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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is A Vicious Cycle About To End Mayweather's Run?

By: Michael Gerard Seiler

You can call it a comeback, but you cannot call it a tune-up bout.

On Saturday, September 17th, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (41-0, 25 KO's) returns to the ring to face "Vicious" Victor Ortiz (29-2-2, 22 KO's) in a monumental showdown at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada for Ortiz' WBC Welterweight title. This stimulating match-up will be televised LIVE on HBO PPV.

"Every time I step away from the sport, I make more money," exclaimed Mayweather during Tuesday's press conference at the Hudson Theatre in New York's Times Square. "But, I miss the sport and I'm ready to fight!"

Mayweather, 34, has been inactive since defeating "Sugar" Shane Mosley via twelve-round unanimous decision on May 1, 2010. Instead of selecting an easy opponent for his return, Mayweather elected to face Ortiz, who called him out in the course of an ESPN interview with Brian Kenny shortly after defeating Andre Berto.

"I wasn't 100% content with my performance versus Berto," revealed Ortiz. "I could have walked away with a knockout."

Aside from Manny Pacquiao, who refuses to obliged to Mayweather's demand for an Olympic-style drug test (random blood and urine testing preceding and following a potential fight), Ortiz is the best welterweight in the world, and he agreed to the testing warranted by Mayweather. Early odds in Las Vegas casinos have made Mayweather a herculean favorite over him at 8-1, although Ortiz is a highly formidable threat to dethrone the fighter nicknamed "Money".

Mayweather's trusted advisor and C.E.O. of Mayweather Promotions, Leonard Ellerbe, shared his thoughts on a possible Manny Pacquiao fight in the future.

"Everyone knows why the fight didn't happen," said Ellerbe. "He (Top Rank C.E.O. Bob Arum) knows his fighter will get his ass tore up. That's why the fight won't happen. This (Mayweather vs. Ortiz) is the biggest fight we could make. Manny is fighting guys Floyd already beat. When Floyd fights Manny, it will be an easy fight. Bob Arum is controlling the pot. Why put Pacquiao in there with him (Floyd) when he can match Pacquiao with one of his fighters, and no one will question him?" 

Ellerbe added, "Mayweather is the king of the throne. He's the biggest attraction in the sport. There's not going to be a lot of moving around. Ortiz' style matches Floyd well. It's going to be an easy fight. Ortiz makes way too many mistakes."

How long does Mayweather believe it will be before Olympic-style drug testing is adopted as a norm in the sport of boxing?

"When I become the head of boxing, it's going to be mandatory for everyone," stated Mayweather.

Is Mayweather's run of being unbeaten about to end?

"I want to go down as an all-time great," acknowledged Ortiz. "Now, I have that opportunity in front of me."

One of Ortiz' advantages in this upcoming contest is his southpaw stance, which is well-known to give conventional fighters, such as Mayweather, obstacles to overcome. Southpaws are extremely tricky. In 2006, Mayweather was nailed by a right hook from Zab Judah in the second round, and subsequently, his right glove touched the canvas. Referee Richard Steele should have ruled it a knockdown. Yet, Mayweather broke Judah down as the rounds progressed, and coasted to a twelve-round unanimous decision win. While Ortiz is not as sharp a puncher as Judah, he owns a ton of dynamism in both hands. Ortiz is naturally right-handed, and his right hand, which he will be jabbing with, is his most powerful one.

Another edge Ortiz has on Mayweather is youth; Ortiz is just 24-years-old, and is in the prime of his career. While Ortiz may lack the experience Mayweather holds, his ten-year upper-hand in age can be a decisive factor in the fight when considering Mayweather has been off over a year. As distinguished as Mayweather is and has been, his best days took place in the junior lightweight division ten years ago. How will the layoff affect Mayweather's superior lateral movement?

Ortiz, however, does not feel his age is an additional benefit.

"There are no advantages," responded Ortiz. "Mayweather is a great fighter, and I will be prepared to the fullest."

Will the size differential matter?

Ortiz seems to have settled in nicely at welterweight, and is by nature the bigger man. Having a smaller body frame, can Mayweather withstand the pressure Ortiz will bring?

"When the night of the fight comes, I'll be a lot bigger than he is," expressed Mayweather. 

Can Ortiz catch Mayweather with the big shot?

Ortiz may not be quicker than Mayweather, but he will undoubtedly be the hardest puncher Mayweather has ever faced. And, when you compile that with youth, a southpaw stance and a dominating, Carmen Basilio-like performance against a previously unbeaten Andre Berto at a convenient weight, you have the recipe for a colossal upset. Or, is it? 8-1 odds seem a little unrealistic anyway.

If you believe in karma, Ortiz may have some comfort in that category as well. It just may be his time to shine.

To briefly summarize, Ortiz' mother said that he would never amount to anything in life. Ortiz, who was forced to grow up in the foster-care system after his mother abandoned him at 7-years-old, has already evolved into an outstanding prizefighter and a very admirable person. Now, Ortiz has a very pragmatic chance to cement a place in boxing history, if he can become the first man to defeat the brash-talking, boxing savant, Mayweather. The last time Floyd Mayweather, Jr. lost was in 1996 as a featherweight in the amateurs when Bulgarian Serafim Todorov beat him on points 10-9.

Just imagine what a terrific story it would be if Ortiz won: A seven-year-old boy, who is now a man, told by his mother he would never amount to anything, an underdog who overcame immense hardships his whole life, rose to the top of the boxing landscape and emerged as the first fighter to defeat the most technically-gifted boxer of his generation.

"I'm here to fight," explained Ortiz. "I am going to leave it all in the ring."

Maybe, we shouldn't jump ahead?

On the other side of the coin, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is arguably the best boxer since Muhammad Ali, and currently ranks as the best, or one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Mayweather possesses a remarkable resume of dominant victories against the likes of Genaro Hernandez, Angel Manfredy, Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo (twice), Arturo Gatti, Zab Judah, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Juan Manuel Marquez and "Sugar" Shane Mosley. Mayweather's level of experience compared to Ortiz is simply overwhelming. And, Mayweather holds leverage in a few other key areas.

Mayweather is deeply regarded as the best defensive fighter on the planet, as he is able to make his opponents miss with countless punches while standing directly in front of them. Mayweather also switches from defense to offense more efficiently than any fighter in the entire sport. He boasts the most pinpoint, accurate punches, and he repeatedly lands crisp, clean combinations. Will Ortiz be able to handle Mayweather's judicious punches? Or, is Mayweather too old to methodically break down a bigger fighter, such as Ortiz, compared to his previous opponents in the lower-weight classes? Since 2005, Mayweather only has four knockouts in his last ten fights versus fighters 140 lbs. and greater. And, Mayweather only has one stoppage win since 2006, a tenth-round TKO against Ricky Hatton in 2007. That being said, Mayweather doesn't need a knockout to win, but he will need an immeasurable resource - his legs, which are the first asset to go on an aging fighter.

HBO boxing commentator Larry Merchant once said that it would be interesting to see what would happen when Mayweather would have to stand and fight. Mayweather's abilities are a cut above anyone in the sport, however, he is not getting younger. This is Mayweather's initial fight back after a year away from boxing. All of the training and sparring in the gym can never take the place of a real fight. If his legs get old in the ring against a larger, younger opponent, Mayweather will be forced to come out of his defensive shell to showcase the offensive firepower fans used to see from him in the lower-weight classes, especially the 130 lb. division.

