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Monday, May 30, 2011

South African Prospects Thomas Oosthuizen And Issac Chilemba Sign With DiBella Entertainment

By: Alex Dombroff, Dibella Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY (May 30, 2011) – This Memorial Day weekend, as families across the country gather around the grill, DiBella Entertainment is adding to its own family, announcing a weekend of new signings that will strengthen a stable that already includes some of the world’s best pugilistic talent. The final day of Memorial Signing Madness continues Thomas Oosthuizen and Issac Chilemba, two South African prospects vying for supremacy at the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions, respectively.

In November, 2010 Oosthuizen, 22, and Chilemba, 24, took the ring in an attempt to determine which was the best in and around the 168 lbs. and 175 lbs. divisions in South Africa. Their bout was inconclusive, with one judge scoring it 115-113 for each man and the third scoring it even, resulting in a split decision draw.

Since they faced each other, both have continued to exert their dominance over everyone else. Oosthuizen (14-0-1, 11 KOs) stopped Columbia Evert Bravo in nine rounds in March to win the IBO super middleweight title. Chilemba (17-1-1, 8 KOs) has started 2011 with new consecutive decisions wins, over previously unbeaten Maxim Vlasov in February, and over Vikapita Meroro in March to win the WBC International title at light heavyweight.

DiBella Entertainment will co-promote Oosthuizen with Rodney Berman’s Golden Glove Promotions out of South Africa.

Friday, May 27, 2011

DiBella Entertainment Begins Memorial Signing Madness, Inks WBC #2 Ranked Junior Welterweight Ajose “Smokin’ Joe” Olusegun; 3 More Days Of New DBE Acquisitions To Come As We Celebrate The Holiday Weekend

By: Alex Dombroff, Dibella Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY (May 27, 2011) – This Memorial Day weekend, as families across the country gather around the grill, DiBella Entertainment is adding to its own family, announcing four days of new signings that will strengthen a stable that already includes some of the world’s best pugilistic talent. Memorial Signing Madness begins with Ajose “Smokin’ Joe” Olusegun, the WBC #2 ranked junior welterweight.

Olusegun (29-0, 14 KOs), 31, originally from Nigeria, has been plying his trade almost exclusively in the United Kingdom since turning pro in 2001. In 2008 he won the Commonwealth title at junior welterweight with a clear cut decision against Nigel Wright. He defended the belt three times, including winning a rematch over Wright in which he also took home the British Boxing Board of Control British junior welterweight title. During his tenure in the UK, Olusegun also beat well-respected veterans Bradley Price (TKO4), Scott Haywood (TKO7) and Colin Lynes (KO8).

Recently, Olusegun moved to New York City to continue pursuing his boxing dreams. Now ranked #2 in the world by the WBC, Olusegun is looking towards a showdown with once-beaten Frenchman Ali Chebah (35-1, 28 KOs) in a WBC mandated eliminator.

“If you haven’t seen Ajose Olusegun fight yet, fire up Youtube and prepare to be entertained,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment. “He has one of the most crowd pleasing styles in boxing and fights in a division filled with big names. Ajose will prove that he belongs in with those big names.”

Talks are currently underway for Olusegun and Chebah to fight some time this year.


Do you know any boxers with bad dogs that need serious training? ANIMAL PLANET’S hit show “It’s Me Or The Dog” is looking to cast a fighter/boxer for it’s 4th season. The show features Victoria Stilwell, our host and world class dog trainer who has one of the highest success rates in the world for training very bad, unruly and untrainable dogs. We are looking for BIG personalities as candidates to have their dogs trained by Victoria. If you know of any fighter/boxers who would be a good fit for this show, or anyone with a BIG personality and very bad dogs that are driving them crazy, please contact Annette Ivy immediately.

Send photos, your story, and your contact information to or call Annette Ivy at 323-904-4680 x1113

Adamek, Klitschko Press Conference Quotes & Photos

Klitschko and Adamek shake hands at press conference 
Photo credits: SMG Polska 

Press Conference Wroclaw, Poland, Regional Center for Business Tourism

Vitali Klitschko:

"I like Poland. I've been here many times. I've lived here before. I have a lot of friends here. I have many good memories linked with Poland, they're positive. It just worked out that now I'll be fighting a Polish boxer. The most important thing to me will be the result. What more can I say? I think that it'll be a positive moment that will represent our countries. To quote Nelson Mandela: 'Sport has the strength to change the world'."

"You are a bad boxer if you don't wish to win a world title. Tomasz has a chance to become one. In this situation the only questions can be: Is this too important for him? Is it too late? It's never too early, never too late. He got his chance and he definitely has a chance if he wants it. The question is though, if I will let him take that chance."

"He's (Adamek) not an easy opponent, good technique, good condition, and a big heart to boxing, strong character and a strong desire to win. Those are the most important elements in boxing."

Reporter: Your fight with Adamek will be in Wroclaw, Poland on September 10, with approximately 40,000 fans. The Ukraine and Germans will come but there will be a dominance of Poles. Do you worry about a loud uproar for Adamek? "I'll repeat one more time that boxing fans are there to watch the fight. I understand that Tomasz will have a huge fan base. For me that's not the first time. I've fought in Germany against a German, in America against an American, in Britain against a Brit. So now that I'm fighting in Poland against a Pole, it makes no difference. The ring is always the same."

 Adamek and Klitschko at new soccer stadium
Credits: SMG Polska

Tomasz Adamek:

"I fight differently than I used to. I take a lot less hits, I'm more balanced. If you have a knack to box I think it's impossible not to keep learning. Everything is possible. You have to have faith and never give up. If you give up, you'll never win."

"In both Heavyweight and Cruiserweight they all said I was too small, and now it's (heavyweight) a hard weight class. As he (Vitali) gets older he's trying to do impossible things. I have shown that with determination you can win. I have a great trainer who taught me a lot since I started working with Andrew and they used to pound me. This lets me know that you can always beat the strongest people."

Reporter: In one of your last interviews, you said Vitali is getting older. Do you foresee maybe by the 7th or 8th round that he will become winded? "If I keep pushing a high

pace then definitely because he is a bigger and taller guy so he tires faster. I have to keep changing my position while striking. This is what I'll be working on with Roger. I'll be working on being fast. This is an area where I'll be able to beat him."

Reporter: In boxing you say that if you want to tire someone out, you hit them hard, is this true with Klitscko? "Absolutely. I'll have to work up and down. He's a big guy. We're working on that. I have a good trainer."

"I'll definitely have to keep a low position so I can get away from some serious strikes. That's the key. The rest you'll have to wait until September 10th to see. I have to represent myself well for Poland and the rest of the world."

"If I take on a challenge I'm going to put 120% into it. I invite you all to the fight on September 10th. You can watch it live in the stadium, or on TV. Best wishes to all.."

Fight and Ticket Information will be released shortly.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love And War

 Trites, Anderson bring mutual respect to the cage for June 10th showdown

By: Michael Parente, Classic Entertainment & Sports

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (May 26, 2011) – The last time he stepped inside the cage, Damien Trites carried the burden of a personal grudge that adversely affected his performance and led to a deflating loss to Dany Lauzon.

Six months removed from his most recent setback, a wiser, calmer Trites (5-4, 1 KO) plans on checking his aggression at the door when he faces Jeff “Candyman” Anderson (8-4, 2 KOs) of Lincoln, R.I., on the undercard of Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports’ “Nowhere To Hide” professional cage fighting show Friday, June 10, 2011 at the Twin River Event Center in Lincoln.

“I actually like Jeff,” said Trites, an Allston, Mass., native. “This isn’t like the Lauzon fight at all. I went in [against Lauzon] too aggressive. I didn’t pick my punches. I didn’t fight a smart fight. I feel relaxed now. I can go into that cage with a clear head and focus solely on the fight without worrying about outside distractions.”

On the surface, Trites’ newfound inner-peace might seem like bad news for the “Candyman,” but Anderson is a savvy veteran who’s faced elite competition since making his professional debut in 2008, therefore it’s unlikely he’ll be fazed by the task at hand. The combined record of the four fighters who have beaten Anderson – a short list that includes veterans Rene Nazere, Hitalo Machado, Luiz Rodrigues and Calvin Kattar – is 31-7. Anderson credits the loss to Kattar (11-2, 6 KOs) in March of 2010 as the turning point in his career.

“He’s the one that really made me challenge myself,” Anderson said. “After that fight, I knew I was ready. I lost, but at the end of the day it was a good experience for me. That’s the one fight that really got me prepared for any opponent that would come in the future. It gave me confidence to know I belong in this sport and that I can go against the best. It let me know I’m in this game and I deserve to be here.

“I’ve been against some of the best strikers, grapplers and wrestlers, so I don’t worry about what my opponent is going to do. Wherever the fight goes, I’m confident I can work myself out of any tough situation and get the fight back to where I want it to be.”

For Trites, June 10th is an opportunity for him to redeem himself in front of a Twin River crowd that watched him submit via the guillotine just 1 minute, 54 seconds into his main-event showdown against Lauzon at Burchfield’s “Snow Brawl” show. Trites attempted to settle a long-standing feud with Lauzon that began months before they agreed to fight last December, but couldn’t keep his anger in check once he stepped inside the cage.

