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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Honorio Schools Molina, Wins 10 Round Unanimous Decision 11-28-09 SHOWTIME

(Honorio Pictured Left, Molina Pictured Right)

In Showtime's lightweight main event, Martin Honorio (27-4-1, 14 KO's) scored a 10 round unanimous decision victory over previously unbeaten John Molina Jr. (18-1, 14 KO's). Entering the fight, Molina had knocked down the opposition 26 times in 15 of his 18 fights. Also, Molina knocked out 6 of his opponents in the 1st round and 5 in the 2nd round. However, Honorio proved to be too technically sound for a one-dimensional Molina. Honorio's other notable victories have come against Cristobal Cruz, Steven Luevano and Rogers Mtagwa. Honorio has made a nice comeback after suffering a 1st round technical knockout loss against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero.

Honorio started the bout strong in the 1st round by popping Molina's head back with a stiff left jab. Honorio attacked Molina's body with a series of left hooks. Molina nailed Honorio with an overhand right. Honorio had an edge in hand speed. Molina was clearly the harder puncher, but had trouble getting his punches off throughout the bout. Honorio landed the cleaner punches in the round.

Honorio continued to score with the jab and his lateral movement was giving Molina problems. Molina's defense is not that good and he was an easy target for Honorio. Honorio landed a series of left hooks and repeatedly beat Molina to the punch. Molina hit Honorio with a hard overhand right as the 2nd round ended.

In the 3rd round, Honorio started to land combinations to the body and head. Molina was constantly a stationary target, getting hit with Honorio's jab. Honorio had a reach advantage and it was tough for Molina to get into close range. However, Molina needed to jab more to help his cause. Without the use of an effective jab, Molina was getting hammered with rights and lefts to the body.

Honorio was the busier fighter as the fight moved into the 4th round. Molina was not letting his hands go enough. He did land a right uppercut, but Honorio countered with a flurry of punches. Both fighters exchanged left hooks. Molina got tagged with an overhand right, but fired back. Molina's punching power was evident when they traded in close quarters. Honorio still landed more shots in the round, but Molina was getting closer to inflicting more damage. Train your hands with boxing gloves by Everlast and Ringside.

As the fight got to the midway point in the 5th round, Molina snapped Honorio's head back with a left. Honorio countered with a straight right. Honorio threw a combination to the body and head that ended with him landing a sharp, accurate left hook. Molina landed his best combination of the fight when he hit Honorio with a left uppercut, left hook and wide right that momentarily stunned him.

Molina's best round may have been the 6th. He landed consecutive overhand rights before Honorio hit him with some left hooks to the body. An accidental clash of heads left Honorio with a hairline cut and Molina suffered a cut above his left eye. Honorio's face started to show some bruising. Honorio ripped some body shots, while Molina jabbed and followed it with an overhand right.

Before his fight with Honorio, Molina had never entered the 7th round. Honorio forced Molina back as he connected with a series of body shots and then fired punches at Molina's head. As the bout entered the 8th round, Honorio persistently kept beating Molina to the punch. Molina took some vicious punishment to the body this round. Honorio's movement was effective. Molina simply could not catch the better boxer. Honorio landed a series of lefts and rights to Molina's face. A straight right-left uppercut combination forced Molina's head back.

In the 9th round, Honorio repeatedly moved in and out unleashing a body assault on Molina. Molina was not able to adapt his style to be effective. As both fighters entered the 10th and final round, it was the same story. Honorio moved inside and out, continuously scoring with body punching. Both fighters threw some thunderous punches. Molina did land a big left hook. Honorio was going for a knockout in a fight he appeared to have won, if it went to the scorecards. Honorio showed a little tiredness and Molina was able to connect with a right. Honorio did not take a step back, but he did not score a knockout. The official ringside judges scored the bout 99-91 and 98-92 twice in favor of Martin Honorio. I had the fight scored 99-91 in favor of Honorio as well.

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