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Saturday, July 11, 2009

SHOWTIME 7/11/09

Pictured: (Top - Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko, Bottom - Vic "The Raging Bull" Darchinyan) - Bantamweights

Round 1: Darchinyan presses forward firing his signature straight left. Agbeko lands a right followed by a left hook to the head. Darchinyan hits Agbeko with a left hand. Agbeko counters with a right. Darchinyan appears to be slightly stunned. Darchinyan lands another straight left.

Round 2: Good exchanges. Agbeko lands some rights and Darchinyan lands his straight left. Agbeko hits Darchinyan with a left hook. Darchinyan is aggressively throwing his left. Agbeko nails Darchinyan with a right hand lead. Darchinyan lands a straight left to Agbeko's body.

Round 3: Agbeko nails Darchinyan again with a straight right followed by a left hook. Darchinyan charges Agbeko. Agbeko steps back and fires his shots. Darchinyan lands a straight left. Agbeko lands a straight right. Darchinyan started to have swelling under his left eye. Both fighters are throwing bombs. Agbeko tags Darchinyan with a left hook.

Round 4: Both fighters jab. Darchinyan fires a straight left. Agbeko lands a left hook. Agbeko hits Darchinyan with a right hand lead. Darchinyan lands consecutive straight lefts.

Round 5: Agbeko is busier and lands a left hook. Another right hand lead lands for Agbeko. Darchinyan is throwing one punch at a time and can't stop that right hand lead. Darchinyan needs to put his punches together. Agbeko is continually beating Darchinyan to the punch.

Round 6: Darchinyan's face is swollen. Agbeko is landing more straight rights. Darchinyan is showing signs of slowing down.

Round 7: Agbeko has more energy. Darchinyan is one-dimensional and is having trouble landing a clean shot. Agbeko is starting to dominate and take control of this fight. Darchinyan throws a straight left and scores a knockdown, but after seeing the replay, Agbeko clearly slipped. Darchinyan is being kept off-balanced because of Agbeko's right hand lead. The time keeper made a mistake and this round lasted 4 minutes.

Round 8: Darchinyan lands an overhand left. Agbeko counters with a right. A right hand lead wobbles Darchinyan. Agbeko presses forward, throwing his right. Darchinyan throws his left and hits Agbeko low. Darchinyan lands a straight left: toe-to-toe action

Round 9: Darchinyan lands a straight left, but Agbeko is moving his shoulders well. Darchinyan is still being kept off-balanced by Agbeko's output of punches. Agbeko lands a right and Darchinyan lands a left. Get yourself a new punching bag and save with $2.95 shipping.

Round 10: Darchinyan fires and lands a right hook. Agbeko starts throwing hooks. Darchinyan is bleeding above his right eye from an accidental clash of heads. Darchinyan hits Agbeko with a straight left, but takes a straight right from Agbeko. Agbeko is keeping his chin tucked in and is staying low.

Round 11:
Agbeko hits Darchinyan with a straight right followed by a left hook. Darchinyan pushes Agbeko to the canvas. Darchinyan is looking to land a straight left, but he struggles as Agbeko gets his punches off first. Agbeko continues to beat Darchinyan to the punch.

Round 12: Agbeko lands another straight right. Darchinyan counters with a left. Agbeko continues to land his shots. A battered and bloody Darchinyan, cannot do much damage with his one-dimensional attack.

Overall Summary: Well fight fans, no controversy from the judges on this bout. Joseph Agbeko clearly won this fight by a 12 round unanimous decision. Vic Darchinyan had absolutely no answer for Agbeko's right hand lead. Agbeko did most of the damage to Darchinyan in this fight with that punch. Darchinyan was not able to overwhelm a bigger opponent with his one-dimensional attack of firing a powerful straight left hand. Agbeko beat Darchinyan to the punch all night long and possessed the superior hand speed. Darchinyan could not alter his style. He was lunging in and telegraphing his punches. Agbeko knew what was coming, adjusted and used his range to fire accurate right hands before Darchinyan could get his punches to the target.

It's not a mystery how Vic Darchinyan fights. His style was effective in the past because his damaging punching power hurt fighters that were his size or smaller. He cannot dominate a bigger man the same way. This is his second professional defeat against a bigger opponent; the other coming at the hands of the "Filipino Flash" Nonito Donaire. Darchinyan aggressively comes forward and tries to overwhelm his opponents with his powerful left hand. This style is not effective against an opponent like Agbeko, who is taller, faster, slips punches efficiently and is naturally the bigger man.

Darchinyan's right jab was missing tonight too. He did not use it enough and as a result, got hit more coming forward. At times, the 33 year old Darchinyan will use his jab to find range, but does not throw his punches off of it or set up combinations. Boxing's old cliche continues to be true: "A good big man beats a good small man." Tonight, Joseph Agbeko showed the world that he is a complete fighter.

Joseph Agbeko's record now stands 27-1, 22 KO's at while Vic Darchinyan falls to 32-2-1, 26 KO's.

SHOWTIME 7/11/09

Demarco KO'S Adjaho in 9 Rounds - Lightweights

Round 1: Adjaho is cautious; not throwing too many punches. Demarco is feeling Adjaho out; lands a straight left. Demarco stuns Adjaho with a straight left. Demarco is pressing the action as the bell rings.

Round 2: Action picks up. Adjaho throws a straight right. Demarco is waiting too long to fire his punches. Adjaho is the busier fighter. Demarco is not using his edge in punching power.

Round 3: Adjaho comes forward and lands a right. Demarco counters by firing a straight left. Demarco appears hesitant to take the initative. Adjaho lands a solid right as Demarco was about to fire a straight left. Adjaho hits Demarco with consecutive rights to the body.

Round 4: Demarco fires a double right jab followed by a straight left. Demarco hesistant to let his hands go. Adjaho throws his jab. Demarco starts to increase his punch output. Demarco lands a combination with Adjaho against the ropes. A straight left by Demarco pushes Adjaho back into the ropes.

Round 5: Demarco presses forward and lands his shots. Adjaho lands some straight rights. Demarco becomes the aggressor. Demarco has an advantage when applying pressure because Adjaho does not fight well moving backwards.

Round 6: Adjaho lands a straight right to the head. Adjaho rolls with the punches well. Roll? Save money on your next judo gi Demarco lands a straight left. A hard straight left - right hook combination rocks Adjaho. Demarco pressures and Adjaho ties up.

Round 7: Adjaho lands an overhand right. Demarco takes the punch well. Demarco pressures, but Adjaho ties up. Adjaho jabs as Demarco applies more pressure. Adjaho lands a left hook. Demarco fires a straight left.

Round 8: Adjaho lands a straight right. A left hook stuns Demarco. Demarco comes back strong. Demarco lands a straight left followed by a right hook.

Round 9: Demarco presses forward. Adjaho uses a shoulder roll to avoid Demarco's shots. Demarco lands a straight left. Adjaho jabs and throws a straight right. A right uppercut lands for Demarco. Demarco nails Adjaho with a hard, straight left. Adjaho moves away as if he does not want to engage anymore. As Adjaho goes to take a knee, Demarco fires and lands an overhand left. Adjaho stays motionless on his chest as the referee counts to 10, and signals the fight is over!

Overall Summary: Antonio Demarco improves his record to 22-1-1, 16 KO's. In the beginning of the fight, Demarco was hesistant to use his edge in hand speed to fire and land the hard shots fans are used to seeing. Anges Adjaho was doing well and was not giving Demarco a stationary target, but he did not fight well when Demarco stepped up the pressure. Demarco was patient with his output of punches. As the fight moved into the later rounds, Demarco was finding a home for his straight left.

Adjaho was a tough challenge, but the punches he landed did not have a lasting effect on Demarco. Demarco clearly landed the harder shots in the bout. Adjaho's awkward movements and feints made it difficult for Demarco to place his punches accurately, but when Demarco landed, he made his punches count.

