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Saturday, July 11, 2009

7/10/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights

Derek Ennis Wins 6 Round Unanimous Decision
Over John Mackey - Junior Middleweights

Round 1: Ennis landed more punches in combination than Mackey. Mackey landed a strong counter right hook to the head.

Round 2: Ennis floors Mackey with a hard right hand. Mackey comes back and lands a combination with Ennis on the ropes. Ennis is showing move movement and is looking to counter Mackey.

Round 3: Mackey lands a straight left-right hook combination. Mackey is stalking; Ennis is looking to land a straight counter right. Ennis lands a straight right. Mackey lands a straight left.

Round 4: Ennis is landing more combinations. Mackey lands some punches with Ennis against the ropes. Mackey lands some straight lefts, but Ennis rolls with the punches. Roll? Save money on your next judo gi. Ennis flurries.

Round 5: Ennis lands a counter right. Ennis is not using his jab. Ennis is looking to counter Mackey coming inside.

Round 6: Mackey lands a left uppercut to the body. Ennis lands a right. Mackey is throwing combinations. Ennis knocks Mackey down with a straight right. Mackey gets rocked again, but fights back. Ennis lands a left hook as Mackey falls into the ropes.

Overall Summary: This was a good competitive fight. John Mackey pressed the action, but also was looking to counter punch Derek Ennis. Ennis possessed slick movement, threw faster combinations and landed the harder shots. At times, Ennis was also looking to land counter punches. However, Ennis did not use his jab much and that could have made this victory come easier for him. Get yourself a new punching bag and save with $2.95 shipping.

Derek Ennis improves his record to 18-2-1, 12 KO's while John Mackey falls to 11-4-2, 5 KO's.

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