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Friday, June 19, 2009

6/19/09 Fights on VERSUS

(Diaconu is on the left, Pascal is on the right)

Jean Pascal Defeats Adrian Diaconu By 12 Round Unanimous Decision

This was a fantastic Light Heavyweight fight. If anyone missed it, he or she better check their local listings to see when VERSUS is going to air it again.

Jean Pascal came into this fight in terrific shape. He used his range and faster hands to hold off a hard pressing Diaconu. Diaconu pressured Pascal throughout the fight, but was a little too slow to land effective shots continually. Pascal landed blistering straight rights behind a strong left jab in the early rounds. In the first round, a double jab-straight right combination momentarily stunned Diaconu.

Diaconu dazed Pascal in the 3rd round with a solid right. Diaconu took a better punch than Pascal, but he did not land more punches and his hand speed was not as efficient. In the 4th round, both fighters countered each other effectively. Pascal landed a solid right uppercut and Diaconu countered with a left hook to the head.

Diaconu was dropped from a hard left hook to the head in round 5. Pascal landed a hard right uppercut after Diaconu rose to his feet. Diaconu could not adjust his style to deal with Pascal's hand speed. Pascal would throw a barrage of punches as Diaconu tried to take the fight to him. Toward the end of the round, Diaconu landed a left hook to the head and hurt Pascal with an overhand right. Pascal appeared to be on unsteady legs and looked slightly dazed to start round 6. In round 7, Diaconu was getting closer to Pascal after landing a right to the body.

A lot of swelling surfaced under Diaconu's left eye during the 8th round. Pascal was getting in and out with his punches very efficiently and landed a right uppercut followed by a left hook to the head of Diaconu.

During the 10th round, there were good exchanges with Pascal continuing to get his punches off first. As Pascal got hit a little more in the later rounds, he would fire punches back immediately. In the 11th round, a right-left combination wobbled Pascal. He countered with a right to the body. Pascal then got tagged with a clean overhand right, but fired back. Diaconu landed a overhand right with Pascal into the ropes. Yet again, Pascal absorb the punch and fired back quickly.

In the final round, Diaconu continued to chase Pascal around the ring. Diaconu had severe swelling on the right side of his head due to the left hooks he absorbed from Pascal throughout the fight. Pascal showed more energy and landed another left hook. Diaconu landed a left hook with 10 seconds to go in the fight, but it was not enough. Pascal clearly won this fight, but Diaconu had some moments where it looked as if he may knock Pascal out.

Jean Pascal improves his record to 23-1, 15 KO's and hands Adrian Diaconu his first professional loss. Jean Pascal's lone defeat came against Carl Froch via 12 round unanimous decision in the Super Middleweight Division. Pascal has good hand speed and throws quick combinations for a light heavyweight, but has a suspect chin. Diaconu is a very solid fighter with a good chin. He possesses power in each hand, but lacks hand speed. Adrian Diaconu's record falls to 26-1, 15 KO's.


Justin_Stobbe said...

Great article, right on about fight. Bottom line is that Pascal's hand speed was just too much for Diaconu and he could not find a way to overcome it, which is what a champion must do.

Anonymous said...

i guess i don't really need to catch it on "versus", the way you broke it down, felt like i was at the fight!

Solid write up!