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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Juan Urango vs. Randall Bailey 140 lbs.

Juan Urango TKO's Randall Bailey in 11 Rounds
Urango Pictured Top, Bailey Pictured Bottom

Randall Bailey (39-7, 35 KO's) has been making a comeback since suffering a 12 round split decision defeat to Herman Ngoudjo in 2007. Juan Urango suffered a defeat in his last outing against Andre Berto was looking to bounce back with a victory. This was a crossroads fight for both men and it contained a lot of action from the start. There were two main questions leading into the fight: Could Bailey hurt Urango with his sharp right hand? Would Urango sustain an effective pressure attack and get to Bailey?

By the 4th round, Urango was really starting to pressure Bailey and landed some hard body shots. In the 5th round, Urango landed a right uppercut and followed it with a straight left. Bailey was hitting Urango with his straight right, but Urango took the punches well.

The drama started to begin in round 6. Great karate sparring equipment at low prices. Bailey flattened Urango with a straight right hand in the first minute of the round. Urango suffered a cut as a result of that punch. Urango rose to his feet and they started exchanging again. Urango threw and connected with a left and Bailey was momentarily off-balance. While off-balanced, Bailey's glove touched the canvas, which should have resulted in a knockdown being scored for Urango. It happened in a flash and the referee missed it.

In the 7th round, Urango landed a right hook and kept the pressure on Bailey. Bailey continued to fire the right hand. Urango floored Bailey in round 9 with a right hook-straight left combination. Bailey just got to his feet in time to beat the count, but was floored again by Urango. This time Urango dropped Bailey with a right uppercut-straight left combination. Bailey would miraculously make it through the round.

As the fight entered round 10, Urango was landing more cleaner punches than Bailey. Urango was successful in knocking Bailey down for a 3rd time when he landed a solid right hook to Bailey's body. Bailey started to suffer a lot of swelling under his left eye. Urango hit Bailey with a right hook as the bell rang to close the round.

Round 11 would be the end for Bailey. With swelling under his cut right eye, Urango nailed Bailey with a vicious right hook to the body. Urango continued to apply pressure and landed some more clean shots. Bailey's corner had seen enough and stopped the bout.

Juan Urango bounced back nicely after losing to Andre Berto. Berto's speed and agility kept Urango off-balanced that night, but Bailey does not move like Berto and stood in front of Urango all night. Urango forced Bailey to fight backing up, which he could not do. Bailey needed to be set to unleash his powerful right hand. With the pressure Urango put on him, Bailey was not able to sustain an efficient offensive attack. As a result, Urango was able to hit Bailey with plenty of clean punches and eventually stopped him.

Tavoris Cloud - Clinton Woods 175 lbs.

Tavoris Cloud Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision Over Clinton Woods
Cloud Pictured Top, Woods Pictured Bottom

Round 1: Cloud is busier and has the edge in hand speed. Woods lands a hook and left uppercut inside. When Cloud stopped jabbing, both fighters exchanged and landed clean shots. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 2: Woods hits Cloud with a left hook followed by a right. Cloud gets nailed with a left uppercut-right hand combination from Woods. Cloud snaps Woods' head back with a right uppercut. Woods is jabbing more this round. (Scored for Woods)

Round 3: Cloud hits Woods with a right. Cloud lands a jab-overhand right combination. Woods tags Cloud with a right uppercut. Cloud responds with a combination. Cloud nails Woods with a clean right. A left hook-right hand combination score for Cloud. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 4: Woods lands a left hook. Cloud hammers Woods with a left hook to the body and head. Cloud lands consecutive rights. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 5: Good, competitive round. Both fighters land punches off their jab. I thought Woods beat Cloud a little bit more to the punch. (Scored for Woods)

Round 6: Cloud picks up the pace. Cloud landed more punches. Woods is getting hit with Cloud's right more this round. Cloud lands a left uppercut inside. Cloud hits Woods in the body. Cloud lands consecutive rights to close round. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 7:
Cloud hits Woods with a left hook to the body and head. Woods is getting hit with hard overhand rights from Cloud. Cloud is putting the pressure on. Woods' punch output is decreasing. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 8: Woods connects with a left uppercut. Cloud counters with a left hook to the head. Cloud starts hammering Woods - left hook, overhand right, left hook...Woods is staggering against the ropes. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 9: Cloud hits Woods with an overhand right. He jumps on the attack again. A hard right stuns Woods. Cloud connects with a left hook to the head. Woods is backed against the ropes. Woods is firing back, but there is not enough behind his punches. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 10: Woods connects with a left hook. Cloud counters with an overhand right. Woods gets stunned by a left hook to the head. Two overhand rights and a left hook hurt Woods. Woods fires back, but Cloud is overwhelming him. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 11: Woods is jabbing. Cloud lands a counter right. Toe-to-toe action closes the round. (Scored for Cloud)