Anges Adjaho's professional record falls to 25-2, 14 KO's.

R.I.P. ARTURO GATTI 4/15/72 - 7/11/09

Rest In Peace Arturo Gatti
4/15/72 - 7/11/09

From the Associated Press Wire

The wife of former boxing champion Arturo Gatti was detained as a suspect by Brazilian authorities Sunday following his death at a posh seaside resort.

Police said 23-year-old Amanda Rodrigues was taken into custody after contradictions in her interrogation. Gatti's body was found early Saturday in a hotel room at the Porto de Galinhas resort in northeastern Brazil.

The former junior welterweight champion was apparently strangled with the strap of a purse, which was found at the scene with blood stains, said Milena Saraiva, a spokeswoman for the Pernambuco state civil police. She told The Associated Press that the Canadian also had a head injury.

The investigation was not complete, but Saraiva said authorities were preparing to present a formal accusation against Rodrigues, who denied being involved in her husband's death.

Police said Rodrigues, a Brazilian, could not explain how she spent nearly 10 hours in the room without noticing that Gatti was already dead.

Police were investigating witness reports that the couple fought and Gatti was drunk when he returned to his room Friday night, Saraiva said, adding that police were told the pair were extremely jealous of each other and that he constantly complained of her clothing when she traveled to Brazil.

Acelino "Popo" Freitas, a four-time world champion Brazilian boxer, told Globo TV's Web site on Saturday that he was a close friend of Gatti and his wife and that he "knew they were having some sort of problem and were about to separate."

The couple's 1-year-old son, who was unhurt, was with Rodrigues' sister, Saraiva said.

The 37-year-old Gatti, whose epic trilogy with Micky Ward branded him one of the most exciting fighters of his generation, retired in 2007 with a career record of 40-9 and 31 knockouts.

Known for his straightforward punching and granite-like chin, Gatti captured the junior welterweight title in 1995, when he defeated Tracy Harris Patterson in Atlantic City.

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Jesse Brinkley Wins 8 in a Row, outpoints Mike Paschall

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7/10/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights

Matt Godfrey Wins 10 Round Unanimous Decision
Over Shawn Hawk
- Cruiserweights

Matt Godfrey used his slick boxing skills to outpoint a previously unbeaten Shawn Hawk (18-1-1, 16 KO's) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nicknamed "Too Smooth", Godfrey (19-1, 10 KO's) was exactly that as Hawk never got close enough to do any damage in this fight. New boots for your fast feet. Boxing shoes on sale. Godfrey controlled the distance and landed most of his punches off his right jab. Hawk tried to pressure, but Godfrey had the edge in hand speed and landed many straight lefts and right hooks to Hawk's head. At times, Godfrey would tee off with combinations and Hawk was not quick enough or in the range to counter back.

Matt Godfrey showed good movement and possesses fast hands, but Shawn Hawk did not challenge Godfrey's skills the way higher ranked cruiserweights can. Godfrey was composed all fight, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts if someone can rattle him. He will surely be tested against an opponent that can apply a lot of pressure, while landing a volume of punches. A possible future opponent that could better test his skill level is BJ Flores (23-0-1, 14 KO's).

7/10/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights

Derek Ennis Wins 6 Round Unanimous Decision
Over John Mackey - Junior Middleweights

Round 1: Ennis landed more punches in combination than Mackey. Mackey landed a strong counter right hook to the head.

Round 2: Ennis floors Mackey with a hard right hand. Mackey comes back and lands a combination with Ennis on the ropes. Ennis is showing move movement and is looking to counter Mackey.

Round 3: Mackey lands a straight left-right hook combination. Mackey is stalking; Ennis is looking to land a straight counter right. Ennis lands a straight right. Mackey lands a straight left.

Round 4: Ennis is landing more combinations. Mackey lands some punches with Ennis against the ropes. Mackey lands some straight lefts, but Ennis rolls with the punches. Roll? Save money on your next judo gi. Ennis flurries.

Round 5: Ennis lands a counter right. Ennis is not using his jab. Ennis is looking to counter Mackey coming inside.

Round 6: Mackey lands a left uppercut to the body. Ennis lands a right. Mackey is throwing combinations. Ennis knocks Mackey down with a straight right. Mackey gets rocked again, but fights back. Ennis lands a left hook as Mackey falls into the ropes.

Overall Summary: This was a good competitive fight. John Mackey pressed the action, but also was looking to counter punch Derek Ennis. Ennis possessed slick movement, threw faster combinations and landed the harder shots. At times, Ennis was also looking to land counter punches. However, Ennis did not use his jab much and that could have made this victory come easier for him. Get yourself a new punching bag and save with $2.95 shipping.

Derek Ennis improves his record to 18-2-1, 12 KO's while John Mackey falls to 11-4-2, 5 KO's.

Friday, July 10, 2009

7/10/09 ESPN'S Friday Night Fights

Chris Henry TKO'S Shaun George In 6 Rounds - Light Heavyweight Bout

Round 1: Both fighters slug it out. George tags Henry with consecutive right hands and lands a left hook to the head. George lands a right uppercut. George lands another flush right to the head followed by a right to the body. Henry has no answer for George's right hand shots.

Round 2: Henry presses forward, lands a left hook. George lands a straight right to the head. Henry gets nailed by another hard right hand. Henry lands some body shots with George on the ropes.

Round 3: Henry presses the action. Henry lands a right to the body and roughs up George on the inside. Henry appears more determined than George. George gets stunned by an overhand right.

Round 4: Henry continues to press the action. Henry hits George with a right to the body. George lands a left hook-right combination to Henry's head. George lands a lunging right hand.

Round 5: Henry hits George with an overhand right. Henry throws and lands some body shots. Henry lands consecutive right hand shots with George on the ropes. George is not throwing punches back. Henry lands a right to the body and head.

Round 6: Henry lands a flush right. Henry drops George with a vicious right to the head. Henry fires a right to the body and lands another right to the head. George is floored again by a hard right. Referee Steve Smoger stops the bout.

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Overall Summary: Although Chris Henry got tagged with hard right hands in the beginning of the fight, he showed great poise to attain a victory over Shaun George. Throughout this bout, Henry pressed the action and landed many clean, right hand shots. George never had an answer for Henry's pressure and aggressiveness.

George's work rate declined with each passing round. He started the fight strong by landing clean right hand shots to Henry's head. Henry weathered the storm and kept pressing forward. George's legs began to look weak and he was not throwing many punches after getting hit. Mentally, George looked befuddled. Henry found a home for his accurate and hard right hand. After the early rounds, the fight turned drastically in Henry's favor. Toward the end of the 3rd round, Henry hit George with a solid right that stunned him. From that point on, George looked as if he was going through the motions to just finish the fight on his feet. Henry continued to hurt him with several, vicious rights to the head until referee Steve Smoger halted the action in the 6th round.

Chris Henry improves his record to 24-2, 19 KO's while Shaun George drops to 18-3-2, 9 KO's.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Future Middleweight Champion of the World?

"Champions know there are no shortcuts to the top. They climb the mountain one step at a time. They have no use for helicopters!"
- Judi Adler

His name is Peter Quillin. Among hardcore boxing fans and people in the New York City area he is known as "Kid Chocolate". His close friends call him "Petey". At 20-0, 15 KO's, he is one of boxing's fastest rising middleweight contenders and perhaps the future middleweight champion of the world. If you have not heard of him, you will soon!

Peter Quillin was born in Chicago, Illinois. He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and now resides in the hotbed of great past and present boxing talent Brooklyn, New York. Born on June 22, 1983, this Cuban-American is acquiring an extremely large following especially in the New York City area. He signed with Cedric Kushner Promotions in 2006. Eighteen of his twenty fights have taken place in New York. Peter has knocked out 11 of his first 12 opponents in 2 rounds or less.

