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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fight Preview: Andre Ward vs. Allan Green

 Photos by Howard Schatz

Andre Ward is a rising star, who is undefeated (21-0, 13 KO’s) and by the end of the “Super Six” Tournament, may be regarded as the best super middleweight in the world. After a stellar amateur career where Ward won the Light Heavyweight Gold Medal at the 2004 Olympic Games, his decisive victory over Edison “Pantera” Miranda placed him among the elite super middleweight contenders. Then, Ward’s dominating performance over Denmark’s Mikkel Kessler, in which he captured the WBA Super Middleweight Championship, was his finest to date. He displayed phenomenal hand speed, ring generalship and precise combination punching. Ward has truly taken his skills to the next level, and is well on his way to reaching the summit of his craft.

On the other hand, Ward’s next opponent, Allan Green (29-1, 20 KO’s), is no pushover. Green enters the tournament as a substitute for Jermain Taylor, who withdrew from competition after suffering a devastating knockout loss at the hands of Germany’s Arthur Abraham. Green is a prominent replacement for Taylor. He possesses an excellent amateur background that includes winning the 2002 National Golden Gloves at light heavyweight. As a professional, Green’s most memorable victory was a crushing 1st round knockout versus previously unbeaten Jaidon Codrington on ShoBox. After that, Green won his next five bouts, which included victories against Anthony Bonsante (TKO 5) and Jerson Ravelo (TKO 8).

However, Green suffered a setback in his bout with Edison “Pantera” Miranda, losing a ten round unanimous decision. Green knocked Miranda down in the 8th round, but Miranda floored Green twice in the tenth. At times, Green looked lethargic and Miranda took full advantage, landing a multitude of well-timed overhand rights. Later on, Green was faced with even more adversity in the summer of 2007 when surgery was performed to remove the majority of his colon. After successful surgery, Green resumed his career and picked up where he left off before the loss to Miranda. Since suffering his only professional defeat, Green has won his last six fights, ending four of them by knockout. Green may have been overlooked when the participants were selected for the “Super Six” tournament, although he could be a major force in it now.

One of the keys to victory for Ward is the use of his overhand right. Green has a tendency to hold his left hand too low, which enables opponents to land the overhand right with remarkable accuracy. Miranda was able to greatly exploit this flaw in Green’s arsenal, and it is likely that with Ward’s sophisticated punching, he will be able to do the same.

Conversely, Green possesses significant power, swift hand speed and exceptional countering ability, especially with his left hook. After throwing his right, Ward needs to be extremely careful that Green does not immediately land his potent left hook. Green throws and lands clear-cut punches too, but he is not as fluid with his overall punch output compared to Ward. Look for Ward to utilize his superior lateral movement, as Green will patiently try to offset his attack.

Can Ward handle Green’s power? Will Green be able to throw enough power punches to increase his chances for a knockout? Green may have trouble landing a high percentage of his shots in this fight, although he absolutely owns the power to hurt Ward. In his past fights, Green has displayed the capability to easily finish an opponent after he hurts them, and holds a 67% knockout ratio to Ward’s 62%. Yet, Ward owns the skills to counteract Green’s offense with superb lateral movement, which decreases the likelihood that Green will be able to land meaningful combination punches.

Which fighter will be able to get off their punches first? If Green can establish a strong left jab, he can neutralize Ward’s foot speed. Ward is known to use his legs more to set up his offensive attack, but that does not necessarily indicate he can get in and out without absorbing crisp, accurate punches from Green.

Prediction: Andre Ward is a better boxer than Green, and I see him dictating the pace in the bout. That being said, I believe Green can and will hurt Ward at some point during the fight. How will Ward react when Green hits him? I think Ward can take a solid punch, and I don’t think Green will be able to land enough to win on points. Therefore, I think Green’s only way to win will be by a knockout.

Green has expressed enormous confidence coming into the bout, stating on the Leave-It-In-The-Ring radio show, “Nothing I’ve seen on Andre Ward worries me at all. He’s a good fighter; he’s smart, he’s slick, but so am I.”