“I don’t make excuses – if I lose, I lose – but if I could have that fight back I would fight it differently,” Trites said. “I know I can beat him. Physically, I felt strong that night. He wasn’t strong at all. On the ground, he’s real technical, and that guillotine was tight – I wouldn’t have tapped out if it wasn’t – but when I got in the cage my legs were like Jello. I felt mentally drained.

“If you watch closely, at one point in the fight when we got into a scramble he hit me with a right and I hit him with a right. Before that, I took a deep breath. I was gassed, but I wasn’t out of shape. The pressure before the fight was so great. Everyone wanted me to win. I’ve never been in the [Ultimate Fighting Championships] before, but that was the closest thing for me.”

Trites said fans should expect to see a much more disciplined fighter on June 10th.

“I think people will be surprised,” he said. “People underestimate my striking and how good my kicks are. I have grown a lot since I fought John Benoit [a majority decision loss in 2009]. Jeff doesn’t use a lot of angles. I do. I throw every punch with the intention of putting you to sleep. Anyone can win in this sport with 4-ounce gloves. If I hit him on the chin, he’s going down.”

Trites’ stand-up game, which has yielded only one knockout victory in nine fights, might come into play June 10th since Trites considers Anderson an elite “submission defender.” The proof is in the numbers – eight of Anderson’s 12 fights have gone the distance with Anderson winning five times.

“I’m real comfortable with my submission defense and I think it’ll help against [Trites],” Anderson said. “A lot of guys are good with submissions when they get to the ground, but being able to defend that is a strength in my game. That’s good for me – especially against him since most of his wins have been by decision.”

Anderson is cognizant of the fact Trites isn’t entering this fight with a chip on his shoulder and he shares the same respect for his opponent as Trites has for him, but all the good will and charm will go out the window once these two enter the cage June 10th. Although the circumstances might be different this time, the desire by both parties to walk away with a win remains the same.

“The two of us getting along? That might be a big plus on his side because now he can focus on the task at hand,” Anderson said, “but at the end of the day it’s all about who’s willing to put his entire body on the line to get that win.”

Added Trites: “Business is business and he’s not going to stop me from getting my hand raised. How big a statement would it be if I could finish him in the first round?”

“Nowhere To Hide” will be headlined by Boston native and former UFC competitor Alex “T-Rex” Karalexis (10-5, 5 KOs), who will face Tiawan “Iron Dragon” Howard (8-7, 3 KOs) of Cleveland in the welterweight main event. Boston’s Damien “The Omen” Trites (5-4, 1 KO) will battle Jeff “Candyman” Anderson of Providence, R.I./B+F Boxing in a lightweight bout. Welterweight Cody “The Wolverine” Stevens (8-1, 2 KOs) of Mansfield, Ohio, will take on Otto Rodrigues (4-1) of Brazil (now training out of the Fenix Fight Club in Woburn, Mass.; and Pete Jeffrey (4-4, 2 KOs) of Smithfield, R.I., will face lightweight Jason Trzewieczynski (4-6) of Lancaster, N.Y. Light heavyweight Dan McGuane (2-0) of Lincoln, R.I., will fight Fall River, Mass., native Kenny Hazzard (2-3, 2 KOs) in a separate, three-round bout. All fights and fighters are subject to change.

Tickets for “Nowhere To Hide” are $40.00, $60.00, $100.00 and $200.00 (VIP) and can be purchased by calling CES at 401.724.2253/2254, online at or, at the Players Club booth at Twin River, or through any TicketMaster location. Doors open 6 p.m. with the first bout scheduled for 7.

(Twin River has waived its 18+ rule for “Nowhere To Hide.” Anybody under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must enter through the West entrance.)

Zsolt “Firebird” Erdei Training Camp Notes

By: Alex Dombroff, Dibella Entertainment

PHILADELPHIA, PA (May 26, 2011) – Unbeaten former two-time world champion and lineal light heavyweight champion Zsolt “Firebird” Erdei (32-0, 17 KOs) will make his second straight appearance on American soil on June 4 when he takes on former world champion Byron Mitchell (28-7-1, 21 KOs) on the undercard of Carl Froch’s WBC Super Middleweight title defense against Glen Johnson in the semifinals of the SHOWTIME Super Six World Boxing Classic.

To give his preparation a boost for this fight, the Hungarian hero Erdei, who is fighting his second straight bout back at light heavyweight after winning a cruiserweight title in 2009, has taken up temporary residence in the world renowned fight town, Philadelphia, PA. Erdei gave some insight into his training for his upcoming battle with Mitchell, his quest to conquer America, and how he is getting acclimated to the gyms of Philadelphia.

How has your overall training been for this bout?

Up to today I'm very satisfied with my preparations. I began basic training sessions in Budapest with my new physical coach, Zoltan Klink, a former Soccer player. He made me begin running stairs, first in my homeland Hungary at the river Duna in Budapest, then in Hamburg, Germany, then at the Bethesda Terrace stairs in New York’s Central Park, and now here in Philly on the Rocky Stairs at the Museum of Art. In March I also had a three weeks camp in Kitzbühel (Austria) together with Vitali Klitschko under the control of my coach Fritz Sdunek.

How do you feel about coming to the United States for your second straight bout?

To fight in the States was and is still my dream. To be successful in this country is my target. I like this country, I like the people. The people here have respect for fighters!

How has your training picked up since moving to Philadelphia?

Very good. I do my work at Joe Hand Gym and have the sparring sessions in the James Shuler Boxing Gym with good guys around me. Here they feel, taste and live boxing - that's what I like!

Have you become acclimated to life in the United States?

I'm used to having to be flexible. It's my fourth time in the States and, especially before my last fight in November in Atlantic City, I have used the time to adapt the way of living here.

What are your favorite things to do here that you can’t do in Hungary?

To eat lunch in a Japanese restaurant. I like sushi very much, and it fits into my eating program.

What has a typical day of training been like for you?

To be in the gym in the morning time, have some lunch at our favorite sushi bar, and after the sparring a good, but special dinner. Also I like to be outside and visit the landmarks in Philadelphia. I spend the rest of my off-time reading and solving Sudoku puzzles.

What will be the one thing that you must do in the ring to beat Byron Mitchell on June 4?

Everybody knows my skills - I'm fast and my technical skills have always been enough. I’m an undefeated world champion and have been champion in two divisions. My skills are enough.

Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson is presented by DiBella Entertainment and Warriors Boxing, in association with Matchroom Sports and Caesars Atlantic City. The bout will be televised live on SHOWTIME Championship Boxing starting at 9 PM ET/PT (delayed on the west coast).

Tickets are priced at $300, $150, $100, and $50 and are on sale through the Boardwalk Hall box office and Ticketmaster. Tickets can be purchased online at, charge by phone (800-745-3000), or in person at Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City. Fans of Zsolt Erdei may purchase special “Fans of Zsolt Erdei” tickets by logging on to and using the password ZSOLT when promoted.

‘The New Generation Boxing Series’ Launches Saturday Night Fights Return June 18 In Hartford

By: Bob Trieger

HARTFORD (May 26, 2011) – Bulldog Cartel Promotions launches its “The New Generation Boxing Series” Saturday night, June 18 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

“We’re committed to bringing Saturday night pro boxing back to Connecticut and showcasing the pool of young talent here right at home,” promoter Craig Salamone said. “Our shows will feature old-fashioned boxers in entertaining, competitive fights for local bragging rights. These young guys need to fight in order to improve and a build fan base. Bulldog Cartel Promotions is going to give them that opportunity on a regular basis.”

The eight-round main event features a pair of dangerous cruiserweights sporting deceiving records, Joshua “Juice” Harris (7-4-1, 5 KOs) and Harvey “Candy Man” Jolly (11-17-1, 6 KOs). Harris, of Providence, registered a shocking first-round knockout of Alexis Mejias (10-1) two years ago, while Jolly did the same thing against previously undefeated Nicholas Iannuzzi (12-0), who recently lost a controversial decision to budding star Lateef Kayode.

The eight-round co-feature is an interesting match-up between a talented prospect, undefeated Hartford welterweight Javier “El Chino” Flores (5-0, 5 KOs), against 35-year-old veteran Shaka Moore (11-15-3, 2 KOs). Puerto Rica-native Flores is coming off of a sensational second-round knockout of Marcus Hall this past February. Moore, of Norwalk, won a four-round bout by technical decision versus Noel Garcia in April at the Connecticut Convention Center.

Another hot prospect, super middleweight Lamar Russ (7-0, 5 KOs) puts his perfect record on the line against TBA. Russ, now fighting out of Hartford, upset Haitian Olympian Elie Augustama by six-round decision in December.

