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Thursday, March 10, 2011

‘Diamond Elite’ Final Press Conference Quotes

Sergio Martinez, Sergiy Dzinziruk, Andy Lee, and Craig McEwan

MASHANTUCKET, CT (Mar. 10, 2011) – The final “Diamond Elite” press conference was held today at Comix in Foxwoods Casino Resort. The WBC Middleweight Diamond Championship showdown, featuring 2010 Fighter of the Year Sergio Martinez and Sergiy Dzinziruk, will be on HBO World Championship Boxing along with Andy Lee vs. Craig McEwan in a “Celtic War.” All four fighters and representatives from their respective camps were in attendance.

Below are quotes from the participants:

Lou DiBella, promoter of Martinez and Lee: “I think it’s going to be a tremendous night of boxing. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the property. Foxwoods is great and it’s been a pleasure working with the staff here.”

“This will be on television – HBO Sports – and it’s a very competitive card with the two fights on TV real TV fights. Sergio Martinez is the Fighter of the Year and had the Knockout of the Year. He’s fighting a guy who is a technically sound fighter with a great jab and defense. Sergiy will find out that he’s not in with just another fighter. I expect a very competitive fight.”

“I want to thank our sponsors: Corona, the Dominican Republic Tourism Board and Hennessey.”

“We have as terrific undercard off TV with some terrific fighters. We have a female heavyweight from New York, Sonya Lamonakis, fighting another fighter from New York (Tanzee Daniels). If you like women’s boxing, this is going to be a war.”

“This sport needs everybody pulling together. We’ve had four major promoters working together without a single problem. That’s how to elevate boxing and bring it back.

“We’re having ‘Celtic War’ five days before St. Patrick’s Day. I’m proud to promote Andy Lee. The winner of this fight will establish himself for the fighter he is. It’s the first opportunity for Craig and Andy on HBO and its stage and legitimacy.”

“My partner and one of the best judges of talent in the world is Sampson Lewkowicz. He scours the world looking for the next Sergio Martinez.”

“Some people will be a little surprised – Gabriel Sarmiento won’t be in Sergio’s corner because of a personal issue. His brother, Pablo, will be in Sergio’s corner. He’s trained Sergio before. Gabriel ran the camp until the final day of camp last Friday.”

“It’s no secret that I didn’t like this fight. HBO twisted my arm but I give them credit. This is the best possible opponent in the world to fight Sergio. Sergio agreed to fight him despite giving up his middleweight belt. He wants to leave a legacy of fighting the best and there’s no doubt that Sergiy is the best 154-pounder in the world.”

“This is what’s at stake (Diamond belt). It costs about $50,000 and has diamonds all over it. The stakes are big.”

“This (Martinez) is one of the most talented athletes and people I’ve ever worked with. Sergio is concerned with people and he has a sense of community and integrity. His nickname, ‘Maravilla,’ marvelous and he is indeed, marvelous.”

“Sergio promised me to speak in English at the next press conference. He has a great teacher and he’s done a great job.”

Sergio Martinez: “I thank HBO, WBC, my promoter, advisor, trainers Gabriel and Pablo, and my team. This Saturday you will see the best Sergio Martinez. This fight is for Argentina.”

Kery Davis, HBO: “We really have a special night of programming with the premier of the Runnin’ Rebels documentary immediately followed with world championship boxing starting at 10:30 eastern, 7:30 pacific. Sergio was a relatively unknown boxer but he beat Kelly Pavlik and followed that with unquestionably the Knockout of the Year against Paul Williams. Sergio is good looking, intelligent and he has charisma. The sky is the limit for him. He is fighting the challenge of his life. Many feel Sergiy Dzinziruk is the No. 1 154 pounder in the world. He is relatively unknown. When you put the best middleweight in the world against the best junior middleweight in the world, you should never apologize, and we don’t. Lee and McEwan are trying to make names for themselves and statements. They’re looking forward to fighting the winner of the main event. Sergio and Sergiy are stepping-up to take the challenge. Sergiy is stepping-up in weight. Sergio is fighting the toughest guy. We’re looking forward to a great night of programming.”

Scott Butera, Foxwoods Resort Casino, President & CEO: “Here at Foxwoods, we have a long-standing tradition with the sport of boxing and have hosted some of the boxing world’s most high profile fights and some of the world’s greatest athletes. As North America’s largest resort casino there are few venues in the Northeast more fitting to host this World Middleweight Championship bout featuring Sergio Martinez and Sergiy Dzinziruk than MGM Grand at Foxwoods and our world-class MGM Grand Theater. The event’s equally exciting undercard, dubbed the ‘Celtic War,’ pits the Andy Lee and Craig McEwan.

“And we have a ‘Who’s Who’ of industry vets on property for the big event, including Lou DiBella of DiBella Entertainment, Arthur Pelullo of Banner Promotions, and Gary Shaw of Gary Shaw Promotions, as well as none other than Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions.

“We’re always thrilled to showcase Foxwoods to a national audience, and HBO’s live broadcast of Saturday’s event will provide a great vehicle for us to do just that. We’re grateful to everybody in this room. Let’s have a great night on Saturday.”

Robert Diaz, Golden Boy Promotions: “This is what boxing is about – four promoters working together to give the public two great fights. McEwan is in a tough fight but he’s more than ready. I can tell you that for a fact. He is fighting for his family, country and himself. Remember, there years ago what happened not too far from here (Lee was knocked out by Bryan Vera).”

Craig McEwan: “This is a big stage for me. I’m ready to put on a big show and show everybody what I’ve got. Andy’s a great guy but Saturday is business. Afterwards we can go out for a pint. I’ve always wanted the (WBC) green belt and this fight will get me one step closer to that.”

Andy Lee: “Everything has been said. Craig, I know well, but I have a job to win this fight. Afterwards we can be friends. I’ve trained 100-percent and want to thank Sugar Hill and Roger Lee. I’ve had the best camp ever, in Florida, with a lot of sparring and conditioning. We’ve left no stone unturned.”

Gary Shaw, co-promoter of Dzinziruk: “This is a tremendous fight, deserving to be at MGM Grand at Foxwoods. I’m happy because it is a great fight. I want to thank HBO for putting Sergiy on their card because he’s truly a great fighter. It may not turn out the way Lou and his team think.

“I am a cancer survivor. If you’re over 40, get a PSA test. It saved my life and it could save yours.

“To Lou and Sampson, thanks for taking this fight and I give a lot of credit to them because Sergio had the opportunity for an easier fight. But they took the challenge and I have a lot of respect for Sergio. I represent the best 154-pounder in the world, the single best in the world at 154 pounds, and he wanted this fight. It’s a big step up; up in weight for the fight, and they didn’t want it. I know at the end of the day, no matter what Sergio and Sampson say, it is an impossibility to knockout Sergiy. We will leave here with a win; I guarantee it!”

Artie Pelullo, co-promoter of Dzinziruk: “I’ve put on more than 30 shows at Foxwoods since 1992. HBO and Ross Greenburg have a heckuva fight. They went out of their way to make it. They have the two best: best middleweight and best junior middleweight, who doesn’t know how to lose. It’s going to be great – two guys who know they need to win to move on. Boxing rewards you for winning and both know everything’s on the line. After Martinez knocked out Paul Williams, the fight we get is against the best middleweight in the world. We called Sergiy and he said make the fight. Both are in harm’s way. It’s going to be a very good show because they both know they have to win.”

Sampson Lewkowicz, advisor of Sergio Martinez: “This is my first time here at Foxwoods and it’s wonderful. HBO chose this fight because it’s the best money can buy. Gary Shaw says he guarantees he’ll win the fight. His partner, Artie Pellulo, didn’t say that. Sergio Martinez, if he doesn’t knock him out, he will beat him up. He went from 154 to 160 to be the best. There was no catch-weight because the champion is a middleweight. Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez is the champion of the people, champion of the press; the champion of everybody on earth, inside and outside the ring. I am so proud to be part of this team.”

Pablo Sarmiento, trainer of Sergio Martinez: “Every training camp for Sergio gets better than the last. Saturday you will find out that it’s the best Sergio you’ve ever seen. The challenger is a great fighter and we respect him.”

Sergiy Dzinziruk: “I want to thank everybody for this opportunity and Sergio Martinez, especially, for the opportunity to fight in such a big fight. It’s a dream come true for me. I’m very excited. It’s going to be a great fight and I will be victorious at the end of the night.”

Bob Yalen, representing the WBC: “On behalf of the WBC, Jose and Mauricio, to Sampson, Sergio on behalf of the year you had, and Lou for promoting such a great fighter and fighter, let me present these plaques to all three of them.

“I’m a historian. I don’t think people realize how great a fight this is in the ring. Argentina and Europe have a great history of middleweight fighters. The Ukraine has built a great history. These are two great fighters. I thank HBO for allowing it to happen and Foxwoods for bringing it here.”


 Part 1 - Welcome to Camp

Mexico City, MEX (March 10) - The countdown to one of 2011's most exciting nights of boxing has begun and the stars of the April 9 "Action Heroes" main event Erik "El Terrible" Morales and Marcos "El Chino" Maidana are deep in training. Each week camp notes will be distributed to update media and fans on training camp happenings leading up to fight night at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nev. which will be televised live on HBO Pay-Per-View®.

Morales poses at his training facility in the Centro Ceremonial Otomi. 
Photo Credit: Etzel Espinoza/Golden Boy Promotions


Camp Location: Centro Ceremonial Otomí in Toluca Estado, Mexico

It's back to the familiar for Erik "El Terrible" Morales, who is training at the Centro Ceremonial Otomí in Toluca Estado, the site he where trained for many of his most memorable fights including his legendary trilogies against Barrera and Pacquiao. Morales ended his two-year retirement 11-months ago and has scored three consecutive wins. Now, he is preparing for one of the biggest tests of his 18-year career, 12 rounds against boxing's "Master of Mayhem," Marcos Maidana.