Green added, “He’s a very smart fighter, very foxy, thinks a lot and reminds me of me when I was an amateur fighter without the power. I respect his fight game, but when it comes down to it, if I can do the same things you do, and better than you do it, or just as good as you do it, and I hit harder than you, than there’s a problem for you, not me.”

Conventional wisdom tells me to pick Andre Ward by a 12 round unanimous decision, but Green has me buying the hype. I feel he is in tremendous shape, and is exhibiting the exact confidence a fighter needs to win. I’ll go with the underdog and pick Allan Green by a 10th round TKO.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Heavyweight Boxing Book Wins Gold Medal

Independent Book Publishers Honor Fight Promoter’s Memoir

New York, NY: (May 27, 2010) – Hank Schwartz is the most famous boxing promoter you’ve never heard of. He and his vice-president, Don King, were the promoters of what is still considered the most famous fight in boxing history – the Muhammad Ali-George Foreman “Rumble in the Jungle” fought in Zaire in 1974. His hilarious thrill-a-minute memoir From the Corners of the Ring To the Corners of the Earth: The Adventure Behind the Champions (CIVCOM 2010) KO’ed an undercard of three contenders and took the 2010 Independent Book Publisher’s Gold Medal in the Sports Division. The book and its author team were honored in New York on Tuesday night at the IPPY Awards Gala held in conjunction with the BookExpo.
Beginning with the historic Ali-Frazier I in Madison Square Garden, where Schwartz broadcasted Ali’s first professional defeat to the world, and ending with the tragic Ali-Holmes fight in Las Vegas, this eye-opening book tells the riveting story of the crisscrossing battle for the heavyweight championship waged between Joe Frazier (who contributed the foreword to the book), George Foreman, and Muhammad Ali. Along the way, Schwartz was responsible for the live broadcast, production, and promotion of the Golden Era of the heavyweight title – Foreman-Frazier in Jamaica, Foreman-Norton in Caracas, the “Thrilla in Manila” and the legendary “Rumble in the Jungle”.
“This book tells the back story of these fights which has never been told before. Boxing fans around the world know what happened in the ring. This book tells the amazing story of how these fights were put together – how they were financed, how they got the fighters under contract, how they worked with the governments in these third-world countries and the socio-political issues that were swirling all around them, what they had to do to get the video signal up to the satellite so the pay-per-view broadcast could happen…, Hank’s story provides context and a whole new perspective on these events,” says Paige Stover Hague who collaborated with Schwartz to author and publish the book.
Smokin’ Joe Frazier, who fought for and defended the heavyweight title several times during the timeframe covered in this book, said in his foreword, “All of us in the fight mob owe a debt of gratitude to Hank Schwartz… I thank him for being a significant factor in the strength of the bond that held us all together then, and in keeping the legend alive now. It was a glorious time to be a heavyweight champion. The shimmer of the gold that distinguishes our era would not be as lustrous if it were not for Hank Schwartz.”
“The story behind the fights is just as, if not more, intriguing than what happened in the ring.” says Gene Kilroy, Muhammad Ali’s business advisor, “Hank includes all the people and the political, social and economic happenings that made up the golden era of the heavyweight title. This book tells it all. I was there, I lived it, and Hank has captured it all in this accurate retelling of the unbelievable story that was the best the boxing world has ever seen.”
The medal was presented to Schwartz by Jim Barnes, Awards Director for Independent Book Publishers, who commented, “We saw spectacular work in so many categories – so much creativity, so much passion -- so much truth. The main thing I’ve learned about independent authors and publishers over the years is that they tell the truth. We judged passionately truthful memoirs and biographies, soulfully truthful self-help books, and brutally honest critiques of our social and political systems. It is this dedication to truth and the art of literature that makes these awards worthwhile...”

Pre-publication orders for the book can be placed on the web site at The title is expected to launch July 1.
For more information on the book or the author, please visit To request a review copy, contact Luke Messecar at or (617) 717-8294.