Can Mayweather still be in the prime of his career?

"You'll see September 17th," replied Mayweather.

Mayweather isn't fighting Pacquiao, although Ortiz presents a comparable challenge. Ortiz and Pacquiao are both southpaws, and they contain a sound offense. But, Ortiz is a much younger and bigger man, who punches harder. Pacquiao overwhelms his opponents with speed and whirlwind punches. Neither man has been in the ring before with a defensive genius like Mayweather and, a fighter who has never tasted defeat, does not now how to lose. Mayweather always finds a way to win. He knows no other way.

Will factors outside the ring impede Mayweather's performance on September 17th?

Mayweather is involved in business activities, such as music promotion. He owns Mayweather Promotions, and has also briefly mentioned doing a reality television show with rapper 50-Cent based on their friendship.
It is well-known Mayweather enjoys gambling on sports in Las Vegas by the numerous pictures posted on his facebook page of his winning tickets, mainly from NBA games. Then, there are Mayweather's pending legal issues. Manny Pacquiao has sued him for 100 million dollars in a defamation of character lawsuit. Recently, Mayweather refused to attend the deposition hearing to state his side of the story. Additionally, Mayweather is facing charges of domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris. The felony counts of grand larceny, robbery and coercion could land the fighter up to 34 years in prison. The preliminary hearing is scheduled for October. 

Leonard Ellerbe did not discuss these issues in great detail.

"We separate business and boxing," answered Ellerbe. "We'll let our legal team handle that."

In regards to Manny Pacquiao's defamation of character lawsuit against him, Mayweather did not shy away from questions. Instead, he made a strong and valid point on the matter.

"Why didn't they subpoena any websites that put these comments on the internet?" voiced Mayweather.

Will Mayweather be completely focused on Ortiz? So far, distractions outside the ring have never affected Mayweather inside of it.

It remains to be seen whether or not boxing fans will ever get to witness Mayweather vs. Pacquiao. What we do know is that there is a major curve in the road to get there. No, it's not just the Olympic-style drug test or Bob Arum; It's Victor Ortiz. We are getting a highly-competitive fight on September 17th. You can surly bet on it. "Money" Mayweather knows it, and must break the "vicious" cycle in front of him for it to still have a chance at happening.

TODAY! Mayweather vs. Ortiz NYC Press Conference - 12 p.m. ET - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!



Hudson Theatre, Millennium Broadway


Monday, June 27, 2011


Amateur Boxing Event To Help Raise Money For Military Families

Support military families July 4th weekend, and join us for a FREE Charity Boxing Match for the Troops on Saturday, July 2, 2011. The event is open to the public, and will be held at Great Lakes Naval Base – Ross Field. All proceeds will benefit the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. First bout starts at 3:30pm.
Several top, Chicago area and local boxers will be participating from Chicago and area boxing clubs, including Warehouse Gym in Highland Park.  Warehouse is one of several area businesses that are donating to this worthwhile cause.
In addition to boxers, there will be several former and current Chicago Bears players on-hand.
“Battle at the Great Lakes” was launched by former Bears and current Baltimore Ravens fullback, Jason McKie, and his charitable foundation, the Jason McKie foundation.
McKie, a resident of north suburban Gurnee, has been active in the community throughout his NFL career.
In 2008, McKie launched the Jason McKie Foundation of the Institute for Science and Health, which focuses on programs in the areas of education and wellness, with an emphasis on making an impact in the lives of families of soldiers. The Foundation provides educational scholarships to children and spouses affected by a loss, or severely injured parent or spouse.
Please come out and support those who have given our country so much.
For more information: or visit Facebook – The Battle at Great Lakes.

Providence Amateur Boxer Toka Kahn-Clary Qualifies For U.S. Olympic Team Trials, Captures Silver Medal At The Nationals

By: Bob Trieger

PROVIDENCE (June 27, 2011) – Nineteen-year-old Toka Kahn- Clary, of Providence, qualified to compete in the U.S. Olympic Team Trials by capturing a Silver Medal at last week’s 2011 USA Boxing National Championships in Colorado Springs.

Kahn-Clary, who now sports a 76-8 amateur career record, travels again later this week to compete in the final Pan-American Games Qualifier in Panama City. He is attempting to qualify for the 2011 Pan-Am Games, October 17-30, in Mexico.

At the double-elimination U.S. Olympic Team Trials, July 31-August 6 in Mobile, Alabama, Toka will be rated No. 2 in the 132-pound division. The winners there in each of the eight divisions will become members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team, which will participate in the 2011 World Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan to qualify for competition in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Last week at The Nationals, Kahn-Clary won four of five matches, including a 23-22 semi-finals victory against No. 1 seeded Kenneth Sims, Jr., in what arguably was the best match of the entire tournament. In the championship match against defending champion Jose Ramirez, the two boxers were deadlocked after one round but Toka took an eight-count due to an unintentional head-butt in the second, and they went toe-to-toe in the third and final round. Ramirez captured gold, 28-20, for the second year in a row.

“Toka gained a lot of respect,” Kahn-Clary’s coach Peter Manfredo, Sr. reported. “The best trainer in the world, Freddie Roach, presented awards to both boxers after their match and he said to me, ‘A helluva fight and your kid can really fight.’ It was quite a compliment coming from Freddie. Toka was at the top of his game in the semi-finals. He was sharp: hand speed, accuracy, and intelligence. Toka was unbelievable and I think he would have been named Most Outstanding Boxer of the tournament if he had won gold. Qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Trials was a great accomplishment. He’ll be matched in the opening round against the No. 7 seed. Ramirez will be No. 1 but one more spot will be determined this weekend to complete the eight-boxer field.”

Kahn-Clary, a Liberia-native who moved to Providence 12 years ago, had already captured top honors in the 132-pound lightweight division this year at the at the New England Tournament of Champions at Foxwoods Resort Casino (CT), New England Golden Gloves Tournament in Lowell (MA), and Northeast Regional Championships at Lake Placid (NY).

Last year in the 123-pound bantamweight class, Kahn-Clary captured a gold medal of the National Golden Gloves Tournament, as well as bronze in The Nationals.

If Toka earns a spot on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Boxing Team, he will become the third straight Olympic boxer from Rhode Island, joining Jason Estrada and Demetrius Andrade from the 2004 and 2008 squads, respectively.



Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. received his WBC championship belt after defeating former champion Sebastian Zbik on June the 4th, 2011.

As per the WBC Rules and Regulations, a voluntary defense has been granted to the new champion to then proceed to fight the WBC Diamond champion Sergio Martinez, who will also make a voluntary defense on October the 15

The WBC is very proud of both great champions and we wish them the best of luck.

Jose Sulaiman Ch.

TUESDAY! Mayweather vs. Ortiz NYC Press Conference - 12 p.m. ET - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!



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Sunday, June 26, 2011

McGuinness Successfully Defends NABA Lightweight Title; Looks Ahead To Canadian Showdown Aug. 27 vs. Gaudet

LOCKED & LOADED -- (L) NABA lightweight champion Logan Cotton McGuinness is redy to unload a big right on challenger Daniel Ruiz last Friday night in Canada. (Photo Credit: Durell Wambolt/The Boxing Examiner)

By: Bob Trieger

TORONTO (June 27, 2011) – Undefeated prospect Logan Cotton McGuinness successfully defended his North American Boxing Association (“NABA”) lightweight title for the second time, taking a 10-round majority decision (96-94, 96-94, 95-95) against veteran Daniel “Canerito” Ruiz, in an entertaining, highly competitive fight on the most recent “Friday Night At The Fights” show (June 24) at Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The “Friday Night At the Fights” show was presented by United Boxing Promotions, in association with McGuiness’ promoter, Hennessy Sports, and Groupe Yvon Michel.

