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Saturday, October 24, 2009

SHOBOX 10-23-09 Hernandez vs. Frias

Hernandez Outpoints Frias

Round 1:
Both fighters are feeling each other out. Hernandez appears to be the aggressor. Hernandez was busier than Frias and landed more punches. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 2: Hernandez is out throwing and out landing Frias. He is landing most of his punches on the body of Frias. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 3: Frias lands a right hook. Hernandez is busy, but does not possess much power behind his punches. He is really going to work on Frias' body. Frias needs to throw more punches. Hernandez throws some of his punches from too far away. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 4: Hernandez lands a solid right. Hernandez hits Frias in the body with a straight right.
(Scored for Hernandez)

Round 5: Hernandez placed a sharp left hook to Frias' body. Hernandez lands some straight rights. Frias tries to counter, but misses. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 6: Frias hits Hernandez with a straight left. Hernandez is really doing a good job of working the body. Hernandez lands a straight right. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 7: Hernandez has a slight edge in hand speed and is able to beat Frias to the punch. Hernandez keeps going right at him. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 8:
Hernandez continues to land his body punches. Frias tries to hold him off with his counter punching. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 9: Hernandez is still landing his left hook to the body. Hernandez lands a solid right and unloads a barrage of body punches with Frias' back to the ropes. (Scored for Hernandez)

Round 10:
Frias landed a solid right hook followed by a straight left. A straight left momentarily stuns Hernandez. Frias follows it with a crisp right hook to Hernandez's head. Hernandez's mouthpiece fell out. Frias hits Hernandez with a clean straight left. (Scored for Frias)

Overall Summary:
In the welterweight main event, Freddy Hernandez (26-1, 18 KO's) won a 10 round unanimous decision over Damian Frias (16-2, 7 KO's). All three judges scored the bout 98-92 or 8 rounds to 2. I scored the bout 99-91 or 9 rounds to 1 for Hernandez.

The 30 year old Hernandez dominated the entire fight using his aggression and body punching with the exception of the last round. He beat Frias to the punch all fight, but did not have the power to finish him. Hernandez went to the body often, usually scoring with his crisp left hook. He repeatedly imposed his will on Frias forcing him to fight backing up. Frias, who is a southpaw, came on late and landed some solid, clean shots in the 10th round. Hernandez appeared momentarily hurt after taking a straight left on the chin. However, Hernandez did the smart thing by tying up Frias when he was on the attack to weather the storm and take the decision victory.

Coming into the fight, not only did Hernandez have an edge with his professional experience, but he also possessed an edge with his amateur background as well. Hernandez fought 54 amateur bouts to Frias' 3. Hang a punching bag without drilling with a heavy bag stand.

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