About Hank Schwartz

Henry A. (Hank) Schwartz, born in Brooklyn, is an expert in video communications technology. He was involved in the broadcast, promotion, and distribution of notable boxing matches involving fighters including Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and George Foreman during the 1970’s. An authority in microwave and satellite technology, Schwartz utilized his expertise to telecast major boxing events such as “The Rumble in the Jungle” in Zaire, “The Thrilla in Manila” in the Philippines, as well as other major events in Kingston, Jamaica; Caracas, Venezuela; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Madison Square Garden in New York. From 1974 to 1978 Schwartz served as Minister of Communications for the former Republic of Zaire.

Hank has designed systems for E.I. Dupont, Western Electric, Bell Telephone, Westinghouse Electric, Revlon, RCA and others. He served in the US Army in WWII and then attended Brooklyn Polytech, from which he received his Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree (BEE). Schwartz holds a number of patents and patent applications in the electronics and visual communications fields.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vazquez Remains Undefeated, Stops Bedak In 10th

In a fierce battle of undefeated super bantamweights, 25-year-old Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (19-0-1, 16 KO's) gave a remarkable performance, stopping Hungarian Zsolt Bedak, 26, (15-1, 5 KO's) at 1:12 in the tenth round to retain his WBO championship. Bedak, who holds 232 amateur fights to his credit along with a victory over Abner Mares at the 2004 Olympics, could not handle the crisp, precise punches of the lightning-quick Vazquez.

Vazquez had a minimal edge in round one, as his punches were slightly sharper. However, Bedak landed sound body punches late in the round.

Vazquez surprised Bedak with a rock-solid overhand right in round two. Still, Bedak answered with a hard left hook.Vazquez was busier and seemed to find his range.

Bedak connected with a big left hook in round three, but Vazquez took the punch well. Bedak also landed a hard overhand right and sharp right uppercut in close range. Clearly, Bedak landed the cleaner punches in the round.

Both men traded overhand rights in round four. Then, Bedak connected with a sweeping left hook. As the round progressed, Vazquez landed many right hand blows. Bedak sustained minor swelling on the left side of his head.

In the fifth round, Vazquez seriously hurt Bedak with a series of overhand rights. After absorbing the shots, Bedak, unloaded a massive left hook. Bedak kept charging Vazquez, although he was being struck by numerous punches.

Bedak displayed immense swelling around both eyes in round six. Yet, he opened the round by landing a right - left hook combination. On the other hand, Vazquez showed minor swelling under his right eye. Vazquez utilized his jab and lateral movement, as he continued to score with his shots.

Round seven was another highly competitive round with both fighters landing flush shots, however, Vazquez was able to inflict more damage with his blows.

Vazquez repeatedly delivered punishing overhand rights to Bedak's head in the eighth round. Also, Vazquez got the better of Bedak yet again during the exchanges in round nine. Bedak landed some very accurate shots, but lacked the power to stun Vazquez. MMA Gloves

At long last, Vazquez really hurt Bedak in round ten when Bedak walked into a crushing overhand right. Then, Vazquez threw a barrage of punches, and connected with a critical left hook to Bedak's body. Next, Vazquez floored Bedak with a severe overhand right. Bedak got up, although his corner threw in the towel at 1:12.

Bedak proved he could take a solid punch, but he absorbed too many quality shots from Vazquez tonight.


24-year-old McJoe Arroyo (3-0, 1 KO) dished out a ferocious beating to Jairo Delgado (3-7, 3 KO's), 29, winning a four round unanimous decision in a bantamweight bout. All three official scorecards read 40-36 in favor of Arroyo.

In the first round, Arroyo snapped Delgado's head back with a straight left. After landing a stern right hook, Arroyo wobbled Delgado when he connected with another well-timed straight left. Throughout the entire fight, Arroyo placed his punches perfectly.
Delgado tied up Arroyo in round two after he was momentarily hurt by a right hook. In round three, Delgado sustained terrible swelling under his right eye. Arroyo continued to connect with a sequence of violent body punches, and repeatedly landed an onslaught of right hooks and straight lefts in the fourth round. Delgado barely finished the fight on his feet.