McGuinness (15-0-1, 7 KOs), fighting in front of a packed house of passionate fans from Toronto, is rated No. 11 by the World Boxing Association (“WBA”). “It’s always good fighting at home,” McGuinness said from his home. “I just finished watching a tape of the fight. The first could have gone either way but I thought I won rounds two through seven easily. I was applying pressure, using my jab and moving inside to hit his body. I got caught with a shot in the eighth. I recovered between rounds and I think we were both low on gas in the ninth. He caught me again in the 10th but I survived. Everybody was telling me to take a knee but I shook my head (no) because I have the heart of a fighter. A tough fight but I’ll come back even stronger because of it. Hey, I’m an Irish fighter…I couldn’t take a knee.”

Ruiz (22-4-1, 16 KOs), fighting outside of his native Mexico for the first time, is a former Mexican Pacific Coast Featherweight Champion who came into last Friday night’s action riding a five-fight unbeaten streak (4-0-1).

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised by how he (Ruiz) fought,” added McGuinness, who dedicated his fight to the memory of Nick Charles (award-winning boxing announcer). “I just didn’t know what to expect because there’s not much footage of him available. He’s a good counter-puncher with his left and right hands. He hurt me with counter-rights when I brought my jab back a little lazy. That was my fault because it was something I should have avoided.”

McGuinness’ next scheduled opponent, former world title challenger Benoit Gaudet (24-2, 10 KOs), fighting out of Quebec, was a special guest at ringside. The arch-rival Canadians are slated to fight August 27 in Canada.

“There’s a lot of video on Gaudet,” Logan remarked. “Preparing properly for him won’t be a problem like it was for this fight. He’s a different fighter than Ruiz, much more of a boxer, a very good boxer at that. He was out-boxing Humberto Soto for the first seven-eight rounds until he got caught in the ninth (TKO9 in 2009 for Soto’s WBC super featherweight title). I talked with my trainer, Chris Johnson, and we need to bring in more and better sparring partners for this fight (vs. Gaudet), even though I was in great shape (for Ruiz). I think I’ll be the stronger fighter. I’ll need to cut-off the ring and apply pressure and he’s going to want to box and move around.”

Go on line at for more information about McGuinness or any of its boxers.

Jose Peralta Alejo Signs Promotional Contract With Main Events

Jose "Mangu" Peralta Alejo, (6-1, 4 KO's), of Jersey City, NJ, has signed a promotional agreement with Main Events. In his last fight on October 30, 2010, Jose upset former New York Golden Gloves Champion Christian Martinez who was 4-0 at the time. Mangu is a refreshing addition to the Junior Welterweight division.

"Jose is like a breath of fresh air. He's not only a likeable guy, he's got a hunger and enthusiasm that you don't see too often these days." said Main Events CEO, Kathy Duva. "It is also such a joy to be teaming up, again, with Pat Lynch and Mikey Red, whom we shared so much success and fun with while working with Arturo Gatti for so many years."

Jose said, "I am happy to sign with a world class promoter like Main Events. With Pat Lynch as my manager and Mikey Red as my trainer, my team is complete. I feel like I can achieve my goal to become a world champion now." He added, "I want to thank Main Events for giving me the opportunity to fight on the July 23rd Judah - Khan card."

Trainer Mikey "Red" Skowronski was ecstatic about the signing, "I could not be happier. I have known the crew from Main Events for such a long time, all the way back to Gatti days. They are one of the few promotional companies in NJ that are actually doing something good for their fighters. He's in the right hands." He added, "Right now Mangu is training very hard for the July 23rd fight. No disrespect to Zab, but we're going to steal the show!"

Mangu's manager, Pat Lynch expressed, "I am very happy to be working with Main Events again, and I look forward to making another world champion together! From here, with Jose's talent and the solid team now behind him, we can only go up."

Friday, June 24, 2011

WEDNESDAY! Mayweather vs. Ortiz LA Press Conference - 8 p.m. PT - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!!!








(APPROX. 8:00 P.M. PT)



Zab "Super" Judah Training Camp Quotes

6/23/11 - Las Vegas, NV

Zab Judah: "When I went in against Matthysse, me and my team knew that I was going to beat him. Golden Boy thought I was going to be a stepping stone, so they sacrificed one of their pawns. Now they're going to come back and sacrifice one of their queens. It's check mate baby, you know it is!"

"I plan to be his (Amir Kahn's) worst nightmare. After this fight I plan on Team Kahn having a 62 hour watch on Amir Kahn. I plan on being the Freddie Cougar of his dreams. I plan on being Freddie Cougar to Freddie Roach. I'm pretty sure after this fight Freddie Roach would never put his golden boy and marquis fighter, which is Manny Pacquiao, against me in the ring."

Over the past five years, "I grew up a lot. It's not just about age, its maturity. It took me a little more time to figure things out. Now I am alive and alert and I have the great Pernell Whitaker in my corner. Having him in my corner exempts the whole Freddie Roach thing. Now I have not only a masterful trainer, but I have a masterful fighter too. Freddie Roach has a great game plan when it comes to boxing training, but as a fighter he wasn't that masterful. I have not only a masterful fighter but a great teacher, so I have the edge."

"Pernell Whitaker and Zab Judah is something like a movie. We started out together when he was still fighting and it turned out to be a great thing. We are now working side by side with each other. He's my right-hand man! He's pouring on all the great skills and accomplishments that he's done in his boxing career. It's phenomenal. He's good at what he does."

A win against Kahn would mean: "For the most part it unifies the division; it's a closer step to undisputed. I also think Amir Kahn is a good boxer. He has fast hands, decent power, but I think it's a sacrifice move what Golden Boy did here with Amir Kahn, and I think he (Kahn) will realize this once the bell rings."

"I'm from Brooklyn, I don't have problem taking the the long, hard, grinding road. I wasn't the golden boy. I wasn't the guy always in the light, the guy always first picked, but somehow I made my way back to the top with the thanks of Main Events and Super Judah Promotions. It says a lot to come out of the '96 team of great fighters, and to be one of about 2 of those fighters still standing on the championship level."

"Main Events has done a great job with me. It's a good feeling. I have a strong team. We're the underdogs going up against what they would call wolves, they do their jobs, I do my job, and we got a successful plan going on. I think we won't be stopped."

"July 23rd is about this: what can you bring as far as your skills; what can you bring as far as far your brains; what can you bring as far as your knowledge of boxing; what can you do inside that square ring; what do you do when you look across that ring and there's a hungry lion named Zab "Super" Judah looking you dead in the eye, anxious for the bell to go bing?' You either fold or you play cards. I'm going to play to win."

Kathy Duva: "Zab is being under-estimated. Everybody keeps talking about Zab being old, but he's not old and I don't know why people think he is. If you look at the top ten best pound for pound fighters in the world you'll find that the vast majority of them are older than Zab. He's experienced. He started professional boxing at an age much younger than most professional fighters. There's nothing wrong with experience. If you look at the history of boxing, generally the young talented fighters have run into a problem the first time they meet up with an experienced fighter in his prime. That's the real test. Lots of guys can come up and win titles, there are lots of titles that are available, but when you get in that first fight against that really experienced fighter, that's the real test. That's the test that Matthysse was not able to pass, and now Kahn is going to have to deal with the same thing. That's why we like this fight, that's why we like Amir Kahn as an opponent for Zab, because we believe that Zab is going to take him to school."