Peter acquired the nickname "Kid Chocolate" from someone in the boxing gym that said he resembled the Cuban native Eligio Sardinias-Montalbo. Sardinias-Montalbo was first given that nickname and inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1991. However, Eligio Sardinias-Montalbo fought most of his career at Featherweight. Eligio was the Junior Lightweight champ from 1931-1933 and the New York World Featherweight champ from 1932-1934. He was one of the most popular fighters in New York in the late 1920's through the 1930's. Like Quillin, Sardinias-Montalbo possessed exceptional speed and power in both hands. His notable fights were against Jackie "Kid" Berg (twice - L10 1930, L15 1932), Benny Bass (TKO 7 1931), Tony Canzoneri (twice - L15 1931, KO'D 2 1933), Lew Feldman (TKO 12 1932) and Johnny Farr (4 times - 3 Times W10 in 1932, W10 1933).
I have had the privilege to witness over half of Peter's fights live. He looks more mature each time he steps foot into the ring. Peter appears patient and composed when on the offensive and calm on defense. He does not panic when under attack. That comes from believing in himself through his corner men, quality training and acquired ring experience. He also possesses devastating punching power with either hand. Peter has tremendous hand speed, agility, and athletic ability. Peter hits harder, or just as hard as any middleweight out there.

At Peter's 2nd professional fight, I was approached by someone and asked, "What do I think of him?" I replied, "He has the potential to be a champion someday, as long as he stays on the right path and continues to train hard. He has the tools, but looks a little raw." My observation told me that he did not have many amateur fights. Peter had only 15 amateur fights and it shows just how far he has come in a short period of time.

A few of his notable wins have come against Dionisio Miranda (W10) and Antwun Echols (W10). Antwun Echols battled the living legend Bernard Hopkins twice. Bernard Hopkins once said that no one hit him harder than Antwun Echols. His last fight was against veteran Sam Hill. Quillin defeated Sam Hill by TKO 10 in Manchester, New Hampshire on 9/17/08.

Some potential fan-favorite match ups in the near future could be against James McGirt Jr., Joe Greene, Ronald Hearns, Daniel Jacobs, Giovanni Lorenzo and Andy Lee.

One of his trademarks that makes him popular to fight fans, besides throwing sharp left hooks and hard right hands, is his post-fight treats. Quillin carries chocolate candy with him to the ring and showers the crowd with it after the conclusion of his fights.

Peter Quillin trains at the Trinity Boxing Club in Lower Manhattan. On Saturday June 27th, I had the opportunity to speak with him during a break from his rigorous training.

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Question: What was it like growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

Answer: "I fought in the streets all the time. Something had to change, so I moved to New York."

Question: How did that whole process happen?

Answer: "My manager John Seip said to come to New York City. Then, I met Colin Morgan at the Crunch Gym in 2004. We clicked and he became my trainer. I'm going in the direction I'm going because of him. I was supposed to work with some people who work with Floyd Mayweather Jr. out in Las Vegas, but decided to make New York City my new home. I went to the Trinity Boxing Club. Martin Snow, who is owner of the gym thought that I would be good at training people. While training in the gym, I teach people here how to box."

Question: How valuable was the experience you took away after fighting Antwun Echols?

Answer: "I learned as much in that fight as my previous 17 combined."

Question: How has your sparring helped you to get where you have gotten so far?

Answer: "I've sparred with Guillermo Jones, Sechew Powell, Travis Simms, Curtis Stevens and Danny Jacobs. Most of my sparring took place in Brooklyn. Each sparring partner brings something different to the table."

Question: What did you think of Danny Jacobs' win last night?

Answer: "He looked good."

Question: What was your sparring session with Danny Jacobs like?

Answer: "People think there are winners in sparring. I sparred with him before his pro debut about a 1 year ago. We both held our own."

Question: How do you feel about how your career has gone thus far?

Answer: "I'm just building my career one brick at a time. It won't be a house until I am a world champion."

Question: What is your biggest asset, either offensively or defensively?

Answer: "My brute power."

Question: What's your favorite place to fight?

Answer: "Madison Square Garden."

Question: Who is the best fighter out there?

Answer: "Arthur Abraham."

Question: Really? What about Kelly Pavlik?

Answer: "I hope I have the opportunity to fight both of them someday."

Question: What do you think of the middleweights out there?

Answer: "They are all going to have to fight me eventually."

Question: Are other fighters avoiding you now?

Answer: "Maybe, I don't know."

Question: Who would you like to fight right now?

Answer: "Paul Williams - I envision I can take him with no problem. It would be a great fight for him once he knows who I am."

Question: When is your next fight?

Answer: "It's scheduled for August 19th in New York."

Question: What's your approach to training?

Answer: "If you do something go all out. I'm in the gym all the time....staying ready."

Question: What are you weighing now?

Answer: "I'm walking around at my fight weight." (Peter than showed me a picture taking last Saturday.) He looked in phenomenal shape and has extremely ripped abs.

Question: What are your hobbies?

Answer: "I enjoy playing video games and I have exotic pets."

Question: What type of exotic pets?

Answer: "I have 4 snakes, 1 cat, a tarantula, 2 scorpions that have 11-12 babies each, a pacman frog, and a parrot named Frankie Quillin.

Question: Why did you name him Frankie?

Answer: "It's my good friend Christian's middle name."

Question: Lastly, where did you get the idea to throw chocolate candy into the audience after your fights?

Answer: "A friend that was at Trinity told me as a joke to do it."

I would like to thank Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin for taking the time to do this interview along with the Trinity Boxing Club located in Lower Manhattan.

Sources: (The Boxing Register - International Boxing Hall of Fame Official Record Book 4th Edition Roberts, James B. and Skutt, Alexander G.
pp 154-155)

6/27/09 HBO


Marcos Rene Maidana showed tremendous heart, courage and a will to win on Saturday night stopping Victor Ortiz in 6 rounds. This junior welterweight from Argentina got up from knockdowns in the 1st round and twice in the 2nd round to emerge victorious in front of the crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. He dropped Ortiz once in the 1st round and again in round 6. Maidana showed great bravery trading shots with Ortiz every round. The ringside doctor called for the fight to be stopped after observing Ortiz during round 6 after Maidana knocked him down.

Round 1: Maidana attacks Ortiz. He is pressing forward and landed a left hook to Ortiz's head.
Ortiz tries to get inside, but Maidana lands another left hook to the head. Maidana lands an overhand right. Ortiz lands a hard counter right hook that drops Maidana near the ropes. Maidana gets up and floors Ortiz with a straight right to the head. Maidana jumps on an unsteady Ortiz. Ortiz lands a short left uppercut and right hook to Maidana's head. Ortiz lands a flurry and Maidana counters with a right.

Round 2: Maidana lands an overhand right. Maidana coming forward and Ortiz is trying to counter him. An overhand right followed by a left hook to the body lands for Maidana. Ortiz fires back. Ortiz lands a right uppercut-right hook combination. Maidana is making Ortiz fight at a furious pace. Ortiz drops Maidana with a hard right hook to the head. Ortiz jumps on him again landing a right uppercut. A straight left sends Maidana into the ropes. Another right hook to the head floors Maidana.

Round 3: Both fighters jab to the body. Maidana lands an overhand right. Ortiz responds with a volume of punches. Maidana stuns Ortiz with a right to the head. Maidana attacks, but backs off when Ortiz lands a right hook. Ortiz hits Maidana with a straight left.

Round 4: Maidana hits Ortiz with a right. Ortiz nails Maidana with a straight left. Maidana is throwing wild punches. Ortiz hits Maidana with a right hook to the head.