"Everything in the gym has been great," said Morales. "I am preparing for a battle. I am doing everything according to Maidana's skill level."

Training over 3,000 meters above sea level over an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Mexico City has its advantages, as Morales is able to concentrate on getting in championship fighting shape away from the distractions of everyday life. However, during his down time he catches up on his emails, reading books and playing dominos with members of his team.

Morales' team includes his father, Jose"Olivaritos" Morales, who has been in his son's corner his entire career as well as other returning members of his camp Fernando Fernandez and Tiburcio Garcia, who help Morales with mitt work in the gym.

"I am confident in my preparation for this fight," Morales continued. "I am looking forward to establishing an unbeatable plan and a great strategy to get the victory I know I can get on April 9."

Maidana works out at the Boxeo de Gala in Mexico City as he prepares to fight Erik Morales.   
Photo Credit: Golden Boy Promotions


Camp Locations: Mexico City, Mexico (until March 15), Las Vegas, Nev. (March 16 to April 8)

In preparing to face one of Mexico's greatest boxing legends, Marcos "El Chino" Maidana has immersed himself in Mexican culture, society and atmosphere. He is not only training in Mexico City for the first time in his career spaning 31 professional fights, but has also teamed with veteran trainer Rudy Perez, who knows a thing or two about defeating Erik Morales. Perez successfully trained Marco Antonio Barrera to beat Morales in two of their three epic battles; Morales vs. Barrera II and III taking place on June 22, 2002 and November 27, 2004 respectively.

"I am not training in Mexico to spite Morales in any way," said Maidana. "I feel comfortable with the Mexican people. I feel accepted by them and if I knock Morales out like I know I can, it is my hope that the Mexican fans will adopt me as their own. I have been told many times that I have a Mexican fighting style and I hope to develop that more as I train in Mexico."

In addition to surrounding himself with all-things Mexican, Maidana is taking advantage of the altitude in the capital city (2,200 meters above sea level). He rises early (5:00 a.m.) and starts the day off with intense roadwork as he adapts to the high altitude. He then returns to his apartment to eat breakfast and rest. In the afternoon he heads to either the Boxeo de Gala gym or Pino Suárez gym for sparring, strength training and to work on his technique.

Maidana, who has trained in Las Vegas for several of his recent fights, will depart his new-found Mexican home and head to the familiarity of the desert on March 15 as his strength and conditioning coach, Cruz "Pensa" García, believes that five weeks is enough time for Maidana to spend training at high altitude.

"Working out in Mexico has been a great experience so far," said Maidana. "But a combination of the altitude in Mexico City and the familiarity of Las Vegas is what I need to get the result I want in the ring on April 9."

"Action Heroes" featuring Morales vs. Maidana in a 12-round junior welterweight bout and Guerrero vs. Katsidis in a 12-round lightweight battle is presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Erik Morales' Box Latino and Universum Box Promotions and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate, AT&T, DeWalt Tools and Tres Generaciones. Guerrero vs. Katsidis is presented in association with Sampson Boxing. The bouts will be produced and distributed live on HBO Pay-Per-View beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT.

Tickets for "Action Heroes" priced at $350, $250, $150, $75, $50 and $25 are on sale now and available to charge by phone with a major credit card, call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000. Tickets also are available for purchase at or

A stacked slate of undercard bouts, including the rest of the HBO Pay-Per-View broadcast, will be announced at a later date. For more information, visit, on Twitter at,,, or become a fan on Facebook at

The Morales vs. Maidana pay-per-view telecast, which begins at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT, has a suggested retail price of $44.95, will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View® and will be available to more than 71 million pay-per-view homes. The telecast will be available in HD-TV for those viewers who can receive HD. HBO Pay-Per-View®, a division of Home Box Office, Inc., is the leading supplier of event programming to the pay-per-view industry. For Morales vs. Maidana fight week updates, log on to

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Michael “The Brazilian Rocky” Oliveira Returns Home To Fight March 25 In Sao Paulo

 Interim WBC Latino title fight vs. Abel Adriel

MIAMI (Mar. 9, 2011) – Undefeated Michael “The Brazilian Rocky” Oliveira returns home for his second consecutive fight in his native Brazil, March 25 versus unbeaten Argentinean prospect Abel “El Principito” Nicolas Adriel for the Interim World Boxing Council Latino Super Middleweight Championship, headlining the “International Boxing Challenge” pro-am event at Mauro Pinheiro Gymnasium in Sao Paulo.

“International Boxing Challenge,” presented by MO Productions, will air live on SporTV, TV Globo International and A 4-round pro bout between a pair of Sao Paulo middleweights, pro-debuting Douglas Ataibe and Valdevan “Baiano” Pereira, is on the card as well as a pair of soon-to-be-announced amateur matches, featuring members of the Brazilian National Olympic Boxing Team..

The 20-year-old Oliveira (13-0, 11 KOs), now rated No. 10 by the USBA, was born in Sao Paulo but he moved two weeks after birth with his family to Miami. In his Brazilian debut last November in Sao Paulo, Oliveira stopped rugged Junior Ramos (10-5) in the third round.

Oliveira, who won the UNBC title September 11, 2009, recently was selected as the repeat winner of the Brazilian International Press Award’s Athlete of the Year (2009 and now 2010).

“We’re very excited to announce that we have signed a contract with TV Globo to televise Michael’s next six fights starting March 25,” MO Productions president and Michael’s father, Carlos Oliveira, said. “Our goal is to position Michael, at home in Brazil, as a future world champion. We believe Michael has the talent and marketability to be a star in Brazil, converting Brazilian sports fans into his supporters. Soccer isn’t the only sport in Brazil and we’re expecting a lot of support in Sao Paulo.

“The March 25th show will be a memorable evening of entertainment for everybody. Famed Brazilian pianist and conductor, Joao Carlos Martins, will perform the Brazilian National Anthem prior to the 10-round main event; Brazilian choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo’s extraordinary work will be part of the event, and Michael’s walk-out music will be supported by the Drummers of Maccha-Verde School of Samba.”

Oliveira has returned to his roots in hopes of reestablishing boxing back to the days of Brazilian boxing icons, Hall of Famer Eder “Golden Bantam” Jofre, and more recent superstar Acelino “Popo” Freitas.

Brazilians and Argentineans are traditional arch-rivals in sports and the 21-year-old Adriel, who fights out of Pigue, Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a natural foe for Oliveira, who has many family members and friends living in Brazil. Adriel is a consummate boxer who fought a pair of draws in his second and third pro fights. He fought 10 times last year and once in 2011, when he won a unanimous 8-round decision against Fernando Enrique Battaglia this past January in Buenos Aires.

All fights and fighters are subject to change.

GENERAL ADMISSION TICKETS ARE FREE. Contact Maria Fulfaro ( about purchasing VIP tables for $400.00 each.

Doors open at 6:30 PM/GMT (5:30 PM/ET), first bout at 7:30 PM/GMT (6:30 PM/ET). Go on line to for additional information.

Undefeated Amanda Serrano Joins Boxing 360 Stable

NEW YORK (Mar. 9, 2011) – Undefeated title challenger Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano has signed an exclusive promotional with Boxing 360 and joined the New York-based company’s growing stable of future champions.

The 23-year-old Serrano (8-0-1, 4 KOs), who was born in Puerto Rico, now fighting out of Brooklyn, is slick-boxing younger sister of former lightweight contender, Cindy Serrano. Amanda is presently rated No. 3 by independent source WBAN, as well as No. 7 by the WIBA.

“I wasn’t sure about getting involved in female boxing,” Boxing 360 CEO & Founder Mario Yagobi explained. “But I was at her last fight in upstate New York and I was unbelievably impressed by what I saw from her in the ring. I was equally impressed outside of the ring when we spoke. All she does is train to fight. She doesn’t have a cell phone, a boyfriend, or even go out with friends. She trains everyday to the point of exhaustion, goes home to sleep, and then it is right back to the gym the next day for the same routine. Amanda Serrano is a world champion in the making and we’re going to position here for that opportunity.”

In her last bout in January, Serrano thoroughly dominated rugged Ela Nunez for a win by unanimous 6-round decision, avenging the only blemish on Amanda’s record, a draw versus Nunez in 2009.

Boxing 360 Director of Boxing Bob Duffy believes Amanda is ready to challenge cross-town rival Maureen Shea, the reigning NABF featherweight champion from the Bronx. “I think it’s a natural for New York City and would draw a lot of interest,” Duffy said. “Maureen is the first female NABF champ from New York City. She’s the best and Amanda wants to fight the best. She needs to get past Maureen to get to where she eventually wants to reach.”

Other members of Boxing 360’s stable include USBA heavyweight champion Maurice “Sugar Moe” Harris, WBC #3 rated super bantamweight contender Leon “Hurry Up” Moore, former IBF super middleweight champion Alejandro “Naco” Berrio, NY State super middleweight title-holder Lennox “2 Sharpe” Allen, KO king Tyrone Brunson, Nick “Hands of Gold” Casal, Mike Mollo, Joshua “The Juice” Harris, Emad Ali, Angel “Toro” Hernandez and “King” David Estrada.

Go to for more information about Serrano, Boxing 360 or any of its other fighters, as well as its scheduled events.


Exciting super featherweight prospect, Danny "Joey" Valle (3-0, 3KO's) has been added to the upcoming "March Mayhem" card Thursday, March 17th at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square, NY (Long Island). Valle will square off against New Jersey's Siddell Blocker in a four round lightweight showdwn. The card, promoted by Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing, is headlined by Huntington's exciting undefeated jr. welterweight prospect Chris Algieri (10-0, 5KO's).

