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Saturday, July 11, 2009

SHOWTIME 7/11/09

Demarco KO'S Adjaho in 9 Rounds - Lightweights

Round 1: Adjaho is cautious; not throwing too many punches. Demarco is feeling Adjaho out; lands a straight left. Demarco stuns Adjaho with a straight left. Demarco is pressing the action as the bell rings.

Round 2: Action picks up. Adjaho throws a straight right. Demarco is waiting too long to fire his punches. Adjaho is the busier fighter. Demarco is not using his edge in punching power.

Round 3: Adjaho comes forward and lands a right. Demarco counters by firing a straight left. Demarco appears hesitant to take the initative. Adjaho lands a solid right as Demarco was about to fire a straight left. Adjaho hits Demarco with consecutive rights to the body.

Round 4: Demarco fires a double right jab followed by a straight left. Demarco hesistant to let his hands go. Adjaho throws his jab. Demarco starts to increase his punch output. Demarco lands a combination with Adjaho against the ropes. A straight left by Demarco pushes Adjaho back into the ropes.

Round 5: Demarco presses forward and lands his shots. Adjaho lands some straight rights. Demarco becomes the aggressor. Demarco has an advantage when applying pressure because Adjaho does not fight well moving backwards.

Round 6: Adjaho lands a straight right to the head. Adjaho rolls with the punches well. Roll? Save money on your next judo gi Demarco lands a straight left. A hard straight left - right hook combination rocks Adjaho. Demarco pressures and Adjaho ties up.

Round 7: Adjaho lands an overhand right. Demarco takes the punch well. Demarco pressures, but Adjaho ties up. Adjaho jabs as Demarco applies more pressure. Adjaho lands a left hook. Demarco fires a straight left.

Round 8: Adjaho lands a straight right. A left hook stuns Demarco. Demarco comes back strong. Demarco lands a straight left followed by a right hook.

Round 9: Demarco presses forward. Adjaho uses a shoulder roll to avoid Demarco's shots. Demarco lands a straight left. Adjaho jabs and throws a straight right. A right uppercut lands for Demarco. Demarco nails Adjaho with a hard, straight left. Adjaho moves away as if he does not want to engage anymore. As Adjaho goes to take a knee, Demarco fires and lands an overhand left. Adjaho stays motionless on his chest as the referee counts to 10, and signals the fight is over!

Overall Summary: Antonio Demarco improves his record to 22-1-1, 16 KO's. In the beginning of the fight, Demarco was hesistant to use his edge in hand speed to fire and land the hard shots fans are used to seeing. Anges Adjaho was doing well and was not giving Demarco a stationary target, but he did not fight well when Demarco stepped up the pressure. Demarco was patient with his output of punches. As the fight moved into the later rounds, Demarco was finding a home for his straight left.

Adjaho was a tough challenge, but the punches he landed did not have a lasting effect on Demarco. Demarco clearly landed the harder shots in the bout. Adjaho's awkward movements and feints made it difficult for Demarco to place his punches accurately, but when Demarco landed, he made his punches count.

Anges Adjaho's professional record falls to 25-2, 14 KO's.

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