Round 5: Ortiz lands a short right uppercut and then swarms Maidana with a volume of punches. He hits Maidana with a right uppercut. Maidana lands a solid right to Ortiz's head. Ortiz lands an overhand left. Chasing Ortiz, Maidana lands a short left uppercut. Ortiz lands a right hook to the body, but Maidana counters with a sharp left hook that cuts Ortiz above his right eye. Ortiz fights back and Maidana lands a right. Both fighters are throwing knockout like punches. Maidana lands consecutive hard right hands to Ortiz's head. The last one caused huge swelling under Ortiz's left eye.

Round 6: Maidana attacks and lands an overhand right. Maidana drops Ortiz with a series of rights. The ringside doctor looks at Ortiz and stops the fight.

Ortiz was battling hard, but when he got in trouble, he faded under pressure. Ortiz looked as if he did not want to fight entering the 6th round. After the fight, he told HBO's analyst Max Kellerman that he rather lose like this than on his back because he wants to speak well when he's older. Ortiz also said that he has a lot of thinking to do because he should not be taking a beating like this.

Are you kidding me? Well, welcome to boxing Victor! Victor Ortiz is a disgrace and here is why. There are fighters out there, who are waiting for an opportunity that may never come, to fight on a major network such as HBO. Fighters are training right now in gyms, hoping that one day they can fight on television. Ortiz is an embarrassment to HBO, Golden Boy Promotions and himself. He does not have the true character that "real" fighters have deep down when the going gets tough. Especially in these economic times, there are many guys out there that could really use the opportunity to showcase their skills on HBO, Showtime, ESPN2, Versus.....that would NEVER quit.

With all this being said, full credit goes out to Marcos Rene Maidana in his first fight in the United States. Hopefully, HBO will be showing Maidana again. Maidana is a guy that leaves it all out there knowing his opportunity may never come again. Maybe Golden Boy Promotions has been promoting the wrong guy? It is upsetting that some fighters are being promoted in this day and age like they are hall of famers way before they have proved anything. Hopefully, Ortiz will not be receiving air time from the networks again. That opportunity needs to be truly earned and awarded to someone like Marcos Rene Maidana. For fighters that show the effort and guts like Maidana, why does it take so long for a network to give them an opportunity?

Marcos Rene Maidana improves his record to 26-1, 25 KO's. His lone defeat was a razor thin 12 round split decision loss to Andriy Kotelnik in Germany. Victor Ortiz's record drops to 24-2-1, 19 KO's.

6/27/09 TOP RANK PPV

Lopez Forces Lontchi To Quit On Stool After 9 Rounds

Round 1: Lopez pushes Lontchi back with a combination. Lontchi circles as Lopez presses forward throwing a right jab and right hook. Lontchi lands a left hook to the body. Lopez fires a straight left followed by a right hook to Lontchi's head. Lontchi walked into a right hook. Lopez placed a good right hook to the body.

Round 2: Lopez is aggressively coming forward landing straight lefts and right hooks. A straight left - right hook combo drops Lontchi in the corner. Lopez lands a counter right hook to the head.

Round 3: Lopez continues to press forward landing a series of straight lefts and right hooks.

Round 4: Lopez gets Lontchi in the corner and bangs away with a right hook to the body. Lontchi fires a straight right to Lopez's head. With Lopez attacking, Lontchi lands a counter left hook to the body while against the ropes. Lopez continues to fire and land his punches in volume; just landed a right jab - straight left.

Round 5: Lopez hits Lontchi with a right hook to the body. Lontchi lands a good straight right to Lopez's head. Lontchi nails Lopez with a straight right again to the head. Lopez hits Lontchi in the head with his right jab.

Round 6: Lopez presses forward throwing combinations off his right jab. He landed some solid right hooks to Lontchi's body toward the end of the round.

Round 7: Lopez is firing a series of left uppercuts. Lontchi is trying to fight Lopez off with his back against the ropes. Lopez is ripping hard shots to Lontchi's body with his right hook and throwing straight lefts.

Round 8: Lopez has really worn down Lontchi with his assault. Lopez is trying to stop him.

Round 9: Lopez lands a right hook to Lontchi's head. Lopez swarms Lontchi with punches. Lontchi fires a straight right to Lopez's body. Lopez knocks Lontchi down with a straight left to the head. Lontchi gets tagged with a right hook. Lopez is trying to finish him; lands a right hook to the body. Lontchi quits on stool!

Overall Summary: Juan Manuel Lopez is the complete fighter at 122 lbs. After the fight, he said he may have just one more fight at 122 lbs. before moving up to take on tougher opponents. Tonight, he systematically broke down a previously undefeated Olivier Lontchi with effective aggressiveness and landing a large volume of punches.

The 25 year old southpaw from Puerto Rico took the fight to Lontchi from the opening bell and forced him to quit on his stool after round 9. Lontchi never got into any kind of groove and was constantly being chased around the ring by Lopez. Lopez threw his combinations off his stiff right jab. As the fight got into the later rounds, the body punching of Lopez had a huge effect on Lontchi's performance. Lopez found openings and placed his punches well especially with Lontchi on the ropes. Lontchi's best round came in the 5th when he landed a few good straight rights to Lopez's head, but Lopez took the shots well and continued to be the aggressor. Lopez has very good balance and threw better combinations as the fight went into the later rounds.

Juan Manuel Lopez improves his record to 26-0, 24 KO's. His last 14 wins have come by knockout. Olivier Lontchi's record drops to 18-1-2, 8 KO's.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

6/27/09 TOP RANK PPV

Jorge Arce KO's Fernando Lumacad in 3 Rounds

Rounds 1 - 2: Arce presses forward throwing right hands and left hooks to the body. Arce pressured Lumacad relentlessly showing no respect for his skills.

Round 3: Arce lands a big overhand right that floors Lumacad. Lumacad can't beat the ten count.

Overall Summary: Jorge Arce bounced back with a strong victory after doctors stopped his last fight against Vic Darchinyan due to cuts on both his eyes. Lumacad could not handle Arce's pressure. He also could not match Arce's intensity and will to win. Everytime Arce landed a punch, it appeared to be very clean.

Arce has only lost 2 fights since 1999. His record now stands at 52-5-1, 40 KO's. Fernando Lumacad's record falls to 19-2-2 , 7 KO's.

6/27/09 TOP RANK PPV

Yuri Foreman - Cornelius Bundrage Fight Declared A No Decision

Round 1: Both fighters feel each other out and throw the jab.

Round 2: Lots of holding going on. Both fighters trying to land one punch at a time.

Round 3: Foreman lands an overhand right that stuns Bundrage.

(Photos: Bundrage - Top, Foreman - Bottom)

Overall Summary: This bout was declared a No-Decision due to an accidental clash of heads that left a cut above the right eye of Yuri Foreman. There was a lot of holding going on and not much action before the clash of heads occurred.

6/27/09 TOP RANK PPV

Vanes Martirosyan Makes Andrey Tsurkan Quit After 6 Rounds

Round 1: Tsurkan having trouble catching Martirosyan. Martirosyan uses his jab. Martirosyan lands a right uppercut-straight right combination. Toward the end of the round, Martirosyan hits Tsurkan with a counter left hook.

Round 2: Martirosyan nails Tsurkan with a left uppercut to the head followed by an overhand right. Tsurkan hit Martirosyan with an overhand right. Martirosyan circles firing the jab. Huge difference in each fighter's hand speed.

Round 3: Martirosyan circles and throws his jab. Martirosyan stuns Tsurkan with a left hook to the head. Martirosyan lands a right uppercut to the head followed by an overhand right. As each round goes on, Martirosyan is landing more punches. Tsurkan gets tagged by a left uppercut - right hand combination from Martirosyan.

Round 4: Tsurkan hits Martirosyan with a left hook to the head. Martirosyan counters with a right uppercut. A right hand from Martirosyan buckles Tsurkan. Martirosyan makes Tsurkan stumble again after landing a right hand shot. Martirosyan lands a left hook to the body and followed it up with an overhand right.