Promising junior featherweight Luis Rosa, Jr. (6-0, 5 KOs), representing New Haven, meets TBA in a six-rounder. Also fighting on the undercard in four-round bouts are New Haven junior welterweight Carlos Hernandez (0-2) against Springfield’s (MA) Barrington Douse (0-1), along with three New Haven boxers making their pro debuts – lightweight Oscar Bonilla vs. TBA, junior featherweight Josh Crespo vs. Frankie Garriga and super middleweight Charles Foster vs. Lee Snow. Garriga and Snow will also be making their pro debuts.

Former world light middleweight champion Vincent “The Ambassador” Pettway will be working the corners of Jolley and Snow.

Tickets are priced at $80.00 (ringside) and $40.00 (general admission) and available to purchase by going on line to, at the Connecticut Convention Center box office, and calling 860.759.8898 or 203.889.1222.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Ocasio; Brown; Tiberi; Jenkins and the pro debut of Naim Nelson highlight ROUND 3 Undercard at Harrah’s Chester on June 3rd

By: Marc Abrams

CHESTER, PA (May 25, 2011)—On Friday night June 3rd at Harrah’s in Chester, Joey Eye Boxing along with David Feldman will present ROUND 3 that will be headlined by a six round Lightweight scrap between Philadelphian’s Victor Vasquez and Gutavo Daily.

Fans in attendance will be treated to a six bout undercard that will feature some of the most popular and up and coming talent in the Philadelphia.

Topping the undercard will be popular Light Heavyweight Tony Ferrante of Northeast Philadelphia taking part in a six round bout against Joe Park of Florence, South Carolina.

Ferrante, 26 years old, won his first nine bouts which included wins over Anthony Pietrantonio (6-1) and he won the WBF United States title with a eight round majority decision over Billy Bailey.

Ferrante lost that title when he dropped a ten round unanimous decision to Chuck Mussachio (15-1-2).

Ferrante will be looking to get back in the win column after he was stopped in three rounds to undefeated Ronson Frank (15-0) on January 28th

The Thirty-seven year old Park of Florence, South Carolina has a respectable record of 8-5 with six knockouts and will be a good test for Ferrante as he has fought some top prospects.

Park won his first four bouts via stoppage before dropping an eight round unanimous decision to undefeated Shane Benefield (11-0).

After three more wins, Park lost to former world title challenger LaJuan Simon (13-0-2).

Park has also fought Marcus Upshaw (3-0) and his last bout came against undefeated knockout artist Jason Escalera (5-0) where Park was stopped in three rounds back on June 25th, 2009.

In a four round Lightweight bout, undefeated Lightweight Angel Ocasio will see action against Randolph Scott.

Ocasio, twenty-one years old of Philadelphia, has a record of 4-0 with one knockout is coming off an impressive four round unanimous decision over George Santiago as part of ROUND 2 that took place on March 18th at Harrah’s in Chester.

Besides his exciting style, Ocasio brings a rabid fan base that has supported him emphatically through his first four bouts

Scott, twenty-seven of Sailsbury, Maryland has a record of 0-3 and is coming off a six round unanimous decision to Jamie Palma (13-13-1) on May 9, 2009.

Twenty-two year old undefeated Middleweight Rashad Brown (3-0, 1 KO) of Philadelphia will battle Phillip Burnette (2-2, 1 KO) of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Brown will making his first start in his home state after three straight wins in Atlantic City.

In his last outing, Brown stopped undefeated Darryl Parker (2-0) on March 26th as part of the Yuriorkis Gamboa – Jorge Solis world Featherweight title card.

Burnette, twenty-six, will be looking for his third straight win as he is coming off a unanimous decision victory over experienced William Wilson (8-6) on February 18th.

Part of the “Delaware’s First Family of Boxing”, Super Featherweight Joey Tiberi (3-1, 3 KO’s) will be looking to thrill his fans when he battles Jonathan Ocassio (0-7) of Philadelphia in a bout scheduled for four rounds.

After his scintillating pro debut knockout as part of ROUND 2 in March, Super Middleweight Fred “Freddy J” Jenkins Jr. of Philadelphia will take on six fight vet Corey Preston.

The twenty-four year old Jenkins, who is the son of longtime and well known Philadelphia trainer Fred Jenkins, looked explosive in taking out Scott Brunner in two rounds on March 18th.

Preston, 1-5 of North Carolina has been in with tough competition and Jenkins will be the fourth undefeated fighter that he has faced.

Rounding out the card will be the pro debut of Lightweight Naim Nelson taking on Kywame Hill.

Both Nelson and Hill are from Philadelphia so bragging rights will be at stake.

Hill has a record of 1-7 but the combined record of the thirty-three year old is 21-3-3.

The fights will be recorded for a tape delay broadcast by




Tickets are now on sale for $100 (VIP); $60 (Ringside) and $45 (General Admission) and can be purchased at the Harrahs Chester Gift Shop; By calling Joey Eye (267-304-9399); David Feldman (610-291-0806); 800-480-8020 or on

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Maurice Harris riding high going into Friday night’s rematch against Tony Thompson

By: Bob Trieger

NEW YORK (May 24, 2011) – The long, strange trip Maurice “Sugar Moe” Harris has taken during his often tumultuous 18-year pro career is close to reaching its ultimate zenith as the USBA heavyweight champion makes final preparations for this week’s rematch against former world title challenger Tony “The Tiger” Thompson,” live on ESPN Friday Night Fights from Reno Events Center in Nevada.

The IBF No. 6 Harris (24-14-2, 10 KOs) versus No. 7 Thompson (35-2, 23 KOs) battle is a scheduled 12-round, International Boxing Federation (“IBF”) Box-Off with the winner moving up to No. 2 in the IBF ratings, and earning an IBF Title Eliminator match against the other IBF Box-Off winner, top rated “Fast” Eddie Chambers (36-2, 18 KOs), who defeated Derric Rossey this past February by way of a 12-round unanimous decision. The winner of the fight between Chambers and Harris/Thompson will determine the IBF mandatory challenger for world champion Wladimir Klitschko (or David Haye if he wins their July 2nd unification fight).

“I try not to think too far ahead and to stay focused on the task at hand,” Harris spoke about not letting possible fights in the future being a distraction from his mission. “I hear that I’m only two fights away, but I’m not focused on fighting Eddie Chambers because I’m fighting Tony Thompson. I take it one fight at a time. If I don’t focus on Tony Thompson there won’t be an Eddie Chambers fight for me.

“I’ve always had it inside of me. I’ve worked too hard to get here and I’m not turning back now. I have done everything possible to get ready for this fight. Usually, when I do that, good things happen. This is my job. I don’t have a social life. Once in a while I may go to the movies with my wife or to Chuck E. Cheese with my kids, but boxing is all I really do. I’m going with my promoter’s logo: Boxing 360 and that’s all I do.”

A decade ago, Harris defeated Thompson by decision in the final of the “Thunderbox Heavyweight Tournament. “Things change,” Maurice commented. “I didn’t know Thompson then and I don’t know him now. I’m not going back nine years to that fight. This fight is now and that’s what counts. I know I’m a better fighter because with age comes wisdom. He’s gotten experience and fought in some big fights. I’ve been on my journey and he’s been on his. I’m ready. It’s going to be an interesting night.”

The 35-year-old Harris has beaten some of the best heavyweights, including former world champion Sergei Liakhovich and world title challenger Jeremy Williams, but he’s also lost to journeymen and no-name opponents. The reborn-Harris, however, has won four fights in a row since signing a promotional contract with Boxing 360.

“In the past I was just going along for the ride,” Harris added. “I wasn’t focused like I am now. I never thought it would come to this (two fights away from a world title shot). It all came unexpectedly but I always knew that I could beat the major players. Hey, I won’t be satisfied with a win Friday night because it isn’t my ultimate goal.”

Other members of Boxing 360’s stable include WBC #3 super bantamweight Leon “Hurry Up” Moore, former IBF super middleweight champion Alejandro “Naco” Berrio, NY State champions, middleweight Lennox “2 Sharpe” Allen and welterweight Danny Sostre, KO king Tyrone Brunson, Nick “Hands of Gold” Casal, Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano, middleweight prospect DonYil Livingston, Joshua “The Juice” Harris, Emad Ali, Mike Mollo, “King” David Estrada and Angel “Toro” Hernandez.

Go to for more information about Harris, Boxing 360 or any of its other fighters.


By: Marc Abrams

NEW YORK / READING, PA (May 24, 2011)—This Past Saturday night at The Soverign Center in Reading, PA, Jr. Middleweight Keenan Collins scored a destructive first round stoppage over Jorge Delgado which highlighted a six bout card and all the action is now available on-demand on

The card, promoted by Marshall Kauffman’s Kings Promotions is now available for just $9.99 by clicking:

Collins hurt Delgado with a big right hand for which Collins jumped on his prey. One more huge right hand crumpled Delgado to the canvas and the fight was stopped at the end of the first round.

Heavyweight’s William Miranda and Zeferino Albino fought to a four round draw.

Eilud Torres scored a six round unanimous decision over Travis Thompson in a Lightweight bout.

In a four round Jr. Middleweight bout, Grayson Blake scored a four round unanimous decision over Danny Lugo.