For Valle, a 2003 NY Golden Gloves Champion, boxing is in his blood. Between Valle Jr. and his father, world renowned trainer and Danny's grandfather, Victor Valle Sr. (now deceased), the two have trained some of New York's most notable fighters, including most recently former WBC heavyweight champion Oleg Maskaev.

The 25-year-old Bronx native Valle turned pro in October of 2009, scoring a 2nd round knockout. Valle followed up his debut with two more 2nd round stoppages in 2010. When not training for his own fights, Valle assists his father in training other fighters.

A complete list of the undercard will be announced shortly. Tickets for "March Mayhem" are priced at $100 for Gold Ringside (first row), $75 Ringside, and $50 for General Admission. Tickets can be purchased by calling Star Boxing at 718 823-2000, or visiting Doors open at 6:45PM with the first bout scheduled for 7:30PM. The Plattduetsche Park Restaurant is located at 1132 Hempstead Tpke, Franklin Square, NY 11010.

Santander Silgado vs. Carlos Javier Ojeda Roldan; Silgado (18-0, 16 KO's) Makes His USA Debut On April 2nd At The Aviator Sports Complex In Brooklyn, NY


NEW YORK CITY (MARCH 8, 2011)—Tuesday at Portobellos in New York City, Havoc Boxing Promotions held the kick off press conference for a big boxing event that will take place on Saturday April 2nd at the Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, New York.

In the main event, Light Heavyweight contender, Elvir “The Kosovo Kid” Muriqi (38-5, 23 KO’s) will take part in the ten round main event.

Also present was Light Heavyweight Joel Torres (7-0, 4 KO’s) who will be fighting in the eight round co-feature along with Jr. Middleweight Frank Galarza (2-0, 1 KO); Jr. Middleweight Charles Vanderveer (1-1, 1 KO) and Bantamweight Elton Dharry (6-5-1, 1 KO)

Also seeing action on April 2nd will be undefeated cruiserweight Santander Silgado (18-0, 16 KO’s); super featherweight Gary Stark Jr. (23-3, 8 KO’s); welterweight Tommy Rainone (13-4, 4 KO’s); light heavyweight Ronson Frank (16-0, 8 KO’s) & Jr. Welterweight Jose Peralta (5-1, 3 KO’s)


Elvir Muriqi (38-5, 23 KO’S)

“I love fighting. Can I make it without fighting? Yes but I love fighting and winning. I have the ability to one day be world champion. I feel like I haven’t lost since 2004 but sometimes things don’t go your way. I promise in April 2nd I will come in better shape than I did the last time. Everybody knows that I come to fight every time

Joel Castillo (7-0, 4 KO’s)

“I been training hard for quite a while and I plan to give it my all. Its my first co-main event and I look forward to the future and keep growing and making progress.”

Elton Dharry (6-5-1)

“I appreciate being on this show. I will show up to fight and show up to win”

Frank Galarza (2-0, 1 KO)

“This is my first time being on a Havoc card and I look forward to a great fight”

Charles Vanderveer (1-1)

“Feels good to be back in the gym training hard and working hard. April 2nd be there to see me.”

Robert Diaz (CEO Havoc Boxing Promotions)

“We are going with everything we planned from the beginning. We have fighters calling us wanting to participate on our shows. We are looking to do way more fighters per year due to all the fighters we have at our disposal. We just want to put on good shows and have good fights and give fighters opportunities”

Felipe Gomez (Matchmaker)

“The more shows that Havoc does the better it gets. This show will be better than the first two."


Tickets for this special night of boxing are priced at $50 for all seats and can be purchased at the Following Locations:

The Aviator Box Office
New Legend Boxing Club (718) 487 4474 or

The Aviator Sports Complex is located at:

3159 Flatbush Ave - Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234

For more information on Havoc Boxing, Click:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Integrated Sports Media Distributing "La Revancha" PPV Segura-Calderon 2, Live April 2 From Mexico

HOBOKEN, N.J. (March 8, 2011) – Integrated Sports Media, the undisputed leader in the pay-per-view boxing, announced today that it will be distributing “La Revancha,” featuring the highly-anticipated rematch between WBO and The Ring light flyweight champion, Giovani “El Guerrero Azteca” Segura, and former 108-pound king, Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon, April 2 live from Auditorio del Estado in Mexicali, Mexico.

“La Revancha,” presented by Zanfer Promotions and PR Best Boxing, will be distributed in the United States by Integrated Sports Media for live viewing at 9 PM/ET – 6 PM/PT on both cable and satellite pay-per-view via iN Demand, DIRECTV, DISH Network and Avail-TVN, for a suggested retail price of only $39.95.

“Segura-Calderon I was the consensus Fight of the Year and there’s no reason not to believe that the rematch will be just as exciting,” Integrated Sports Media president Doug Jacobs said. “This fight will determine who the ‘baddest little boxer in the world’ is today. Fight fans can’t want to see these two Latino warriors go to war once again. The other pay-per-view fights will soon be announced.”

Segura (26-1-1, 22 KOs), fighting out of Bell, California by way of Mexico, captured the WBO, The Ring and WBA Super light flyweight titles last October, when he knocked-out the previously unbeaten champion Calderon (34-1-1, 6 KOs) in the eighth round in Puerto Rico. Segura was leading (69-64, 68-65, 67-66) on all three judges’ scorecards at the time of the stoppage.

The 28-year-old Segura, who will turn 29 the day before his fight against Calderon, also holds notable victories against Daniel Reyes KO1) and Carlos Tamara (DEC12). Giovanni has fought only once since defeating Calderon, last November in a non-title fight triumph against Manuel Vargas who retired after seven rounds.

Calderon, the pride of Puerto Rico, prior to fighting Segura had been the WBO light flyweight champion for more than three years (six successful title defences) and WBO minimum weight titlist (11 successful title defences) from 2003 until he moved up to light flyweight in 2007. Ivan is currently rated No. 1 by The Ring, as well as No. 3 by the WBO.

His boxing resume reads like a Who’s Who list of great 108 and 105 pound world champions and challengers, including victories against the likes of Rodel Mayol, Reyes, Higo Fidel Cazares (twice), Nelson Dieppa, Issac Bustos, Roberto Carlos Leyva, Ednar Cardenas, Alex Sanchez and Eduardo Ray Marquez.

For more information about the Sebura-Calderon 2 PPV event go to Follow Integrated Sports Media on Twitter @IntegratedPPV.

Integrated Sports Media (ISM): North America’s leading distributor of International Pay-Per-View and Closed Circuit sporting events has presented World Championship and world-class boxing matches featuring Vitali Klitschko, David Haye, Evander Holyfield, Roy Jones, Jr., Amir Khan,Tomasz Adamek, Ricky Hatton, Giovani Segura, Cristian Mijares, Zab Judah, Ivan Calderon, Rocky Martinez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, Arthur Abraham, John Ruiz, Nicolai Valuev, Nicolai Valuev, Wilfredo Vasquez, Jr. and Ruslan Chagaev. In addition, ISM distributed numerous International soccer matches showcasing teams like Real Madrid, Club America of Mexico and the National Teams of Argentina, Honduras, El Salvador and the USA, as well as World Championship and world-class mixed martial arts shows featuring Fedor Emelianenko, Tim Sylvia, Bobby Lashley, Bob Sapp, Jeff Monson, and Roy Nelson. For more information on upcoming Integrated Sports Media events visit


CHESTER, PA (March 8, 2011)—On Friday night, March 18th at the beautiful Harrah’s Casino in Chester, Pennsylvania, popular Jr. Welterweight “Rockin” Ryan Belasco will take on Bryne Green in the eight round main event.

The card is promoted by Joey Eye Boxing and David Feldman.

Belasco of Wilmington, Delaware has a record of 14-4-3 with three knockouts and not only takes on anyone but is usually in the most entertaining fight of the night.

Belasco has taken on quality opposition such as Elad Shmuoel (15-1); Brian Miller (1-0-1); Victor Vasquez (7-1); Andrew Farmer (12-1).

His most impressive win was the fifth round stoppage over Vasquez.

Belasco is riding a three fight winning streak which includes his most recent outing when he scored a six round unanimous decision over Gustavo Dailey on December 3rd in Dover, Delaware.

Like Belasco, Green of Vineland, New Jersey is no stranger to stepping up and fighting top competition.

Green won his first three bouts before dropping a decision to undefeated Victor Valenzuela (2-0). Green then defeated undefeated Luis Esqullin (1-0) and Edward Valdez before losing his last three bouts with the latest being to Vasquez (11-4-1) via split decision in a bout that Green dropped Vasquez on October 8th.

The co-feature is an evenly matched six round Super Featherweight bout between “Flawless” Anthony Flores and Georgi Kevlishvilli.

Flores is one of the top young prospects in the area as the twenty-three year old has a record of 9-2 with six knockouts.

The Philadelphia native won his first eight bouts which included wins over veterans Darrell Martin (2-2) and Ikem Orji (4-0). He suffered his fist setback to Valenzuela and drew with world ranked Carlos Vinan in a bout that many thought that Flores deserved the decision.

Flores is coming off a eight round defeat to world ranked and undefeated Arash Usmanee (8-0) on October 8th in Philadelphia.

Kevlishvilli of Moscow, Russia will be making his American debut and he sports an impressive record of 11-1 with three knockouts

Kevlishvilli won his first eleven bouts which included a win over undefeated Saichon SotornPitak (10-0). In his last bout, he then took on yet another undefeated fighter and was stopped in one round by Ayup Arsaev (8-0) in a battle for the WBC Baltic Featherweight title on October 3, 2009.