Round 5: Martirosyan stuns Tsurkan with a right hand shot and then pushes Tsurkan back. Martirosyan is throwing combinations off his jab.

Round 6: Martirosyan found his range very well in this fight. Martirosyan lands a right uppercut. Tsurkan jabs and continues to press forward. Tsurkan can't seem to hit Martirosyan with a clean shot.

Overall Summary: Vanes Martirosyan landed the cleaner and more effective punches throughout this fight. He continually beat Andrey Tsurkan to the punch. Tsurkan did not possess the hand speed to counter Martirosyan. Tsurkan tried very hard, but just could not deal with Martirosyan's combinations or ring generalship. Martirosyan boxed extremely well and was never in range to be hit. Tsurkan was simply too slow to catch this Armenian born light-middleweight.

Vanes Martirosyan represented the U.S.A. at the 2004 Olympic games as a welterweight. Martirosyan remains undefeated with a record of 25-0, 16 KO's. Andrey Tsurkan's record falls to 26-5, 17 KO's.

Sources: (



Danny Jacobs stopped George Walton in 8 rounds on Friday night displaying pinpoint accuracy with his punches and showing the looks of a very polished professional fighter. It is not a surprise that he looked so composed in the ring with Walton. The Brooklyn, New York native has a stellar amateur record of 137 wins and 7 losses. Jacobs' professional record now stands at 17-0, 15 KO's and is steadily improving on his way to a world title shot.

Round 1: Walton was using a lot of head movement and swarming in with punches. Jacobs was very composed and feeling Walton out. Jacobs started using his jab and landed more punches as the round went on.

Round 2: Jacobs dropped Walton with a stinging left hook to the head. Jacobs started landing hard, crisp punches to Walton's head and body. Jacobs was boxing well and looking for openings to place his punches. With Walton's back on the ropes, Jacobs was just measuring him with right hands. Jacobs threw a left uppercut - right hand combination that almost floored Walton.

Round 3: Jacobs nailed Walton with an overhand right and right uppercut. Jacobs stood in front of Walton and was getting the better of the exchanges. Jacobs landed some good body shots and Walton landed an overhand right. Jacobs countered with a left hook to Walton's body.

Round 4: Walton's best round was the beginning of the 4th when he landed a good left uppercut to Jacobs' head. Then, Walton landed a solid left hook with Jacobs on the ropes. Jacobs countered back with a hard right and ripped an uppercut followed by left hooks and rights to Walton's head.

Rounds 5-7: Jacobs was really starting to break down Walton in the 5th round. Jacobs was using the jab and was firing body shots and landing sharp right hands. From here, Jacobs was really landing clean shots. Walton could not hit Jacobs with clean punches and Jacobs was landing combinations that hurt Walton. A left hook - right combination stunned Walton in round 6.

Round 8: Jacobs landed a huge right that hurt Walton. With Walton against the ropes, Jacobs hit him with a left hook-right-left uppercut combination that prompted referee Bobby Ferrara to stop the bout.

Danny Jacobs is extremely mature for a 22 year old middleweight contender. He has all the tools to make a potential champion in the near future. Jacobs is poised and looked comfortable as he dictated the pace in this fight. One can observe that Jacobs possesses a deep self confidence that whatever he does during a fight will work against whoever he faces.

Jacobs is averaging approximately one fight a month. At this rate, Jacobs is helping his growth as a fighter tremendously. His skills are staying very sharp and his amateur experience definitely helps him with being composed in the ring. Even though Jacobs has kayoed 15 of 17 opponents, he is not a one-punch knockout artist. Jacobs possesses great hand speed and places his punches very well. He can land quick, accurate shots and break an opponent down as each round passes.

The future is very bright for this young middleweight nicknamed "The Golden Child".

Sources: (

Friday, June 26, 2009



Deontay Wilder improves to 6-0, 6 KO's with a 1st round knockout against Kelsey Arnold in Tucson, Arizona. All of Deontay's victories have come in 2 rounds or less. Wilder floored Arnold with a hard right hand and Arnold could not beat the count of ten. "The Bronze Bomber" possesses a good jab and powerful right hand as he demonstrated tonight. Deontay received his nickname after winning a bronze medal at the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China. He is trained by the great Mark Breland and looks like he will develop into a very good fighter. This 6'7" 24 year old has good balance, agility and hand speed. Once Deontay acquires more ring experience and puts all of his skills together, he will be a force to reckon with in the heavyweight division.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

6/20/09 ESPN Classic LIVE Fight


Wladimir Klitschko continues his dominance in the heavyweight division by forcing Ruslan Chagaev to quit on his stool before the bell to start round 10. Klitschko used his long jab and followed it up with hard, accurate right hands to Chagaev's head the entire fight. Throughout the bout, Chagaev was not able to get inside to land body shots and was circling in the wrong direction. Instead of circling to the right to move away from Klitschko's right hand, Chagaev was circling to the left in the direction Klitschko was unleashing his powerful straight right. This proved costly for the southpaw challenger.

What was Chagaev's cornermen telling him to do? If you are a southpaw fighting Klitschko (left handed stance - right hand front, left hand back), you need to keep your lead foot (right foot) outside of Klitschko's left foot (his lead foot) to land an accurate straight left. Chagaev never got into position to land his straight left. As a result, Chagaev was dropped in the 2nd round with a hard right from Klitschko. However, Chagaev can take a good punch and was able to continue.

At times, Chagaev looked as if he was trying to back Klitschko up, but Klitschko's left jab-right combination was deadly accurate tonight. Chagaev fought hard, but just the wrong type of fight. Chagaev should have jabbed more using a lot of head movement to work his way inside and land body shots. It is not an easy task to accomplish because Chagaev had a significant disadvantage with his reach. Klitschko found his range and was never in any real danger of losing this fight.

Klitschko boxed very well tonight. Who is out there that can possibly beat him? At the moment, there does not appear to be any heavyweight challenger out there that can deal with Klitschko's jab. His left jab is such a heavy punch that it just freezes his opponents in their tracks and then enables Klitschko to nail his opponents with the straight right.

Klitschko is much improved since his last defeat and looks very comfortable each time he steps into the ring. Klitschko has won his last 11 fights. Until someone is able to rattle him during his fights, expect this dominance to continue. Wladimir Klitschko improves his record to 53-3, 47 KO's, while handing Chagaev his first professional defeat. Ruslan Chagaev's record now stands at 25-1-1, 17 KO's.

The crowd that gathered to watch this fight in Germany was the largest since Max Schmeling knocked out Adolf Heuser in the 1st round July 2, 1939.

6/19/09 Friday Night Fights

Fernando Beltran Jr. Wins 12 Round Unanimous Decision Over Monty Meza-Clay

Round 1: Good action to start the round. Meza-Clay pressed forward without taking a backward step. The southpaw Beltran circled to his right throwing his jab and putting combinations together.

Round 2: Beltran tries to keep Meza-Clay off him. Beltran is having trouble finding his range because Meza-Clay keeps shortening the distance by throwing wild punches and getting inside. Both fighters exchange and land many punches at a fast pace.

Round 3: Meza-Clay continues to make Beltran fight at a high pace. Meza-Clay is throwing wide punches and Beltran is trying to time him coming inside. Another close round, but Beltran is landing some clean shots.

Round 4: Beltran trying to place his punches more carefully than Meza-Clay. Toe-to-toe action with Meza-Clay trying to impose his will. Both fighters landed good punches; Meza-Clay landed some hard ones.

Round 5: Meza-Clay continued pressing forward, but at a slower pace. He tried to box a little. Beltran landed the cleaner and more effective shots this round and his jab was bothering Meza-Clay.

Round 6: Meza-Clay landed many punches in the first minute. Beltran tried to keep him off with the jab. Beltran controls the 2nd half of the round. Beltran slowed him down by landing multiple shots.