Khan vs. Judah, a 12-round WBA and IBF Super Lightweight World Championship Unification fight, is presented by Main Events and Golden Boy Promotions in association with Super Judah Promotions and Kahn Promotions. The HBO World Championship Boxing telecast begins 7/23 at 10:00 p.m. ET/7:00 p.m. PT.

Tickets priced at $400, $300, $200, $100 and $50 are available for purchase at all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations (select Smith's Food and Drug Centers and Ritmo Latino). To charge by phone with a major credit card, call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000. Tickets also will be available for purchase at or

In the United Kingdom, the event will be broadcast live on Primetime Pay-Per-View, channel 480 on Sky for £14.95. For fans who want to travel to Las Vegas to see the fight live, Team Khan has teamed up with leading Thomas Cook brand Flexibletrips to provide a range of tailor-made travel packages for fans who want to be there in person. Packages include flights, hotel rooms and fight tickets. More information is available at or by calling 0844 8798298.

Sturm - Macklin Public Workout


Hundreds of boxing fans made their way to the Köln-Arcaden in Cologne, Germany, today to watch the public workout in advance of Saturday’s world title clash at the Lanxess Arena between WBA Middleweight champion Felix Sturm and challenger Matthew Macklin from Ireland. Both fighters appeared to be in great shape, as they did their work routine and seemed thoroughly confident. Sturm and Macklin promised a victory to the crowd in attendance.

Macklin: “It’s a great challenge for me to beat Felix Sturm in his hometown. I’ll win this fight and bring the WBA belt back to Ireland.”

“There won’t be a new world champion on Saturday night,” Sturm promised the fans after his workout. “Cologne is Cologne and fighting inside the Lanxess Arena is always special to me. I’m ready for a great battle on Saturday.”

Fritz Sdunek, Sturm's trainer, added: “The fans won’t be disappointed. Felix is really strong.”

Thursday, June 23, 2011

JUNE 28TH! Mayweather vs. Ortiz NYC Press Conference - 12 p.m. ET - OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!


Hudson Theatre, Millennium Broadway



 Pictured above from left to right: State Senator Vincent J. Hughes, Senate Democratic Appropriations Chair, State Representative Jewell William, WBC Light Heavyweight World Champion Bernard Hopkins and Deputy Whip of PA House of Representatives, State Representative Tony Payton all of whom hail from Philadelphia
Photo Credit: Office of Senator Hughes

Hopkins "Brings Down The House" With Inspirational Speech On Senate Floor

Harrisburg, PA (June 23)...The Pennsylvania State Government honored Philadelphia native Bernard Hopkins at the State Capital yesterday for his recent WBC Light Heavyweight World Championship victory as the oldest fighter in boxing history to win a world title. Hopkins was invited by Senator Vincent Hughes, who has represented the state's 7th District (covers parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery County) since 1994.

Hopkins made appearances on the House and Senate floors where each chamber presented him with a proclamation honoring his record-breaking victory over Jean Pascal in their championship rematch on May 21 in Montreal.

Following the proclamation on the Senate floor, Hopkins was given the opportunity to speak, and in true Hopkins style, inspired every person in the room as he shared his life story of overcoming obstacles and investing in health in order to reach where he is today.

Hopkins ended his speech by saying, "Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, whatever decisions we all make together as one, it affects lives."

To watch Hopkins remarks click HERE

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Pictured Above: Alvarez Blasting Argentina's Carlos Baldomir With A Left Hook


Since the legendary Mexican fighter Efren Torres, no boxer had been able to gather as many people (14,000) at a championship fight as Saul Alvarez last weekend at the modern VFG Arena in Jalisco, Mexico in his 1st WBC Light Middleweight title defense against Ryan Rhodes.

Saul Alvarez accumulated 24 rating points (1.5 million people per point) with spikes of 26, something reachable only by the Mexican soap operas in the country.

World Light Heavyweight Champion Beibut Shumenov Makes 3rd Title Defense July 29 In Las Vegas

‘Fire & Fury’ On Solo Boxeo Tecate Show LIVE At South Point Hotel Casino

By: Bob Trieger

LAS VEGAS (June 22, 2011) – KZ Event Productions announced today that World Boxing Association/International Boxing Association Light Heavyweight World Champion Beibut Shumenov will make his third title defense July 29, showcased on TeleFutura’s Solo Boxeo Tecate show, LIVE from South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

“Fire & Fury,” headlined by the WBA/IBA championship showdown between Shumenov (11-1, 7 KOs) and challenger Danny “The Bronx Bomber” Santiago, is being promoted by KZ Event Productions. Shumenov and his brother, Chingis, own and operate the Las Vegas-based KZ Event Productions.

Shumenov (11-1, 7 KOs), the 2004 Kazakhstan Olympian who is now fighting out of Las Vegas, set a light heavyweight record for capturing a world title in the fewest career fights, 10, when he won (Jan. 10, 2010) a 12-round decision against Gabriel Campillo in Las Vegas. Shumenov has successfully defended his WBA/IBA titles twice against No. 1 mandatory challenger Viacheslav Uzelkov (UDEC12) and three-time world champion William Joppy (KO6) last January in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

“I’m very excited to be fighting in my adopted hometown, Las Vegas, where I won the world title,” Shumenov said. “I’ve lived in Las Vegas for a few years and I’ve wanted to defend my title belts here since I first won them. I have a lot of respect for my opponent, Danny Santiago, who has a lot of experience in big fights. In addition to my world title fight, we’ll also be showcasing world-class fighters, along with local Las Vegas favorites. This promotion will not only feature great boxing but Vegas-style entertainment, too.

“I’d like to thank Golden Boy, Don Chagrin, Guilty Boxing, TeleFutura’s Solo Boxeo and our host venue, the beautiful South Point Hotel Casino. We’re all working together to make this a memorable night for everyone there and those fans watching on television.”

WBA #15 ranked Santiago (31-4-1, 19), fighting out of Ocala, Florida, is a two-time world title challenger. His signature victory was a fourth-round technical knockout of 30-1 Elvir Muriqi. Santiago was also featured on the third season of The Contender reality television series.

“Fire & Fury” is being presented by KZ Event Productions in association with Golden Boy Promotions, Don Chagrin Promotions, Guilty Boxing, Solo Boxeo Tecate and South Point Hotel Casino.

Tickets, starting at $25.00, are available to purchase at South Point’s box office, on-line at, or by calling 1.702.797.8055.

Doors open at 5:30 PM/PT, first bout at 6:00 PM/PT, first TV bout at 8:30 PM/PT

Go on-line to for additional information about “Fire & Fury,” Shumenov or any of the KZ Event Productions fighters.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flores Sizzles Against Moore To Keep Record Perfect

New Haven Six boxers go 4-1-1

By: Bob Trieger

HARTFORD (June 18, 2011) – Youth defeated experience tonight as red-hot welterweight prospect Javier “El Chino” Flores extended his perfect record to 6-0 with six knockouts, stopping 30-fight veteran Shakha Moore in the seventh round of the main event on “The New Generation Boxing Series” card, presented by Bulldog Cartel Promotions, at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

Flores (6-0, 6 KOs), a southpaw from Puerto Rico now fighting out of Hartford, was dominant from the opening round. A game Moore was pounded but he didn’t go down until the seventh round, resulting from a devastating combination of lethal punches Flores, after which his corner threw in the towel.

