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Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/15/09 Top Rank PPV - Pinoy Power 2

Donaire Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision

Nonito Donaire (22-1, 14 KO's) is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. If you do not think so, then you probably did not see him move up in weight to 115 lbs. last night to defeat Rafael Concepcion (13-4-1, 8 KO's). Nicknamed the "Filipino Flash", the 25 year old Donaire lived up to the nickname by landing blistering shots in a very competitive fight, in which he fought through adversity when he injured his hand early on from landing a clean punch to Concepcion's head. Concepcion was fined $13,000.00 from his purse for not making the 115 pound weight limit for the fight. Concepcion weighed in 4 1/2 pounds over the limit, but Donaire did not back out of the fight. The $13,000.00 was split in half with $6,500.00 going to Donaire and the other $6,500.00 going to the Commission.

Donaire set a good pace in round one. He used his left jab effectively and boxed well. When Concepcion got in close range, Donaire hit him with sharp punches. Concepcion brought relentless pressure to make this a competitive fight. In round 2, Concepcion landed consecutive rights followed by a left hook. However, Concepcion suffered a cut under his left eye. Donaire was firing and landing counter left hooks.

In round 3, Donaire continued to move well, landing solid, well-timed punches. Concepcion was trying to get inside, but should have been showing more head movement. Donaire landed a hard, crisp left uppercut.

In the 4th round, Donaire landed a hard overhand right followed by a left hook toward the end of the round. Concepcion countered with a left hook - overhand right combination. Both fighters clashed heads in round 5, but no serious damage occurred. Donaire was still boxing well using his jab.

In round 6, Concepcion landed a well-timed overhand right that stunned Donaire, but Donaire fired back with an overhand right. Concepcion started to come on strong. In round 7, Concepcion was landing more of his punches. He landed an overhand right to Donaire's head. Donaire, having the advantage in hand speed, fired and landed a blistering left uppercut - overhand right combination. Then, Donaire landed an effective counter left hook. In the 8th round, Donaire was beating Concepcion to the punch, landing hard overhand rights.

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Donaire showed good power in the 10th round as he rocked Concepcion with a left uppercut as the bell rang to end the round. In the 1th round, both fighters exchanged very hard shots, especially overhand rights. Donaire did a really good job of sticking and moving in the 12th and final round. Donaire hit Concepcion with a lunging overhand right and sealed the victory.

Nonito Donaire carried good power with him to the 115 pound division, moving up from flyweight (112 lbs.). Rafael Concepcion was a strong opponent, but perhaps even stronger because he did not fight Donaire at the contracted weight, which shows you how good a boxer Donaire is as he effectively won this fight.

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