In a four round Cruiserweight bout, Taneal Goyco (3-1, 1 KO) squares off with Maurice Amaro (1-3) in a battle of Philadelphians.

Angel Ocasio (3-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia will take part in a four round lightweight bout when he takes on an opponent to be named.

In a four round female lightweight attraction undefeated Elizabeth Sherman (2-0, 1 KO) battles Jennifer Wood (1-1, 1 KO) of Richmond, VA

Popular Heavyweight Jamie Campbell (3-1, 1 KO) of Ridley Park, PA will take on KC Cunningham (0-3) of Philadelphia in a four round bout.

Lightweight Lonnie Jackson Jr. (1-0) of Philadelphia takes on debuting William Morgan of Philadelphia in a four round bout.

Luis Castro (3-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia returns after a two year layoff to fight Ramon Ellis (0-6) of Philadelphia in a four round bout in the Lightweight division

Rounding out the card will be the pro debut of Fred Jenkins Jr. of Philadelphia battling Scott Bronner in a Light Heavyweight bout.

Tickets are now on sale for $100 (VIP); $60 (Ringside) and $45 (General Admission) and can be purchased at the Harrahs Chester Gift Shop; By calling Joey Eye (267-304-9399); David Feldman (610-291-0806); 800-480-8020 and Peltz Boxing 215-765-0922 or on

Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard Training Camp Notes

MANCHESTER, Conn. (March 8, 2011) – The fight to determine America’s leading featherweight, pitting unbeaten NABF and NABO champion Matt “Sharp Shooter” Remillard against undefeated IBF # 1 contender Mikey Garcia, is the 10-round co-feature on Top Rank’s “Featherweight Fury,” March 26 on HBO After Dark live from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey .

The 24-year-old Remillard (23-0, 14 KOs) is at his Passaic, New Jersey in training camp with his new head trainer, Michael “Mike Red” Skownowski. The WBA #3, WBO #4 and WBC #5 rated Remillard puts his NABF and NABO title belts on the line against USBA titlist Garcia (24-0, 20 KOs).

There are world title shot implications for the Remillard-Garcia winner against IBF Featherweight Champion Yuriorkis Gamboa, or his challenger Jorge Solis if he pulls off an upset, in the 12-round “Featherweight Fury” headliner.

Tickets, priced at $200, $100 and $50 plus applicable fees, are available to purchase at the Boardwalk Hall Box Office or by calling Ticketmaster at 800.736.1420 or online at

Below find Remillard’s quotes from training camp:

Making his Top Rank Debut

“It’s my first fight with Top Rank, so I need to be impressive, because they’ve shown a lot of faith in me by putting my first fight with Top Rank on HBO in a very big fight. There’s a lot of pressure but I thrive on pressure.”

Fighting on HBO for the first time

“I’ve only fought on ESPN once and that was for only four rounds. HBO is the biggest network. Everybody wants to fight on HBO. This is the perfect opportunity for me and I will be prepared. It’s going to be a good show.”

The Impact

“It all hasn’t hit me, yet. After a few weeks training in New Jersey, I think it’ll hit me when I finally sit down at the press conference in New York City, and then go to Atlantic City for the final few days. Talking about the fight, seeing everybody there, including the main event fighters….it’ll hit me then.”

New Trainer

“We have a couple of more weeks working together but everything has been smooth to this point. We have a good game plan and mesh well together. He watches over me during training, reviews some of my fight tapes at night, and comes in the next day with something new. He’s a good guy and a good trainer who brings a lot to the table.”

Mikey Garcia

“I knew him pretty well when we were amateurs. I can’t say a bad word about him. I know his style: he’s a banger who hits hard with both hands. He’s one of the best fighters in our division and he has a great team. Robert Garcia (Garcia’s older brother and head trainer) has done a tremendous job with Mikey and his whole stable of fighters. (Nonito) Donaire just won the Fight of the Year and (Brandon) Rios the title. Garcia is on a roll and somebody has to stop him.”

The Fight

“I think we have a great TV fight. This is a fight that deserves to be on television and I’m glad HBO put its faith in both of us. You don’t see two young, undefeated fighters going against each other very often. (Timothy) Bradley and (Devan) Alexander did a few weeks ago, but a lot of people didn’t think it lived up to all the hype. Everybody expected an all out war but stuff happens like Alexander getting cut.”

Potential Gamboa Fight

“We’re (Remillard and Garcia) both trying to get into the spot where Gamboa is. We’re both heading that way and we have to go through each other to get there.”

Attorneys At Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP In Boxers’ Corners Fighting Injustices

NEW YORK (March 8, 2011) – Professional boxers need a real fighter in their corner such as attorneys Keith Sullivan and James Galleshaw, whose passions for the sweet science finds them leading a  crusade to aid active and past participants, as well as organizations and groups associated with the sport.

The New York based attorneys and childhood friends five years ago formed their practice – Sullivan & Galleshaw, LLP – concentrating on personal injury, criminal defense and commercial litigation with locations in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. They have 24 years of legal experience between them.

Sullivan & Galleshaw LLP also seriously takes its commitment to pro bono and civic work, taking on less fortunate individuals and causes who otherwise would be left without legal representation and likely taken advantage of.

For Attorney Sullivan, 38, boxers and boxing have been special clients for him dating back to his work on a landmark victory representing two-time world champion Joey Gamache against the New York State Athletic Commission. A case that took many twists and turns, as well as 10 years to reach a verdict. Attorney Sullivan charged the NYSAC with negligence for failing to properly carry-out its duties and responsibilities, by conducting an improper weigh-in of Arturo Gatti that allowed him to exceed the 141-pound weight limit for his February 26, 2000 fight against Sullivan’s client, Gamache.

The judge admitted in rulings before the trial that this was a very difficult case for the plaintiff and that Gamache’s legal team would have an up-hill battle proving the NYAC’s negligent. Attorneys Sullivan and Galleshaw were not intimidated or scared off; it strengthened their resolve to fight to expose the pure incompetence of the Commission.

During the trial, the NYSAC Executive Director who conducted the weigh-ins was exposed in that when Gatti was weighing-in the Commission member touched the scale, pushing the counter-weight to a heavier position past the pre-set weight of 141 pounds. Gatti was then told to raise his arms but when the needle failed to balance, his weight was quickly and erroneously called by the same NYSAC Executive Director as 141 pounds. Gatti got off of the scale and immediately guzzled liquid to hydrate as Team Gamache immediately protested, albeit, in vain.

The following evening, only a few hours before the fight, an unofficial weigh-in was conducted and Gatti tipped the scales at 160 pounds. Now effectively a middleweight, fighting an opponent three weight divisions below him, Gatti floored the lighter welterweight Gamache twice in the opening round, and brutally knocked him out in the second. It took several minutes for Gamache to regain consciousness and he was hospitalized for two days. Gamache, who suffered migraine headaches and neurological damage, never fought again.  

Nearly 10 years after the fight, Judge Melvin Schweitzer ruled in Gamache’s favor, finding that Gatti had been given an unfair advantage due to the negligent NYSAC. “We were extremely pleased that by making that decision,” Attorney Sullivan commented, “the court said that the commission can and will be held accountable when they conduct themselves in a negligent manner that results in injuries to the fighters. They had a duty that day that, when Joey weighed in at 141 pounds, that his opponent also weigh in at the same weight. It was disgraceful. The decision sent a very strong message to all commissions everywhere in the United States that fighters are more than pawns for profit and cannot be used and abused.”

Today, Attorney Sullivan is still deeply involved in boxing as legal counsel for former Irish Olympian and world middleweight contender, Andy Lee (24-1, 18 KOs), who fights Craig McEwen this Saturday night (March 12) live on HBO Championship Boxing at MGM Grand Arena at Foxwoods; the North American Boxing Federation (NABF), a not-for-profit regional sanctioning body within the World Boxing Council; and the Boxing Writers Association of America.

“I’ve always loved boxing since I first watched Mike Tyson fight on HBO,” native-New Yorker Sullivan explained. “I was in grammar school and was fascinated by boxers. My grandfather was a big fan of boxing. Boxing was a sport I gravitated towards because of its one-on-one pure human challenge.

“I first got involved representing boxers after meeting legendary trainer Bob Jackson, who was also a state corrections official, when I was working out at the famed Gleason’s Gym. We hit it off right away and he’s been like an uncle figure to me ever since. Boxing is a great outlet for troubled youths – a safe haven – and it’s very rewarding helping some of them become successful young men. A lot of boxers get taken advantage of and I couldn’t stand it. They need people on their side, so I got involved, and it’s been a labor of love for me. More often than not, I end up agreeing to take on cases or causes for boxers on a pro-bono basis. Together with my partner, James Galleshaw, and our good friend and fellow lawyer, David Berlin, we make a great team representing many fighters, organizations and people in the sport.”

Sullivan and Gallleshaw LLP also are strong supporters of The Dr Theodore A. Atlas Foundation, named in memory of ESPN boxing analyst and world-renown trainer Teddy Atlas’ father. Attorney Sullivan is a Board of Director with the foundation. Additionally, he is a board member with RING-8, a 57-year-old organization that is Veteran Boxers Association for New York State.

The Dr. Atlas Foundation provides financial, medial, and emotional support to individuals and organizations in need, particularly for the needs of children. Two non-profit youth boxing gyms were recently opened-up, one in Sullivan’s childhood neighborhood – Flatbush, Brooklyn – by the Dr. Atlas Foundation. “It is amazing for me to be able to give back to the youth in this much need community,” Attorney Sullivan noted, “where I was born and raised, and where my family’s story really began.”