In the co-feature, journeyman Harvey “Candy Man” Jolly (12-17-1, 6 KOs) took a close, unanimous eight round decision from Providence cruiserweight Josh Harris.

The New Haven Six – half-dozen fighters from New Haven – won four of six bouts with one draw. New Haven junior featherweight Luis “The KO King” Rosa (7-0, 5 KOs) kept his unbeaten record intact with a win by six-round majority decision. Rosa, who recently signed a promotional contract with DiBella Entertainment, needed to get up off the deck in the second round to win.

New Haven lightweight Oscar Bonilla won his pro debut by unanimous four-round decision versus Corey White; New Haven super middleweight Charles Foster won his pro debut via a second round technical knockout against Ralph Johnson; New Haven junior welterweight got his first pro win by way of a unanimous four-round decision against Barrington Douse; New Haven junior featherweight Josh Crespo and Frankie Garriga fought to a four-round draw in pro debuts for both fighters. Jose Javier Calderon improved to 2-0 with a second-stoppage of New Haven junior welterweight.

Full results below:

“The New Generation Results” – June 18, 2011– Connecticut Convention Center, Hartford, CT


Harvey Jolly (12-17-1, 6 KOs), Detroit, MI WDEC8 (79-73, 77-76, 77-75) Joshua Harris (7-5-1, 5 KOs), Providence


Charles Foster (1-0, 1 KO), New Haven, CT WTKO2 (2:36) Ralph Johnson (0-1, 0 KO), Worcester, MA


Javier Flores (6-0, 6 KOs), Hartford, CT WTKO7 (2:59) Shakha Moore (11-16-3, 2 KOs), Norwalk, CT


Carlos Hernandez (1-2, 0 KOs), New Haven, CT DEC4 (40-36, 40-36, 40-36) Barrington Douse (0-2), Springfield, MA

Jose Javier Calderon (2-0, 2 KOs), San Juan, Puerto Rico WTKO2 (0:26) Christian Lao (2-1, 1 KO), New Haven, CT


Oscar Bonilla (1-0, 0 KOs), New Haven, CT WDEC4 (40-35, 40-035, 40-35) Corey White (1-1, 1 KO), Cincinnati, OH


Luis Rosa, Jr. (7-0, 5 KOs), New Haven, CT WDEC6 (58-56, 58-55, 57-57) Shawn Nichol (5-5, 5 KOs), Denver, CO

Josh Crespo (0-0-1, 0 KOs), New Haven, CT 4D(40-37, 37-39, 38-38) Frankie Garriga (0-0-1, 0 KOs), Bronx, NY

Friday, June 17, 2011


Peltz Boxing News

Bethlehem, PA — When intra-state welterweight rivals Ronald Cruz, of Bethlehem, PA, and Doel Carrasquillo, of Lancaster, PA, square off July 1 at the Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, they will be helping other local fighters display their skills as well.

A host of Eastern Pennsylvania-based fighters representing nearby towns will fill out the undercard, which begins at 7.30 pm in the 1,500-seat tent on the grounds of the Sands Casino.

Eliud Torres (pictured above), of Allentown, PA, takes on Bryne Green, of Vineland, NJ, in the six-round lightweight semifinal.

Torres, a 28-year-old southpaw, scored a solid win in his last fight May 21 in Reading, PA, when he earned a six-round decision over Travis Thompson, of Pottstown, PA. A pro since 2006, Torres is 5-2-2, 2 K0s.

Green, 27, comes into the fight off the biggest victory of his career, an eight-round decision over Ryan Belasco, of Wilmington, DE, on March 18 at Harrah’s Casino, Chester, PA. Green is 6-4, 3 K0s, in three years as a pro.

The other scheduled six-rounder features middleweights Rashad Brown, of Upper Darby, PA, against Todd Eriksson, of Dover, NJ.

Brown, 22, knocked out Philip Burnette, of Myrtle Beach, SC, in the first round June 3 at Harrah’s Casino, Chester, PA. Brown, former batboy for the Philadelphia Phillies, is 4-0, 2 K0s.

Eriksson, 25, fought the same night as Brown and lost a disputed four-round decision toFred Jenkins, Jr. Eriksson is 3-6-2, 1 K0.

Popular heavyweight William Miranda (pictured above), of Allentown, PA, meets Zeferino Albino, of Philadelphia, PA, in a rematch of their four-round draw on the May 21 card in Reading.

Miranda, 33, is 2-3-1; Albino, 33, is 4-12-3, 2 K0s.

Albino scored a major win earlier this year when he knocked out Big John Poore, of Upper Darby, PA, in two rounds on Jan. 22 at Harrah’s Chester. Poore was 21-4, 18 K0s, prior to losing to Albino.

Another heavyweight, Eric Newell, who played football at Bethlehem Catholic High School and Kutztown University, makes his local debut in a four-round fight against unbeaten John Mercurio, of Philadelphia, PA.

Newell, 28, is 1-1, 1 K0. In his last fight March 4 in Atlantic City, he lost a four-round decision to Ali Santos, of Camden, NJ. In his pro debut last year, Newell knocked out Octavius Davis, of Wilson, NC, in two rounds.

Mercurio, 32, is 4-0, 3 K0s, and he defeated Miranda via four-round decision in his last fight April 1 at the South Philly Arena.

Grayson Blake, of State College, PA, and Anthony Abrams, of Philadelphia, PA, collide in a four-round junior middleweight contest.

Blake, 29, is 2-0, 1 K0. Abrams, 34, is 1-6, but has never been stopped and three of his losses were to Pawel Wolak, Gabriel Rosado and Jose Angel Rodriguez, all current world-rated junior middleweights.

Cesar Gonzales, of Reading, PA, and Joshua Arocho, of Vineland, NJ, meet in a four-round junior lightweight contest.

Gonzalez, 35, boxed a draw in his only pro fight May 21 in Reading, while Arocho, 22, is 1-4, 1 K0.

Welterweights Chris Plebani, of Bristol, PA, and David Navarro, of Philadelphia, PA, meet in a four-round contest with each man looking for his first win as a pro. Plebani, 24, is 0-2; Navarro, 33, is 0-3.

Tickets for the July 1 card are priced at $51 and $78. They can be purchased by calling Peltz Boxing (215-765-0922) or from the gift shop at the Sands Casino Resorts Bethlehem. They also are available online at and

Troy Ross Hospitalized, Off June 24th Show In Canada

By: Bob Trieger

TORONTO (June 17, 2011) – World cruiserweight contender Troy Ross is experiencing abdominal pains and has been hospitalized in Toronto, where he is undergoing precautionary tests. He has been forced to withdraw from fighting June 24 on the “Friday Night At The Fights” show at Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Ross (24-2, 16 KOs), a two-time Canadian Olympian, is the top-rated IBF contender at No. 3 (#1 and #2 are not rated), as well as ranked No. 5 by The Ring magazine, No. 14 by the WBA, and No. 15 by the WBC. He is expected to return to the ring in late August.

NABA Lightweight Champion Logan Cotton McGuinness (14-0-1, 7 KOs), rated No. 11 by the World Boxing Association, defends his title for the first time June 24 in the 10-round main event against Daniel “Canerito” Ruiz. “Friday Night At The Fights” is being presented by United Boxing Promotions in association with Hennessy Sports and Groupe Yvon Michel.