Round 7: Beltran is utilizing his jab more and it is enabling him to land more punches than Meza-Clay. Meza-Clay is throwing his punches wide and out of range.

Round 8: Meza-Clay continues to walk in throwing his shots. Beltran keeps boxing and tries to land his combinations when Meza-Clay is in range.

Rounds 9-12: Beltran's punches are wearing down Meza-Clay. Beltran is landing clean shots and Meza-Clay looks sluggish. The 12th round displayed fast paced action as the early rounds did. Beltran weathered the storm of Meza-Clay's finale of shots. Meza-Clay was trying real hard, but Beltran possessed more energy in these later rounds and finished strong.

Overall Summary: The work rate of Fernando Beltran Jr. proved to be too much for Monty Meza-Clay in this featherweight fight. Beltran threw more than 100 punches per round en route to his 12 round unanimous decision victory. Beltran scored with mostly his right jab and straight lefts. Meza-Clay landed some good shots in the fight, but never seriously hurt Beltran.

Fernando Beltran Jr. improves his record to 33-3-1, 18 KO's. He has won 6 of his last 7 fights. Monty Meza-Clay's record falls to 28-3, 19 KO's. He has lost his last 2 fights after winning 8 straight.

6/19/09 Friday Night Fights

Demetrius Andrade Wins 4 Round Unanimous Decision Against Tony Hirsch

Demetrius Andrade is a 21 year old from Providence, Rhode Island fighting in just his 5th professional fight. He has some work to do to improve, but the skill set is there. In the future, Andrade needs to fight better opposition because he can handle it with his stellar amateur background and cannot learn from fighting inferior opposition.

Tony Hirsch was no match for him. Hirsch had no answer for Andrade's straight left. Andrade throws good body punches and landed a hard right uppercut to Hirsch's head in the 2nd round. Andrade throws fast right hooks and straight lefts. In the 4th round, Hirsch landed a counter left hook. Andrade countered him by swarming Hirsch with a barrage of punches.

Demetrius Andrade improved his record to 5-0, 4 KO's. At the current time, Andrade relies too heavily on his hand speed. He can overwhelm opposition by sitting back and waiting to counter opponents. What happens when he fights better opposition? Andrade needs to box more, enter fights with a plan and not rely so heavily on his great hand speed. He can counter punch well, but will need much more as he tries to rise up the ranks. Tony Hirsch's record falls to 8-2-1, 4 KO's.

6/19/09 Friday Night Fights

Joe Greene Dominates Delray Raines, Wins 8 Round Unanimous Decision

Joe Greene is a rising middleweight contender and came off a 10 month layoff to take this fight against Delray Raines. Greene looked very impressive from the beginning of the fight at the Laredo Entertainment Center in Laredo, Texas.

Joe Greene imposed his will on Delray Raines throughout the fight. Raines was tough opposition, but is not nearly as skilled as the southpaw from Jamaica Queens, New York. Raines did not use his height and reach advantage. He did not throw many jabs and Greene took full advantage as he walked inside landing vicious combinations to the body and head.

Raines also had a disadvantage in hand speed. As early as round 2, Raines had swelling under his right eye from Greene landing his straight left continually. In round 3, Greene attacked Raines' body. Raines countered with a combination, but it was blocked by Greene.

Most of the action in this fight took place in close quarters. Greene landed the more effective punches inside, but Raines was throwing back too. As the fight went on, Greene was landing the harder, cleaner punches. Greene threw and landed terrific combinations to Raines' body.

In the 5th round, Greene landed some sharp lefts to the head. Raines did not possess the power to hurt Greene when he countered him. Greene was controlling the pace of the fight. There were some good exchanges in round 7. Raines landed some clean punches, but Greene would counter quickly after getting hit. Raines fought hard, but just doesn not possess the skill set of Greene, who has fought over 250 amateur fights.

Joe Greene is moving up the rankings in the Middleweight Division. He has yet to fight that big name opponent. Greene possesses a lot skills, but this fight was a bit of mismatch. Greene throws good body punches when he gets inside a fighter's range. A possible opponent in the near future for Greene could be the undefeated Peter "Kid Chocolate" Quillin. Greene holds a victory over Quillin in the amateurs, but "Kid Chocolate" is a much improved fighter now. Peter Qullin has devastating punching power with both hands and his professional record is 20-0, 15 KO's.

Joe Greene's record improves to 21-0, 14 KO's while Delray Raines falls to 15-6, 10 KO's.

Friday, June 19, 2009

6/19/09 Fights on VERSUS

(Diaconu is on the left, Pascal is on the right)

Jean Pascal Defeats Adrian Diaconu By 12 Round Unanimous Decision

This was a fantastic Light Heavyweight fight. If anyone missed it, he or she better check their local listings to see when VERSUS is going to air it again.

Jean Pascal came into this fight in terrific shape. He used his range and faster hands to hold off a hard pressing Diaconu. Diaconu pressured Pascal throughout the fight, but was a little too slow to land effective shots continually. Pascal landed blistering straight rights behind a strong left jab in the early rounds. In the first round, a double jab-straight right combination momentarily stunned Diaconu.

Diaconu dazed Pascal in the 3rd round with a solid right. Diaconu took a better punch than Pascal, but he did not land more punches and his hand speed was not as efficient. In the 4th round, both fighters countered each other effectively. Pascal landed a solid right uppercut and Diaconu countered with a left hook to the head.

Diaconu was dropped from a hard left hook to the head in round 5. Pascal landed a hard right uppercut after Diaconu rose to his feet. Diaconu could not adjust his style to deal with Pascal's hand speed. Pascal would throw a barrage of punches as Diaconu tried to take the fight to him. Toward the end of the round, Diaconu landed a left hook to the head and hurt Pascal with an overhand right. Pascal appeared to be on unsteady legs and looked slightly dazed to start round 6. In round 7, Diaconu was getting closer to Pascal after landing a right to the body.

A lot of swelling surfaced under Diaconu's left eye during the 8th round. Pascal was getting in and out with his punches very efficiently and landed a right uppercut followed by a left hook to the head of Diaconu.

During the 10th round, there were good exchanges with Pascal continuing to get his punches off first. As Pascal got hit a little more in the later rounds, he would fire punches back immediately. In the 11th round, a right-left combination wobbled Pascal. He countered with a right to the body. Pascal then got tagged with a clean overhand right, but fired back. Diaconu landed a overhand right with Pascal into the ropes. Yet again, Pascal absorb the punch and fired back quickly.

In the final round, Diaconu continued to chase Pascal around the ring. Diaconu had severe swelling on the right side of his head due to the left hooks he absorbed from Pascal throughout the fight. Pascal showed more energy and landed another left hook. Diaconu landed a left hook with 10 seconds to go in the fight, but it was not enough. Pascal clearly won this fight, but Diaconu had some moments where it looked as if he may knock Pascal out.

Jean Pascal improves his record to 23-1, 15 KO's and hands Adrian Diaconu his first professional loss. Jean Pascal's lone defeat came against Carl Froch via 12 round unanimous decision in the Super Middleweight Division. Pascal has good hand speed and throws quick combinations for a light heavyweight, but has a suspect chin. Diaconu is a very solid fighter with a good chin. He possesses power in each hand, but lacks hand speed. Adrian Diaconu's record falls to 26-1, 15 KO's.

6/19/09 Fights on VERSUS

Troy Ross Wins 10 Round Unanimous Decision Over Michael Simms

Troy Ross beat Michael Simms very easily tonight. He started throwing a hard right jab and out worked Simms every round. Ross threw and landed devastating head shots and found a home landing his right hook to Simms' body. Ross jabbed, got inside and landed more clean shots in every exchange. Ross always got his punches off first, which enabled him to be more fluid with his combination punching.