Osahon Omo-Osage and Cesar Gonzalez battled to a four round draw in a Super Featherweight bout

In yet another evenly matched fight, Randy Easton and Antonio Robertson battled to a draw in a heavyweight tussle.

- GFL is a pioneer in Internet Sports Broadcasting. Over the years GFL has broadcast more than 1000 live events with over 5000 combat sports videos in 196 countries. GFL is especially proud to have served greater than 3.3 million public viewers over the years with more than 150 combat sports related website affiliates in its network. GFL is now available on Roku, Android, IPhone, IPad, as well as other internet ready devices.

If Combat Sports is your game...Go Fight-Every Night with GFL Combat Sports Network

Monday, May 23, 2011



LOS ANGELES, May 23 - Televisa's "Sabados De Corona" is back on Saturday, May 28, as unbeaten Pedro Guevara takes to the ring in his hometown of Mazatlan to battle Guasave's Mario Rodriguez in a 12-round bout for the WBC Silver light flyweight championship.

In the co-main event at the Mazatlan International Center, former Two-Division World Champion Jorge "El Nino de Oro" Linares of Venezuela squares off against Colombia's Francisco Cordero in a 10 round fight for the WBA International lightweight title.

This stellar doubleheader headlines a hard-hitting night of boxing presented by Golden Boy Promotions and Box Latino and sponsored by Corona. The Televisa broadcast begins at 10:30pm CT/9:30 PM MT. Doors open at 5:00pm MT and the first bell rings at 6:00pm MT.

The fights will also be available in the United States as AT&T* is exclusively delivering the series across three screens (TV, Online and Mobile) to AT&T U-verse members. The U-verse broadcasts will air live at 9:30pm ET/6:30pm PT on AT&T U-verse(R) TV, U-verse Online at and, for subscribers to the U-verse Live TV mobile application, on qualifying mobile phones.**

Mazatlan Sinaloa, Mexico's Pedro "Jibran" Guevara (12-0, 8 KO's) has done his city and his country proud thus far in his three-year professional career, roaring out to a perfect record while showing off the skills that many believe will have him wearing a world championship belt sooner rather than later. Coming off of a 7-0 year in 2010, Guevara is riding a five-fight knockout streak that includes a third round finish of Karluis Diaz last December which earned him the WBC Silver light flyweight title that he will defend on May 28.

22-year-old Mario "Dragoncito" Rodriguez (10-6-3, 7 KO's) packs middleweight power into his 108-pound frame and, as a former WBC Continental Americas minimumweight champion, he knows how to fight and win at the elite level of the sport. In August of 2010, Rodriguez lost a hard fought 12-round decision to Donnie Nietes in a fight for the WBO minimumweight world title, but now up to 108 pounds, he's expecting big things, beginning with his upcoming showdown with Guevara.

One of boxing's best, former Featherweight and Super Featherweight World Champion Jorge "El Nino de Oro" Linares (30-1, 19 KO's) is seeking a third divisional title. Winner of three in a row since an upset loss to Juan Carlos Salgado in 2009, Linares hasn't been taking it easy, as he has been in with Francisco Lorenzo, Rocky Juarez and Jesus "Matador" Chavez in recent bouts. Next up for the Barinas, Venezuela native is a showdown with Cordero who with only one loss on his resume, will not be an easy out for Linares.

Barranquilla, Colombia's Francisco "Volcan" Cordero (23-1, 15 KO's) is a rising star who knows that a win over the highly-ranked Linares will be his ticket to the big time. A staple on the Colombian fight circuit who owns a win over 14-1 Koseki Nakama that took place in Nakama's home turf in Okinawa, Japan, Cordero's lone loss came in a 2010 world title bout against Jorge "Coloradito" Solis. After the world title challenge loss, he bounced back with a second round knockout over Julio Gomez, all systems are go for the talented 24-year-old. He looks to continue his winning ways against the formidable Linares.

For more information visit,,, follow us on Twitter at,,,or visit us on Facebook at


By: Swanson Communications

Sports history was made Saturday night when Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins (52-5-2, 32 KO's), at 46 years old, defeated 28-year-old former WBC and Ring Magazine Light Heavyweight World Champion Jean Pascal (26-2-1, 16 KO's), making Hopkins the oldest fighter in boxing history to win a significant world title. Not only did Hopkins take the belts from Pascal in front of 17,560 fans in his hometown of Montreal (an indoor boxing event record in Canada), but he defeated father time once again and solidified his place as one of the greatest athletes ever to compete over the age of 40.

With his unanimous decision victory, Hopkins became boxing's oldest world champion, breaking George Foreman's record, which was set 16 and half years ago. Foreman, who was 45 when he knocked out Michael Moorer for the heavyweight title on November 5, 1994, was 192 days younger than Hopkins when he captured his title.

Hopkins displayed his excellent conditioning and ring fortitude throughout the bout and hammered the point home at the beginning of the seventh round, when while waiting for Pascal to leave his corner, Hopkins dropped to the canvas and started doing push-ups (click HERE to see push-up highlights). According to the scorecards, that round went to Hopkins too. It was a great night of boxing with a spectacular performance by the ageless wonder Bernard Hopkins.

Bernard Hopkins & George Foreman Post-Fight Quotes

Bernard Hopkins:

"[Beating the record] feels great. I did exactly what I wanted to do, which was break this record. I knew it was going to be a tough fight, but I wasn't going to be denied. You don't get a chance to do this too often. You are supposed to win titles when you are your twenties, not when you're 46.

"I didn't feel 46 tonight. I felt more like 36.

"I can say I am a great fighter. It was exciting. I think everybody enjoyed themselves.

"I have been accused of being boring, but I saved the best for last. I am going to fight like this [with a more exciting style] as long as I am boxing. I believe I am an entertainer. When you are in your last performances, you give it all you've got.

"I want to box as well as I can, and I think there are still great fights to come before I leave this game.

"I give you breathtaking!

"I always fight with my heart, but I had to be careful too. I knew this guy was dangerous. He punched hard, but I knew I had to be strong too. Like I said before, I saved the best for last and gave you a blockbuster performance.

"I am going to keep fighting like this until I leave this game and trust me, when I leave, I will not be punch drunk, beat up or broke.

"Be happy I am still here because one thing we can say is that I am not wasting anybody's time. I went in there with a guy who that is young enough to be my son.

"I don't see anyone beating this strong bull from Canada. Coming from a veteran, he shouldn't load up on his punches. He needs to take advice from this legend and not throw his punches so strongly.

"He is a tough kid and he hit me with some good shots, but I am in tremendous shape.

"I think Canada will welcome me back to fight [Lucian] Bute. I want either Bute or [Chad] Dawson.

"This is in the top two moments of my career, right there alongside beating Felix Trinidad and the relevance of that.

"I showed him a little bit of Hearns, Wolcott and Ray Robinson, but mostly, I showed him me.

"Thanks to Golden Boy for getting this fight together after the first fight. We had to deal with a couple of things that worked out for everybody, especially the fans which is very important.

"I would like to thank everybody in Canada that gave me the respect. I hope it was what everyone wanted.

"He [Pascal] is a quality and respectful champion. He will be one of the ones that will stay around for a long time if uses this education that he experienced tonight.

"I just felt that I had to show that guy [Pascal] that he was fading and I was growing stronger. I wanted him to see me doing something crazy. I am the king of mind games. [On doing push-ups in his corner prior to round seven.]

"If I want to box until I am 50, I will as long as I come out unscathed. I will fight as long as I am hungry.

"If I don't win, this is over for me. I know there is no tomorrow. If I want to still box, I don't want to embarrass myself. I understand the stats are against me. I had to put myself in a situation where I had to be near perfect.

"I want to thank everyone for enjoying history.

"I talked to George Foreman on the phone. He said he might come out of retirement to break my record [laughs].

"If you thought tonight was something, you ain't seen nothing yet."

George Foreman's Reaction:

"I was on the edge of my seat every round. It was such an exciting fight. Bernard was the better athlete, the smarter fighter and was in the better condition. Now that a 46 [year-old] has done it, next a 47[year-old], a 48[year-old], a 49[year-old] and a 50 [year-old] will do it, and if somebody does it at 60, then I'll have to get back in there.

"Look, Hopkins did push-ups. What great conditioning, and he did it in Pascal hometown. Isn't that something? He was just so much better. I'm happy for Hopkins and I'm happy for mature athletes.

"If my record goes down, you want to see it go down that way. If it was the Olympics, Bernard gets the Gold Medal and breaks the record for the world championship. This was the best I've seen Bernard take charge of the fight with a young strong champion like Pascal. Long live the king."

HBO Sports will air a replay of the May 21 World Championship Boxing telecast:

Tonight, Monday, May 23 (11:15 p.m.) on HBO.

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, May 24 (11:00 p.m.) on HBO2.
(Times are ET/PT)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Five Fighters Join Team Fight to Walk!


New York, NY (May 18, 2011) – Junior middleweight contender DeAndre Latimore and prospects Sid El Harrak, Denis Douglin, Vinny O’Brien, and Delen Parsley have all joined Team Fight to Walk.

