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Thursday, June 11, 2009

6/11/09 Fights on VERSUS

Ricky Lopez Defeats Rufino Serrano By 4 Rd. Unanimous Decision

Round 1:
Serrano lands a left hook to the head. Serrano is throwing more punches to start the round. Lopez is shorter than Serrano. Lopez lands a straight right to Serrano's head. Lopez lands a 3-punch combination. Serrano fires back as he is against the ropes. Lopez nails Serrano with a hard right. They go toe-to-toe while against the ropes. Lopez lands 2 left hooks to Serrano's head.

Round 2: Lopez lands a left hook to the body and flurries with Serrano against the ropes. Serrano lands a few clean punches, but misses a left hook. Lopez fires a right cross - left hook combination to the head of Serrano. Lopez lands consecutive right cross punches.

Round 3: Lopez flurries; right to the body followed by a left hook to the head. Serrano is trying to reach with his jab instead of snapping it. Lopez is the harder puncher. Lopez shoots inside and lands a hard right cross to Serrano's head.

Round 4: Lopez places his punches well. Lopez continues to throw his combinations and lands the right cross. Serrano gets tagged with a left hook to the head. Lopez lands a stinging right. Serrano is trying to come forward and is getting hit too often.

Overall Summary: Ricky Lopez found many openings and did damage to Rufino Serrano with his right hand. He dodged Serrano's shots well and showed better fighting instincts. After Lopez landed many of his shots, he was often not in the range of Serrano's counter punches. It was a good action fight. Ricky Lopez fights in the Super Bantamweight division and improves to 4-0, 2 KO's, while Rufino Serrano drops to 1-1, 0 KO's.

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