Tickets to “Friday Night at the Fights,” starting at $30.00, may be purchased at the Hershey Centre box office, through Ticket Master by dialing 416-872-5000, or by going on line to

OtG Video - "Iron" Mike Tyson Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Victor Ortiz Promo Video


 WBC News

The suffocating heat did not prevent people from watching the last training session of champion Saul Alvarez at Parque Extremo in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.

The king of the WBC Superwelterweight division left a good impression on hundreds of fans due to his flashing speed of hands in the ring, which was previously used by his British challenger, Ryan Rhodes.

"I am happy to see all these people," Saul said. "I am going to show them that I am a true champion."

As fans were cheering, Alvarez punched the mitts under the guidance of his trainer, Edison Reynoso, and his fists looked powerful.

The training session was short, but it was a good example of what the southpaw Rhodes must expect.

"I will take the title home," Rhodes said as he wore the official jersey of the most popular soccer team of Guadalajara City, aiming to please Mexican fans.


Peltz Boxing Promotions News

Atlantic City, NJ—Hard-hitting Allen Conyers, of the Bronx, NY, steps in for the injured Harry Joe Yorgey when he takes on Gabriel Rosado, of Philadelphia, PA, in the scheduled 10-round junior middleweight main event Friday evening, July 15, at Bally’s Atlantic City.

Yorgey, of Bridgeport, PA, sustained a shoulder injury in training Monday evening and will be out of action for three months.

Conyers, 35, is known as the Dream Shatterer for his record of derailing the careers of several promising fighters.

Earlier this year, he shattered the 20-0 record of James De La Rosa when he scored three knockdowns and a unanimous 10-round decision over the Texas prospect at the Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, on the Timothy Bradley vs. Devon Alexander card.

In one three-fight stretch, Conyers scored knockouts over Jonathan Tubbs (7-1-1 at the time), of Rochester, NY, Russell Jordan (12-3), also of Rochester, NY, and Derek Ennis (10-0-1), of Philadelphia, PA.

Conyers is dangerous early, having K0d Tubbs and Jordan each in the first round and Ennis in the second.

By comparison, Rosado lost a 12-round decision to Ennis last summer for the USBA junior middleweight title.

A pro since 2002, Conyers temporarily left boxing after losing to world-rated Said Ouali, of Morocco, in 2008, then returned this year, beating De La Rosa and losing to world-rated Carlos Molina, of Chicago, IL.

Overall, Conyers is 12-5, 9 K0s, fighting world-rated men like James Kirkland, of Austin, TX, and Delvin Rodriguez, of Danbury, CT.

“I know Conyers is dangerous, especially early in the fight,” said Rosado. “I can’t stick my chin out there and let him test it. I’m disappointed Yorgey won’t be in the opposite corner July 15, but I look forward to fighting him when he gets healthy. In the meantime, I cannot afford to get careless with Conyers.”

Six additional fights complete the July 15 card, which begins at 7.30 pm.

Tickets priced at $50 and $75 are on sale at the offices of Peltz Boxing (215-765-0922) and at Ticketmaster (800-745-3000). They also are available online at and

Boxing Promoters Lou DiBella & Gary Shaw Team Up For New York Fight Clubs On WNET & WLIW In New York Program Premieres TONIGHT, June 16th At 10:30pm

By: Alex Dombroff, Dibella Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY (June 16, 2011) – From Sergio Martinez to Chad Dawson, Andre Berto to Tim Bradley, the stables of boxing promotional entities DiBella Entertainment and Gary Shaw Productions contain some of the most prolific names in the current boxing landscape. Tonight, however, the head of the respective companies, Lou DiBella and Gary Shaw, will show their appreciation for years past as they team up with local PBS affiliates to present New York Fight Clubs, a twenty-five minute retrospective on professional boxing in New York City at the turn of the twentieth century, focusing on neighborhood venues and the ethnic rivalries that were formed.

DiBella served as the program’s executive producer and boxing consultant, while Shaw is the show’s producer and chief financier.

“Like anything in life, having an appreciation for what came before you is so important,” said DiBella. “New York Fight Clubs is a real insight into what boxing was and what it meant to so many people, especially in the New York City area. Without the fights, venues, and excitement created by boxing in the early 1900s, modern promoters like Gary and me wouldn’t exist. I want to thank Gary for getting involved in what I believe is a very significant project.”

New York Fight Clubs airs at 10:30pm on WNET (New York City) and WLIW (Long Island). Check local listings for channel number and re-air times. Featured interviewees include author Jimmy Breslin, boxing historian Mike Silver, trainer Bobby Jackson, and Newsday boxing correspondent Bobby Cassidy, along with his father and former top contender in the 1960s and 70s, Bobby Cassidy.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Amanda Serrano Captures NABF Super Featherweight Title

By: Bob Trieger

NEW YORK (June 14, 2011) – Unbeaten 22-year-old Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano captured the vacant NABF super featherweight title, stopping Jennifer Scott at 1:46 of the opening round, last Saturday night at historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

Serrano (10-0-1, 6 KOs), a native of Puerto Rico who lives in Brooklyn, was fighting at home in New York City for the first time as a professional. “It was awesome,” the stylish southpaw spoke about fighting at home and winning her first title belt. “I felt it when my music started playing as I walked to the ring. I heard everybody yelling my name and I could feel the blood go from my toes to my head. It was extra special because I won my first title, in New York City, in front of my father (Ismael) who was watching me fight for the first time as a pro.

“From the first punch I knew I had my opponent, so I kept putting pressure on her. I dropped her and when she got up, I knew she hadn’t recovered, and I jumped on her. I’m not sure what’s next for me. I’ll fight anybody my promoter, Boxing 360, and manager put in front of me. I always train hard and will be ready for my next fight.”

Amanda is presently rated No. 4 by independent source WBAN, as well as No. 6 by the WIBA.

Boxing 360 Founder/CEO Mario Yagobi doesn’t want to rush his budding star. “She’s a young fighter who hasn’t fought eight rounds, yet,” he explained. “She needs ring experience. She’s a great prospect. She was very exciting for the minute or two this fight lasted, but the fans really loved her. I believe she’s going to be a big ticket seller in New York City. Within a year, she will be ready to fight anybody in the world but, for now, she has a belt she can defend and gain valuable experience. Boxing is Amanda’s world. All she does is box and her time is coming.”

“Amanda looked good,” Boxing 360 Director of Boxing Bob Duffy commented. “She was very impressive. Both women came into the fight in great shape. Amanda’s young and talented. She was fired-up for this fight, fighting for national pride on a Puerto Rican celebration card.”

Other members of Boxing 360’s stable include USBA heavyweight champion Maurice “Sugar Moe” Harris, WBC #4 super bantamweight Leon “Hurry Up” Moore, former IBF super middleweight champion Alejandro “Naco” Berrio, WBC Caribbean & NY State super middleweight champion Lennox “2 Sharpe” Allen Dominican lightweight champion Eudy “AK47” Bernardo, KO king Tyrone Brunson, Nick “Hands of Gold” Casal, middleweight prospect DonYil Livingston, Emad Ali, Mike Mollo, “King” David Estrada and Angel “Toro” Hernandez.

Go to for more information about Serrano, Boxing 360 or any of its other fighters.