Created by unbeaten junior middleweight and West Point graduate Boyd Melson in association with, Team Fight to Walk’s mission is to raise awareness within the boxing community about the importance of stem cell research for spinal cord injuries.

Globally recognized as one of the best 154 pound fighters on the planet, Latimore, 22-3 (17 KO’s), is working towards landing another world title bout. The hard hitting Las Vegas based St. Lucian dropped a controversial decision in 2009 to then titlist Cory Spinks, but has won three of his last four bouts to put himself back in the mix.

“I’m very happy to be helping out,” said Latimore. “I know many people that are paralyzed and becoming involved makes me feel like a better person because I know that I’m helping those in need.”

Although he’s only fought twice as a professional, O’Brien, 2-0 (2 KO’s), has already made a splash in the North Jersey area. The charismatic and likeable East Hanover resident is a crowd pleasing fighter who brings a bevy of fans to support him. He’s also agreed to donate a percentage of his purse following his fight Friday evening in Newark, NJ.

Known as “The Messenger”, El Harrak had an outstanding 52-8 amateur record and turned pro in 2008, declining an opportunity to represent Morocco in the Olympic Games. Based out of Santa Clara, CA, El Harrak has an excellent 10-1 professional ledger and will donate a percentage of commission from ticket sales following his June 17 bout.

“I chose to get involved because helping make a difference in ones life is a beautiful thing,” said the talented welterweight. If everyone was willing to lend a helping hand to hose in need, a lot could be done and the world would be a better place to live in.”

Like El Harrak, Douglin, 12-1 (8 KO’s), is a 23 year old with the heart of a champion. The Morganville, NJ native and 2008 National Golden Gloves Champion decided to become involved with the cause after hearing about the daily struggles that people suffering from severe must endure.

Parsley, also an unbeaten rising star, is 5-0 with 2 knockouts and is quickly becoming a fan favorite in his native New York City. The former Junior Olympic Champion didn’t think twice about joining.

“Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy life to its fullest potential,” Parsley said of joining Team Fight to Walk. “It also feels great to help others that are having their hardships in life.”

With five new members representing Team Fight to Walk and a number of others expected to join the fight in the near future, Dr. Patricia Morton, Director of The Spinal Cord Injury Project, is thrilled by the generosity of the boxing community.

“I am awed by passion and commitment of these fighters to find a cure for all people with spinal cord injuries,” said Dr. Morton, who launched “We are deeply grateful for what they are doing for this entire community.”

Tax deductible donations can be made at and Team Fight to Walk’s website,, will have more information along with updates shortly.


(EAST HANOVER, NJ)—Welterweight prospect Vinny “The Lion” O’Brien has recently announced his involvement with the charity and that he will be donating 10 percent of his purse from his May 20 fight to the organization. is the fundraising project of SCINetUSA, the clinical trial network that was launched to test promising treatments for chronic spinal cord injury in the US. SCINetUSA will organize, administer, train clinicians and get approvals for the clinical trials.

O’Brien is also joining Team Fight to Walk, which is in association with the It is a team of fighters that are helping raise awareness and funds for the pending clinical trial.

“This organization was brought to me and I read up on it and did my research and truly believe it’s a great organization,” said O’Brien. “And I just wish my purse was $20 million. Not only me, but most of us wake up in the morning and get out of bed and take advantage that we have use of every limb and full control of our bodies. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for the patients and anything I can do to bring even just one person a little closer to motor movement and a dream to walk again I will.”

Since making his professional debut March 5, O’Brien has been garnering international attention due to his intense fight style and ability to put on a show for the fans. But outside of the ring the up-and-coming welterweight stays just as busy as when he is training for a fight.

In addition to working with, O’Brien also does his part to help impact other charitable organizations, including United Way, Boys and Girls Club and Find A Dream.

“It means a lot to me to be able to give back and be a part of these organizations,” said O’Brien. “Athletes are held in a higher standard, and it is important that we donate our time to charities. I feel like I have a great responsibility to reach out to those in need and be a positive role model or someone they can turn to for inspiration or motivation. Athletes have to lead by example.”

O’Brien stated in an interview prior to his first fight that besides making a huge impact in the boxing world with his skills and performance in the ring, outside of the ring he was adamant about bringing class back to the sport.

Actions speak louder than words, and rather than simply telling the fans and media what they want to hear to boost his popularity, the young fighter has and continues to live up to his words by diligently doing all he can.

“Boxing has been a big part of my life and more recently over the past four years,” said O’Brien. “Not to be a cliché but I was born for this, and everything about me is made for the path I’m on now. I will always be a part of boxing and find any and all ways I can help this sport. Boxing has been around since the gladiators and is an American tradition, and it deserves the respect of anyone involved with the sport to help bring class back to this beautiful science.”

Vinny “The Lion” O’Brien returns to action next Friday, May 20 as he will be making his debut on ESPN’s Friday Night Fights. To purchase tickets contact Lou Esa at 973-885-7962. For more information on Vinny visit or!/VinnyLionOBrien.

To donate now visit

Monday, May 16, 2011

ESPN's Friday Night Fights And Main Events Return To New Jersey

Former Junior Middleweight Challenger and U.S. Olympian Co-Featured

ESPN's Friday Night Fights presented by Corona Extra, will originate from Newark, N.J. May 20 at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN2 when former junior middleweight world title challenger Joel "El Predador" Julio (36-4, 31 KO's, WBC#33) and undefeated 2008 U.S. Olympian Sadam "The World Kid" Ali (12-0, 7 KO's) are featured in co-main events. Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas will be ringside at the Amerihealth Pavilion describing the action. The card is presented by Main Events.

Prudential Centers' Amerihealth Pavilion will bring Main Events back to the intimacy and excitement of its roots. Beginning in May 1978, and lasting through April 1986, Main Events made its name in the boxing business with a series of more than 50 fight cards at Ice World, a little known ice skating rink in Totowa, N.J. By 1980, ESPN had begun televising the "Fights on Ice" series. What started out as a local incubator for local boxing talent quickly grew into a nationally known phenomenon. The final show at Totowa in 1986 featured Mark Breland and was broadcast live on ABC.

This Friday Miami resident and Colombian native Julio will meet Buffalo's Anges "Baby Face" Adjaho (17-5, 9 KO's). After being TKO'd in the 11th round by Alfredo Angulo, Julio rebounded with a 10-round unanimous decision win against Jamaal Davis in his last fight.

"Joel's been preparing for this fight for about three months," trainer Anthony Hamm said. "I've been working with Joel since the Angulo fight. I didn't want him to take that fight, especially at 154 pounds, because Joel's a natural 147-pounder. He looks good at this weight and he's punching harder now. He's going to be a sight to see this fight."

Brooklyn's Ali, taking a step up in class, will meet "The Renegade" John Revish (9-3-2, 8 KO's). Ali is coming off a third-round knockout over Javier Perez. After that fight,'s Dan Rafael wrote, "Ali looked very good in dismantling Perez. Ali, with a tremendous speed and power advantage, nearly had Perez out in the first round when he crushed him with a left hook to the jaw. The punch sent Perez's head swiveling and knocked him to his rear end. In the third round, Ali landed another brutal left hook to the jaw that dropped Perez even harder. Perez was flat on his back and spread eagle as the referee stopped it at 2 minutes, 40 seconds. He remained on the floor for a few minutes, and Ali had himself an eye-catching victory."

Studio host Brian Kenny will present all the latest boxing news and highlights.
"We plan to replicate the Ice World model in this new space and develop the champions of the future," said Main Events CEO Kathy Duva.

World champions, including Breland, Rocky Lockridge, Bobby Czyz, Livingstone Bramble, Pinklon Thomas, Buddy McGirt, Tracy Harris Patterson, John John Molina, Robert Hines, Leo Randolph and Vinny Pazienza all made early career appearances at the Totowa rink. Also among the notables who fought there were eventual top contenders Alex Ramos, Chuck Wepner, Mike Quarry, Christy Elliott, Curtis Harris, James "Hard Rock" Green, Ramon Ranquello, Hilliard Edmonds, Jr., Francesco Damiani and Scott Frank.

Ticket Info:

Tickets are on sale now, $103 for ringside and reserved floor seats, $63 general admission bleachers and $33 general admission standing. Tickets are available online through, Charge-by-phone: 1-800-745-3000, Ticketmaster Express 866-448-7849 and Ticketmaster ticket centers. Tickets are also available at Prudential Center's Box Office and

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Andre Ward: "I Want That WBC Belt!"

Arthur Abraham: "I Don't Think He (Ward) Has Power At Super Middleweight."

Donnell Holmes Fighting For Recognition

Story by Chris Williams
What does a professional boxer do in a year and a half hiatus from the ring? In the case of undefeated heavyweight Donnell Holmes, he drives a truck to support his family, and re-focuses his professional boxing career for one last run at a heavyweight Title shot.

Donnell Holmes returns to the ring May 20 at the Long Branch Saloon in Raleigh. While he is facing a relatively unknown fighter, Holmes sees this tune up as a gauge to measure where he is mentally and physically.

