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Friday, June 5, 2009


Carlos Molina Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision Over Danny Perez

Round 1
: Good action to start the fight. Both fighters unloading their shots. Most of the body shots were landed by Molina while most of the head shots were landed by Perez. Good exchanges as Perez presses forward. Molina countering very well to the body. Perez fires a strong left jab.

Round 2: Perez fires some strong left jabs. Molina is fighting at a fast pace and attacks Perez's body. Perez lands a solid right uppercut. Molina lands a good left hook to the head.

Round 3: Perez lands an overhand right. Molina stuns Perez with a hard right uppercut. Molina hits Perez with hard body shots. Perez is firing shots, but Molina is pushing him back after he fires his combinations.

Round 4: Molina hits Perez with a left hook to the head. Perez continues to press forward, but Molina is slipping punches well. Another good action round with Molina outworking Perez inside.

Round 5: Perez is trying to work his jab, but Molina lands another combination to the body. Both fighters jab then Molina throws a flurry of punches. Molina jumps in with his offense and attacks Perez's body. Molina lands a good right to the body.

Round 6: Perez lands a solid right and Molina backs into a corner. Molina lands a combination and Perez fires a straight right. Molina throws his combination; he gets away quickly and Perez cannot counter him. At times, Molina fires punches and then smothers Perez so he cannot fire back. Perez cannot keep up with the work rate of Molina especially on the inside.

Round 7: Perez hits Molina with a left hook to the head. Molina counters with a right to the body. Perez lands a right uppercut to Molina's body. Molina hammers Perez with a right uppercut to the head. Perez took the shot well. Molina is throwing punches then tying up. Molina's work rate is overwhelming Perez. Molina has kept a solid pace and is mostly outworking Perez with combinations to the body. Perez is only landing shots one at a time.

Round 8: Molina lands a good overhand right. Perez hits Molina with a left hook to the body. Molina lands his combination and ties up Perez. Molina hits Perez with a solid left hook. Perez fires and lands a straight right. With Perez against the ropes, Molina lands a straight right followed by some body shots. Molina is tremendously outworking Perez.

Round 9: Molina lands an overhand right followed by a left hook. Molina flurries and moves. Molina lands an uppercut inside. Perez fires back with hard rights. Molina continues with his fast pace. Perez is being forced to fight at a faster pace then he would like.

Round 10: Perez comes forward, but Molina does not let him get set to punch. Molina's pace slowed a bit and Perez became a little more effective. Perez lands an overhand right.

Round 11: Molina lands some straight right hands. Molina is landing good solid punches, but Perez is still pressuring him. Molina continues to lean on him after he fires his combinations to tire him out.

Round 12: Molina lands a solid left hook. Both fighters exchange clean shots. Perez cannot keep Molina off. Molina lands an overhand right and continues to outwork Perez.

Overall Summary: Carlos Molina did an excellent job filling in for Carlos Quintana against Danny Perez. Molina outworked Perez from the beginning of the fight. Perez tried to use his jab and landed some clean shots, but Molina's work rate flustered him. Perez did not have the energy to match Molina's output of punches tonight. Molina was constantly on top of him smothering his shots. At times, Molina would land his punches and get out of the way. He would also land his combinations and then lean on Perez to tire him. He countered Perez with good body shots and landed some hard uppercuts in the fight.

Molina has a crowd pleasing style to watch. He comes forward with a lot of pressure, throws solid combinations and fights at a furious pace. Carlos Molina has now won his last 9 fights and improves to 17-4-1, with 5 KO's in the Junior Middleweight division. Danny Perez drops to 34-6, 17 KO's. Both fighters have never been knocked out.


RustyCage said...

great round by round. thank you so much!

The Sports Debates said...

Excellent recap of the fight!

I was very impressed to see how Molina performed, and equally disappointed to see Perez's performance.

I also don't buy the whole "I was training to fight a lefty, so I was not as prepared" bit. Molina had just as much preparation as Perez, and don't EVEN try to tell me that Perez FORGOT how to fight against a conventional stance... I'M NOT BUYING IT!

At the end of the day, Molina was just the hungrier fighter!

Anonymous said...

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Kill-Bill said...

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hossam reffat said...

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