Middleweight Champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez Signs New Deal With DiBella Entertainment; Return To The Ring Slated For October 1st

By: Alex Dombroff, Dibella Entertainment

NEW YORK, NY (June 14, 2011) – On Tuesday afternoon in New York City, WBC Middleweight Diamond Champion and universally recognized top-3 pound for pound fighter, Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez (47-2-2, 26 KOs), signed a new multi-year, multi-million dollar deal that will keep his promotional interest with DiBella Entertainment (“DBE”) for the foreseeable future.

“This is an important day for DiBella Entertainment,” said DiBella. “Sergio Martinez has proved in his recent run of fights that there is no challenge he fears and that there is no challenge he cannot conquer. Together, we will look to make the biggest fights against the biggest names in boxing, and we won’t stop until ‘Maravilla’ is universally recognized as pound-for-pound, the best in boxing.”

Martinez, 36, originally linked up with DBE in 2007, and has gone 7-1-1 over the span. The only blemishes on his record during that time were a close decision loss to Paul Williams in a fight widely heralded as the 2009 Fight of the Year, and a universally criticized draw versus former champion Kermit Cintron in 2009, a bout where most people thought Martinez should’ve been awarded a knockout in round seven, and also did more than enough to win after 12 rounds.

After a victory over Kelly Pavlik to win the middleweight crown in April 2010, and a stirring second round knockout to avenge his loss to Williams in November, Martinez was named the 2010 Fighter of the Year.

Martinez began 2011 in a big way in March, stopping previously unbeaten Sergiy Dzinziruk in eight rounds.

“I’ve never had any doubt that DiBella Entertainment is the best promoter in boxing,” said Martinez. “I have no doubt that we will continue to do great things together. This is exactly what I wanted.”

Also in attendance at the signing, which took place at a local stationary store just a few blocks from DBE’s mid-town headquarters, was Martinez’ longtime adviser, Sampson Lewkowicz.

“This is about finishing what we started,” said Lewkowicz. “I believe that in Sergio Martinez we have a grand champion who is the best fighter in the world."

Martinez is scheduled to return to the ring October 1 on HBO against European middleweight champion Darren Barker (23-0, 14 KOs).

NABA Lightweight Champion Logan Cotton McGuinness Headlines ‘Friday Night At The Fights’

Photo Credit: Hennessy Sports
By: Bob Trieger

TORONTO (June 14, 2011) – NABA Lightweight Champion Logan Cotton McGuinness defends his title for the first time June 24th in the 10-round main event against Daniel “Canerito” Ruiz, headlining “Friday Night At The Fights,” at Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The “Friday Night At the Fights” show is presented by United Boxing Promotions, in association with McGuiness’ promoter, Hennessy Sports, and Groupe Yvon Michel.

Hot, unbeaten prospect McGuinness (14-0-1, 7 KOs), rated No. 11 by the WBA, will be fighting at home where he won the NABA belt this past February, stopping veteran Hector Julio Avila (47-5) in the fourth round.

The only blemish on Cotton’s otherwise perfect pro record is a six-round draw 13 months ago with dangerous Walter Estrada, who holds victories against former world champion Nate Campbell and Verquan Kimbrough.

Ruiz (22-3-1, 16 KOs) will be fighting outside of his native Mexico for the first time. He is undefeated in his last five fights with four wins and a draw. He is the former Mexican Pacific Coast Featherweight Champion.

Two-time Canadian Olympian and world title cruiserweight challenger, Troy Ross (24-2, 16 KOs), fights an opponent to soon be determined in an eight-round Special Feature. Ross is the top-rated IBF contender at No. 3 (#1 and #2 are not rated), as well as ranked No. 5 by The Ring magazine, No. 14 by the WBA, and No. 15 by the WBC.

Go on line at for more information about McGuinness’ June 24th title defense.

Tickets to “Friday Night at the Fights,” starting at $30.00, may be purchased at the Hershey Centre box office, through Ticket Master by dialing 416-872-5000, or by going on line to

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Haven Six To Be Showcased June 18 On ‘The New Generation Boxing Series’ In Hartford

By: Bob Trieger

HARTFORD (June 13, 2011) – Undefeated, highly-regarded junior featherweight Luis Rosa, Jr. (6-0, 5 KOs) lead the New Haven Six into the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford this Saturday night, launching “The New Generation Boxing Series,” presented by Bulldog Cartel Promotions, Saturday night, June 18 at.

“This new series is all about Connecticut boxers fighting at home,” said former pro boxer and new Bulldog Cartel promoter Craig Salamone. “There are a lot of talented, young boxers in this state and our goal is to get them fighting at home on a regular basis in order for them to build fan-bases. We have six New Haven-based fighters on this show and our plans call for us to promote our next show in New Haven later this summer.”

The eight-round main event features two veteran cruiserweights sporting deceiving records, Joshua “Juice” Harris (7-4-1, 5 KOs), of Providence, and Harvey “Candy Man” Jolly (11-17-1, 6 KOs).

Undefeated Puerto Rican welterweight prospect Javier “El Chino” Flores (5-0, 5 KOs), now fighting out of Hartford, takes on veteran Shaka Moore (11-15-3, 2 KOs), of Norwalk, in the eight-round co-feature.

Rosa, Jr. (6-0, 5 KOs), who recently signed a promotional contract DiBella Entertainment, takes on dangerous Shawn “Bones” Nichol (5-4, 5 KOs) in a six-round bout. As a heralded amateur boxer, Rosa was a two-time New England Golden Gloves champion and 2009 USA Boxing National Championship silver medalist, which earned him a spot on the US National Boxing Team.

New Haven favorites such as lightweight Oscar Bonilla, junior featherweight Josh Crespo and super middleweight Charles Foster will all be making their pro debuts in four-round matches, respectively, versus Corey White (1-1, 1 KO) and a pro debuting pair of opponents, Frankie Garriga and Lee Snow.

Two other New Haven boxers are slated to be in action June 18: junior welterweight Carlos Hernandez (0-2) and undefeated super lightweight Christian Lao (2-0, 1 KOs), who will square-off, respectively, against Barrington Douse (0-1) and Javier Calderon (1-0, 1 KO).

All fights and fighters are subject to change.

Former world light middleweight champion Vincent “The Ambassador” Pettway will be working the corners of Jolley and Snow.

Tickets are priced at $80.00 (ringside) and $40.00 (general admission) and available to purchase by going on line to, at the Connecticut Convention Center box office, and calling 860.759.8898 or 203.889.1222.

World Cruiserweight Contender Troy Ross Added To June 24 Show In Canada

By: Bob Trieger 

TORONTO (June 13, 2011) – World cruiserweight contender Troy Ross has been added to the “Friday Night At The Fights” professional boxing card, June 24 at Hershey Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

“Friday Night At The Fights” is being presented by United Boxing Promotions in association with Hennessy Sports and Groupe Yvon Michel.

Ross is the top-rated IBF contender at No. 3 (#1 and #2 are not rated), as well as ranked No. 5 by The Ring magazine, No. 14 by the WBA, and No. 15 by the WBC. The two-time Canadian Olympian will face an opponent to be determined June 24 in a eight-round bout. Troy wants a rematch with IBF champion Steve Cunningham and he also has issued a challenge to unbeaten Lateef Kayode for a major showdown later this summer.

“I can’t wait to get back in action,” Ross said. “I’m trying to force (IBF champion Steve) Cunningham into a rematch. I dropped him and should have won that fight by technical decision because he thumbed me in the eye and the fight was stopped (cut eyelid) because of that. I’m fighting June 24th to get sharp for Cunningham, Kayode or any of the top 10 fighters I may fight this year on my way to winning a world title.”