“I’ve been riding a truck to make ends meet, and I can’t afford to take time off to spar and do the things necessary for my profession. This fight is going to let me know where my wind is and how sharp I am or how much work I’ll need to get sharp. I need this fight.”

Holmes last fought February 27, 2010. He scored a crushing second round knockout of Brad Gregory. The fight was attended by then IBF President Marian Muhammad, and was supposed to be Holmes’ audition for a Heavyweight title eliminator fight. Things never transpired, and a year and a half later, Holmes is in the same spot – fighting for recognition.

"I’ve been boxing as a pro for over eight years. Boxing hasn’t done (expletive) for me. I turned pro wanting to make money and be able to take care of my family and friends. I wanted to measure myself against other great fighters to see where I stand. Instead, I’m broke. I’ve been through promoters Don King, Gary Shaw, and a guy (Rick Lazes) who cared nothing about me or my family. I was a showpiece for him. He got more out of telling people he was my promoter than helping me get fights to feed me and my family. Now, I feel like I’m starting over trying to get a title shot."

With a record of 33-0-2 (28 KO’s), Donnell Holmes should be fighting for an opportunity to face one of the Klitschkos or David Haye. He is using May 20 to jump start his career, earn a world ranking, and gain the attention of some of boxing’s top promoters.

Will fame and fortune soon come for Donnell Holmes? Paul Marinaccio and Crystal McGill’s Jaw Breaker Promotions are putting their faith in him by promoting the May 20th card, which will also feature boxers John “Bang Bang” Butler and undefeated Vernon Alston. Marinaccio, who recently fought ranked heavyweight Tony Thompson, and McGill believe they are leading Donnell to the runway - hoping he will
take off and finally get his shot before he turns 40.

For Holmes, May 20th will be treated like his professional debut. His opponent doesn’t matter; What matters is how he feels and how sharp he looks!

Tickets for Fight II – East Coast vs. West Coast featuring Donnell Holmes on Friday, May 20 start at $35 and are available through or for VIP Tables please call RallyPoints at (919) 678-1088. The action starts at 7:30.

Friday, May 13, 2011


Long-time super middleweight contender, Jean-Paul Mendy will finally get his crack at a world championship when he takes on defending IBF super middleweight champion, Lucian Bute on July 9th at the Romexpo Dome in Bute's home country of Romania. Bute-Mendy is promoted by EuroPlus Computers S.R.L., and Interbox in association with Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing.

"I am pleased that Jean-Paul Mendy finally has his world title shot, especially against such a great Champion in Lucian Bute" stated Mendy's promoter, Joe DeGuardia, CEO and President of Star Boxing. "The super middleweight division is one of the most exciting divisions in boxing right now, and it will be exciting to be in Romania watching a World Title between two fighters with 57 combined wins, no defeats and 39 KO's among them."

John-Paul Mendy stated: "I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. It will be a very great night in Romania on July 9th and I am very pleased that I will finally be in the ring fighting for the World Championship against Bute. I expect to bring the IBF Title belt home with me"

The southpaw Mendy, a 1996 Olympian for his native France, has compiled a 29-0-1, 16 KO record and has been pro for over 10 years. Mendy won the French super middleweight title in just his 9th fight, defeating 19-1 Rachid Kanfouah. Mendy defended that title four times.

Bute, who sports a perfect 28-0, 23KO record has defended his IBF title successfully seven times since winning the belt in 2007 against Alejandro Berrio. Bute, who was born in Romania and represented his native country in the 2003 Amateur World Championships, moved to Canada to begin his pro career. Bute has a strong following in his adopted home, having fought almost all of his professional fights there. The bout on July 9th will only be Bute's second time fighting in his home country of Romania as a professional, and first time as a World Champion.

Bute-Mendy is presented by EuroPlus Computers S.R.L., and Interbox, in association with Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing. The bout is scheduled for twelve rounds and is for the IBF Super Middleweight Championship of the World. The bout will take place Saturday, July 9th at the Romexpo Dome in Bucharest, Romania.

Super Six Semifinalists Carl Froch & Glen Johnson Make Their Prediction For This Saturday’s Semifinal Affair Between Andre Ward & Arthur Abraham; Froch & Johnson Square Off June 4 At Boardwalk Hall In Atlantic City

NEW YORK, NY (May 13, 2011) In 22 days, WBC super middleweight champion Carl “The Cobra” Froch and Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson will take the ring at the Adrian Phillips Ballroom at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City in the semifinals of the SHOWTIME Super Six World Boxing Classic. But, by the time they step in the ring, both combatants will already know who is in store next for the winner, as this Saturday WBA super middleweight champion Andre Ward and Arthur Abraham square off in the first semifinal bout.

Froch and Johnson weighed in on this weekend’s battle:

Carl “The Cobra” Froch: “I feel Abraham has got the punching power in both hands to take Ward to places he has never been inside a boxing ring. It’s just a matter of whether or not he can get past Ward’s excellent boxing ability, the kind of ability that earned him an Olympic Gold Medal. Although this is the pros, I still think the smart money is on a points win for Ward. But, don't be surprised if Abraham turns up meaning business and uses his strength to close the ring down. He might just catch Ward unexpectedly for a KO win.”

Glen “The Road Warrior” Johnson: “It is going to be a tough, close fight. I like Ward pulling out a close win. If Abraham is going to win, he’s going to have to score a knockout, but I see Ward using his speed and coming away with the decision.”

Carl Froch vs. Glen Johnson is presented by DiBella Entertainment and Warriors Boxing, in association with Matchroom Sports and Caesars Atlantic City. The bout will be televised live on SHOWTIME Championship Boxing starting at 9 PM ET/PT (delayed on the west coast).

Tickets are priced at $300, $150, $100, and $50 and are on sale through the Boardwalk Hall box office and Ticketmaster. Tickets can be purchased online at, charge by phone (800-745-3000), or in person at Boardwalk Hall Atlantic City.

For information about DiBella Entertainment, including a list of all upcoming bouts, please visit, or follow Lou DiBella on twitter, @loudibella.

Team Puerto Rico Boxing present back-to-back boxing spectacular, Boricua Invasion I & II on June 10 & 11 at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC

Galarza, Dulorme, Pedraza top Friday night; Del Valle, Gonzalez, Arroyo, Sanchez, and Bracero to see action on Saturday

NEW YORK, NY (May 12, 2011) Two of boxing’s top promoters have put together a tribute to the great Puerto Rican boxers of past and future in the only way they know how: by staging two spectacular boxing shows, back-to-back in the same venue, loaded with the best young talent the island nation has to offer and hosted by one its greatest champions on the precipice of Puerto Rican Day Parade weekend.

On June 10 and 11 the Roseland Ballroom in will be the headquarters for Boricua boxing pride as Gary Shaw Productions (“GSP”) and DiBella Entertainment (“DBE”) proudly present Boricua Invasion I and II. Boricua Boxing I will air live on ESPN2 Friday Night Fights, while Boricua Boxing II will be televised live on Showtime on ShoBox: The New Generation.

Both events will prominently feature members of Team Puerto Rico Boxing, the eight-man team of Puerto Rico’s future ring stars that GSP, DBE, Javier Bustillo’s Universal Promotions, and Leon Margules of Warriors Boxing have joined forces to assemble.

With hall-of-fame champion, and Puerto Rico’s beloved son, Felix “Tito” Trinidad acting as ambassador and host, Borcua Invasion I will feature highlight-reel welterweight KO specialist Kenny “Battlestar” Galarza (14-1, 14 KOs), of Juana Diaz, PR, in the main event against fellow Puerto Rican contender, Irving Garcia (17-6-3, 8 KOs). Topping undercard are the unstoppable welterweight on everybody’s “one to watch” list, Thomas “Tormenta” Dulorme (11-0, 10 KOs) as he battles former world champion DeMarcus Corley (37-17-1, 22 KOs), and former Puerto Rican Olympian, the 21-year old sensation,, Jose “El Dulce” Pedraza (2-0, 2 KOs) against an opponent to be named.

Special added attractions appearing on the undercard will be San Juan’s own Emanuel Gonzalez (9-7, 4 KOs) in a light heavyweight scrap, Puerto Rico-born women’s former world champion Melissa Hernandez (14-2-3, 5 KOs) of the Bronx, undefeated New Jersey welterweight southpaw Alex Perez (13-0, 7 KOs), Kansas heavyweight Steve Martin (0-1) and Dominican lightweight Jose Guzman (8-1, 5 KO).

Tickets for Boricua Invasion I on Friday, June 10 are priced at $175, $125, $75, $45 and are available through, charge-by-phone, or at any Ticketmaster outlet. On Saturday, Doors will open at 6:00 pm and the action starts at 6:30.

The next night, with legendary Trinidad once again acting as host, Boricua Invasion II will feature five more members of Team Puerto Rico Boxing taking their turn in the spotlight, as popular undefeated Puerto Rican featherweight Luis “Orlandito” Del Valle (12-0, 10 KOs) faces the stiffest test of his young career against the all-action Vietnamese brawler Dat Nguyen (117-1, 6 KOs). Rounding out the ShoBox broadcast will be Vincent Arroyo, coming off an 8-round decision over previously unbeaten Willie Nelson, against fellow Boricua Hector Sanchez (19-1, 9 KOs) and intimidating middleweight knockout artist Jonathan “Mantequilla Gonzalez (12-0, 12 KOs) against an opponent to be named.