Hanna Gabriel (10-0-1, 6 KO's) captured the women's WBO light middleweight title by stopping Gardy Pena (9-2-2, 6 KO's) in the first round. After Gabriel landed a devastating right to the body, Pena was forced to quit. The official time of the stoppage was :22 seconds.

In a lightweight bout, Jose Gonzalez (10-0, 6 KO's) dropped Keivy Arce (3-1, 1 KO) three times in round two en route to a knockout victory. Following a slow-paced first round, Gonzalez floored Arce with consecutive lefts. When Arce got up, he was met with more swift left hands from Gonzalez, which put him on the canvas yet again. In conclusion, Gonzalez caught Arce with a sharp left uppercut, and followed it with a series of damaging right hands. Ultimately, a straight right hand by Gonzalez put Arce down for good at 2:26 of the second round.

McWilliams Arroyo (3-0, 3 KO's), twin brother of McJoe Arroyo, scored a second round knockout against Samuel Gutierrez (5-6-1, 0 KO's) in a super flyweight bout. After landing a string of extremely brutal punches in round one, Arroyo sent Gutierrez into the ropes and onto the canvas when he connected with an overhand right in round two. Time of the stoppage was 1:35.

McWilliams Arroyo won a Gold Medal at flyweight during the 2009 World Amateur Boxing Championships, and also in the 2007 PanAmerican games.

Roman Martinez (24-0-1, 15 KO's) retained his WBO super featherweight title, scoring a stellar fourth round knockout against Gonzalo Munguia (17-7-3, 13 KO's).

After finding his range easily in round one, Martinez peppered Munguia with an assortment of clean punches. Toward the end of round two, Munguia stepped up his punch output and engaged in several heated exchanges with Martinez.

Martinez got the better of Munguia in round three, landing the sharper, more precise punches. Munguia landed some heavy shots, but Martinez had a higher connect rate. Both men traded blows non-stop for the last minute and a half of the round.

In round four, Martinez seriously injured Munguia with rights to his body and head. Then, Martinez dropped Munguia with a potent right uppercut. Munguia was unable to beat the ten count, as the official time of the knockout was 1:48.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Klitschko Retains WBC Title, KO's Sosnowski In 10th Round

Vitali Klitschko (40-2, 38 KO's) retained his WBC heavyweight title, knocking out a tough Albert Sosnowski (45-3-1, 27 KO's) at 2:20 in the tenth round of a highly competitive fight. The victory was Klitschko's eighth in a row.

In round one, Klitschko utilized his left jab, while Sosnowski aggressively looked for openings. Klitschko attacked Sosnowski more in the second round. Still, Sosnowski used lots of lateral movement and feints, as he tried to stay away from Klitschko's power. 

Sosnowski landed a counter left hook in round three that briefly drew cheers from the crowd. Sosnowski showed great self-belief, moving assertively toward Klitschko the entire round. 

In the first minute of round four, Klitschko caught Sosnowski with a short right. After that, Sosnowski dictated the pace of the round, keeping extremely busy by getting his punches off before Klitschko. 

However, Klitschko answered with a strong fifth round, striking Sosnowski with multiple left hooks and right hand shots. MMA GEAR

Klitschko landed the cleaner punches in round six, hitting Sosnowski early with right hands and left hooks. Nevertheless, Sosnowski was very forceful with his jab in the second half of the round. 

Again, Klitschko was more fluid with his punches in round seven, connecting more often than Sosnowski. Yet, Sosnowski relentlessly kept putting on pressure.

Sosnowski landed the best punch in round eight, sending Klitschko back after connecting with a stinging overhand right. Shortly thereafter, Klitschko answered with a clean left hook. 

Klitschko opened the ninth round by landing an overhand right. Then, Klitschko used his left jab steadily and found his range, which enabled him to hammer Sosnowski all through the round with right hand blows.