A native of Guyana who lives in Toronto, Ross (24-2, 16 KOs) was a member of the 1996 and 2000 Canadian Olympic Teams, and winner of The Contender, Season Four reality television series.

Ross’ most notable wins to date have been against former NABF/USBA champion Felix Cora, Jr. (TKO1), Ehino Ehikamenor (TKO4), David Haye-conquerer (as an amateur) Michael Simms (DEC10), Akinyemi Laleye (DEC5), and Brazilian Olympian Daniel Bispo (KO1). Troy’s last fight was a win by unanimous 10-round decision over Carl Handy (24-7-2) this past October.

Tickets to “Friday Night at the Fights,” starting at $30.00, may be purchased at the Hershey Centre box office, through Ticket Master by dialing 416-872-5000, or by going on-line to

Trout Defeats Lopez

WBA News

WBA Super Welterweight champion Austin Trout won a twelve-round unanimous decision over David “The Destroyer” Lopez to retain his title on Saturday night at the Auditorio Miguel Barragan in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Scores were 119-109, 117-110 and 118-109, all in favor of Trout.


By: Kevin Rooney, Star Boxing

 Delvin Rodriguez

On July 15th, Joe DeGuardia's Star Boxing presents a highly anticipated ESPN "Friday Night Fights" card at New York City's famed Roseland Ballroom with a sensational main event, featuring exciting former welterweight world title challenger, Delvin Rodriguez (25-5-2, 14KO's) looking to throw himself into the mix of top jr. middleweight contenders when he takes on top rated, Pawel "Raging Bull" Wolak (29-1, 19KO's) in a can't miss, all-action showdown.

"This fight has all the makings to be a fight of the year candidate," stated Joe DeGuardia, CEO and President of Star Boxing, Rodriguez's promoter. "You have two guys who continuously produce fireworks each and every time they step into the ring, going up against one another in what is arguably the most important fight of their respective careers. These are the type of fights that as a true fight fan you just know you can't miss."

"I'm excited to get back into the ring and show that I am a force to be reckoned with in the jr. middleweight division," said Rodriguez. "I have a new team behind me and I feel better than I ever have before. On July 15th, Pawel Wolak and the entire world will see a stronger, faster, and more exciting Delvin Rodriguez."

 Pawel Wolak

"I want to thank Delvin Rodriquez for taking the fight," stated Wolak. "It is going to be a hard fight with lots of action. I expect Delvin will give me everything he's got and I will be prepared. The fans will get their money worth like they do with every fight of mine. I am looking forward to continuing towards my goal of winning a world title by end of 2011."

The bout between Rodriguez and Wolak, who is rated as the WBO #3, WBA #6, IBF #8, WBC #11 jr. middleweight in the world, has huge implications for both fighters. Wolak, who is currently riding an eight fight win streak, including his most impressive victory to date in his last bout, when he dominated and made former WBA jr. middleweight champion Yuri Foreman retire on his stool after six rounds, is looking to cash in on his recent success, and earn his shot at a world title. While Rodriguez on the other hand, who has become a fan-favorite, drawing some of the highest ratings on ESPN's "Friday Night Fights" over the years, knows a win over the red-hot Wolak will throw him right into the mix with the top jr. middleweights in the world, and put him back on the path to challenging for another world title.

The Rodriguez-Wolak bout is scheduled for ten rounds and is promoted by Star Boxing in association with Top Rank.


Tickets are priced at $50, $75, $100 and $200 and can be purchased by calling Star Boxing at (718) 823-2000, or visiting Tickets may also be purchased through any Ticketmaster outlet, calling Ticketmaster 1 (800) 745-3000, or simply by Clicking Here. Doors open at 6:30PM, with the first bout scheduled for 7:00PM. ESPN will begin live coverage at 9PM ET.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Holm vs. Mathis For ‘World Dominance’ Announced


Dec. 2 at Route 66 Casino Hotel in Albuquerque

By: Bob Trieger

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (June 11, 2011) – Right after she registered her 30th career victory last night, promoter Lenny Fresquez announced that Holly “The Preachers Daughter” Holm will take on Anne Sophie Mathis -- the top two pound-for-pound female boxers in the world -- December 2 for “World Dominance,” at the Route 66 Casino Hotel in Albuquerque.

Holm dominated all 10-rounds en route to unanimous decision (100-90 X 3) victory last night against aggressive Victoria Cisneros at Route 66 Casino Hotel.

Holm (30-1-3, 9 KOs) will try to regain her IBA Welterweight title and WBAN Championship Belt in the 10-round main event against Mathis (23-1, 20 KOs), the WBO European Welterweight Champion from France. Holm-Mathis, presented by Fresquez Productions, is a modern day match-up between the consummate boxer, southpaw Holm, and knockout specialist, Mathis, who will be fighting outside of Europe for the first time.

“This has all the makings of an instant classic, potentially one of the greatest fights in women’s boxing history,” Fresquez said. “Holly has exhausted all of her competitive options in the U.S., fighting just about every legitimate title challenger – 11 world champions – and now she wants to test herself against the best European fighter, Ann Sophie Mathis. It promises to be a memorable night for boxing fans all over the world, not just women’s boxing fans.”

Holm’s only loss was in 2004 and she’s won 23 of 24 fights since with one draw. A multiple world champion in three different divisions (light welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight), Holly has defeated all of the significant names in women’s boxing from the 140 through 154-pound classes, including Christy Martin, Mary Jo Sanders, Mia St. John, Jane Couch, Duda Yankovich and Chevelle Hallback (twice).

Mathis is riding a 22-fight win streak, dating back to 1995 when she lost in her second pro fight, and she’s a two-time world light welterweight champion. December 2nd will mark the fifth anniversary of her first world title victory, in which she stopped previously unbeaten Myriam Lamare (13-0) for the WBA crown as well as the vacant EBU championship. Ann Sophie’s victims also include Couch, Yankovich, Ana Pascal and Nathalie Toro.

For more information about “World Dominance: Holm vs. Mathis” go on line to



Star Boxing's hard-hitting, Puerto Rican prospect Emanuel Gonzalez kept his undefeated record in tact with a dominating performance over Jason Rorie earlier tonight on the undercard of the Boricua Invasion at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

The 23-year-old super featherweight Gonzalez, a 2008 NY Golden Gloves 125 lb. open Champion, dominated Rorie from the opening bell, landing crisp, hard right hands and uppercuts behind a piston-like jab.  Gonzalez's jab bloodied the face of Rorie almost immediately, but to his credit, Rorie hung tough. 

Round after round, Gonzalez showed that he was just too fast, strong and accurate for his opponent.  In the end, Gonzalez was awarded a six-round unanimous decision by scores of 60-54, 60-54, while the third judge gave the spirited Rorie one round, scoring it 59-55.  With the win, Gonzalez improved his record to a perfect 9-0, 7KO's.  Look for Gonzalez, who is now 2-0 since signing with Star Boxing in April, to be back in action very soon.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Boricua Invasion II

Photo Credit: Team Puerto Rico Boxing

Featherweights Luis Del Valle (L) and Dat Nguyen (R) face-off after weighing in for the main event of Boricua Invasion II, to be aired live on ShoBox: The New Generation on Saturday night from the Roseland Ballroom in New York City.

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