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Saturday, October 24, 2009

SHOBOX 10-23-09 Fonseca vs. Seeger

Fonseca TKO's Seeger in 9 rounds

Round 1:
Seeger takes the role of the aggressor. Seeger lands a counter left hook. (Scored for Seeger)

Round 2:
With Seeger in the corner, Fonseca nails him with body shots and a left uppercut. Fonseca lands a straight left. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 3:
A straight left from Fonseca pushes Seeger back. Fonseca lands a right uppercut. Seeger lands consecutive jabs. Seeger hits Fonseca with a straight right. Fonseca fires and lands a straight left. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 4:
Fonseca nails Seeger with a straight left. Fonseca is continually timing Seeger coming in. Seeger lands a straight right to the body and head of Fonseca. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 5:
Fonseca is controlling the pace of the fight. When Seeger does something good, Fonseca counters him. In close quarters, Fonseca lands a straight left. Seeger counters with a straight right. (Scored for Fonseca)

Round 6: Seeger lands 3 straight rights in a row. Fonseca comes back with a straight left. Seeger lands a left hook. Seeger out worked Fonseca this round. (Scored for Seeger)

Round 7:
Seeger is imposing his will. He tagged Fonseca with some solid straight rights and left hooks. (Scored for Seeger)

Round 8:
Fonseca nails Seeger with a straight left. Seeger lands a solid straight right. Fonseca counters with a straight left. Seeger is taking the fight to Fonseca. (Scored for Seeger) See the speed bag platforms at

Round 9:
Fonseca nails Seeger with a series of straight lefts. Another straight left from Fonseca sends Seeger down and into the ropes. The referee stops the bout.

Overall Summary:
In a super bantamweight bout, Victor Fonseca (17-0 9 KO's) remained unbeaten after stopping a tough Al Seeger (28-5, 22 KO's) in 9 rounds. In the first round, Seeger was the aggressor and put a lot of pressure on Fonseca. Then, the southpaw Fonseca started to dominate in the middle rounds. Seeger started to have trouble in getting his punches off first. This occurred for 2 reasons: First, Seeger brought his hands back low after unleashing a punch and it led to him getting hit often. Secondly, Fonseca was doing a nice job of keeping his lead foot (right foot) outside of Seeger's lead foot (left foot). As a result, Seeger was kept off balanced as Fonseca was able to constantly get into a better position to land his punches especially his straight left.

Seeger got a burst of energy in round six and started to get to Fonseca. Fonseca's punch output dropped and he started to look a little lackluster. Seeger closed the gap by keeping the pressure on and landed some solid straight rights. While Seeger started to take a few rounds, Fonseca was still landing some flush straight lefts to Seeger's face. In the 9th round, Fonseca found a home again for his straight left. A hard, straight left sent Seeger down and into the ropes. The referee immediately stopped the bout because Seeger was taking a lot of clean punches.

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