In round ten, Klitschko's right hand was finding the target easily. With 32 seconds to go in the round, Klitschko floored Sosnowski with a powerful overhand right that sent him into the corner. Referee Jay Nady immediately stopped the bout.


In other heavyweight action, Johnathon Banks (24-1-1, 17 KO's) and Jason Gavern (19-7-4, 8 KO's) battled to a twelve round majority draw in a fight filled with excessive holding. Official scores were 115-111 for Banks and 113-113 twice.

In round four, Banks used his left jab repeatedly, but put little behind it. Then, he connected with a short left hook to Gavern's head. Gavern was tying Banks up at every possible moment. Finally, Gavern was deducted one point for his wrestling tactics in the sixth round. 

Both men exchanged solid left hooks in round seven. However, Banks lost one point for unnecessary holding. In round eight, Banks connected with a quick left hook that seemed to floor Gavern. Yet, referee Juergen Langos ruled Gavern had slipped. After that, Banks landed a series of damaging overhand rights. 

Banks momentarily stunned Gavern with a right - left combination in round nine after connecting with a counter left hook.

In an uneventful twelfth round, Gavern pressed the action and scored with his right hand when he got Banks against the ropes. Banks did not utilize his jab enough in the final round.

Andrade Forces Lucas To Quit

31-year-old Librado Andrade (29-3, 22 KO's) bounced back from a knockout loss against Lucian Bute, as veteran Eric Lucas (39-8-3, 15 KO's) could not persevere after eight completed rounds due to a severe cut sustained above his left eye.

Lucas, 39, landed some sharp counter punches in round one, but Andrade scored early with an aggressive body attack. After getting struck with a right uppercut in round two, Lucas hammered Andrade with a flush right. However, Andrade shook off the effects of the punch quickly, and opened up an arsenal of vicious body and head shots. Then, Andrade opened a gash above Lucas' right eye when he landed a piercing left hook. Toward the end of round three, Andrade landed a series of left hooks to Lucas' body.

Andrade continued his assault in round four, hurting Lucas when he unleashed multiple shots. Next, Andrade threw and landed a large volume of punches in round five subsequent to Lucas catching him with a harsh left hook.

In the seventh round, Andrade connected with consecutive left hook - right hand combinations. Afterward, Lucas countered swiftly with a decisive left hook, but Andrade ripped off a string of devastating uppercuts in close range. Consequently, Andrade sent Lucas into the ropes in round eight when he landed a concrete right hand. At this point, Lucas was awfully bloodied and bruised, although he was giving a valiant effort. It seemed a right hand shot from Andrade opened a massive cut above Lucas' left eye. A ringside physician briefly examined it during the round, and let the fight pick up again. After that, Lucas came on strong instantly, however, he was met with an onslaught of grueling punches from Andrade. When the ringside physician examined the cut for a second time following round eight, he ruled that Lucas should not keep going.


In a middleweight bout, Marcus Upshaw (13-4-1, 6 KO's) won a ten round, split decision versus Renan St. Juste (21-2-1, 14 KO's). Official scores were 96-93 and 95-94 for Upshaw, while St. Juste received a 95-94 scorecard. MMA Training Gloves

Upshaw, 29, seriously hurt St. Juste in round four when he connected with a lunging left hook. After absorbing the blow, St. Juste turned away and moved toward the ropes. Referee Jean-Guy Brousseau appropriately scored a knockdown in favor of Upshaw. St. Juste, 38, continually got beat to the punch by Upshaw from the sixth round until the end of the fight. Upshaw comfortably landed his punches in spots, scoring with crisp left hooks and straight rights repeatedly. As the fight moved into the later rounds, St. Juste could not match the pace of the younger, faster Upshaw.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Adamek - Grant Fight Confirmed for August 21st at Prudential Center, Newark, N.J.

On Saturday August 21st, Tomasz Adamek returns to action at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. against Michael Grant, who is on an eight bout winning streak dating back to 2003. The bout will be part of the much-admired "Brick City Boxing Series".