Simms did not throw many punches and his work rate was awful.
Simms landed very few clean punches. At times, he let Ross come to him while he leaned back against the ropes. Ross imposed his will and was more effective with his shorter punches in close range. He was content with not utilizing his jab and looked extremely lethargic throughout the fight.

In the 8th round, Ross was landing strong uppercuts in close quarters. Ross threw his punches with much more intensity behind them than Simms. As each round passed, one could see the effect that Ross' punches were having on Simms. In the 9th round, Ross' face looked swollen, but Simms did not land as many punches as him in the fight. However, Simms did catch him clean a few times, but Ross never appeared shaken or stunned by his shots.

Simms was wobbled in the last round when Ross unleashed a barrage of straight lefts and right hooks to his head as his back was against the ropes . It was surprising that Simms finished the fight on his feet.

Troy Ross made his punches count. When he threw, he usually landed good shots on the inside and outside. Simms did not show much effort tonight, but that does not take away from Ross' good night of work. Troy Ross improves his record to 22 -1, 15 KO's. Ross has won 10 straight fights in the Cruiserweight Division. Michael Simms drops to 20-11-1, 13 KO's.

Klitschko - Chagaev Fight Might Be CANCELLED

The Wladimir Klitschko - Ruslan Chagaev fight scheduled to take place this Saturday in Germany might be called off. Ruslan Chagaev has been diagnosed with Hepatitis B.,19528,12040_5388326,00.html,19528,12183_5388326,00.html

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mayweather - Marquez POSTPONED

The Floyd Mayweather Jr. - Juan Manuel Marquez fight has been postponed due to a rib injury suffered by Mayweather. No new date has been announced.

6/13/09 HBO

Miguel Cotto Wins 12 Round Split Decision Over Joshua Clottey

Round 1: Both fighters jab. Cotto throws a combination. Clottey lands a right. Cotto lands a left hook to Clottey's head and follows it with a body shot and jab. Clottey lands another right. Clottey blocks a lot of Cotto's body punches. Clottey hits Cotto with a right to the head. Clottey lands a left uppercut - left hook combination. Cotto knocks down an off balanced Clottey with a jab.

Round 2: Clottey tags Cotto with a left uppercut. Cotto jabs and lands a left hook to Clottey's head. Clottey fires a left hook to the body. Cotto hits Clottey with a left hook and right to the head. Clottey lands a left uppercut followed by an overhand right. Cotto hits Clottey with a left hook to the head.

Round 3: Cotto throws his jab and circles as he tries to place his shots. Clottey lands a left hook to the head and body. An overhand right lands for Clottey followed by a left uppercut. Cotto jabs and fires a left hook to the body. Cotto throws his jab as Clottey presses forward. There's an accidental clash of heads and Cotto sustains a deep cut over his left eye.

Round 4: Cotto lands a left uppercut to the head and throws a combination to the body. Clottey is landing uppercuts and throwing overhand rights. Clottey lands a right uppercut - overhand right combination. Clottey hits Cotto with left hook to the body followed by a left uppercut. Cotto counters with a left hook to the head. Clottey tags Cotto with a right uppercut. Cotto lands a right to the body and traps Clottey in the corner. Cotto lands a left hook to the body followed by a left uppercut - left hook to the head.

Round 5: Clottey lands some overhand rights. Cotto presses forward and lands a left hook to the body. Cotto's face is very bloody. With 40 seconds left in the round, Clottey slips and falls to the canvas. Cotto pushed him slightly. Clottey jabs and possesses the superior hand speed. They exchange body punches.

Round 6: A left hook - right combination pushes Clottey into the ropees. Cotto lands a left hook to the head. Cotto throws a barrage of punches as Clottey is trapped in the corner. Clottey fights back. Cotto won't let him out of the corner; Clottey is blocking some shots as well. Cotto lands a few left hook - right hand combinations. Clottey gets out of the corner. Cotto lands a left hook - straight right combination that sends Clottey back into the corner. Cotto is all over him.

Round 7: Cotto lands a left hook to the head followed by a left uppercut. Clottey lands an overhand right. Clottey stuns Cotto with a right uppercut. Clottey lands a left hook to the body. Cotto lands a left hook to the body with Clottey pressing forward. Cotto hits Clottey with a left hook to the head. Clottey fires a left uppercut and stuns Cotto with consecutive overhand rights. Clottey lands a right uppercut and overhand right.

Round 8: Clottey lands a right inside followed by left hook to the head. Cotto wipes away the blood dripping in his eye. Clottey lands another right uppercut and hard overhand rights. Cotto throws to the body. Cotto fires and lands a left hook - straight right to Clottey's head. Cotto lands a left hook to the head.

Round 9: Clottey presses forward as Cotto boxes. Clottey lands a straight right and some right uppercuts. Cotto jabs. Clottey hits Cotto with a left hook to the head. Cotto flurries with Clottey in the corner.

Round 10: Clottey presses forward and is still landing the cleaner punches. Cotto nails Clottey with a left hook toward the end of the round.

Round 11: Cotto jabs and lands a left hook - straight right combination. Both fighters exchange right hands. Cotto lands a left uppercut. Cotto lands a combination. Clottey lands a straight right.

Round 12: Both fighters throw combinations. Cotto lands a left hook to the head and boxes. Cotto momentarily switches to a southpaw stance and lands a straight left. As Clottey was turning, Cotto accidentally hit him in the back of the head.

Overall Summary: Before the fight, I picked Cotto to win a close decision/split decision and he did, but after the fight I felt that Clottey should have won a close decision. Joshua Clottey landed the cleaner, harder punches throughout the fight. Cotto kept getting tagged with uppercuts as he came forward as well as right hands. Clottey kept his hands high and blocked many of Cotto's body punches.

Miguel Cotto overcame a deep cut above his left eye that was sustained in the 3rd round due to an accidental headbutt. In the judge's eyes, he boxed well enough as Clottey kept coming forward landing his shots. Cotto appeared to have trouble seeing Clottey's right hand shots coming at him. When Cotto got his punches through Clottey's tough defense, he stunned him a few times.

Clottey pressured Cotto heavily throughout the fight especially after he landed a good shot. Cotto retreated and always threw punches back. Cotto was stunned more than a few times, but weathered the storm. In the later rounds, he had a higher punch output than Clottey. When Cotto got into trouble, he would go back to boxing and fired a hard left jab. Cotto let his combinations come off his jab and it enabled him to pull away with a 12 round split decision victory.

Miguel Cotto improves his record to 34-1, 27 KO's while Joshua Clottey's record falls to 35-3, 20 KO's.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Robert Guerrero Defeats Efren Hinojosa By TKO After 8 Rounds

Round 1: Guerrero hits Hinojosa with a right hook to the head followed by a straight left. Guerrero presses the action and lands a left uppercut. Hinojosa lands a straight right. Guerrero fires a straight left. Hinojosa hits Guerrero's head with a right uppercut. Guerrero nails Hinojosa with a left to the body followed by a right hook to his head. Guerrero throws a flurry. Hinojosa is fighting too straight up. Guerrero fires and lands another right hook to Hinojosa's head.

Round 2: Guerrero jabs and throws a right hook to the body and head. Hinojosa has a very slow jab and Guerrero counters with a right hook to the head. Hinojosa lands an overhand right then lands a straight right to Guerrero's head. Guerrero tags Hinojosa with some big straight lefts. Hinojosa is getting hit with too many clean punches. Guerrero jabs and Hinojosa tries to tie up. Hinojosa is not throwing many punches.

Round 3: Guerrero lands a combination and Hinojosa counters with a straight right. Guerrero lands a straight left. Guerrero presses forward throwing his right jab and lands a right hook to the head. Guerrero flurries and hits Hinojosa with a straight left that sends him back into the ropes. Guerrero nails Hinojosa with another straight left.