RING 8 is dedicated to its motto of Boxers Helping Boxers:  lending a helping hand to those in the boxing community who are less fortunate and may require assistance in terms of paying their rent, medical expenses, or whatever justifiable need may arise.

Outside of the boxing world, Sullivan and Galleshaw LLP has raised $30,000 for U.S. War Veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project, founded a promotional and event company – Cocktails 4 Charities – that donates 100-percent of its proceeds to charity, and currently the firm represents Merit Matters, an FDNY (Fire Department of New York) civic organization, on a purely pro bono basis. Merit Matters is comprised of current and retired members of the FDNY and concerned citizens of New York City. The firm is working with Merit Matters to raise awareness and will file an appeal of a recent Federal Court ruling, which has abolished merit-based hiring and uses race as the basis for hiring and to promote within the FDNY.

Attorney Sullivan is an adjunct law professor, lecturer for the National portion of the Bar Exam, and a legal commentator for Fox News, CNN and MSNBC.   

For more information about Sullivan & Galleshaw LLP go on line at

Monday, March 7, 2011

Boxing 360 Inks Nick Casal

NEW YORK (Mar. 7, 2011) – Fast-rising boxing promotional company Boxing 360 has signed the new-and-improved Nick “Hands of Gold” Casal, a light welterweight from Buffalo, to an exclusive promotional contract.

“Nick’s had some issues in the past but he’s fully focused now,” Boxing 360 CEO & Founder Mario Yagobi said. “He’s only 25 years old yet experienced with 26 pro fights under his belt. He has a great attitude. Nick isn’t looking for easy fight and he’ll fight anybody we put in front of him. We have high hopes for him and hope to get him in a fight in April. He will be training in Las Vegas.”

Casal (29-4-1, 15 KOs) was a highly decorated amateur, capturing gold medals at the 2002 U.S. National Junior Championships, and at the Sweden Box-Cup for Under-19 boxers. In 2003, Nick reached the quarter-finals of the National Golden Gloves Tournament, defeating Anthony Dirrell in the process, before losing to current world champion Andre Berto. Casal also won a bronze medal at the 2004 U.S. Championships but he had to drop out of the competition with a hand injury.

In 2004, Casal turned pro and he was unbeaten in his first 17 pro bouts, including a pair of draws. Nick extended current WBC Silver champion Antonio “Tony” DeMarco, the former WBC Interim light titlist, the full 10 rounds in 2002, albeit in a losing effort (94-96, 93-93, 97-93) that demonstrated his vast potential. The relatively inactive Casal has won his last two fights, including an 8-round decision against Christopher Fernandez (18-7-1), on November 6, 2009 in his last action.

Other members of Boxing 360’s stable include USBA heavyweight champion Maurice “Sugar Moe” Harris, WBC #3 rated super bantamweight contender Leon “Hurry Up” Moore, former IBF super middleweight champion Alejandro “Naco” Berrio, NY State super middleweight title-holder Lennox “2 Sharpe” Allen, KO king Tyrone Brunson, Mike Mollo, Joshua “The Juice” Harris, Emad Ali, Angel “Toro” Hernandez and “King” David Estrada.

Go to for more information about Casal, Boxing 360 or any of its other fighters as well as scheduled events.


On Thursday March 17th at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant in Franklin Square, NY (Long Island), former four-time national champion, and 2008 U.S. Olympic Team alternate, Adam "Showtime" Willett (1-1) will return to the ring for the first time since his life was nearly taken when he takes on Sharieff Hayes (0-2) in a four round heavyweight contest. The show, entitled, "March Mayhem" is promoted by Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing, and is headlined by Huntington's popular undefeated jr. welterweight prospect Chris Algieri (10-0, 5KO's).

It was a warm spring day April 7th 2010. Bellport resident Adam Willett, who had turned pro boxer a year earlier after an illustrious amateur career which saw him become the number one ranked heavyweight in the U.S. for three consecutive years, was finishing up his day of work at the South Country High School in North Bellport Long Island. As he was getting ready to leave, Willet, who in addition to boxing, was working full-time as a school security guard, noticed that there was some commotion going on at the Miracle Plaza Shopping Center, located right across the street from the South Country High School. Two of the High School's students were being harassed by a few older men, so Willet immediately rushed to their aid.

Willett and one man argued before the man sped away in his car. While Willett was getting into his vehicle the man returned with a gun. Willett, who as a boxer is accustomed to dodging punches, was hit with a shot that he just couldn't get out of the way of. Willett had been shot once in the chest with the bullet from a high powered handgun. A fighter by trade for most of his life, Willett was now fighting for his life.

Willett was rushed to the hospital and immediately went into surgery. Willett would spend a week in a medically induced coma, as doctors monitored his progress.

As soon as Willett awoke from his coma, the first words that came out of his mouth when he turned to his father were, "Dad will I be able to fight again?" Upon hearing his father tell him yes, that's all the words of encouragement Willett says he needed.

"I never doubted his words of reassurance and I just took them and ran with it. I honestly believe it was those words that gave me such a speedy recovery."

Willett was back in the gym doing light training just four months after the shooting and while he admits the road back hasn't necessarily been easy, just like he has done the majority of his life, Willett has never stopped fighting.

Looking back on the day Willett says, "You know me getting shot was a traumatic and life changing event for me. I don't remember a lot about what took place that day, everything is muffled in my memory bank. The only thing I can recall vividly is thinking about all the things I didn't get a chance to do, experience and accomplish. I kid you not when you go through something like I went through and almost dying, it really makes you think about all the things that are really important that we take for-granted every day. I just thank God I'm still here and still able to do what I love to do."

Optimistic people like to say that for everything negative, there is always a positive, and Willett is a strong believer in that.

"After the shooting I looked at life from a totally different standpoint. I realized after facing death and beating it that life is too short and you have to live it up to the best of your ability. I always loved boxing, but after being shot I realized I don't just love it, but I can't live without it. I made a decision that day lying in the hospital bed that I didn't just want to come back to come back, I wanted to come back and be the world's greatest. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to make that dream become a reality. After the ordeal I have been through, I know that there is nothing that can stand in my way."

While he has been boxing since he was a teenager, the fight on March 17th will be special for Willett.

"I'm extremely eager, and excited, there really are no words to describe how much I want this. God, the all mighty, gave me a second chance and I'm taking full advantage of it. I'm a new man starting over but ready to take on the world as it comes. I want to thank everyone who stood by my side. I truly appreciate all the prayers that went up for me and all the positive comments left on my behalf. I would like to send a special thanks to all those who kept me motivated and my mind focused on my ultimate goal of getting back into the ring. With that being said, Showtime Willett is back! I look forward to seeing everyone come out on March 17th."

A complete list of the undercard will be announced shortly. Tickets for "March Mayhem" are priced at $100 for Gold Ringside (first row), $75 Ringside, and $50 for General Admission. Tickets can be purchased by calling Star Boxing at 718 823-2000, or visiting Doors open at 6:45PM with the first bout scheduled for 7:30PM. The Plattduetsche Park Restaurant is located at 1132 Hempstead Tpke, Franklin Square, NY 11010.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saul "Canelo" Alvarez: "We Are Going To Target The Best Fighters Now, And I Am Here To Fight The Best!"

Matthew Hatton On Loss To Saul "Canelo" Alvarez: " I Can't Perform At Light Middleweight!"

Hatton Trainer Talks Alvarez Loss: "Alvarez Was Just Too Big!"

Judah vs. Mabuza Post-Fight Press Conference

Judah Proves He's 'Super', Stops Mabuza In Seven To Win Vacant IBF Crown

Zab "Super" Judah (41-6, 28 KO's) moved back into elite status in the junior welterweight division, stopping a sturdy Kaizer Mabuza (23-7-3, 14 KO's) at :59 of round seven to win the vacant IBF Junior Welterweight title. 

Kathy Duva, Main Events C.E.O., was absolutely elated with her fighter's performance, and spoke about Judah's work with Pernell Whitaker, as well as possible match-ups against Timothy Bradley and Amir Khan.

"That was after six weeks," exclaimed Duva. "Imagine what he'll look like after six months? I think Zab will take them all to school."

Judah also gave high praise to many people on his team at the post-fight press conference, especially his new trainer, Pernell "Sweet Pea" Whitaker. 

"For six weeks I went to college and got a Ph.D.," remarked Judah. "I graduated with honors tonight!"

Judah opened the first round with a sound game plan. He used his right jab and superior lateral movement to keep Mabuza turning. Mabuza charged forward with his hands held high, but Judah penetrated his defense with a sharp left cross to the head late in the round.

Judah, using lots of feints and angles, made Mabuza miss often in round two. Mabuza was looking to land a big right-hand shot. Judah utilized his defense to create offense, and landed a strong right hook to the body. However, Mabuza came on late in the round, connecting with distinct body punches.

Mabuza threw a multitude of shots at Judah, trapping him in the corner during round three. Nevertheless, Judah got himself out of the corner by unleashing a rigorous left uppercut and a powerful right hook to Mabuza's body. Mabuza countered with a right cross - left hook combination to Judah's head. Mabuza was pressing, although Judah slowed him with a potent overhand left. At the bell, Judah landed a straight left. 

In round four, Judah scored again with the straight left behind a well-timed right jab. Judah aggressively attacked Mabuza's body. Then, Mabuza unloaded a sequence of wide shots to Judah's body. Moments later, Mabuza connected with a right cross that landed precisely on Judah's chin. Judah was off-balanced, and his right glove touched the canvas, which was correctly ruled a knockdown by referee Samuel Viruet.

Judah shook the knockdown, and looked coherent again in the fifth round. First, Judah landed a right jab - left cross combination to Mabuza's head. Mabuza answered with a right-hand shot. Then, Judah countered with a straight left as he circled to his right. After that, Mabuza viciously assaulted Judah in the body with clubbing shots. Judah fought well in the beginning and end of the round, but Mabuza controlled the action in the middle part.

