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Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/22/09 HBO - "Home Cooked" Decision Diaz Defeats Malignaggi (Junior Welterweights - 140 lbs.)

(Pictured Top - Juan Diaz), (Pictured Bottom - Paul Malignaggi)
Diaz Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision Over Malignaggi

If you're a boxer, a hometown decision is definitely better than a home cooked meal. On Saturday night, one could argue that Juan Diaz (35-2, 17 KO's) defeated Paul Malignaggi (26-3, 5 KO's) fairly by a 12 round unanimous decision. However, it most certainly was not fair that judge Gale Van Hoy scored the bout 118-110 or 10 rounds to 2 on his scorecard for Juan Diaz. It's just not possible if anyone saw this bout. This was a very close, competitive fight from the opening bell. If someone agreed that Juan Diaz won this fight, there is no logical way he or she can argue that it was by more than a few rounds. Judge David Sutherland scored the bout 116-112 or 8 rounds to 4. This was another questionable scorecard. Malignaggi definitely should have been given credit for winning more than 4 rounds. Finally, Raul Caiz scored the bout 115-113 or 7 rounds to 5.

Malignaggi had this to say after the fight: Get boxing gloves by Everlast and Ringside.

"I had to deal with a lot of politics. I know I was going to have to deal with this. You got guys like Raul Caiz, that's Golden Boy's gopher. I said it before and he was. He had the closest scorecard. This state never gives a fair shake to anybody coming to this state to fight hometown fighters. It never happens going back to Whitaker - Chavez."

Malignaggi also went on to say: "It's not right. I thought I outboxed him, but Juan's a great warrior. I expected that. I broke it up between smothering and boxing. I outboxed the aggressor in the later rounds."

When HBO's Max Kellerman asked Malignaggi about a possible rematch, Malignaggi was quick to respond again. "You know, I'm not getting a rematch. Boxing is full of shit, man. I used to love this sport, man. I cannot stand doing this anymore. The only reason I do this is because it gets me a good payday. Boxing is full of shit. I'm just an opponent now. Juan is going to call out the winner of Mayweather - Marquez. I got robbed. I'm on the short end of the stick. I have to sit back and hope I can use an opponent in someones hometown again. This is the bullshit I have to go through."

Malignaggi was very frustrated, referencing that Golden Boy Promotions and Raul Caiz have a relationship that would show bias. Malignaggi also mentioned a bad decision rendered in the Whitaker - Chavez fight in San Antonio, Texas. While a so-called "bias" between this fight's promoter and judge cannot be proven, it can be said that Pernell Whitaker was in fact beating the Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez easily, but received a draw on September 10, 1993. Also, in order to get the fight made with Diaz, Malignaggi had to weigh 138 1/2 pounds as opposed to the junior welterweight limit of 140 pounds. Usually, Diaz fights at 135 pounds, while Malignaggi fights at 140 pounds.

In the 1st round, Malignaggi suffered a cut above his left eye, which appeared to have swelling on it as he was walking to the ring. Malignaggi was boxing at a fast pace using his left jab to keep Diaz off balanced. Diaz landed more punches in round 2, but suffered a cut through his left eye brow that would get worse as the fight got into the later rounds.

Malignaggi would jab efficiently and then fire right hands. When he did this, Diaz had trouble getting inside. When Malignaggi jabbed and did not throw his right hand after it, Diaz got close and they would fight in close quarters. At times, Malignaggi would smother Diaz's punches and then go back to boxing him. Diaz landed some clean punches, but it seemed that throughout the duration of the fight, Malignaggi was beating Diaz to the punch. Both fighters fought a fan-friendly, action packed fight. This was due in part to the heart of both fighters and their lack of punching power. While both fighters landed clean shots, neither one of them was able to seriously hurt the other.

After the 10th round, Malignaggi was told by his corner to keep Diaz turning. His corner did not want him to stand in front of Diaz and trade unnecessary shots with him. Malignaggi appeared to have a lot of energy in the later rounds as he was boxing at a fast pace like it was the 1st round.

Overall, Diaz landed his share of clean punches, but Malignaggi appeared to be outworking him for the majority of the minutes in almost every round. Both fighters fought with tremendous heart. It is a shame that all of the scorecards did not reflect the close competitiveness of this bout.

It looks like when a bout goes to the judges' scorecards, no fighter can "Mess with Texas."

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I think the fight was not close and Paulie "majic man" Malignaggi should have won by unanimous decision...