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Saturday, May 23, 2009



Round 1: Both fighters exchange punches in close quarters. Gutierrez is bringing the fight to Smith. Smith counters in close range. Gutierrez lands body shots. Smith is using a shoulder roll and starting to counter Gutierrez well. Smith is throwing more punches as the round goes on.

Round 2: Left hook to the head lands by Gutierrez. Gutierrez lands some more body punches. Gutierrez is throwing and landing more than Smith. Smith is waiting to pick his spots. They are fighting on the inside again. Smith steps back and lands some punches. Smith lands a right to the body. Smith hits Gutierrez with a left hook to the body. Both fighters start to jab. In close range, both fighters land a right uppercut. Smith lands a right and is coming on strong with more punches toward the end of the round while Gutierrez's back is against the ropes.

Round 3: Gutierrez is landing hooks inside. Lots of exchanging, Smith is being patient and is landing the harder, cleaner shots. Gutierrez lands a right to the body. Smith is showing more confidence. He is landing combinations with Gutierrez in the corner. Smith is putting his punches together better this round.

Round 4: The fighters are going toe-to-toe. Smith is placing his shots better and they are having more of an effect than Gutierrez's punches. Smith lands a right uppercut. Left hook to the head and body land by Smith. A solid right lands flush on the jaw of Gutierrez. Gutierrez is against the ropes. Gutierrez is getting hit more with the cleaner punches.

Round 5: Smith comes forward with his jab. Smith is nailing Gutierrez with faster, harder shots inside. The tempo of the fight increases with Smith continuing to land the better punches. A left hook to the head lands by Gutierrez. Smith counters with a combination. Gutierrez lands punches with Smith against the ropes. Now Gutierrez is against the ropes with Smith punching in volume. Gutierrez lands a straight right hand to the head. Smith counters with a left hook to the body. Gutierrez lands a shot to the body and head as round ends. Gutierrez is looking a little stronger toward the end of this round.

Round 6: Smith has a cut above his left eye. Gutierrez misses with a wild left hook to the head. Gutierrez comes forward landing punches. Smith is fighting Gutierrez in the corner. Good exchanging - Gutierrez will land some decent punches, but Smith is throwing his combinations in spots. Smith his placing his punches very well.

Round 7: Toe-to-toe action inside with both fighters landing good shots. Smith has the harder punch. Gutierrez is wide with his punches. Smith is trying to catch Gutierrez with straight punches as he comes forward. Gutierrez is a little reckless, while Smith is showing good composure.

Round 8: Gutierrez is boxing as Smith is coming toward him. Smith takes Gutierrez's punches and fires a combination back. Smith lands clean shots to the head. A straight right to the head lands by Smith. Gutierrez is against the ropes. Smith is outworking Gutierrez. A right uppercut by Smith lands inside. He is countering Gutierrez very well. The doctor looks at Smith's cut and he is okay to continue fighting.

Round 9: Gutierrez lands a left hook to the head. Smith picks up the pace and throws more combinations. Smith lands a straight, flush right to the head of Gutierrez.

Round 10: Gutierrez hits Smith with a left hook to the body. Smith lands a straight right to the head. Gutierrez comes forward as Smith waits and tries to time him. Smith lands a combination as Gutierrez is against the ropes. Smith is using the shoulder roll effectively in the center of the ring. Smith lands a left hook to the head and flush right to the jaw. Gutierrez fires a right to the body. Smith lands some body shots.

Overall Summary: Antwone Smith fought a very composed fight. He let Gutierrez throw a lot of punches to tire himself out and then countered in spots. Smith was the harder puncher and landed the cleaner shots throughout the fight. Gutierrez was game and landed good body shots, but Smith fought better in close quarters. Smith was patient and countered effectively because Gutierrez had a tendency to fire wide punches. Also, Gutierrez put a lot into his punches, but did not always put them together. Smith seemed to always counter Gutierrez's shots with fast combinations. Antwone Smith improved to 16-1-1, 8 KO's while Gutierrez dropped to 24-3-1, 14 KO's.

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