In a special off-TV attraction, unbeaten Gabriel “Tito” Bracero will duke it out with an opponent that will be announced in the coming days.

On the undercard, team member Jorge “Machito” Maysonet Jr. (3-0, 2 KOs), the promising son of former world title challenger Jorge Maysonet Sr., will look to stay unbeaten in a light welterweight four-rounder, Cupey Alto, Puerto Rico’s undefeated junior middleweight Elieser Gonzalez (11-0, 6 KOs), Bronx, New York super bantamweight Raul Lopez (5-1, 3 KOs) and undefeated Puerto Rican women’s sensation Amada Serrano (9-0-1, 5 KOs) will all see action.

Tickets for Boricua Invasion II on Saturday, June 11 are priced at $200, $150, $85, and $55 and are available through, charge-by-phone, or at any Ticketmaster outlet. On Saturday, Doors will open at 7:00 pm and the action starts at 7:30.

“These two events are the only right way to celebrate Puerto Rican boxing and its heritage and its future,” said Shaw of the blockbuster shows. “The mood in the Roseland Ballroom will be electric both nights, as New York City’s Puerto Rican citizens and fans of action-packed boxing flock to see their champions of tomorrow.”

“We are rolling out Team Puerto Rico Boxing in style with these two events,” added Lou DiBella. “If you live in the New York area, get a ticket and see what true nationalist passion looks and feels like, as the Puerto Rican fighters and fans join forces to celebrate their great country. Friday, June 10 and Saturday, June 11 will be unforgettable reminders of the glory days of boxing and I’m proud to be doing this.”

For eight decades, the fabulous Roseland Ballroom has been known as "The World's Greatest Ballroom." It has echoed with some of the greatest concerts, entertainers and events of our time. Dancers such as Arthur Murray, Joan Crawford, Ray Bolger and Fred Astaire have graced its stage and entertainers from Ozzie Nelson to The Rolling Stones and Madonna have played there. Roseland continues what it started in the 1920's, which is the tradition of bringing distinguished acts and clients to its venue, but now with an updated style.

For more information on Team Puerto Rico Boxing and Boricua Invasion I & II, visit or For more information on the Roseland Ballroom, visit

Peter ‘Kid Chocolate’ Quillin Now In Sweet Position

LOS ANGELES (May 11, 2011) – Newly-crowned USBO Super Middleweight champion and undefeated prospect, Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin (24-0, 18 KO’s), finds himself in a sweet position after his electrifying knockout of former world title challenger Jesse Brinkley (35-7, 22 KO’s) on April 30 in Reno, Nevada in a fight televised live on TeleFutura’s “Solo Boxeo Tecate.”

The 27-year-old Quillin rocked Brinkley in the opening round with an overhand right, showed poise during target practice in the following round, and finished-off the then International Boxing Federation (“IBF”) No. 7-rated Brinkley when referee Joe Cortez mercifully halted the action at 2:34 of the third.

“Going into that fight I had a lot more confidence to do in the ring what I had worked so hard on in training camp,” Quillin said. “I orchestrated my camp and was more in rhythm to take care of boxing in order to be an explosive winner. I hurt him in the first round but didn’t go in for the kill. I relaxed and took my shots, realizing I could hit him again at any time. I hit him with a lot of hard, accurate shots. I stayed with our game plan in the second round but my corner (trainer Eric Brown) told me after the second round that Brinkley was ready to go.

“Our game plan was to box him the first five rounds and go from there with a lot of pressure. I hurt him in the first but didn’t pressure him then because I didn’t exactly know how he’d react. I never underestimated him because he’s a serious fighter. I didn’t want to risk trying to finish him off then. I was in the biggest fight of my career and just did what was natural. I knew I had a lot of power and he was right there for me to hit. I wanted to show more boxing, go to the body, but the fight only lasted three rounds.”

Quillin is now in an enviable position, training at Wild Club Boxing Club under Freddie Roach and Brown, promoted by Golden Boy, and even being mentioned as a participant in a high-profile fight, possibly against Sergio Martinez.

“I’ll fight anybody put in front of me as long as everybody – Golden Boy, my manager (John Seip) and corner – all agree that the opponent is the right one at this stage of my career,” Quillin noted.

Seip doesn’t believe there’s a rush for “Kid Chocolate” to be in a mega-fight, or need to fight again above middleweight. He noted that Quillin is a relatively young 27 with only 15 amateur matches and no “wars” as a professional having won 84 of 86 rounds.

“I’ve been with Petey six years and we’re going to stay the course,” Seip explained. “Why deviate? He’s on his way and totally destroyed Brinkley. He’s getting stronger working with his strength-and-conditioning coach, Brad Bose (Anatomi Gym in Santa Monica), who I call ‘The Professor’ because of his cutting edge programs. We’re sold on Golden Boy, Freddie Roach and Eric Brown, and believe with them he’ll become world champion. Petey has youth, athleticism, speed and power but people still haven’t seen his best punch, yet – left hook – because he’s been hurting guys with his right. I’d like to get him one or two more fights against a top 10, top 5 opponent before putting him in a world title fight. Physically, he’s capable right now, but this is the big time and I want to make sure he’s mentally prepared for the pressures of fighting in a major fight.

“He certainly was impressive, looking real strong against Brinkley, but Petey is going back down to 160 for good. We took this one fight against Brinkley because it was a great opportunity, but Petey is a middleweight, and I believe he’s the biggest puncher there. After the fight Brinkley told me Petey hits harder than (Lucian) Bute. We’ve been patient all along and there’s no reason to change now.”

For more information about Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin go online to or follow him on Twitter @/Kid Chocolate.

Thursday, May 12, 2011



LOS ANGELES, May 11 - "Vicious" Victor Ortiz's stirring April victory over Andre Berto not only earned him the WBC Welterweight World Championship, but it also showed the power of perseverance against all odds, and not just in the ring, but in life as well. As a result, Ortiz was honored yesterday with a proclamation signed by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as well as with the declaration of May 10 being named "Victor Ortiz Day" in his home state. Ortiz also visited the Kansas House of Representatives and was honored with a standing ovation during the final legislative meeting of the term.

"I wanted to take this chance to honor a Kansas champion," said Governor Brownback. "Victor's story is not only a lesson in the value of positivity - it's also a lesson in determination, patience and hard work. He exemplifies the spirit of not getting bitter over the circumstances of your life, but rather to channel your energy into making yourself better."

"I'm honored that Kansas has love for me, because eight years ago, I was Victor who? Now I'm hanging with the Governor," smiled the 24-year-old world champion, a native of Liberal, Kansas who grew up in Garden City. "I'm excited by all the attention this world title has brought to me in the last two weeks. It was an honor and a privilege for the government and the people of Kansas to acknowledge my hard work. Now, my gift to them will be to continue to work hard and always perform like I did on April 16."

Added Ortiz' longtime manager Rolando Arellano, "Victor's win was one of the sweetest moments in my 15-year career. Getting to celebrate this momentous occasion with him in Kansas is a very humbling experience for me."

Abandoned by his parents as a child, Ortiz and his siblings were forced to deal with unbelievable hardship, but through boxing, Victor found his light at the end of the tunnel. Through the ups and downs every fighter goes through in the ring, he persevered and eventually earned his first world title in a bout many are calling the first great fight of 2011.

"It is my hope that no child in Kansas ever has to face the circumstances that Victor had to," said Governor Brownback said. "But now, everyone that knows Victor says that he can't keep a smile off of his face. That positivity has served him well in his boxing career, and it's that positivity that I would like to celebrate and honor today. Victor didn't get bitter-he got better."

"Victor's story is such an inspiring one and to see him rise the way he has makes me feel fortunate that I know him and that we have him on our team," said Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions. "The best part of this is that this story isn't finished yet, as he has a bright future ahead of him."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Floyd Mayweather Claims He Agreed And Signed To Everything

Ponce De Leon: "For Me, The Fight Was Easy (w/Broner)."

New Opponent For Joel Julio On May 20th

 Brick City Boxing Series, Prudential Center, Newark,  New Jersey

Main Events CEO, Kathy Duva, today officially announced a new opponent for Joel Julio's May 20th welterweight bout. Julio (36-4, 31KOs) will take on Anges Adjaho, of Cotonou, Benin (Africa), 17-5, 9KO's. Antwone Smith was forced to withdraw from his fight against Joel Julio because of an elbow injury. For Julio this fight is particularly important because it will be his first test back at the 147 weight class.

Held in the intimate boxing club environment of Prudential Center's AmeriHealth Pavilion, Newark, New Jersey, the fight will be broadcast on ESPN 2, 9-11 pm EST. The Brick City Boxing Series fight is promoted by Main Events.