Once again, Mabuza brought heavy pressure in round six, stunning Judah after connecting with a piercing right cross that landed on Judah's jaw. However, Judah weathered the storm by using his superior lateral movement. Mabuza really started to find the target with his right hand. 

In round seven, Mabuza left himself slightly open and Judah found his mark, landing a sneaky left cross that sent Mabuza reeling into the ropes face-first. Mabuza seemed out on his feet, but Viruet let the action continue. Judah, who has always been one of the sport's best finishers, let loose an array of punishing right hooks and straight lefts until Viruet stepped in to save Mabuza. 

"I was glad to be given a chance to fight a big name like Zab Judah," explained Mabuza. "I had a chance to knock him out, but I didn't finish. I'd like to fight in America again if given the chance."

Mabuza added, "He had a lot of speed and experience. You win some and lose some. I will come back again and fight."


Middleweight Tarvis Simms (27-1-1, 11 KO's) captured an eight-round unanimous decision over John Mackey (13-6-2, 6 KO's). Official scores were 80-72, 79-73 and 78-74. Both men battled in close range throughout much of the bout, although Simms landed the cleaner, more effective punches. Simms was elusive, using a shoulder roll to avoid Mackey's shots, similar to James Toney and Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s style.


Vinny O'Brien (1-0, 1 KO) forced David Navarro (0-2) to quit on his stool after three completed rounds.

O'Brien got tagged frequently with Navarro's left jab during round one, but he managed to outwork him, landing a series of rights to Navarro's head and body.

In the beginning of round two, O'Brien struck Navarro with a damaging right uppercut as he tried to free his other arm from a clinch. Navarro answered by hammering O'Brien in the face with a swift left hook. Navarro sustained a cut above his left eye, and was bleeding from his mouth.

Navarro's eye became extremely swollen in round three, resulting from the beating O'Brien was dishing out with wild shots from various angles. O'Brien's ferocious shots and relentless attack eventually caused Navarro to surrender.


Jose "Mangu" Peralta (5-1, 3 KO's) stopped Clifford McPherson (2-4-1, 1 KO) at 2:44 of round one in a welterweight match-up. Peralta landed a grazing right-hand shot to McPherson's head, but as McPherson fell to the canvas, he appeared to hold his waist. Subsequently, he was counted out. It was learned later that when McPherson went down, he was not clutching his stomach; He was holding his right hand. Following the fight, McPherson held his right hand after he had removed his glove, indicating he injured it while unloading a punch.


Shemuel "The Chosen One" Pagan (2-0, 1 KO) stopped Marcos Garcia (0-4) at 1:33 of the first round in a lightweight bout. Pagan, a 5-time New York Golden Gloves champion, sent Garcia into the ropes after landing a sequence of violent straight lefts. Then, Pagan unleashed a brutal assault of vicious right hooks and devastating straight-left crosses until the bout was halted.


In a four round welterweight match-up, Chris Crosby (6-1, 1 KO) won via split decision versus Greg Hackett (2-6). Official scores were 39-37 for Hackett, while Crosby received scores of 39-37 and 40-36.

Crosby, who is not a hard puncher, caught Hackett with a solid right hook in round one. Later, they exchanged a series of fierce body blows.

Crosby utilized his right jab more in round two.

In round three, Crosby sent Hackett into the ropes with an accurate, straight left to the jaw. Hackett quickly answered with a counter right uppercut to Crosby's body.

Crosby started round four fast, landing a swift counter-right hook to Hackett's head and body. Hackett began winging a multitude of wild shots. To the close the fight, Hackett connected with consecutive overhand rights, while Crosby landed a left uppercut - right hook combination.

Zab "Super" Judah KO's Kaizer Mabuza

Saturday, March 5, 2011


 PHOTO CREDIT: Claudia Bocanegra

First New Legend Boxing Promotions thrills fans with action packed bouts

WOODHAVEN, NY (March 4, 2011)—An enthusiastic crowd packed Cordon Bleu Catering Hall in the Woodhaven section of Queens, New York and they were treated to a night of entertaining boxing that was promoted by New Legend Boxing Promotions.

In the main event, Juan Dominguez scored a third round stoppage over Gabriel Gomez in a battle of undefeated Featherweights that was scheduled for six rounds.

Dominguez dropped Gomez in round one with a hard right hand. Dominguez equaled that in round three by scoring a second knockdown in round three. Later in the round Dominguez dropped Gomez with a right to the top of the head and that’s when the fight was waved off at 2:05 of round three.

The co-feature, Mike Ruiz scored a third round stoppage over Jorge Barajas in a scheduled six round Welterweight bout. Ruiz dropped Barajas twice in round three with the first being a right off the ropes. He scored a second knockdown from a left to the body and moments later the fight was stopped by referee Eddie Claudio after a finishing barrage of punches from Ruiz.

Undercard winners included heavyweight Vinny Celentano; Former Polish amateur star, super featherweight Kamil Laszczyk; super featherweight Rafael Vazquez; undefeated female sensation Patricia Alcivar; Eilud Torres and Edward Valdez


6 ROUNDS—FEATHERWEIGHTS—Juan Dominguez (7-0, 5 KO’s) 124 lbs of Brooklyn, NY TKO 3 (2:05) over Gabriel Gomez(4-1) 124 lbs of Philadelphia

6 ROUNDS—WELTERWEIGHTS—Mike Ruiz (11-4, 6 KO’s) 148 ½ lbs of Lynbrook, NY TKO 3 (1:22) over Jorge Barajas (5-5) 147 ½ lbs of Idaho Falls, ID

6 Rounds—Lightweights-- Edward Valdez (4-8-2, 1 KO) 132 lbs of New York TKO 6 ( :49) over Angel Torres (2-5-2) 134 lbs of Yonkers, NY

6 ROUNDS – JR WELTERWEIGHTS—Eilud Torres (4-2-2) 140 lbs of Allentown, PA UD over Jonathan Cuba (5-3) 137 lbs of New York…Scores were 58-54; 57-55; 57-55

4 ROUNDS—FEMALE SUPER FLYWEIGHTS—Patricia Alcivar (4-0) 114 lbs Queens, NY UD OVER Laura Gomez (3-3) 118 ½ lbs Sonora, MX…Scores were 40-36 on all cards

4 ROUNDS—SUPER FEATHERWEIGHTS—Rafael Vazquez (5-0) 128 ¼ lbs of Brooklyn, NY UD over George Santiago (1-2) 131 lbs of Brooklyn, NY…Scores were 38-37; 39-36; 40-35

4 ROUNDS—SUPER FEATHERWEIGHTS—Kamil Laszczyk (1-0, 1 KO) 128 lbs of North Bergen, NJ TKO 2 (1:25) over Emil Brooks (0-3) 128 lbs of Buffalo, NY

4 ROUNDS—HEAVYWEIGHTS—Vinny Celentano (2-0) 228 lbs of Howard Beach, NY UD over Richard Mason (0-3) 213 lbs of Westbury, NY…Scores were 39-37 on all cards

Friday, March 4, 2011

Judah vs. Mabuza Weigh-In


Votes from “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” Viewers Place Him Closer to Receiving “Cinturón Tecate” Award

NEW YORK (March 4, 2011) – Not only was Danny Garcia the winner of his fight against John Figueroa during last week’s “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” broadcast, but the judges at home also decided that he displayed the most character in the ring, earning him the right to compete for the “Cinturón Tecate” award. With 81 percent of all votes received from across the nation, our champion for the week enters the competition in second place.

“Cinturón Tecate” (Tecate Belt) is an award created to support the boxers who display the most carácter in the ring during the “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” broadcast each Friday on TeleFutura. Tecate recognizes that the audience at home is the best judge, which is why each text message sent to 55333 counts as a vote for their favorite boxer. To thank participating fans, each text submitted gives them the opportunity to win boxing memorabilia, such as T-shirts, autographed pictures, and even tickets to future “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” fights. Additionally, adults can cast their vote via the “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” section of

As contenders in the competition, the boxers who receive the most votes throughout the season will have the opportunity to win an actual “Cinturón Tecate” belt, equipment for their gym and donations to a charity of their choice in their name. Current rankings stand as follow:

Ranking Boxer % of Votes Date of Fight

      1. Frankie Gomez 87% Jan. 14

     2. Danny Garcia 81% Feb. 25

         3. Lucas Matthysse 80% Jan. 21

4. Eloy Perez 70% Feb. 18

      5. Raúl Hirales Jr. 62% Jan. 28

   6. Michael Perez 61% Feb. 4

Tonight, fans can continue to support their favorite boxers by deciding whether former U.S. Olympian Vicente Escobedo (22-3, 14 KO’s) or streaking Colombian veteran Walter Estrada (38-13-1, 25 KO’s) displays the most carácter during their “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” appearance at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif.

To vote, adults at home can watch the Telefutura broadcast of the fight at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT (10:30 p.m. CT) and send a text message to 55333 with B1 to vote for Vicente Escobedo or B2 to support Walter Estrada. Throughout the weekend, votes will also be accepted via the “Sólo Boxeo Tecate” section of

For more information on “Cinturón Tecate,” results or to speak with a brand executive about the brand’s continuous support of boxing, please contact FORMULATIN at (212) 219-0321.

Tecate Boxing

Tecate, cerveza con carácter, is the largest beer brand to sponsor boxing matches in the U.S. Part of its commitment to make boxing accessible to consumers is the title sponsorship of “Solo Boxeo Tecate,” which creates an opportunity for local fans to witness some of the most exhilarating fights by today’s up-and-coming prospects. Additionally, Tecate has been a primary supporter of Golden Boy Promotions’ marquee events since 2007, and has launched a variety of initiatives to ensure consumers are part of the boxing experience, including boxer autograph signing sessions, commemorative cans, PPV mail-in rebate offers, and most recently the launch of a mobile museum “Tecate Museo de Boxeo”, which showcases decades of the most memorable moments in the sport.