Adamek, who is trained by Roger Bloodworth and Ronnie Shields, has made it clear that he intends to move up when he is ready to face reigning World Heavyweight Champions David Haye and Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko.  As the Klitschko brothers both stand over 6’7”, Adamek and his trainers are particularly interested in taking on an opponent of Grant’s stature.

Adamek explained, “This fight makes so much sense for me.  Michael Grant is a very big heavyweight. This fight will prepare me to fight Haye or Klitschko. First though, I have to beat Grant and I do not take him lightly. I was pleased with the results of my training camp for the Arreola fight, so for Grant we will follow the same hard regimen, but also work on skills that will keep him guessing.”

"I would like to thank Main Events and their staff for their professionalism and the opportunity to face one of the best heavyweights in the division, as Tomasz has proven he is a true heavyweight and a force in the division. I realize this is a great opportunity for me and my team, and I will be coming to win this fight on August 21st." stated Grant.

“Every time Tomasz Adamek comes to fight at Prudential Arena it feels like a big party,” promoter Kathy Duva of Main Events said.  “The atmosphere is electric and the crowd gets bigger and bigger every time. We expect a capacity audience to turn out again, for the fun.  Michael Grant provides a new challenge to Tomasz, who must adjust to much taller and harder punching opponents than he faced in the Light Heavyweight and Cruiserweight divisions,” she added.  “It should be interesting and exciting to see how Adamek handles a much bigger man.”

Tickets priced at $253, $103, $78 and $53 will go on sale in mid-June. For more information, contact

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Official: Zab Judah Returns July 16th At "The Rock"

On July 16th at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., Brooklyn's Zab "Super" Judah (38-6, 26 KO's) squares off against Mexico's Jose Armando Santa Cruz (28-4, 17 KO's) in a junior welterweight showdown. The bout will be televised LIVE on ESPN2. Ticket and on sale information will be available shortly.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zab Judah Returns

In mid-July, former undisputed welterweight champion and former IBF/WBO junior welterweight champion Zab 'Super' Judah (38-6, 26 KO's) will make his debut at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

Judah, 32, decided to move down from welterweight to junior welterweight, as he attempts to regain a title in boxing's hottest division.

"I like to finish how I started, so we teamed up with Main Events," Judah declared. "We crossed the river to team up with Prudential Center and I'm back!!!"

“We at Main Events are thrilled to welcome Zab back home," said Kathy Duva, Main Events' CEO. "We were fortunate to have been involved with Zab throughout much of his early boxing career, so we know first hand what a compelling personality and exciting fighter Zab is. Zab brings with him the kind of fan base necessary to fill a big arena, and we look forward to packing Prudential Center when he makes his debut there in July."

"Zab ‘Super’ Judah is entering 2010 with more focus, heart and dedication than ever before," stated Bill Halkias, VP Super Judah Promotions. "He will once again dominate the junior welterweight division.”

Zab's opponent and on sale information for his upcoming fight will be named shortly. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Marquez Annihilates Vazquez; Mares Gets Robbed

Rafael Marquez (39-5, 35 KO's) defeated a resilient Israel Vazquez convincingly (44-5, 33 KO's), capturing a 3rd round technical knockout to even the series between them at two fights apiece.

Vazquez, 32, opened the bout landing a swift overhand right, although Marquez, 35, landed the sharper punches in round one, striking Vazquez with counter left hooks and overhand rights. Then, Vazquez responded with a left hook to Marquez's head. However, Marquez started using lateral movement and utilized an effective left jab.

In round two, Marquez opened up a severe laceration above Vazquez's left eye when he connected with a precise overhand right. After that, Marquez found his range and continually beat Vazquez to the punch, scoring with left uppercuts in close range. Still, Vazquez kept pressuring and fighting through a bloody face.

Both men exchanged right hands to start the third round. Marquez landed a quick left uppercut, but clashed heads with Vazquez. As a result, Vazquez sustained another cut above his right eye. Next, Marquez floored a bloodied Vazquez with an overhand right to the head. Vazquez got up, however, he was met with a barrage of lefts and rights from Marquez, prompting referee Raul Caiz Jr. to stop the contest at 1:33 in round three.

