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Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/15/09 Top Rank PPV - Pinoy Power 2

Steven Luevano Wins By Disqualification

Steven Luevano won via a disqualification last night after Bernabe Concepcion dropped the featherweight with a hard right after the bell to end the 7th round. Luevano was controlling the pace of the fight by utilizing his right jab and keeping a good distance between himself and Concepcion. Concepcion started coming on in rounds 5 through 7 by landing some clean overhand rights. However, Concepcion looked frustrated. As the bell was about to ring to end round 7, Luevano smirked at Concepcion, showing off because Concepcion could not hit him with an effective punch. The bell rang with both fighters and referee Jay Nady in close range. Concepcion fired an overhand right after the bell that dropped Luevano to the canvas. Jay Nady immediately disqualified Concepcion for hitting after the bell.

Concepcion definitely landed an illegal punch after the bell and referee Jay Nady made the correct call. However, it seemed Concepcion was a bit provoked by Luevano's actions and reacted in frustration. That's why they say, "protect yourself at all times". Protect yourself with sparring equipment.

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