Round 12: Woods is giving a valiant effort, but Cloud is going hard at him. (Scored for Cloud)

Overall Summary: Tavoris Cloud (20-0, 18 KO's) wins the IBF Light Heavyweight title with a hard fought victory over Clinton Woods (42-5-1, 24 KO's). Going into the fight, Cloud had knocked out 13 straight opponents. Woods had been stopped only once in his career by Roy Jones Jr. back in 2002. At times, it looked as if Cloud would stop him, but Woods showed courage and fired punches back when he was in trouble. All three judges scored the bout 116-112. I scored the bout 118-110 or 10 rounds to 2 for Cloud.

Both fighters showed they can take a solid punch. Cloud landed the harder, cleaner punches in the bout, but Woods caught Cloud cleanly a few times during exchanges. The more Cloud jabbed, the more he controlled the pace of the fight. Cloud's youth was also an added bonus. He threw more punches than Woods and kept coming at him. It appeared every punch he threw, he wanted to knock out Woods. Woods' most effective punches came when Cloud momentarily stopped throwing the jab or when Cloud was inside the pocket too long.

Tavoris Cloud may have set up a possible showdown with the winner of Chad Dawson-Glen Johnson II, which takes place on November 7th. Bernard Hopkins called out the winner of that match up, but I think most fight fans rather see B-Hop move up in weight and challenge Tomasz Adamek at cruiserweight. With Cloud's impressive performance over Woods, which was his toughest professional fight to date, he earned the right to face the Dawson-Johnson winner.

If Cloud were to fight the winner, either Dawson or Johnson would be an intriguing fight. With their styles, Johnson and Cloud would come forward and that would make an all action fight. If Cloud were to fight Dawson, could Cloud deal with Dawson's hand speed and southpaw style? Cloud would need to get inside by jabbing. Cloud definitely possesses the power to hurt Dawson. Dawson likes to throw that left uppercut-right hook combination. During the fight with Woods, Cloud got hit cleanly a few times by Woods, who doesn't punch as fast as Dawson. An effective jab can neutralize Dawson's hand speed. Also, Cloud has the big right hand, which is the best weapon when facing a southpaw. Well, this new title holder has some nice options ahead of him as well as a bright future. Everlast and Ringside punching bags and save with $2.95 shipping!

8/27/09 VERSUS - Mares vs. Fulgencio 119 lbs.

Abner Mares Destroys Carlos Fulgencio in 6 Rounds

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Round 1: Mares utilizes his jab, throws punches off of it. An overhand right pushes Fulgencio back into the ropes. Mares lands a straight right to the body. Mares is landing quick, sharp combinations.

Round 2: Mares hits Fulgencio with a clean, effective overhand right. Both fighters exchange punches.

Round 3: Mares' combinations landing fast and hard. Fulgencio lands an overhand right, but gets hit with one too. Mares is outworking Fulgencio inside, landing hard body shots.

Round 4: Mares continues to land hard body shots. Mares hits Fulgencio with a left hook to the head followed by a right to the body. An overhand right connects and stuns Fulgencio.

Round 5: Mares is dominating by landing quick combinations and applying pressure. Mares is initiating and winning the exchanges. Get your boxing protective equipment for less.

Round 6: Fulgencio moves back after getting hammered with a left hook-overhand right combination. Mares' hand speed is overwhelming Fulgencio. Mares connects with a left hook to the body with Fulgencio against the ropes. Mares is punishing him with overhand rights and body shots. Mares drops Fulgencio with a powerful left hook to the body for the 10 count.

Overall Summary: Abner Mares is an outstanding 23 year old bantamweight contender. He is now 19-0, 12 KO's as a professional and looks ready to challenge for a major title, possibly against Hozumi Hasegawa in the future. Hasegawa is regarded by many boxing insiders as the best bantamweight in the world. Mares also had a stellar amateur career with a record of 112-8, 84 KO's.

Mares overwhelmed Fulgencio from the opening bell, landing blistering combinations from all angles. Mares had a superior edge in hand speed and continually beat Fulgencio to the punch. Fulgencio had a lot of trouble getting his punches off. Mares would move inside, throw a 4 punch combination and move out of Fulgencio's range. Mares possesses extraordinary ring instincts. He appears to sense when punches are coming, knows what his opponents will do and has the confidence and ability needed to be one of boxing's brightest up and coming stars.

