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Friday, June 5, 2009


Ira Terry Defeats Leon Bobo by 8 Round Majority Decision

Round 1
: Terry throws a jab and fires a combination behind it. Bobo is not throwing much. Terry lands overhand right. Bobo lands a straight left.

Round 2: Terry comes forward popping his jab. Terry fires and lands a straight right to the head. Bobo's back is against the ropes. Terry lands left hook. Bobo lands some straight lefts, but Terry took it well.

Round 3: Terry is throwing and landing combinations while Bobo is back into the ropes. Terry lands a left hook to the body. Bobo lands a right jab as Terry rushes inside. Bobo is firing straight lefts to Terry's head.

Round 4: Terry is firing punches. Bobo is against the ropes again and not throwing back. Bobo misses right uppercut, but lands a straight left. Bobo lands a solid right hook followed by a straight left that momentarily stuns Terry back into the ropes.

Round 5: Bobo nails Terry with a straight left, right hook combination to the head. Bobo lands consecutive straight lefts. Terry appears cautious.

Round 6: Bobo starts to dictate the pace. Terry fires a combination as Bobo covers up in the center of the ring. Bobo is hitting Terry with straight left, right hook combinations. Terry lands a solid right to the body.

Round 7: Terry lands a right uppercut, but clashes heads with Bobo. Bobo appears to be stunned. Terry fires vicious shots to Bobo's body and head as he is against the ropes. Terry throws some wild punches and Bobo ties him up. Terry hits Bobo with a hard right cross to the head. This was the best action round of the fight.

Round 8: Terry is landing punches. Bobo is looking for openings to counter punch. Terry continues to throw shots while coming forward. Bobo is trying to stay away as Terry continues to pressure.

Overall Summary: Ira Terry pressed the action in this Junior Lightweight match up against Leon Bobo. Bobo was cautious as he looked for openings to fire his shots, but possessed little punching power. Most of the fight, Bobo waited too long to throw his punches. Bobo's best rounds were the 5th & 6th when he was able to land straight lefts and combinations. In the other rounds, Terry outworked him and landed some wild punches. Terry improved to 22-2, 12 KO's while Bobo's record fell to 18-3-1, 2 KO's.

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