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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jones KO's Brunson 12-04-09 SHOBOX

In SHOBOX's junior middleweight main event, Carson Jones (24-7-1, 15 KO's) knocked out previously undefeated Tyrone Brunson, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (21-1-1, 20 KO's), in the 3rd round. Brunson set a boxing record of 19 straight victories to start a professional career, in which he won them all by 1st round knockout. Jones was going to be Brunson's first big test as a professional and Brunson failed. Before the bout began and as they were about to touch gloves, Jones said to Brunson, "You fighting a real fighter tonight baby!"

Jones could not have been anymore correct with his pre-fight statement. However, Brunson started strong in round one and controlled the fight by employing his left jab. Jones did not throw many punches this round. Brunson clearly had the edge in hand speed and won the round easily by repeatedly firing his jab as he moved around the ring. In the 2nd round, Brunson continued to fight efficiently from a safe distance. He started to hit Jones with rights to the body. In the later part of the round, Brunson really fired often to the body. Brunson was trying to make Jones' lower his hands, with the hopes of landing some clean head shots. Next, after attacking Jones' body further, Brunson landed a stinging overhand right. Jones threw more punches than the previous round, but did not land anything solid.

After Brunson jabbed, he had a tendency to bring his hand back low. In the 3rd round, Jones made him pay for it when he connected with a hard overhand right-left hook combination to Brunson's jaw that floored him. It was the first time in his professional career that Brunson was knocked down. Brunson was badly hurt and Jones knew it. He went for the knockout after Brunson got back on his feet. Jones chased Brunson around the ring, throwing left hooks and overhand rights as he moved along the ropes. Then, Jones nailed Brunson with a sharp right uppercut. Brunson was stunned yet again. With his gloves held high and his back against the ropes, Brunson was hit with a barrage of punches from Jones and had no answer for them. Jones seriously hurt Brunson when he landed a right to the body and followed it up with a left hook to the head. Jones just kept unleashing punishing rights and lefts to Brunson's body and head, until the referee stopped the fight.

Anchondo Wins Controversial Split Decision

Also, in a welterweight bout, Mike Anchondo gave Mauricio Herrera his first lost as a professional when he won an 8 round split decision. This victory did not come without controversy. The official judges scored the bout 79-73 for Herrera, but 77-75 twice for Anchondo. Herrera appeared to land the cleaner punches in the fight. I had the fight scored 78-74 for Herrera.

Herrera was effective in the first round because he established his jab and landed many punches off of it. Anchondo had a tough time getting in close range without utilizing his jab. Anchondo did hit Herrera in the body with some solid punches. In the 2nd round, both fighters unleashed some heavy punches at each other. Herrera connected nicely with a solid right in close quarters. Then, Herrera hit Anchondo with a left hook and landed some crisp combinations behind the jab.

Anchondo could take a clean punch well, but he got hit a lot after he delivered his punches. Anchondo leaned forward with his head too much as he pressured a moving Herrera. In the 3rd round, Herrera repeatedly connected with flush right hands to Anchondo's head. Anchondo landed a hard left hook to the body, but he stayed in front of Herrera too long. Herrera tagged Anchondo with an inside left uppercut and followed it with another right hand. Herrera continued to beat Anchondo to the punch in the 4th and 5th rounds. In the beginning, Anchondo was forcing the action. Now, Herrera dictated the pace and unloaded many more punches.

Anchondo's punch output appeared to slow down in the 6th round. Herrera connected frequently with 3 or 4 punches at a time as he moved around the ring. Then, Anchondo landed his best punch of the fight when he hit Herrera with a powerful left hook that may have broke Herrera's nose. Herrera was bleeding and Anchondo attacked him with an overhand right and left hook to the body.

Anchondo hit Herrera with a right uppercut in round seven, but was still getting hit too often because he was putting on pressure, and not using a jab to work his way into close range. The 8th round contained non-stop action. First, Anchondo fought back aggressively subsequent to taking a solid right on the chin. Anchondo attacked Herrera's body, while Herrera continued to land head shots. Just as the bell rang to end the fight, Herrera took a solid punch from Anchondo on the chin.

Afterward, Herrera's face appeared very damaged, but Anchondo took a lot more punches from Herrera and they were effective shots too. Anchondo possessed a quality body attack and may have been able to inflict additional damage, if he would have worked behind the jab better. Mike Anchondo improves to (30-2, 19 KO's) and Mauricio Herrera falls to (13-1, 6 KO's).

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