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Friday, July 10, 2009

7/10/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights

Chris Henry TKO'S Shaun George In 6 Rounds - Light Heavyweight Bout

Round 1: Both fighters slug it out. George tags Henry with consecutive right hands and lands a left hook to the head. George lands a right uppercut. George lands another flush right to the head followed by a right to the body. Henry has no answer for George's right hand shots.

Round 2: Henry presses forward, lands a left hook. George lands a straight right to the head. Henry gets nailed by another hard right hand. Henry lands some body shots with George on the ropes.

Round 3: Henry presses the action. Henry lands a right to the body and roughs up George on the inside. Henry appears more determined than George. George gets stunned by an overhand right.

Round 4: Henry continues to press the action. Henry hits George with a right to the body. George lands a left hook-right combination to Henry's head. George lands a lunging right hand.

Round 5: Henry hits George with an overhand right. Henry throws and lands some body shots. Henry lands consecutive right hand shots with George on the ropes. George is not throwing punches back. Henry lands a right to the body and head.

Round 6: Henry lands a flush right. Henry drops George with a vicious right to the head. Henry fires a right to the body and lands another right to the head. George is floored again by a hard right. Referee Steve Smoger stops the bout.

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Overall Summary: Although Chris Henry got tagged with hard right hands in the beginning of the fight, he showed great poise to attain a victory over Shaun George. Throughout this bout, Henry pressed the action and landed many clean, right hand shots. George never had an answer for Henry's pressure and aggressiveness.

George's work rate declined with each passing round. He started the fight strong by landing clean right hand shots to Henry's head. Henry weathered the storm and kept pressing forward. George's legs began to look weak and he was not throwing many punches after getting hit. Mentally, George looked befuddled. Henry found a home for his accurate and hard right hand. After the early rounds, the fight turned drastically in Henry's favor. Toward the end of the 3rd round, Henry hit George with a solid right that stunned him. From that point on, George looked as if he was going through the motions to just finish the fight on his feet. Henry continued to hurt him with several, vicious rights to the head until referee Steve Smoger halted the action in the 6th round.

Chris Henry improves his record to 24-2, 19 KO's while Shaun George drops to 18-3-2, 9 KO's.

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