About Heineken USA

Heineken USA Inc., the nation's premier beer importer, is a subsidiary of Heineken International BV, which is the world’s most international brewer. European brands imported into the U.S. include Heineken Lager, the world's most international beer brand; Heineken Light; Amstel Light, a leading imported light beer brand; Newcastle Brown Ale, the leading imported ale in the United States; and Buckler non-alcoholic brew. Heineken USA is also the exclusive USA importer for the Tecate, Tecate Light, Dos Equis, Sol, Carta Blanca and Bohemia brands from Mexico. For a safe ride home, download the Heineken USA-sponsored Taxi Magic™ application from your smartphone. Please visit

About Golden Boy Promotions

Los Angeles-based Golden Boy Promotions was established in 2002 by Oscar de la Hoya, the first Hispanic to own a national boxing promotional company. In 2007, in its fifth year of promoting, Golden Boy Promotions set a record by selling over 2.5 million in pay-per-view homes in a single night. Also in 2007, Golden Boy Promotions established the record for highest grossing pay-per-view homes in a single year with more than 4 million total. In 2009, the company broke records again by breaking the million mark in pay-per-view homes again with the return of Floyd Mayweather against Juan Manuel Marquez. Golden Boy Promotions is one of boxing’s most active and respected promoters, presenting shows in packed venues around the United States and the world on networks such as HBO, HBO Latino, HBO Plus, SHOWTIME, TeleFutura, Televisa, ESPN2 and Fox Sports Net.

Golden Boy Promotions currently has over 70 fighters under contract, from future Hall of Famers Bernard Hopkins and Juan Manuel Marquez to current world champions and superstars Amir Khan, David Haye and Chris John. Also included on the company’s roster are top contenders Saul Alvarez, Marcos Maidana, Robert Guerrero, Victor Ortiz, Daniel Ponce De Leon, Librado Andrade and Abner Mares as well as highly regarded prospects Adrien Broner, Danny Garcia, Frankie Gomez, Erislandy Lara, Seth Mitchell, Carlos Velasquez and Deontay Wilder.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Quotes From Yesterday’s Media Conference Call Featuring Sergio Martinez

NEW YORK, NY (Mar. 3, 2011) – Yesterday’s media conference call featured Middleweight Champion, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez in advance of his “Diamond Elite” clash with WBO Jr. Middleweight Champion, Sergiy “Razor” Dzinziruk on March 12 from the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods, airing live on HBO World Championship Boxing. Also on the call were Martinez’ advisor Sampson Lewkowicz, and Lou DiBella, the promoter of the event.

Below are quotes from the call’s participants:

WBC Emeritus & The Ring Middleweight Champion, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez:

“It definitely wasn’t a lucky punch (vs. Paul Williams II). Anybody who has seen the tape – it’s not too long – see me throwing the same punch six times and landing five and then I knock him out. It was a premeditated punch, not lucky.”

“Like Lou said, he wants me to knock this boy out; however, people don’t know the quality of this champ to knock him out. I need to do the job and I’m ready to fight, if I knock him out or go the distance. But I will predict a knockout. I’m ready for either.”

“I’m very happy and content that I finally got my dues (after Williams II) to be recognized. It’s because of the hard work in the gym that I was able to come up with this victory.”

“I never want an easy fight. I want to fight the best. Mayweather cannot fight me; Manny Pacquiao cannot fight me. So, I need to fight somebody very challenging and the best opponent, or the best challenger, is Sergiy Dzinziruk. Nobody else is left.”

“Everybody’s wrong. The fight was officially made by HBO and HBO got the best available opponent, Dzinziruk, because he has the credentials. I didn’t lose the title, only for a few months, because after I beat Dzinziruk, whoever is at 160 (pounds) I want to fight, regardless of whom it’ll be. And I have no issues with that and nobody forced me to fight because I only want to fight the best.”

“I believe that in a way I gave up the title because I have a promise to fight Zbik and I needed to give up the title. However, I’m very proud and honored to be fighting for the Diamond belt that, I believe, is the most beautiful belt I’ve ever seen. There is lots of prestige to be part of that and I thank the WBC for this great opportunity and the WBC never closed to door to me, to the contrary, the WBC opened the door. Today, I am who I am.”

“It’s really a pity in my case because of problems fighting opponents or challenges. I’m not thinking of going up to 168 (pounds) because I’d be too small physically. So, I plan to stay at 160 for the rest of the year and then see what it takes for the future. I believe I’m too small for ’68. I will give too much of an advantage to 168-pounders.”

“I’m surprised that he (Dzinziruk) talked like that (“Sergio isn’t special”). But he will find out March 12th that he was wrong. I believe I have something special.”

“Really, this is the hardest training camp I’ve ever had. Former two-time champion, Daniel Santos, is with me, who fought Dzinziruk, and the other (sparring partner), Austin Trout, is the WBA 154-pound champion. I have the best sparring partners I can get.”

“I know very well…I’ve fought similar guys (to Dzinziruk) several times in Europe, but the problem is, no press in America know them. I’m used to it and he will use all of his intelligence against me and wait for me to make a mistake to counterpunch. I know what I need to do to avoid any complications. So, I have no problem with that.”

“It was very hard and sad to give up the title. I wanted to defend that title every time I could until the end of my career. But at this time I’m happy with the outcome, if my next fight after this I will recoup the title. I will demand to fight for the title, on behalf of my promoter, if he wants me to fight at 160, so (the winner of) Zbik and Chavez Jr. must face me or give up the title to me.”

“It (Feb. 21 was his birthday) was a very happy day for me. I got up at four in the morning, as normally, and finished training at 10 o’clock at night. It was no different except that I received phone calls of congratulations from all over the world and that was happy for me. But I worked normal like every day.”

“I will never celebrate - I dislike parties - after the fight. I like to be with my close friends and have dinner. That’s special. No, I won’t party after any fight. I don’t like parties.”

“I need to dictate the pace of the fight. I will not allow him to dictate. I’m the champion and I want to be the pound-for-pound best. So, I need to prove I can dictate the fight. The strategy I plan to use is being discussed. I just started discussing it with my trainer, Gabriel Sarmiento, because we do that the last week. For now, the only thing I do is training like I would train for any other fight.”

“It will be very good for Cotto, for me, and the fans so maybe it can happen in 2011.” (In regard to a fight between Martinez and Miguel Cotto.)

Martinez’ Advisor, Sampson Lewkowicz:

“I’m very happy to be part of Team Martinez and I definitely believe I have an excellent promoter who did a great job bringing Martinez to this position. Let’s hear from the champion, a great champion in and out of the ring, Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martinez.”

“He (Sergio) will not get in the ring with somebody who doesn’t have the stature. He will not do it.”

“He’s never talked about money. Every time when there are negotiations with Sergio Martinez and his team, there never was an issue and that is unheard of. He is the champion of the press; he is always available for the press.”

Statement from Martinez’ Trainer, Gabriel Sarmiento (read by Martinez’ strength-and-conditioning coach Cicilio Flores):

“Gabriel apologizes. He couldn’t be here today and in fact he’s training Javier Fortuna right now, who will also be on the undercard. Victor Cayo, he’s training him now, as well as Victor Gonzalez. Again, he apologizes for not being on this conference call. It’s very important to him but all he needs to say is his fighter, Sergio Martinez, is having the best training camp and one of the hardest training camps. In fact, he is hitting harder today than his last fight against Paul Williams. He is guaranteeing a knockout. He is very excited about this fight and he isn’t taking Dzinziruk lightly at all.

Promoter of “Diamond Elite” and Martinez, Lou DiBella:

“I want to point out that, even since our call (on Tues., Mar. 1), tickets are moving very, very well at Foxwoods. I’m urging people to get their tickets as quickly as possible, particularly at lower price ranges because those are moving very quickly and there are still some great ringside seats available. But I’m very, very happy with the performance of the event at the site and I think we’re going to have a great crowd at the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods. As everyone knows it’s going to be televised by HBO Sports and Andy Lee and Craig McEwan are in the opening fight.

“The fact that this fight is happening is a tribute to the type of champion Sergio Martinez is. In a lot of ways this is a no-win fight: this is the best fighter in the world, Dzinziruk, that no one knows. He is a very difficult guy to fight because of his defensive style, because of his great jab, his movement, and he’s a very well skilled guy. He’s really unknown in this country, but this is the fight HBO wanted. They wanted Sergio in a difficult match-up and it’s typically Sergio Martinez’ way. Sergio said, ‘Put him in front of me and I’m going to fight him,’ and he is. He is the boss and that’s why he’s become the ‘People’s Champion.’ He lost his WBC title and he’s now fighting for the Diamond title. Honestly, he’s doing that because he’s fighting the best and this is why he has captured the imaginations of so many boxing fans and why everybody is looking forward to March 12th to see this fighter and what he brings.

“Certainly, I’m proud to have Sampson Lewkowicz, the great boxing guy and one of the smartest men in the sport and great judge of talent, as my partner and Sergio’s advisor. I wouldn’t be promoting Sergio Martinez if Sampson didn’t bring it to my attention and that’s been one of the most fortunate things to happen to my company in recent years. Certainly, promoting Sergio Martinez has been an absolute pleasure.”