Mares is trained by Ignacio Beristain and promoted by Golden Boy Promotions.
Carlos Fulgencio's record falls to 11-4-1, 7 KO's.

8/27/09 VERSUS - Rodela vs. Rodriguez 126 lbs.

David Rodela Wins 6 Round Unanimous Decision Over Gamalier Rodriguez

Round 1: Rodriguez landed more punches this round. Rodriguez hit Rodela with a left hook to the body followed by an overhand right. Rodriguez also landed a left to the body and left uppercut.

Round 2: Rodriguez lands an overhand right. Rodela counters with a straight right-left hook to the body combination. Rodriguez is feeling the pressure from Rodela. Rodriguez lands consecutive left hooks to the head.

Round 3: Rodela continues to pressure. Both fighters exchange uppercuts on the inside. Rodela lands hard left hooks to the head and body. Rodela slows Rodriguez down.

Round 4: Rodriguez switches to a southpaw stance. Rodela keeps the pressure on.

Round 5: Rodriguez switches to a southpaw stance again. Rodela lands a solid right to the head. Rodela gets in closer range to land his punches. Rodela hits Rodriguez with a left hook to the head. Rodriguez lands a straight left.

Round 6: Rodriguez lands a straight left on the break. Rodriguez stuns Rodela with a left uppercut-right hook combination. Get yourself a new punching bag and save with $2.95 shipping.

Overall Summary: It's not where you start, but where you finish. Gamalier Rodriguez started fast, but David Rodela's relentless pressure got him the victory on Thursday night. Rodela was resilient, landing the harder punches in exchanges and keeping the heat on Rodriguez from the 2nd round. Rodriguez tried switching to a southpaw stance in rounds 4 and 5 to throw Rodela off his game, but Rodela continued to press forward at a furious pace. Rodela improves his record to 14-1-3, 6 KO's. Gamalier Rodriguez's record drops to 8-2-2, 4 KO's.

Other Action:
In a junior bantamweight fight, David Gaspar (11-2-1, 7 KO's) won a 6 round unanimous decision over Sergio Espinoza (16-6-1, 5 KO's). Gaspar dropped Espinoza in the 1st and 3rd rounds.

8/27/09 VERSUS - Lopez vs. Wampash 126 lbs.

Ricky Lopez Wins 4 Round Unanimous Decision Over John Wampash

Round 1: Wampash lands a series of left hooks and is fighting very aggressively.

Round 2: Lopez drops Wampash with a left jab - overhand right combination to the head. Wampash gets up and gets tagged with a left hook. Wampash's left glove touches the canvas for the second knockdown. Wampash lands a left hook to the head and is throwing wild punches.

Round 3: Wampash is unloading a series of punches. Both fighters land overhand rights. Lopez knocks Wampash's mouthpiece out with a jab. Lopez lands clean left hooks to the head and a solid left hook to the body. Protect yourself with sparring equipment.

Round 4: Lopez floors Wampash with a jab-right hand combination. Lopez hits Wampash with an overhand right. Wampash lands a right uppercut inside.

Overall Summary: Ricky Lopez had a slow first round, but picked up the pace in round 2. He dropped Wampash three times, twice in the second round. Lopez boxed his taller opponent well and landed many overhand rights throughout the fight. Lopez showed patience, poise and landed his punches with great accuracy. Ricky Lopez improves his record to 6-0, 2 KO's. John Wampash falls to 1-2-1, 1 KO.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Recap of Versus boxing card last night & ESPN's "Friday Night Fight" card tonight will be posted tomorrow.
8/28/09 - Tavoris Cloud Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision Over Clinton Woods
Juan Urango Wins By TKO 11 Over Randall Bailey

8/27/09 - Ricky Lopez Wins 4 Round Unanimous Decision Over John Wampash
David Rodela Wins 6 Round Unanimous Decision Over Gamalier Rodriguez
David Gaspar Wins 6 Round Unanimous Decision Over Sergio Espinoza
Abner Mares Knocked Out Carlos Fulgencio in 6 Rounds

Sunday, August 23, 2009

8/22/09 HBO - "Home Cooked" Decision Diaz Defeats Malignaggi (Junior Welterweights - 140 lbs.)