Marquez wanted to make a bold statement coming into the fight.

"I was really hurt," stated Marquez. "Today, I made things clear."

Marquez also believes another fight with Vazquez could happen in the near future.

Marquez declared, "A fifth one could be a possibility, if the fans want it."

Vazquez expressed his interest in a fifth fight.

"I'm willing to do it again in 5 or 6 months," said Vazquez. "Maybe surgery is needed so the cuts don't open again."

Prior to tonight's fight, Marquez won the first encounter (RTD 7), while Vazquez prevailed in the second (TKO 6) and third (SD 12) fights.


In the co-feature, bantamweights Yonnhy Perez and Abner Mares fought to a 12 round majority draw. Gwen Adair and Eugenia Williams scored the fight 114-114, while Marty Denkin saw it 115-113 in favor of Mares. As a result, Perez retains his IBF bantamweight title.

In round one, both men traded a series of left hooks. As the round progressed, Mares started to land his overhand right. MMA Equipment

Perez was the aggressor in the second round, although Mares was dictating the pace. Mares placed his punches efficiently, landing left hooks and getting his punches off before Perez.

Mares came on strong toward the end of round three, however, it was Perez who landed the cleaner, more effective punches. In round four, Perez struck Mares with numerous rights and left hooks. Mares was not slipping Perez's punches well, and his punch output instantly dropped.

As Perez continued to press the action in round five, Mares found himself repeatedly on the defensive. Yet, Mares found his range again in round six, and kept Perez off-balance by moving after connecting with several counter left hooks and swift right hand blows.

In the seventh round, Mares started well, but Perez came on strong mid-round. Then, Perez momentarily stunned Mares with a right to the head. After that, Mares started using lateral movement and scoring with right hand shots.

Mares landed countless overhand rights and left hooks, while Perez's punch output slightly dropped in round eight.

Mares took control of the fight from rounds nine through twelve, hammering Perez with fierce left hooks in close quarters. Perez's punches lost steam in the final rounds, which enabled Mares to land solid rights to the body, followed by a barrage of overhand rights and left hooks. Mares found his range, and Perez simply could not get his punches off fast enough.

In the twelfth round, Perez landed a left hook, but Mares quickly countered, landing a left hook before connecting with a stinging left uppercut. Then, Mares staggered Perez with a left-right combination. After that, Perez successfully landed another left hook. Nevertheless, Mares hurt Perez shortly thereafter with his left hook. Toward the end of the round, Mares impaired Perez after connecting with a right-left combination.

Although Perez landed a number of damaging punches during the bout, it was quite clear Mares pulled away with the fight in the later rounds.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ruslan Provodnikov, Ji-Hoon Kim Win Impressively

In a fast-paced junior welterweight match-up, 26-year-old Ruslan Provodnikov (16-0, 11 KO's) scored a devastating technical knockout versus Emmanuel Augustus (38-32-6, 20 KO's), 35, at 1:50 of the ninth round. Augustus, who took the fight on 4 days notice and appeared on ESPN's "Friday Night Fights" series numerous times over the years, was no match for the younger, aggressive Provodnikov.

Provodnikov applied unrelenting pressure throughout the fight, scoring a knockdown in the fifth round when he floored Augustus with a rock-solid overhand right. After that, Provodnikov continued his assault of Augustus, putting the tough veteran fighter on the canvas two more times in round nine. Once Provodnikov hurt Augustus with his potent right hand shots, Augustus crumbled instantly.

In the main event, lightweight Ji-Hoon Kim, 23, (21-5, 18 KO's) stopped Ameth Diaz, 26, (27-10, 19 KO's) at 2:59 of round one. Diaz was controlling the action by landing hard, accurate right hand shots until Kim landed a crisp overhand right late in the round. Then, Kim threw a left hook-right hand combination. Diaz immediately crashed to the canvas when Kim connected with the right hand blow. Diaz rose to his feet, however, referee Robert Gonzalez felt he could not continue. MMA GLOVES

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Khan Too Strong For Malignaggi

Amir Khan (23-1, 17 KO's) retained his WBA junior welterweight title, scoring an 11th round TKO against Paulie Malignaggi (27-4, 5 KO's) in front of a raucous crowd at the theatre inside Madison Square Garden.