“Obviously, Sergio is looking for the biggest fights possible. We pursued the possibilities with Cotto and had conversations with Arum but the fight didn’t materialize. He (Arum) wasn’t interested in reaching out beyond his stable. But this is the most difficult fight; this is the toughest fighter out there. I said it’s a no-win situation, but if Sergio knocks this guy out at least intelligent people in boxing and the people who’ve seen Dzinziruk fight will know what an accomplishment it is.

“It’s just unfortunate that with a fight of this degree of difficulty, that the public doesn’t know the opponent. The opponent is a champion in his own right. He’s in his mid-thirties and never lost a fight and has had loads of successful title defenses. He’s a very, very good fighter. And this is consistent with Sergio’s pattern: from Kermit Cintron to Paul Williams, to Kelly Pavlik, to Paul Williams, and now to Sergiy Dzinziruk. There’s not a single fighter in the sport, not one, that’s gone through a ‘Murderer’s Row’ like that in recent fights. And like I said, that’s a credit to the greatness of Sergio Martinez.”

“One thing that makes Sergio so unusual is, yeah, I felt the way I felt, but his attitude was, ‘if they think this is the hardest guy, put him in front of me.’ There haven’t been guys like that I’ve had. I’ve promoted guys before that don’t shy away from challenges, but I’ve never had a guy like this whose attitude is: if you think this guy is the hardest, then that’s who I want to fight.”

“If HBO holds true with that as their principle goal, forward through the rest of the year and holds everybody to the same standard, then you’ll never hear a peep out of us about them insisting on us fighting anybody. And the truth is, what Sergio said is 100-percent the reality because he didn’t make a peep out of fighting Dzinziruk because he realized that’s who they wanted him to fight, and when he knew he was going to be paid appropriately, he was gung-ho to do it. “

“Sergio is studying English and his teacher is Nadia (Sergio’s translator). She’s really good and after he beats Dzinziruk, I’m going to twist his arm to say a few words in English at the press conference.”

“People who want to watch Cotto will have to pay about $50 to watch it and the same people, in all probability if they’re boxing fans and have HBO, will go back-and-forth. They’ll buy pay-per-view and go back-and-forth to watch both shows because that’s how hardcore boxing fans are. But I’m confident people want to see Sergio Martinez and that we have a great doubleheader on HBO that people will watch. So, sometimes, there are two fight cards in one night and it’s unfortunate. I prefer that there be only one – it’s better for the sport but people who have HBO don’t have to pay extra money to see this fight but they have to pay $50 to see Cotto. So, I’m guessing that even the people buying the Cotto show will switch the channel to watch Sergio Martinez.”

Tickets for “Diamond Elite: Martinez vs. Dzinziruk” are priced at $450, $250, $125, $75, and $50, and are available now through the MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods box office. Tickets can be purchased online at, by calling the box office at 1-866-646-0609, or in person at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods box office.

Ricky Hatton: "The Fire In The Belly Is Not There...Yet!"


WOODHAVEN, NEW YORK (MARCH 2ND, 2011)—This Friday night undefeated prospects, Patricia Alcivar, Vinny Celentano & Rafael Vazquez to see action at the beautiful Cordon Bleu Catering Hall in Woodhaven, New York. This card will feature some of the top prospects on the East Coast.

The card is promoted by New Legend Boxing Promotions.

In the main event, undefeated Super Bantamweight Juan Dominguez will take on Gabriel Gomez in a battle of undefeated fighters scheduled for six rounds.

Dominguez has a record of 6-0 with four knockouts in a row.

The twenty-five year old native of Brooklyn is coming off a second round stoppage over Johnny Rodriguez this past December 19th in his birth country of the Dominican Republic.

Gomez of Philadelphia likewise has a perfect record of 4-0.

Gomez has fought mainly in the southwest such as Oklahoma and Texas.

The twenty-six year old has a victory over twenty-eight fight veteran Arturo Herrera. In his last bout, Gomez scored a four round unanimous decision over Omar Gonzalez on December 17th in San Antonio, Texas.

In the six round co-feature, Mike Ruiz (10-4, 5 KO’s) of Long Island, NY will battle Jorge Barajas (5-4, 2 KO’s) of Boise, Idaho.

Also seeing action in a six round bout will be Lightweight Edward Valdez (3-8-2, 2 KO’s) of Brooklyn, NY takes on Angel Torres (2-4-2, 1 KO) of Yonkers, NY.

In a six round ladies Super Flyweight bout between undefeated Patricia Alcivar (3-0, 3 KO’s) of Queens, NY battling Laura Gomez (3-2) of Sonora, Mexico.

In a six round Jr. Welterweight bout, Jonathan Cuba (5-2, 4 KO’s) of New York will battle Eilud Torres (3-2-2, 2 KO’s) of Allentown, PA

In a four round Heavyweight bout, Vinny Celentano (1-0, 1 KO) of Howard Beach, NY takes on Richard Mason (0-2) of Long Island, New York

Rafael Vazquez (4-0, 3 KO’s) will see action against George Santiago (1-1, 1 KO) in a battle of Featherweights based out of Brooklyn, NY

Former Polish amateur star Kamil Laszczyk will make his pro debut against Emil Brooks (0-2) of Buffalo, New York in a four round Super Featherweight bout.

Tickets for this fantastic show are priced at $40; $60; and $80 with special VIP tables costing $1500 (seating for ten at the table) and can be purchased by calling New Legend Boxing Gym at 718-487-4474

Cordon Bleu is located at
96-01 Jamaica Avenue
Woodhaven, NY 11421

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zab Judah - Kaizer Mabuza Press Conference And Photos

On Saturday, March 5th, Zab "Super" Judah (40-6, 27 KO's) looks to recapture the IBF Junior Welterweight title when he squares off against South African Kaizer Mabuza (23-6-3, 14 KO's) for the vacant crown. The bout is scheduled for twelve rounds at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Since 2008, Mabuza's record stands at (8-0-1, 6 KO's). This will be Mabuza's second bout on American soil. Previously, Kendall Holt quit against Mabuza, 31, after the sixth round during their contest in Atlantic City, NJ in 2010.

Judah's record in the past several years has been equally impressive. Judah, 33, has won four in a row and six of his last seven bouts dating back to late 2007.

Today, at the Brick City Bar & Grill in Newark, New Jersey, both fighters expressed enormous confidence heading into their showdown Saturday night.

"We know his strength is his left uppercut," stated Mabuza. "But we came here to take that belt."

Mabuza added, "I feel like New Jersey is my second home now. I think I will come here and fight again if they want me back."

Mabuza believes Judah doesn't bring anything to the table he hasn't seen before. 

"We prepared with many southpaws for his style," declared Mabuza. "My focus is taking that belt home with me. Training camp has been three months now. Everything is going right according to plan."

At the moment, Mabuza feels the 140 lb. division is the strongest in boxing.

"This division has the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather," said Mabuza. "I'm in the right division to make things happen now. The main thing is to take this belt back to South Africa."

"We got a lot of southpaw sparring," claimed Kosie Wiese, trainer and manager for Mabuza. "Zab's southpaw style is not a problem for us. Zab Judah is going to have a problem Saturday night."

Pernell Whitaker, who now oversees Judah's corner, believes Judah is very ready for Saturday night.

"Everything I ask him to do, he does a little more," exclaimed Whitaker. "If he does everything I ask him to do, he'll win the fight."

Judah, who is never shy with words, talked about the opportunity that lies ahead.

"We prepared ourselves well for this opportunity," remarked Judah. "On Saturday night, you will see a 5-time champion of the world once again."

Judah showed a high-respect level for his opponent. 

"I appreciate everything this man has done," said Judah. "But now is not his time, not on Saturday night."

Judah added, "I prepared myself for twelve rounds; I prepared myself 100%."

"As a young kid, I idolized Pernell Whitaker and Mike Tyson growing up," boasted Judah. "Those two styles are different; You got one defensive guy and one aggressive fighter. I added both of them and I got Zab Judah."

Judah also discussed Mabuza's height and reach advantage.

"I'm 140 lbs, he's 140 lbs.," noted Judah. "That's all that matters. We're prepared for anything. I think Jan Bergman may have been a little bit taller than him, a little bit taller and a longer reach. And he went in four rounds."


168 lbs. - Tarvis Simms (26-1-1, 11 KO's) vs. John Mackey (13-5-2, 6 KO's), 8 Rounds

147 lbs. - Sadam Ali (11-0, 6 KO's) vs. Juliano Ramos (16-4, 13 KO's), 8 Rounds

Ali explained how he has been able to improve with each fight.

"I try to learn something each and every fight in the ring," stated Ali. I also keep learning in my gym. And, I work hard at getting in better shape. The better your shape, the more comfortable you'll be in the ring."

Ali added, "I've been sparring more, and I have been getting better sparring. I know how to adapt to different fighters. As the rounds go on, I know what to do to win."

135 lbs. - Shemuel Pagan (1-0) vs. Marcos Garcia (0-3), 4 Rounds

Shemuel "The Chosen One" Pagan, a 5-Time New York Golden Gloves champion, wants to look more impressive in his 2nd professional bout.

"There's a lot of improvement as I progress in this career," said Pagan. "I'm excited. I am going to crank it up a bit. I think I'm more excited now than my 1st professional fight, because I'm on the undercard of Zab "Super" Judah. I always wanted to be on his card growing up. It's a big thing to fight on a card with Sadam Ali and Zab. It's time to put Brooklyn back on the map."

147 lbs. - Vinny O'Brien (Pro Debut) vs. David Navarrao (0-1), 4 Rounds

154 lbs. - Greg Hackett (2-5) vs. Joseph Crosby (5-1, 1 KO), 4 Rounds

147 lbs. - Jose Peralta Alejo (4-1, 2 KO's) vs. Clifford McPherson (2-3-1, 1 KO), 4 Rounds

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