Local fighter favorites to be featured on the undercard include: Sadam "World Kid' Ali of Brooklyn, NY, 12-0, 7 KO's; Jose "Mangu" Peralta of Jersey City 6-1, 4 KO's; crowd-pleasing Vinny O'Brien of East Hanover, 2-0, 2KO's; Newark favorite, Angel Concepcion, 4-0; Bronx, NY's Joel Castillo, 8-0, 5KO's; and Tyrone Luckey of Middletown, NJ, 3-0,3 KO's.

Tickets are on sale now, $100 for ringside and reserved floor seats, $60 general admission bleachers and $30 general admission standing. Tickets are available online through, Charge-by-phone: 1-800-745-3000, Ticketmaster Express 866-448-7849 and Ticketmaster ticket centers. Tickets are also available at Prudential Center's Box Office and

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Son Of The Legend, Aaron Pryor, Jr., Scores Majority Decision Win Over Librado Andrade In Sólo Boxeo Tecate Main Event

INDIO, CA (May 7, 2011) – Aaron Pryor, Jr. doesn’t fight like his dad, boxing legend Aaron “Hawk” Pryor, but he is starting to learn how it feels to score big wins, just like his old man did three decades ago. Pryor, Jr. notched the biggest victory of his career on Friday night, sticking and moving his way to a 10-round majority decision over former three time world title challenger Librado Andrade in the main event of TeleFutura’s Sólo Boxeo Tecate from the Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA.

Andrade vs. Pryor Jr. was presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with DiBella Entertainment and sponsored by Cerveza Tecate.

The Cincinnati native Pryor, Jr. (16-3, 11 KOs), 32, looked like a different fighter than the one from his first 18 professional bouts, displaying a much improved jab and head movement to keep the all-action Andrade (29-4, 22 KOs), 32, at bay. In contrast to Pryor, Sr., who was known for his non-stop punching style, the younger pugilist wisely boxed, and often found a home for his right hand when Andrade pressed forward.

When the cards were tallied, it was Pryor Jr.’s boxing acumen that was rewarded with a majority decision. Scorecards were 96-94, 96-94, 95-95.

“I’m just so happy to get my career jumpstarted,” said Pryor, Jr. following the win. “Andrade was very tough, and one of the hardest punchers I’ve ever faced. I know I have a lot of work to put in, but I can feel the improvements.”

Friday, May 6, 2011


Earlier tonight, Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing, brought live professional boxing back to the Bronx with the latest installment of the "Punchin at the Paradise" fight series at the historic Paradise Theater on Grand Concourse in the Bronx. The show, which was the first of five scheduled shows at the Theater for 2011, was headlined by much anticipated return of The Bronx's Edgar Santana as he took on Robert Jones in the eight round main event.

 Santana vs. Jones

Santana who was returning to the ring for the first time since 2008, needed just one round to shake off the ring rust.  After a feeling out round in the first, Santana came out in the second and landed a vicious left, right combination to the body followed by a huge overhand right that sent Jones down hard.  Jones beat the count, but was clearly on shaky legs.  Santana wasted no time, jumping all over Jones with a barrage of shots, with Jones reeling agains the ropes the referee mercifully called a halt to the contest.  Impressive showing for Santana against Jones who had never been stopped before.  With the win Santana improves to 25-3, 16KO's and looks to be on his way to putting himself back into mix of top 147 pounders in the world.


Super Middleweight Jason "Monstruo" Escalera and Super Featherweight Emmanuel "Manny" Gonzalez, both made their Star Boxing debut's successful ones, as each scored TKO's over their respective opponents.

The former NY Golden Gloves Champion, Gonzalez, who was born in the Bronx, but now trains out of Puerto Rico, made quick work of his opponent Jacob Thorton, much to the delight of the large contingent of fans that came out to support the Bronx native.

Gonzalez vs. Thornton

Gonzalez came out looking very sharp and crisp with his punches. Almost immediately a hard right hand staggered Thorton. Thorton covered up, but something seemed to be wrong with his leg, as he winced in pain and was visibly limping. Gonzalez didn't make things much easier for his opponent as he trapped him in his corner, landing heavy rights and left both to the body and head. With Thorton taking heavy shots against the ropes, the ringside physcian stepped in to check on his leg, and quickly called a halt to the contest. Official time of the stoppage was 1:40 of the first round. With the win Gonzalez improves to 8-0, 7KO's.

Escalera, also a Golden Gloves Champion, who was fighting for the first time outside of his home state of New Jersey, easily lived up to his nickname "Monstruo" (Spanish for Monster) as he came out in the first and landed some monstrous over hand rights against his opponent Mustafah Johnson. Near the end of the first, two huge rights had Johnson clearly hurt and wobbly against the ropes, but luckily for him the bell sounded ending the round.

Escalera With Promoter Joe DeGuardia

It was more of the same for Escalera in the 2nd. With Johnson laying against the ropes Escalera landed a vicious right to the body, sending Johnson crumbling over in pain. The referee started his count but soon waved it off, officially calling a stoppage to the bout at 1:13 of the 2nd round. Escalera improves to 11-0, 10KO's. Look for both young stars to be back in action on the next "Punchin at the Paradise" card, scheduled for Thursday July 7th.


Stevins Bujaj TKO 1 Chuck Dillard

Stephon Owusu W 4 Juan Perez

Issouf Kinda KO 3 Jorge Ruiz

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Talking Boxing With Marshall Enzer

By: Michael Gerard Seiler,

Marshall Enzer serves as the lead cutman for the former undisputed welterweight champion, and two-time reigning IBF Junior Welterweight champion, Zab "Super" Judah. Clearly, Enzer is one of the most accomplished in the business, employed by countless, top-level fighters throughout his prominent career, including Michael Nunn, Gabriel Ruelas, Rafael Ruelas, Frankie Duarte, Oliver McCall, Hasim Rahman, Ron Johnson, Daniel Judah, Joseph Judah, Joel Casamayor, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Erislandy Lara, Lionel Butler, Mia St. John, and many more. 

Not long ago, Marshall spent some of his personal time talking about Zab Judah's next big bout, as well as this weekend's Manny Pacquiao vs. "Sugar" Shane Mosley match-up on Showtime PPV. He also discussed some past fights that aired on HBO.

Q. Where do the negotiations currently stand for a Judah vs. Marquez battle?

A. "First of all, I would like to thank the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Potter House Church. It's almost finalized. Zab has agreed to the terms. It most likely will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on July 30th or August 6th. Marquez still has to sign. He's a free agent. Don King was out in Mexico trying to sign him last week. Both, Golden Boy Promotions and Top Rank are trying to sign him too. When that all comes together, we'll have a fight."

Q. If Judah gets past Marquez, who will be his next target?

A. "We can't project his next fight; We take things one day at a time. Otherwise, there won't be any future opportunities."

Q. What is your relationship with Zab on a day-to-day basis?

A. "We're great friends. He's there for me and I'm there for him. We do a lot of cool things together."

Q. As we all know, the biggest fight that can be made in the sport right now is Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. Do you ever see Mayweather vs. Pacquiao happening?

A. "Yes, but probably in 2012. I see Pacquiao fighting one or two more times before it happens. It will continue to keep building in the media."

Q. What were your thoughts when you watched Victor Ortiz defeat Andre Berto?

A. "Watch out for Victor Ortiz! That's Fernando Vargas # 2. He proved himself as a young kid. Everyone was picking Berto. People were saying Selcuk Aydin was the only one that could defeat Berto. Aydin took step-aside money from Berto, because he was the #1 contender for the WBC Welterweight title at the time. Then, the bout with Ortiz was made.

Q. Despite being 36-years-old, how bright is Sergio Martinez' future in the sport?

A. "It looks very bright. He has an awkward style, and is a very strong, stable fighter. Someone will have to outbox him to beat him. Martinez is all offense. If you brawl with him, the fight will be a coin flip."

Q. What do you predict the outcome will be in the Pacquiao vs. Mosley welterweight showdown?

A. "I would love to see Shane beat him, but I believe Manny will win easily on points. Pacquiao is just too quick for Shane's old reflexes."

Q. Let's briefly go back to discussing Zab. What's been his specific training regimen since his knockout win over Kaizer Mabuza?

A. "Training camp did not officially start yet, but he's been staying extremely active. Zab has not let up at all. He's not sparring right now, although he's doing 7-8 rounds on the mitts. He's also doing 200 sit-ups a day, and swimming at night in the nearby 24-hour fitness center.

Q. Pernell Whitaker's positive impact and influence over Zab was quite evident in the victory over Mabuza. Zab displayed a larger focus on defense and his use of angles. What will be the key points for Zab in his next fight?

A. "If the knockout comes, it comes. Zab's goal is to be in the best shape to go a full twelve rounds. He does not want anyone to outbox him. Whatever it takes to win the round, whatever it takes to win the fight, Zab is going to do it!"

Marshall added, "Thank you for taking the time to interview me. You're really providing great coverage for all of the world-class fighters."

I would like to thank Marshall again for sharing his highly-educated opinions and in-depth knowledge on the sport of boxing. For more information on Marshall Enzer's stellar career, please check out the following links:

Al Bernstein: "Shane Mosley Will Be More Competitive Than Mayweather Bout."

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