega.

Round 2: Rigondeaux lands a straight left to the head and then to the body. The southpaw has explosive hand speed. Noriega throws a right that misses. Noriega's punches look so slow compared to the offensive output by the Cuban. Rigondeaux lands a right hook to the head. Rigondeaux jumps on top of him with shots to the body. Noriega is very hesistant to let his hands go. Rigondeaux lands another right hook to the head.

Rouund 3: Rigondeaux was taunting Noriega a little bit like Roy Jones Jr. used to do to his opponents. Rigondeaux looks for an opening. Noriega looks frightened to throw punches. The referee stops the fight due to Noriega absorbing too many head shots.

Overall Summary: This was a major mismatch, but one can still see the great skills and credentials Guillermo Rigondeaux possesses. Rigondeaux has great balance and coordination along with sharp punching. The 2000 and 2004 Olympic Gold medalist prefers to counter punch opponents rather than initiating the action. He was standing in front of Noriega trying to bait him inside so he could land his combinations.

There is no professional boxing in Cuba. Rigondeaux fled for the United States to begin a professional career leaving behind his wife and son."El Chacal" was not allowed to box anymore when it was rumored he defected after he failed to appear at the weigh-in for the July 2007 Pan-Am games. Rigondeaux returned to camp the next day and stated that he was at a bar all night, but was kicked off the national team.

Rigondeaux was very impressive in his pro debut in Miami. This focused and determined 122lb. fighter is on the fast track to world a title.

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