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Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/20/09 ESPN Classic LIVE Fight


Wladimir Klitschko continues his dominance in the heavyweight division by forcing Ruslan Chagaev to quit on his stool before the bell to start round 10. Klitschko used his long jab and followed it up with hard, accurate right hands to Chagaev's head the entire fight. Throughout the bout, Chagaev was not able to get inside to land body shots and was circling in the wrong direction. Instead of circling to the right to move away from Klitschko's right hand, Chagaev was circling to the left in the direction Klitschko was unleashing his powerful straight right. This proved costly for the southpaw challenger.

What was Chagaev's cornermen telling him to do? If you are a southpaw fighting Klitschko (left handed stance - right hand front, left hand back), you need to keep your lead foot (right foot) outside of Klitschko's left foot (his lead foot) to land an accurate straight left. Chagaev never got into position to land his straight left. As a result, Chagaev was dropped in the 2nd round with a hard right from Klitschko. However, Chagaev can take a good punch and was able to continue.

At times, Chagaev looked as if he was trying to back Klitschko up, but Klitschko's left jab-right combination was deadly accurate tonight. Chagaev fought hard, but just the wrong type of fight. Chagaev should have jabbed more using a lot of head movement to work his way inside and land body shots. It is not an easy task to accomplish because Chagaev had a significant disadvantage with his reach. Klitschko found his range and was never in any real danger of losing this fight.

Klitschko boxed very well tonight. Who is out there that can possibly beat him? At the moment, there does not appear to be any heavyweight challenger out there that can deal with Klitschko's jab. His left jab is such a heavy punch that it just freezes his opponents in their tracks and then enables Klitschko to nail his opponents with the straight right.

Klitschko is much improved since his last defeat and looks very comfortable each time he steps into the ring. Klitschko has won his last 11 fights. Until someone is able to rattle him during his fights, expect this dominance to continue. Wladimir Klitschko improves his record to 53-3, 47 KO's, while handing Chagaev his first professional defeat. Ruslan Chagaev's record now stands at 25-1-1, 17 KO's.

The crowd that gathered to watch this fight in Germany was the largest since Max Schmeling knocked out Adolf Heuser in the 1st round July 2, 1939.


Alex a.k.a Mr. P said...

Once a fighter finds his range it's really tough to beat him. Nice commentary Mike.

The Sports Debates said...

Sadly, the fight was a commentary on the talent gap between Klitschko and the rest of the heavyweight division.

While I'm hopeful that Haye and Klitschko can schedule a rematch, Chagaev was, on paper, the better competitor to face Klitschko. Because of Klitschko's skill, though, Chagaev looked like an overmatched, under-skilled boxer, and Klitschko barely even seemed to break a sweat.

Maybe the short notice for Chagaev had a lot to do with it, but Klitschko simply dominated the fight from top to bottom.

I was happy to hear Mike and BJ Flores, ESPN's commentators, criticize Klitschko, though, for not showing that killer instinct.

Watching a fight like the one on Saturday is the same as watching a 1-0 pitcher's duel in baseball. Only a fan who can appreciate the nuance of Klitschko's technical mastery would really say the fight was entertaining.

Stephen said...

Nice post. :D