(Pictured Top - Juan Diaz), (Pictured Bottom - Paul Malignaggi)
Diaz Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision Over Malignaggi

If you're a boxer, a hometown decision is definitely better than a home cooked meal. On Saturday night, one could argue that Juan Diaz (35-2, 17 KO's) defeated Paul Malignaggi (26-3, 5 KO's) fairly by a 12 round unanimous decision. However, it most certainly was not fair that judge Gale Van Hoy scored the bout 118-110 or 10 rounds to 2 on his scorecard for Juan Diaz. It's just not possible if anyone saw this bout. This was a very close, competitive fight from the opening bell. If someone agreed that Juan Diaz won this fight, there is no logical way he or she can argue that it was by more than a few rounds. Judge David Sutherland scored the bout 116-112 or 8 rounds to 4. This was another questionable scorecard. Malignaggi definitely should have been given credit for winning more than 4 rounds. Finally, Raul Caiz scored the bout 115-113 or 7 rounds to 5.

Malignaggi had this to say after the fight: Get boxing gloves by Everlast and Ringside.

"I had to deal with a lot of politics. I know I was going to have to deal with this. You got guys like Raul Caiz, that's Golden Boy's gopher. I said it before and he was. He had the closest scorecard. This state never gives a fair shake to anybody coming to this state to fight hometown fighters. It never happens going back to Whitaker - Chavez."

Malignaggi also went on to say: "It's not right. I thought I outboxed him, but Juan's a great warrior. I expected that. I broke it up between smothering and boxing. I outboxed the aggressor in the later rounds."

When HBO's Max Kellerman asked Malignaggi about a possible rematch, Malignaggi was quick to respond again. "You know, I'm not getting a rematch. Boxing is full of shit, man. I used to love this sport, man. I cannot stand doing this anymore. The only reason I do this is because it gets me a good payday. Boxing is full of shit. I'm just an opponent now. Juan is going to call out the winner of Mayweather - Marquez. I got robbed. I'm on the short end of the stick. I have to sit back and hope I can use an opponent in someones hometown again. This is the bullshit I have to go through."

Malignaggi was very frustrated, referencing that Golden Boy Promotions and Raul Caiz have a relationship that would show bias. Malignaggi also mentioned a bad decision rendered in the Whitaker - Chavez fight in San Antonio, Texas. While a so-called "bias" between this fight's promoter and judge cannot be proven, it can be said that Pernell Whitaker was in fact beating the Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez easily, but received a draw on September 10, 1993. Also, in order to get the fight made with Diaz, Malignaggi had to weigh 138 1/2 pounds as opposed to the junior welterweight limit of 140 pounds. Usually, Diaz fights at 135 pounds, while Malignaggi fights at 140 pounds.

In the 1st round, Malignaggi suffered a cut above his left eye, which appeared to have swelling on it as he was walking to the ring. Malignaggi was boxing at a fast pace using his left jab to keep Diaz off balanced. Diaz landed more punches in round 2, but suffered a cut through his left eye brow that would get worse as the fight got into the later rounds.

Malignaggi would jab efficiently and then fire right hands. When he did this, Diaz had trouble getting inside. When Malignaggi jabbed and did not throw his right hand after it, Diaz got close and they would fight in close quarters. At times, Malignaggi would smother Diaz's punches and then go back to boxing him. Diaz landed some clean punches, but it seemed that throughout the duration of the fight, Malignaggi was beating Diaz to the punch. Both fighters fought a fan-friendly, action packed fight. This was due in part to the heart of both fighters and their lack of punching power. While both fighters landed clean shots, neither one of them was able to seriously hurt the other.

After the 10th round, Malignaggi was told by his corner to keep Diaz turning. His corner did not want him to stand in front of Diaz and trade unnecessary shots with him. Malignaggi appeared to have a lot of energy in the later rounds as he was boxing at a fast pace like it was the 1st round.

Overall, Diaz landed his share of clean punches, but Malignaggi appeared to be outworking him for the majority of the minutes in almost every round. Both fighters fought with tremendous heart. It is a shame that all of the scorecards did not reflect the close competitiveness of this bout.

It looks like when a bout goes to the judges' scorecards, no fighter can "Mess with Texas."

8/22/09 HBO - Robert Guerrero Overwhelms Malcolm Klassen, Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision (Junior Lightweights - 130 lbs.)

(Pictured Top - Malcolm Klassen), (Pictured Bottom - Robert Guerrero)

Malcolm Klassen's first fight in the United States will not be a pleasant memory, but he did fight a very competitive fight against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero. Guerrero won a 12 round unanimous decision by scores of 117 - 111, 116 - 113 and 116 - 112.

In the 1st round, the southpaw Guerrero fired combinations off a right jab that he would use effectively all fight. Klassen came forward and forced Guerrero to fight at a furious pace, but Guerrero continuously got his punches off first. Every time Klassen pressured Guerrero, he would be met with a right jab. However, Klassen did a good job of landing some hard body shots in the middle rounds. In the 6th round, Guerrero ripped a short left uppercut that knocked Klassen's mouthpiece out. Protect yourself with sparring equipment.