Round 4: Guerrero is throwing more to Hinojosa's body and lands a straight left. Hinojosa throws a flurry, but gets countered with a right hook. Guerrero lands a straight left and Hinojosa throws an overhand right. Guerrero closes the gap very well. Hinojosa jars Guerrero with a straight right to the head.

Round 5: Hinojosa lands some shots on the inside, but Guerrero counters with a right hook to the head. Guerrero lands consecutive straight lefts. Guerrero is imposing his will on Hinojosa and has a higher work rate.

Round 6: Hinojosa lands a straight right. Guerrero lands a straight left. Guerrero lands a straight left - right hook combination. Hinojosa lands a left hook - straight right combination. Guerrero lands consecutive straight lefts again. Guerrero fires and lands a left uppercut - straight left combination.

Round 7: Guerrero continues to land straight lefts and right hooks to Hinojosa's head. Guerrero nails Hinojosa with a left uppercut. A left rocks Hinojosa back into the ropes as Guerrero is picking him apart. Hinojosa lands a hard overhand right, but Guerrero took it well. Hinojosa has a weak jab and Guerrero is walking through it.

Round 8: Hinojosa hits Guerrero with a straight right. Guerrero throws a straight left - right hook combination. Guerrero continues to land his straight left. Hinojosa does not come out for Round 9.

Overall Summary: Efren Hinojosa was greatly outclassed as Robert Guerrero landed damaging shots throughout the entire fight and badly bruised Hinojosa's face. Guerrero fought through a cut above his left eye caused from an accidental clash of heads in Round 7. As slow as Hinojosa's punches were, he did manage to land a few clean shots in the fight.

It was a very solid outing for the southpaw from Gilroy, California. It was sort of a comeback fight for Guerrero because he suffered a cut in his last fight and it was ruled a no-contest. He looked sharp throwing combinations to Hinojosa's body and head. Robert Guerrero's record improves to 24-1-1, 17 KO's. Guerrero may move up from the Junior Lightweight division to the Lightweight division for a battle with Juan Diaz in the near future. Efren Hinojosa's record falls to 30-6-1, 17 KO's. Hinojosa has now lost 4 of his last 5 fights.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Danny Garcia KO's Pavel Miranda in 2 Rounds

Round 1: Garcia pops Miranda with a left jab. Garcia lands a left hook to the head of Miranda. Garcia hits Miranda in the body with a right. Miranda is following Garcia around the ring. Garcia is countering with left hooks to the head. Miranda gets tagged with a left to his body. Garcia is looking to land a big punch. Miranda lands a left hook.

Round 2: Miranda lands a left hook to Garcia's head. A left hook - straight right combination floors Miranda. Miranda rises to his feet and ties up Garcia. Garcia lands a left hook followed by an overhand right to the head that drops Miranda again. Referee stops the fight!

Overall Summary: Danny Garcia is a rising Junior Welterweight prospect. The Philadelphia native turned professional a year and half ago. Garcia throws hard, explosive punches and possesses a crowd pleasing style. Miranda was vastly outmatched tonight. Garcia waited to counter Miranda and effectively landed solid shots. It is tough to judge his full potential off this performance, but look to see Danny Garcia in some action fights in the near future. Garcia improves his record to 13-0, 8 KO's. Pavel Miranda falls to 16-4, 8 KO's and has now lost 3 of his last 4 fights.

6/11/09 Fights on VERSUS

(Pictured from Top to Bottom: David Rodela, Juanito Garcia)

David Rodela Takes A 6 Rd. Split Decision Victory Over Juanito Garcia

Round 1: Rodela presses forward throwing his jab and fires a left hook to the body. Rodela lands a right cross to the head. Garcia lands his jab. Garcia hits Rodela with a left hook to the head.

Round 2: Rodela throws a left hook and a jab. Good exchanges: Garcia lands his shots with Rodela on the ropes. Rodela lands a left hook to the head. The action is picking up. Rodela lands a left uppercut. Garcia fires a jab and right cross to the head. Rodela tags Garcia with a left hook to the body. Garcia counters with a left hook to the head followed by a right cross.

Round 3: Rodela jabs. Garcia is placing his punches well. Garcia hits Rodela with a left hook to the head. Garcia is countering Rodela effectively because his punches are wide. Rodela fires a straight right - left hook combination. Garcia lands a left hook and left uppercut with Rodela on the ropes. Rodela comes forward strong, but is tagged with a right to the body from Garcia. Garcia slips Rodela's punches and sets his feet again. As Rodela is in the corner, Garcia lands a 3 punch combination. Rodela gets stunned by a right as Garcia tries to knock him down, but the bell rings.

Round 4: Garcia throws his jab and presses forward. Garcia is landing the better shots in close range. A right- left hook combination stuns Garcia and he ties Rodela up. Rodela presses forward.

Round 5: Rodela lands a right cross - left hook combination to the head. Garcia throws a combination then moves around the ring. With Rodela in the corner, Garcia lands a right cross. Then, they both exchange right crosses.

Round 6: Both fighters throw jabs. Garcia lands a right cross to the head followed by a right to the body. Rodela comes forward and lands an overhand right. Garcia lands a combination with Rodela against the ropes. Rodela moves. Garcia stuns Rodela with a right cross and then lands a left uppercut. Rodela ties up as Garcia charges forward. Garcia fires and lands a right cross to the head.

Overall Summary: It was a good action fight and the decision could have gone either way. Both of these Junior Lightweight fighters landed good clean punching throughout the fight. Garcia and Rodela had moments where they stunned each other. At times, Rodela was a little wide with his punches and that enabled Garcia to counter him. Rodela threw sharp punches, but Garcia was a strong, durable opponent. Garcia boxed well and threw more combinations in the fight. David Rodela improves to 13-1-2, 6 KO's. Juanito Garcia's record falls to 14-3, 5 KO's. Garcia has lost his last 3 fights.

6/11/09 Fights on VERSUS

Luis Ramos KO's Baudel Cardenas in 5 Rounds

Round 1: The southpaw Ramos lands a straight left - right hook combination to Cardenas' head. Ramos lands a right hook to the body. Cardenas counters with a left uppercut. Ramos fires his right jab. Ramos perfectly places a straight left to Cardenas' body and floors him. Cardenas gets up and Ramos chases him throwing punches.

Round 2: Ramos fires and lands a straight left to the head and body. Ramos is dictating the pace of the fight. He lands a right hook to Cardenas' head. Ramos lands a combination to the body of Cardenas. Cardenas fires back with his own combination. Ramos continues to press forward.

Round 3: Ramos throws his jab. Cardenas gets hit in the body with a straight left. They exchange in close quarters. Ramos lands body shots. Cardenas fires punches back. Ramos nails Cardenas with a right hook - straight left combination that stuns him. Ramos lands a left uppercut to the body followed by a right hook to the body. Cardenas counters again inside.

Round 4: Cardenas backs up as Ramos fires a straight left. Ramos rips shots to Cardenas' body. Cardenas not throwing back as much. Ramos fires his right jab. Cardenas lands a right uppercut, but Ramos lands more shots in close range. Ramos lands a right hook to the head. Cardenas presses forward and is trying to time Ramos with a big punch. Cardenas lands some body shots.

Round 5: Ramos hits Cardenas with a straight left followed by a nasty right hook to the body. Ramos lands a straight left - right hook combination to Cardenas' head. Cardenas walks into a devastating right hook to the head and gets knocked out.

Overall Summary: Luis Ramos has a lot of potential to be a solid fighter in the Lightweight division. Overall, this fight was a mismatch. However, Cardenas never quit and kept trying to win. Ramos appears to be a very strong fighter, who throws good combinations and fights well on the inside. Ramos has a pretty hard punch and will give many future opponents trouble with his southpaw style. Also, Ramos possesses a good work rate and can wear down the opposition with his accurate body punching ability. Luis Ramos improves to 11-0, 6 KO's and Baudel Cardenas falls to 18-17-2, 6 KO's.

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