Khan, 23, controlled the pace the entire fight working behind a devastating and accurate left jab. Khan consistently got his punches off before Malignaggi, which kept the Brooklyn native off-balanced. After becoming exceedingly frustrated, Malignaggi, 29, tried to sit back and counter Khan, although he had a rough time because he lacked the power needed to hurt him.

“He’s on an upswing right now, but it’s about to end,” Roach told the media on the conference call prior to the bout. “We have an advantage in every aspect of the game – speed, power and boxing ability. Everything he does well, we do it better."

Freddie Roach's words could not have been anymore true on Saturday night. Khan was able to impose his will, and struck Malignaggi repeatedly with hard, flush shots. Occasionally, Malignaggi connected with his swift jab, but he was quickly countered with crisp left hooks and solid overhand rights from Khan. The slick boxer sustained a battered and bruised face, while Khan only suffered minor swelling above his right eye.

Khan also exhibited a great deal of patience, placing his shots with extreme precision. He never got careless when he unleashed his punches, even though Malignaggi did not hold the power to harm him. On the other hand, Malignaggi stood in front of Khan too long, which is not his forte. Malignaggi could have displayed more lateral movement. Instead, he chose to stand and fight. While Malignaggi absorbed a beating tonight, he showed a tremendous amount of heart and courage. All of Malignaggi's fans and the boxing public should be pleased with his effort. MMA Gear

"I'm 29, but I didn't feel old," said Malignaggi. "I had a great camp. Amir just came and fought a very good fight."

Malignaggi also feels Khan fights like he did when he was younger.

"He kept changing distance," added Malignaggi. "That was the plan for me, but Amir was quicker. When I turned pro, I had a similar style to Amir. As I got older, I hurt my hands. I started slowing down and picking my shots more. I ran into a clone of myself when I was younger. He was stronger, bigger and faster. I couldn't keep up with him; I couldn't get the distance right."

After the bout, Amir Khan told his future plans to HBO's Max Kellerman.

"We know I can beat Maidana; I know I can beat Maidana," declared Khan. "If he wants to fight me, tell him to get in the ring. I would love to fight him next.

"I am not going to leave 140 lbs. until I unify the title. Till I'm number one, I am not leaving the division."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Katsidis TKO's Mitchell

Michael Katsidis (27-2, 22 KO's) stopped previously unbeaten Kevin Mitchell (31-1, 23 KO's) at 1:57 of the 3rd round to retain his interim WBO lightweight title.

Katsidis, 29, applied heavy pressure from the opening bell, scoring with consecutive left hooks in round one. Still, Mitchell controlled the pace of the round, circling and unleashing a sharp left jab.

In round two, Mitchell, 25, struck Katsidis early with a left hook followed by consecutive right - left combinations. However, Katsidis closed the gap, landing a series of left hooks and overhand rights, as Mitchell's back was pressed against the ropes. Toward the end of the round, Mitchell caught Katsidis with a crisp, counter left hook to the head.

Katsidis hammered and dazed Mitchell with a powerful left hook to the head in round three. Then, Katsidis landed a barrage of punches, as Mitchell was on shaky legs. Next, Mitchell threw and landed a left uppercut - left hook combination. After that, Katsidis stunned Mitchell again, connecting with a massive left hook. Katsidis went on to throw multiple shots. As Mitchell momentarily turned away, Katsidis landed a crushing overhand right, which prompted referee Dave Parris to stop the bout.

"I feel I am the best I ever been," Katsidis declared. "I'm enjoying my time here. 20,000 people are screaming to support the sport I love, regardless of who they are cheering for."

Mitchell feels he will be able to overcome his first professional defeat.

"I made a mistake and I paid for it," stated Mitchell. "He landed a big shot, but I'll be back in the summer."

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