Guerrero was too fluid with his punch output for Klassen to be inside long enough to damage his body. HBO punch stats had Guerrero throwing exactly 1,200 punches in the bout. In the 10th round, Guerrero's cut above his left eye was bleeding a lot, but he fought through it. Robert Guerrero improves his record to (25-1-1, 17 KO's ). Malcolm Klassen drops to (24-5-2, 15 KO's).

8/22/09 HBO - Daniel Jacobs Looks Sloppy In Win Over Ishe Smith (Middleweights - 160 lbs.)

(Ishe Smith Pictured Top), (Daniel Jacobs Pictured Bottom)

Daniel Jacobs (18-0, 15 KO's) is one of boxing's fastest rising middleweight contenders. Jacobs averages approximately one fight a month and on Saturday night, met his toughest opponent to date in Ishe Smith (21-4, 9 KO's). Jacobs won a 10 round unanimous decision, but it was not easy. Get your boxing protective equipment for less.

In the 1st round, Jacobs controlled a slow paced round with his left jab. Jacobs had the superior edge in hand speed, which kept Smith from being more fluid with his punch output. Although Smith didn't possess a good jab, he showed some effective aggressiveness at various times in the bout. Smith landed some good body shots and a hard left hook to Jacobs' head in the 2nd round.

Jacobs went back to controlling the pace in round 3 by establishing the jab. Smith landed a solid left hook to the head toward the end of the round. Jacobs landed a right as the bell rang to close round 3. Smith stunned Jacobs with an overhand right at the end of round 5. Then, Smith nailed Jacobs with a stinging left hook to the head with Jacobs' back to the ropes in round 6.

Smith really gave a great effort in round 8. Jacobs was outworking Smith, but Smith landed some very clean shots. After the 9th round, Smith had a point deducted for throwing a punch after the bell. When the 10 rounds were completed, the scorecards read 96-93 twice and a ridiculous 100-89 from judge David Sutherland. What fight was David Sutherland watching? Jacobs deserved the win, but in no way did Jacobs win every single round. What side of the ring was Mr. Sutherland sitting? I wouldn't want that seat. It seems like he missed a pretty good fight.

Although Daniel Jacobs won the fight, he may have showed what happens when a fighter builds his record against inferior competition. Jacobs is very talented fighter. He probably could have faced better competition coming into this fight and would have fared well because he has a stellar amateur background.
  • 2006 United States Amateur middleweight champion
  • 2005 National PAL champion
  • 2005 National Golden Gloves middleweight champion
  • 2004 National Golden Gloves welterweight champion
  • 2004 National PAL champion
  • 2004 United States national champion in the 19-and-under division
  • 2003 Junior Olympics national champion

Ishe Smith is tough veteran fighter and has a lot of heart, but is one-dimensional. Smith landed some effective punches in the bout, but not enough of them in sequence. Daniel Jacobs possesses very good hand speed and offense, but apparently needs some work on his defense. Why was Jacobs unimpressive? Did he just have an off night? He may have taken Ishe Smith lightly since he has been walking through his opposition. Jacobs had trouble defending some wide left hooks from Smith and got caught a few times while his back was against the ropes. At times, Jacobs stood in front of Smith too long after he threw his combinations. Jacobs has the talent and skills to box better than he showed. Look for Daniel Jacobs to use this fight as a learning experience and to show better defense in his next fight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

8/15/09 Top Rank PPV - Pinoy Power 2

Donaire Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision

Nonito Donaire (22-1, 14 KO's) is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. If you do not think so, then you probably did not see him move up in weight to 115 lbs. last night to defeat Rafael Concepcion (13-4-1, 8 KO's). Nicknamed the "Filipino Flash", the 25 year old Donaire lived up to the nickname by landing blistering shots in a very competitive fight, in which he fought through adversity when he injured his hand early on from landing a clean punch to Concepcion's head. Concepcion was fined $13,000.00 from his purse for not making the 115 pound weight limit for the fight. Concepcion weighed in 4 1/2 pounds over the limit, but Donaire did not back out of the fight. The $13,000.00 was split in half with $6,500.00 going to Donaire and the other $6,500.00 going to the Commission.

Donaire set a good pace in round one. He used his left jab effectively and boxed well. When Concepcion got in close range, Donaire hit him with sharp punches. Concepcion brought relentless pressure to make this a competitive fight. In round 2, Concepcion landed consecutive rights followed by a left hook. However, Concepcion suffered a cut under his left eye. Donaire was firing and landing counter left hooks.

