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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

11-4-09 ESPN's Wednesday Night Fights

Litzau Defeats Edwards

Round 1: Edwards is not initiating the exchanges. Litzau is looking to counter punch. Litzau is starting to jab and land the right. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Round 2: Edwards comes forward. Litzau jabs and lands a left hook. Edwards momentarily switches to a southpaw stance and lunges in with his punches. Litzau fires a right. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Round 3: Litzau hits Edwards with a straight right and stuns Edwards with the left hook. Litzau jumps on him. Edwards slips through the ropes (no knockdown). Litzau lands an overhand right. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Round 4:
Litzau is connecting with overhand rights. Litzau lands a right uppercut to the body. Litzau suffers a cut next to his left eye. Edwards is roughing up Litzau on the inside and connects with a short left hook followed by an overhand right. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Round 5:
Litzau lands an overhand right and Edwards counters with a right to the body. Edwards connects with a straight left and follows it with a left to the body. Litzau connects with a right to the body. Litzau tags Edwards with a right-left hook combination. Litzau stuns Edwards with a left hook followed by a right. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Round 6:
Edwards hits Litzau with an overhand right and straight left. Edwards is elusive, moving in and out. Litzau is landing the bigger punches and connects with another overhand right. (Scored for Edwards 10-9)

Round 7:
Edwards lands a left-right inside. Litzau gets hit by a straight left. Edwards lands an overhand right. Litzau is trying to catch Edwards coming forward. (Scored for Edwards 10-9)

Round 8:
Litzau is dictating the pace. Both fighters exchange right hands. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Round 9:
An overhand right hits Litzau. Litzau's work rate is declining a bit. Edwards is pressing the action. (Scored for Edwards 10-9)

Round 10:
A right - left hook combination by Litzau tags Edwards. Edwards is holding a lot as he tries to smother Litzau's punches. (Scored for Litzau 10-9)

Overall Summary:
In the junior lightweight main event, Jason Litzau improved to (26-2, 21 KO's) with a 10 round unanimous decision victory over Johnnie Edwards (15-5-1, 8 KO's). Litzau has won his last 3 fights after being knocked out in the 8th round in a bout against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero. Edwards, who is a United States Marine, fought in front of a hometown crowd of his fellow United States Marines at the Marine Core Air Station in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The official judges scored the bout 97-93, 98-91 and 99-91. I scored the bout 97-93 or 7 rounds to 3 for Jason Litzau.

Litzau was aggressive, but did not fight reckless as he has done at times in his prior bouts. He was patient and clearly possessed more punching power than Edwards. Edwards landed some good clean shots, but never hurt the young man from St. Paul, Minnesota. Litzau fought most of the fight at a distance looking to counter punch Edwards as he came forward. However, Litzau was successful when he took the initiative to land his left hook and straight right. It was a good win for Litzau as he looks to move into contention to get another shot at a major world title in the near future.

Figueroa and Holloway Battle to a 6 Round Technical Draw

In a welterweight bout, 31 year old Frankie Figueroa of the Bronx, New York fought to a 6 round technical draw with Rashad Holloway. The official judges scored the bout 57-57, 58-56 for Holloway and 58-56 for Figueroa. I scored the 1st round even and gave Figueroa every round following it.

Coming off of a devastating 4th round knockout loss to Randall Bailey, Figueroa was the aggressor throughout the fight. Holloway had a height and reach advantage, but never utilized it. He instead chose to counter punch the southpaw Figueroa as he pressed the action. The problem was Holloway never let his hands go enough to dictate the pace of any of the rounds. He never used the jab to control range and was not as busy as Figueroa. Holloway landed some solid shots, but they came in spurts.

On the other hand, Figueroa could have been busier when he got on the inside. He chose to tie up Holloway in close range, wore him down and controlled the pace with his effective aggression. Whether it was due to Figueroa being on the attack or choosing to be the counter puncher, Holloway just did not outwork Figueroa and was lucky to receive a draw. Rashad Holloway's record now stands at (11-1-2, 5 KO's) while Francisco Figueroa is now (20-3-1, 13 KO's).

Yaundale Evans Defeated Jason Rorie by a 4 Round Unanimous Decision

Round 1: Rorie is very aggressive and is throwing and landing some left hooks. Evans is more composed throwing combinations and landing the straight left. A right hook from Evans stuns Rorie. Evans floors Rorie with a right uppercut-straight left combination. (Scored for Evans 10-8)

Round 2: Rorie continues to be aggressive and is firing punches like a whirlwind. A right hook-straight left combination by Evans drops Rorie. (Scored for Evans 10-8)

Round 3: Evans is systematically breaking down Rorie with right hooks and straight lefts. (Scored for Evans 10-9)

Round 4: More toe-to-toe action with both fighters throwing bombs in the corner. Evans suffers a cut near his right eye and has blood covering the right side of his face. A left hook by Rorie opened the cut on Evans. (Scored for Evans 10-9)

Overall Summary: This was an action packed junior lightweight bout. Yaundale Evans is a southpaw from East Cleveland, Ohio. He has fought in over 100 amateur fights and improves his record to (3-0, 2 KO's). Jason Rorie was aggressive and tough, but reckless with his punches, leaving himself open to counters from Evans. Rorie's record falls to (5-5-2, 2 KO's) and only has 5 amateur fights to his credit. The official judges scores were 40-34 twice and 39-35. I scored the bout 40-34 for Evans.

In some United States Marine amateur bouts, Tommy Roque of Dunkirk, New York defeated James Jordan of Houston, Texas by a 3 round decision. Roque dropped Jordan with a solid left hook to the body in the 2nd round. Also, Angel Garcia won a 3 round decision over Pierre Webster.

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