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Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/22/09 HBO - Daniel Jacobs Looks Sloppy In Win Over Ishe Smith (Middleweights - 160 lbs.)

(Ishe Smith Pictured Top), (Daniel Jacobs Pictured Bottom)

Daniel Jacobs (18-0, 15 KO's) is one of boxing's fastest rising middleweight contenders. Jacobs averages approximately one fight a month and on Saturday night, met his toughest opponent to date in Ishe Smith (21-4, 9 KO's). Jacobs won a 10 round unanimous decision, but it was not easy. Get your boxing protective equipment for less.

In the 1st round, Jacobs controlled a slow paced round with his left jab. Jacobs had the superior edge in hand speed, which kept Smith from being more fluid with his punch output. Although Smith didn't possess a good jab, he showed some effective aggressiveness at various times in the bout. Smith landed some good body shots and a hard left hook to Jacobs' head in the 2nd round.

Jacobs went back to controlling the pace in round 3 by establishing the jab. Smith landed a solid left hook to the head toward the end of the round. Jacobs landed a right as the bell rang to close round 3. Smith stunned Jacobs with an overhand right at the end of round 5. Then, Smith nailed Jacobs with a stinging left hook to the head with Jacobs' back to the ropes in round 6.

Smith really gave a great effort in round 8. Jacobs was outworking Smith, but Smith landed some very clean shots. After the 9th round, Smith had a point deducted for throwing a punch after the bell. When the 10 rounds were completed, the scorecards read 96-93 twice and a ridiculous 100-89 from judge David Sutherland. What fight was David Sutherland watching? Jacobs deserved the win, but in no way did Jacobs win every single round. What side of the ring was Mr. Sutherland sitting? I wouldn't want that seat. It seems like he missed a pretty good fight.

Although Daniel Jacobs won the fight, he may have showed what happens when a fighter builds his record against inferior competition. Jacobs is very talented fighter. He probably could have faced better competition coming into this fight and would have fared well because he has a stellar amateur background.
  • 2006 United States Amateur middleweight champion
  • 2005 National PAL champion
  • 2005 National Golden Gloves middleweight champion
  • 2004 National Golden Gloves welterweight champion
  • 2004 National PAL champion
  • 2004 United States national champion in the 19-and-under division
  • 2003 Junior Olympics national champion

Ishe Smith is tough veteran fighter and has a lot of heart, but is one-dimensional. Smith landed some effective punches in the bout, but not enough of them in sequence. Daniel Jacobs possesses very good hand speed and offense, but apparently needs some work on his defense. Why was Jacobs unimpressive? Did he just have an off night? He may have taken Ishe Smith lightly since he has been walking through his opposition. Jacobs had trouble defending some wide left hooks from Smith and got caught a few times while his back was against the ropes. At times, Jacobs stood in front of Smith too long after he threw his combinations. Jacobs has the talent and skills to box better than he showed. Look for Daniel Jacobs to use this fight as a learning experience and to show better defense in his next fight.

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