In round 3, Donaire continued to move well, landing solid, well-timed punches. Concepcion was trying to get inside, but should have been showing more head movement. Donaire landed a hard, crisp left uppercut.

In the 4th round, Donaire landed a hard overhand right followed by a left hook toward the end of the round. Concepcion countered with a left hook - overhand right combination. Both fighters clashed heads in round 5, but no serious damage occurred. Donaire was still boxing well using his jab.

In round 6, Concepcion landed a well-timed overhand right that stunned Donaire, but Donaire fired back with an overhand right. Concepcion started to come on strong. In round 7, Concepcion was landing more of his punches. He landed an overhand right to Donaire's head. Donaire, having the advantage in hand speed, fired and landed a blistering left uppercut - overhand right combination. Then, Donaire landed an effective counter left hook. In the 8th round, Donaire was beating Concepcion to the punch, landing hard overhand rights.

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Donaire showed good power in the 10th round as he rocked Concepcion with a left uppercut as the bell rang to end the round. In the 1th round, both fighters exchanged very hard shots, especially overhand rights. Donaire did a really good job of sticking and moving in the 12th and final round. Donaire hit Concepcion with a lunging overhand right and sealed the victory.

Nonito Donaire carried good power with him to the 115 pound division, moving up from flyweight (112 lbs.). Rafael Concepcion was a strong opponent, but perhaps even stronger because he did not fight Donaire at the contracted weight, which shows you how good a boxer Donaire is as he effectively won this fight.

8/15/09 Top Rank PPV - Pinoy Power 2

Steven Luevano Wins By Disqualification

Steven Luevano won via a disqualification last night after Bernabe Concepcion dropped the featherweight with a hard right after the bell to end the 7th round. Luevano was controlling the pace of the fight by utilizing his right jab and keeping a good distance between himself and Concepcion. Concepcion started coming on in rounds 5 through 7 by landing some clean overhand rights. However, Concepcion looked frustrated. As the bell was about to ring to end round 7, Luevano smirked at Concepcion, showing off because Concepcion could not hit him with an effective punch. The bell rang with both fighters and referee Jay Nady in close range. Concepcion fired an overhand right after the bell that dropped Luevano to the canvas. Jay Nady immediately disqualified Concepcion for hitting after the bell.

Concepcion definitely landed an illegal punch after the bell and referee Jay Nady made the correct call. However, it seemed Concepcion was a bit provoked by Luevano's actions and reacted in frustration. That's why they say, "protect yourself at all times". Protect yourself with sparring equipment.

8/15/09 Top Rank PPV Pinoy Power 2

Melligen Dominates Zepeda

Welterweight Mark Melligen (16-1, 12 KO's) stopped 32 year old veteran Ernesto Zepeda (39-13-4, 34 KO's) last night in four brutal, one-sided rounds. The 23 year old southpaw landed his straight lefts at will to the head of Zepeda. Zepeda was game and pressed forward, but with little head movement. Zepeda absorbed too many punishing, sharp punches. In round 4, Zepeda suffered a cut under his left eye. After landing many clean punches, Melligen finally dropped Zepeda with a left, prompting referee Joe Cortez to stop the bout. Get boxing gloves by Everlast and Ringside.

8/15/09 Top Rank PPV Pinoy Power 2

Peterson Takes Unanimous 10 Round Decision

24 year old Anthony Peterson (29-0, 19 KO's) found himself in a tough junior welterweight battle with 30 year old Luis Arceo (21-9-2, 14 KO's) last night. In the beginning of the fight, Arceo brought a lot of pressure and was out fighting Peterson, landing fluid combinations. Peterson was trying to hold him off by landing counter left hooks to Arceo's body. In the 2nd round, Peterson connected with a solid left hook to the body and head. In round 3, Arceo threw many punches and forced Peterson to be on the defensive. Everlast and Ringside punching bags and save with $2.95 shipping!

As the fight got into the middle rounds, Peterson was the one landing the harder, cleaner shots. Arceo was throwing more punches, but Peterson possessed more power. Peterson had the advantage in hand speed, but the fight was very competitive due to the lack of an effective jab by Peterson. In the 4th round, Peterson landed hard shots to Arceo's body. In round 6, Peterson stunned Arceo with a left hook to the head and followed it by landing an overhand right. Peterson started to take control of the fight and was really starting to beat Arceo to the punch. In the last 10 seconds of round 10, Peterson nailed Arceo with consecutive left hooks to the head, while Arceo's back was against the ropes.


Saturday, August 15, 2009



Nonito Donaire W12 over Rafael Concepcion 115 LBS.
Steven Luevano W DQ 7 over Bernabe Concepcion 126 LBS.
Mark Melligen TKO 4 over Ernesto Zepeda 140 LBS.
Anthony Peterson W10 over Luis Arceo 135 LBS.


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Harris - Bolanos Ruled No Contest (140 LBS.)

Round 1: Harris was controlling range with his jab. Bolanos landed a left hook to the body toward the end of the round.

Round 2: An accidental clash of heads would stop this bout. Bolanos' head clashed with the left side of Harris' head as both fighters were coming forward.

Overall Summary: After the clash of heads, Vivian Harris collapsed in his corner. It appeared Harris' temple was struck extremely hard. Harris was taken from the ring on a stretcher, but was walking around in the locker room afterward. Harris went to the hospital as a precaution and should be okay. This was very unfortunate because the fight had the look of a good, strategic match-up. Vivian Harris' record now stands at (29-3-1, 1 No-Contest, 19 KO's). Noe Bolanos' record is now (20-4-1, 1 No-Contest, 11 KO's.)

In junior welterweight action, Keith Thurman (10-0, 9 KO's) defeated Travis Hartman (10-14-1, 7 KO's) by a 2nd round TKO. The 20 year old from Florida, dropped Hartman twice in the 1st round, the second time resulting from a left jab. Thurman continued to land a barrage of punches at will that prompted Hartman's corner to throw in the towel. Keith Thurman started his career with 8 straight 1st round knockouts.

In a heavyweight bout, 27 year old Seth Mitchell (13-0, 8 KO's) scored a 1st round knockout over 28 year old Andrae Carthron (3-3-2, 1 KO). Mitchell dropped Carthron with a devastating overhand right.

In another heavyweight bout, 23 year old Deontay Wilder (7-0, 7 KO's) stopped 30 year old Travis Allen (3-5, 3 KO's) in the 1st round. Wilder possesses much talent, but is still a work in progress. His future looks extremely bright after winning a bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic games. Wilder is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and is trained by Mark Breland. Breland, a former welterweight champion, moved from Brooklyn, New York to Alabama to train Wilder.

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Wilder floored Allen with an overhand right. Allen got back up, but was dropped again as Wilder landed a hard, right - left combination.

Saturday, August 8, 2009



Round 1: Rosado is boxing well. Angulo is looking to land some body shots. Rosado lands a left hook to the head.

Round 2: Angulo drops Rosado with a hard overhand right. It appeared Rosado thought he was being held. He looked toward the refereee to break them up, but he did not. That's why they say "protect yourself at all times". Angulo's punch was fair and really dazed Rosado. Rosado rose to his feet, but was floored again from a left hook to the body and right to the head by Angulo. Then, Rosado got up again. Finally, Angulo landed a solid left hook to the head followed by a sharp, straight right that dropped Rosado a third time. The referee stopped the fight!

Overall Summary: Alfredo Angulo (16-1, 13 KO's) responded well after coming off his first professional loss to Kermit Cintron. He put the pressure on Gabriel Rosado (12-4, 7 KO's) from the opening bell. Rosado was fighting a smart fight until he dropped his hands when he thought he was being held. This fight was very competitive until Angulo dropped Rosado with a right hand.


24 year old Anthony Dirrell (18-0, 15 KO's) returned from a 2 year layoff to stop Alfredo Contreras (7-6-2, 1 KO) in the 7th round. Dirrell, from Flint, Michigan, is the twin brother of Andre Dirrell, who will be fighting in the "Super Six" Tournament later in the year on Showtime. In 2006, Anthony was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It was great to see him in the ring after winning that fight outside of it.

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This fight was very slow paced, but Dirrell controlled the action. Dirrell moved around the ring well, switched from a conventional to a southpaw stance throughout the fight and had the edge in hand speed and power. Contreras looked hesitant to mix it up with Dirrell and was not mobile. Contreras gave Dirrell a stationary target and did not throw many punches. Dirrell landed quick combinations to the head and body. In rounds 5-7, Dirrell picked up the pace and really started nailing Contreras with crisp, clean punches. In the 7th round, Dirrell landed some hard left hooks and a right uppercut that stunned Contreras. Contreras' corner finally threw in the towel.


In a junior welterweight bout, Sharif Bogere (12-0, 7 KO's) stopped Rodolfo Armenta (7-2-1, 5 KO's) in two rounds. Bogere landed a solid left hook followed by an overhand right to the head in the 1st round. In the 2nd round, Bogere dropped Armenta with a double - jab, right hand followed by another right hand. Armenta got up, but Bogere floored him again with a left hook to the body and the referree stopped the fight.

In a junior lightweight bout, Archie Ray Marquez (6-0, 5 KO's) defeated Sergi Ganjelashvili (4-4-1) by a 4 round unanimous decision. In the 1st round, there was good back and forth action from both fighters. Marquez landed solid body punches in round 2. Round 3 had some more inside fighting. Marquez landed a sharp right uppercut. Then, Marquez landed a right that stuns Sergi.

Marquez looks a little raw, but showed heart and courage with his style of fighting. He likes to mix it up with opponents and works the body very well.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

8/1/09 SHOWTIME Timothy Bradley-Nate Campbell, Devon Alexander-Junior Witter

Nate Campbell Gets Robbed, Fight Should Be Declared A No-Decision

Round 1: Bradley is boxing well. Campbell is the aggressor. Campbell is having trouble landing an overhand right, his best punch. Bradley landed a mix of good body and head shots.

Round 2: Campbell is landing more punches this round. However, Bradley is still slipping Campbell's punches well and is landing the cleaner shots.

Round 3: Bradley dominated the round and was beating Campbell to the punch.

Overall Summary: There was an accidental clash of heads and the replay showed it caused a diagonal cut above Nate Campbell's left eye. However, referee David Mendoza never made a ruling that the cut was caused by a clash of heads. After the round, Campbell told the corner to stop the fight because he could not see. Then, he said he was seeing spots out of his left eye. Campbell's corner stopped the fight.

After the fight, Mendoza acknowledged that there was a clash of heads to Showtime's Jim Gray, but said that it was unclear to him that it caused the cut because Bradley continued to throw punches. Roll? Save money on your next judo gi.

Although David Mendoza has officiated 11 championship fights, he made a very bad judgment tonight. On the replay, it clearly shows that both fighters clashed heads. Nate Campbell turned to Mendoza and said he was headbutted and rubbed his head with his left glove. You can start to see the cut open on Campbell's head as he backed into the ropes. Then, Bradley went after him and landed punches. Campbell was trapped in the corner and covering up.

Campbell may have thought that since the fight did not go 4 complete rounds, that he and Bradley would receive a No-Decision on their records if he stopped fighting. I'm not disputing that Campbell was seeing spots. I believe Campbell was seeing spots, but I also believe that he knew if the fight got stopped from an accidental headbutt, he would not suffer a loss and decided to quit. However, with no ruling made by Mendoza that the cut resulted from an accidental clash of heads, Bradley wins this bout by TKO at the end of the 3rd round.

Campbell was complaining furiously after the bout. He wanted Bradley to admit that he received the cut from the headbutt. It was a bad call, but Campbell still quit on his stool. Did Campbell quit because Bradley was winning the fight up to that point and beating him to the punch? I would like to see a rematch and I think Campbell deserves one because of Mendoza's bad decision. Who knows what would have happened if the fight continued without the headbutt?

Timothy Bradley's record now stands at 25-0, 12 KO's. Nate Campbell drops to 33-6-1, 25 KO's.

Witter Quits After 8 Rounds

Rounds 1-2: Witter lands left hook to the head. Alexander hit Witter with a short right hook to the head that stunned him.

Round 3: Alexander nails Witter with a lunging right hook to the head. Witter suffers a cut on the side of his right eye.

Round 4: Witter lands a left hook from a conventional stance. Witter has been switching from a southpaw to a conventional stance. Alexander lands a straight left.

Round 5: Witter almost dropped by Alexander's straight left. Both fighters were throwing a punch at the same time.

Round 6: Alexander connects with another right hook. Witter is throwing his punches too wide. Witter is elusive, but throws one punch at a time and does not want to engage.

Round 7: Witter lands a straight left from the southpaw stance.

Round 8: Alexander was controlling the fight. He wanted to let his hands go more, but Witter is a difficult opponent to hit.

In a Junior Welterweight WBC title fight, Devon Alexander (19-0, 12 KO's) defeated Junior Witter (37-3-2, 22 KO's) by a TKO after 8 rounds when Witter quit in his corner. Witter approached Alexander, who was still sitting on his stool, to congratulate him. Witter did not appear to be seriously hurt when he quit.

Alexander, a 22 year old southpaw from St. Louis, Missouri, showed a lot of patience in this fight. Witter presents a difficult style for opponents because he throws wild, unexpected punches and is elusive. Alexander showed poise and stuck to his game plan. Alexander threw combinations off his jab and showed good hand speed. Alexander never lost focus or showed frustration. The 35 year old Witter, never really hit Alexander with a hard, clean punch in the fight. Alexander now has realized his dream of winning the WBC title, a dream he's had since he was 7 years old.

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